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FF:Voices From The Merry Cemetery(updated-page #6)

MariyaOshin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:15am | IP Logged

Hai friends..
I am not a good writer...
I am trying to attempt an AarYa thrillerWink
 I have full confidence in this FF...
It is because Gurmeet and Kratika are doing the respective roles..
You may wonder Why I am not giving the name Yash and Aarti to the characters...
But Kahani par some twists he..where Veer and Yash,Anuja and Aarti compliments each other...
In this FF
Gurmeet is doing two roles.
One is Mr.Veer Malhotra and the other the most surprising role of Mr.Yash Mukherjee
The same with Kratika too...
She is doing the roles of Miss.Anuja Bhatnagar and Miss.Aarti Jaghanad
Each and Every Character has their own space and density...

Mariya Oshin


A Naughty,Angry Dude-An army Officer by professionCool

Naughty,Angry girl-Daughter of a MajorEmbarrassed

Broken HeartVEERBroken Heart
Soft,Family loving man-MSW Lecturer by proffesionSmile

Broken HeartANUJABroken Heart
Soft,family Loving Girl-MSW StudentSmile

So  Hearty Welcome to the World of their Mysteries,Sorrows,Happiness,Romance,Death,Rebirth,Survival,Fight,
Revenge Victory and Everything...



It's almost 12.30 a.m.

The Wind blows slowly and very lovely...Just touched every souls resting place...Yeah! All are same here...There is no discrimination..."No Rich No Poor"..All are same in this Peaceful Land on the Earth...

Some are laughing...

Some of them Crying...

Some are still Complaining...

In the midst of these Voices there are some Complimenting Voices.It seems to be three Cutie Voices  ..Wind just tried to hear it...But failed..

They are Whispering Something...

Payal...Don't cry dear..."We will get our Papa Mama back"

Oh Yes ! Ansh ..You are right.. "We will get our Papa Mama soon",Palak said.

These Voices echoed there   '"We will get our Papa Mama soon"

There is a ray of hope in that Voices..

Oh ! I forget to say,Where this Voices echoed again and again'.




I hope You are little feared.

So Friends Shall we go...Don't Worry..I am not heading to the another cemetery.But you can't move more.

Because You are standing at the Corridors of the same ST.MICHAELS !!

Ha Ha... It's a C !! ..But not the Cemetery..Its the College ...The College of two Soul Mates'

You may think both of them are Classmates or atleast a Senior Junior Affair.You may wrong then...

He is her Lecturer.

And She is his student.

Who he or She?????

No more confusion...

He is Mr.Veer Malhotra,the middle cut of Malhotra brothers.

I take this opportunity to describe the famous Malhotra family.Mr.Suraj malhotra,an Ex-Serviceman ,the head of the Malhotra family.He is very Strict,Punctual and a Tough man.Mrs.Suraj Malhotra..Oh No ! her name is Gayatri Suraj Malhotra !!..You may think why I added an useless exclamation after her name.It has a Purpose.You will get to know it later yaar..

Okkie..Let me continue...Mr.Viraj Malhotra,the First cut of Malhotra brothers.He is very smart,but not at all smart as his beautiful Mrs'.She is Ms.Vidhi Malhotra

Last but not the Least'.Mr.Vian Malhotra,the last Cut of Malhotra brothers...He has no Mrs. now.But soon he will also get a one.She is Ms.Aparna Bhatnagar,the Sister of Our Heroine''..

Oh ! where we stop.

Yeah!  At the Corridors of St.Micheals !!

Our He is coming.He means our Hero,The He-Man of St.Micheals.

 Wow !! Gunjan.Veer Sir is just hot Yaar..

Ofcourse Mukti ..He is the Hottest of the Hottest

You Know Gunjan,when I came from Bangladesh to India,I thought I will have a bad time here..But I was wrong...Veer sir make my day Gunjan,the excited Mukti Said..

By the way where is our Silence Queen???...Annu..Annu'..., the two ANGUTI'ians cried...

Who ANGUTI ?????

Areh Yaar...


The Three Gangs of Wasseypoor...Oh no !! ..The three Gangs of  St.Micheals-ANGUTI

The MSW 3rd Semester ClassRoom.
Ten chairs and the same tables.A pure screwed White Board.Five Colour Markers-Red,Blue,Green,Black & THE PURPLE

She take the purple one and quoted on the board.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." 
-Mahatma Gandhi.


She read it again and again.

She is our Anuja Bhatnagar,the heroine.The Silence Queen in the Gangs of ANGUTI.In this World she has only a Sister,I mentioned her before(Rewind your Memory)

Get it Kya ?? Yes Anuja and Aparna,the BHATNAGAR sisters.


She is very Pure and Poor...Don't Laugh Please..Anuja is THE PUREST OF PUREST and simultaneously THE POOREST OF POOREST.

Veer Sir  is coming to the Class Room.He is stopped by Someone,No more suspense..That Traffic blocker is our VILLAIN,Mr.Prashant Dubey.He is also a Lecturer.Full Stop!...Because you will get to know his real colour later.

 Areh..Veer Sir...You are more Handsome today

Here comes the FIRST dialogue of our hero..Not Dialogue.It's the VOICE.

Is it sir !...

Yes Mr.Malhotra,Prashanth said and suddenely flied back.You may think Isn't he a Butterfly..But yaar ..he is the BUTTERfly of St.Michaels..

Areh !!Nita Maam... You are very very Beautiful and  your saree is just superb and very sexy too...the flied Butterfly said and followed her..

So no more TRAFFIC BLOCK between ANUJA and VEER sir..

~~~~~ Hmmm..~~~~~She Breathe In.She recognized his perfume.She Breath Out.~~~~~~Hmmm..~~~~~

She is still facing the Board.Veer sir entered the class room and see...



Gayatri is tieing Five flower chain.Suraj look her and said,Gayatri...Are you here.I know we lost our kids..But Bhagwan gives and he takes...Sab his marzi he...

Bass ji..Bass...I can't here no more..You can't understand the pain of a Mother,who lost her child.My Veer,My Anuja Bahu,hamara theen theen Pyaara potha...Areh Bhagwan !! Kyom  kiya Yeh sab to my Veer...Kyom??? she cried.Suraj hugged and dropped tears with her.

~CHAPTER 1 :stops~

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MariyaOshin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 August 2012
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:16am | IP Logged


If you like my Concept and if you have trust on my work for our AarYa,Like here too..
So I can PM you all my updates...
I expect suggestions,criticisms...
So please don't forget to say your opinion...

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MariyaOshin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 August 2012
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:17am | IP Logged

Let me Introduce The Characters of this Thriller

Gurmeet Choudhary          :    Yash Mukherjee/Veer Malhotra,Male Lead


Kratika Sengar         : Aarti Jaghanad /Anuja Bhatnagar
,Female Lead

                             Vineet Raina           :   Prashant Satyendra Dubey Antagonist,Veer's Friend

Shweta Munshi              :    Veena Malhotra,Veer's sister 

Samragyi Nema    :   Vidhi Malhotra,Viraj's Wife

Rakesh Kukreti  :  Viraj Malhotra,Veer's elder Brother

                          Leena Jumani      :   Aparna Bhatnagar,Anuja'sSister and Vian's Girl Friend

Dishank Arora      :   Vian Malhotra,Veer's brother

Chetan Pandit     :  Suraj Malhotra,Veer's father

Zahida Parveen     : Gayatri Malhotra,Veer's Mother

                               Geeta Tyagi  : Shobha Satyendra Dubey,Prashant's Mother

Amit Singh Thakur   : Satyendra Dubey,Prashant's father,Antagonist

Ananya Khare     :  Maya Malhotra,Suraj's sister

Divyam,Palak,Dhriti as Ansh,Palak,Payal  #surprise role#
Also Little Aayu too..

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MariyaOshin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 August 2012
Posts: 5962

Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:17am | IP Logged

Present:Yash-Aarti Track begins here

She had a dream Yesterday.A Brutal Murder,that's the only word to describe it. Feared Aarti wake up and go to the washroom.She rewinded that dream.But she can't catch it.She only remembers a Voice: "You too'"
Ho !!...shhh'''..
Mama,Mama'.She shouted.
Kya Aarti??? "Itne subah par tum kyo itna gussa par".Here your bedcoffee.Take it and Hurry up!.
Mama ,I am not going to college today.I think I am not well.Shall I go to a place.
Where and Why ??
As a part of my Project I have to visit an important place Mama,I should go there.
Then why you are waiting for my permission ? Go and ask Papa.
OMG ! "Kya Major Sab reached after the jogging??"
Tu and Tumhara papa'I am going'.
Aarti finished her coffee.She take her camera and rushed to her Major Sab papa.
Major !...Oh ! "Hamara Jhansi Ki Rani ! kyom Ithne pehele"..It's not your time Aarti'Dekhiye Sun is not reached yet.
Papa,I have no time for triffles'I am going to do my Project.I am taking my scootey.
Okkie'Papa ,Mama bye bye'.

Aarti started her Scootey and rushed to mansi's(her intimate friend) house.She picked mansi and drived through her dreams of Voice.Aarti drived in express speed.
Aarti, "I am afraid.Please let me out from this mission."I can't accompany you'feared mansi said.
Aww !! my mansi baby,Here your way'You will be free..I am going.
But Aarti Kaham?? Please say to me atleast'.
Aarti '..
Aarti is so far now.
At the same time a man also rides his bike from the opposite direction.
He is almost near to Aarti.
Omg ! Ekk toofan is coming''''''.he told himself.
But before completing that node they both hited and fall on the ground.
Ouch !! You bloody '.
Are you blind man??..Aarghhh''the jhansi ki rani of the state roared.
Ho Ho.. "Tho sab mera mistake he'"'
Areh Madamji'I think you also have two eggy eyes fixed on your face.Isn't it??
You'''How dare you say about my eyes'.
You know who I am??
No Madamji,if you wish tell me who are you Mrs.???
Kya Kya'.Tu ne Kya bola?????Kon he Mrs?? Hhh'
Areh ! itna Gussa ladies ko acha nahi he'Calm down !..Oh I forget Mrs?? Mrs..
Hey'.Mind your words Mr.???
Mr.Yash,he said.
You to have say sorry for this deeds.
Hey !!! You have to say sorry to me Madam'

Have a look on my branded shirt,the RAYMOND stuff.See how it's now.It get scratched'.

OMG !! Is your shirt is a COMPACT DISK to get scratched ??

Kya??? Interesting'..I am impressed.By the way madamji..
Aarghhh !!!!!! Call me Aarti'.
Oh ! Yes Mrs'
Oh ! No'No more Mrs'Miss Aarti,why I need to say sorry for a silly woman, like you??
He dust out his hands and stand up.

May I hold your hand.
No thanks, It isn't heavy.

Okkie'Then I will be dirtfree''
You again''..
I have no time man.I am going,she controlled her front teeth and take her scootey.
But she can't alone take it.She tried and failed.
Yash watched and smiled on her.
Miss Aarti'
Arghhh'No I mean Miss Aartiji'Can I help you?
Oh ! No thanks Mr.Yashhh'.
She failed again.

He forcibly take her hand from the scootey and placed it on stand.The first touch.*

My Pleasure.
Both of them drived to their own direction.

Everything was black.
Had she gone blind?
What was going on?
Where was she?
She couldn't think. What was her name? She couldn't recall.
Her feeble questioning ended as she faded back out of consciousness.
The ground was cold and hard. She felt something jabbing into her ribs, just below arm, but she didn't have the strength to move. She tried to remember what happened before all this. That certainly couldn't be bad. Maybe the situation wasn't as terrible as her brain told her it was. Maybe it was just the headache making her uncomfortable. But still, something wasn't right. 

"Eh Vikram, come take a look at this one!" she heard someone shout.
OMG ! Isn't Iam Kidnapped..she can't able to complete it fully'..
She had been right! She had been kidnapped! 
Oh God, she thought nervously. She was now in the middle of something she had never thought could happen to her.
The fingers dug into her arm, pulling her somewhere.
"'Ey! One of you got the key?" the man holding her arm shouted, jerking her arm the wrong way in the process. She cried out weakly, but no one seemed to hear her.
"What do you need it for?" This voice was softer than the rest, and had a slightly Urdu-sounding accent. 
"We want to 'ave a little fun with this one!" the man above her shouted. 
The soft voice became angry. "f**k you! You think that's okay right now you dumb f**k?!"
"We don't have any f**king time for that now. Get the f**k over here and help me!"
The man abruptly let her go. Her arm fell limply into the dirt. She still had no energy to move, talk, or resist.
"Shit, man'"
She heard footsteps as the two men above her left. 
For the third time, she lost consciousness.

When she awoke, she finally found the strength to open her eyes.
She was lying beneath a beautiful night sky, the moonlight pouring through the trees thick greenery like liquid; however, wooden bars shielded most of the light from her, casting unnatural shadows all around her.
She was in a cage.
She rolled over and sat up, looking around despairingly.
There were bamboo cages all around her, all filled with up to three people. She looked over and saw she too was not alone. A shirtless young man looking to be around the age of 25 or so sat near to her, his hands tied in rope and strapped to one side of the cage.

OMG !!! You''''Mr''.Yash
Tooofannn'''..You'''.Miss'''..Aarti.But he himself realized that he is shirtless and turned back.
Aarti realized the fact and said.

OMG !! Where is your shirt Mr.Yash,the branded RAYMOND PRODUCT,she controlled her laughter.

You don't need to mind about my shirt,because I am a man but you???,yash said.
Her laughter faded soon and she stopped.
Yeah ! I ama  Woman.
But I am not an Ordinary Stuff ,Mr.Yash.
I was joking Miss.Aarti,yash said and he looked around.

The cage's door was built on simple hinges, bound by a thin piece of twine.Not even rocks existed within the cage, and even if there had been, she as well as yash across from her were both roped to the cage. She had been so out of it earlier she hadn't even felt the rough rope against her wrists, binding her to the far side of the cage.
"Shit'" she muttered, tugging at the rope.
"No use, lady,"
No''.I mean Miss.Aarti'No use..Yash lowered his Voice'
Of course she knew this already, nothing was ever that easy, but she felt she had to try anyway.
"What do we do Mr.Yash?" she whispered.
"We can't do anything."
She was stunned at his lack of needing to escape. Was he really content to just sit here and let the kidnappers kill him?
"That's it then? We just give up?" The fear in her voice changed to disbelief and slight anger.
"Well what do you suggest?"
"We try to escape!"
"And how do you suppose we go about that?"
His calmness made her angry, but as he spoke, she realized he was right. There was really nothing either of them could do. If they could find a way to untie themselves, maybe, but even that seemed far fetched.
They tried and failed.
She said,I have a wonderful Idea ,Mr.yash.
Kya ??
You Know Mr.Yash,Unity is Strength.
Yeah ,I know Aarti..
Why you say that??

Just think UNITY & UNTIE

If  we have unity its very easy to untie the rope Mr.Yash.
Aarti rubbed herself on the ground to reach him.
She take his tied hands by her elbow and started her 32teeths fully on his hand rope.At that untieing process,there is something get tied forever between them.

Her and his heads shooked and hitted.

She angrily looked at him.But she continued her untieing business.
Her fronter chest firmly touched his shirtless body.Her silky hairs fall on his half sweated breast.Yash closed his eyes.He can't no more see it.It's the first time ever he feels the warmth of a woman.
Aarti again come closer and stretched her forelegs on his foot and tried to untie the rope.

Ouch !!! He opened his eyes and cried like a baby.
What happened Mr.Yash?,she enquired.
My kya..Kya Mr.yash???..Kuch tho bolo'
My foot''
Ahhh !!!!!
Oh ! I am so sorry Mr.Yash.
#will update soon#


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nusratjahan505 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Wow looks so nice.ClapThe selection of the pic is just superb...Clap
PLZ mannu update soon.I m eagerly waiting...Wink

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drmhp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:37am | IP Logged
wooo this seems interesting dear

update update update it  fast 

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kratzyfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 8:12am | IP Logged
wow..it's really interesting..after this intro, i can't wait for more..plz update fast mariaDay Dreaming

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MariyaOshin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nusratjahan505

Wow looks so nice.ClapThe selection of the pic is just superb...Clap
PLZ mannu update soon.I m eagerly waiting...Wink
Thanks Mukku..
See now..I updated it...
I will do the rest on tommorow dear...
I expects suggestions dear...

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