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Taarey os: My love for you(Rasiya song)

nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:47am | IP Logged
So here am with my last OS sorry my last dare for team PANDA!!! Well I have tried a different style of writing here...Probably it would be more suitable to say I am experimenting this style for the first time...Wink...I hope you guys enjoy it...And leave you constructive criticism( if any) ...That would really help me develop myself!!!

Taarey os: My love for you...(Rasiya song)

The sunrays took its path into the room besides least bothered about the closed window panes. It kissed my face making me mumble in my sleep. The sun always used to be my biggest enemy pulling me away from my sweet dreams. I opened my eyes lazily and saw him lying beside me. My lips curved to a smile automatically. He should have been a witch or a spoon bender in his previous birth and has carried the power in this birth too. Probably that's why I always fall for his charm??

I tried to wake up from the bed but something stopped me. His hands were wrapped around my waist tightly making me unable to move. I rustled his hair gently. He moaned a bit due to the sudden discomfort and took off his hands from my waist to cover his face from the bright morning sunlight. I smiled at him. I am used to it now. Infact this is my everyday routine to get off his touch from me (even though I don't want to) and begin the morning chores.

But there was one more hindrance. I was naked and I have to walk to the restroom to refresh. I grabbed a blanket from nearby and wrapped it around me and started walking towards the restroom. While I was busy questioning myself how come my awkwardness took leave in the dark alone, I noticed something unusual. My room was completely shattered. My wardrobe was messed up. Things were lying here and there and on the top of that I felt a severe headache and my body begged mercy requesting some more rest. My eyebrows curved. Probably I must have been dreaming too much and I need a shower to get out of this mess. My head advised me. I walked past the mess and reached my restroom and stood near the king sized mirror and slowly let the blanket drop. I couldn't understand why I feel drowsy today. All that I could understand was something unusual happened the previous day.

To clear myself from my train of messy thoughts, I splashed water forcefully on my face. Ofcourse it helped me clear my drowsiness but I never knew something worse was waiting for me. I was astonished at the sight in front of me. I touched my bare shoulders'"sss.." I hissed in pain. I never expected this. The better phrase would be that I never ever dreamt of it. I could feel his love bites and nail marks all over my body.

This night was not the first time I made love with him, neither Rey was new to it. If there had been a course on love making, he would have completed his Ph.D in it by now. His touch can kindle any girl's senses. His touch always portrayed me his muscular strength. I used to wonder how these strong muscles were very careful on not hurting me even though desire and rush passed through his veins which were clearly visible on his eyes. He had never left any hard bruises on me except for a few love bites, which I always cherished. They were his tools of pleasurizing me, bringing out my inner desires, weapon to kill my awkwardness in front of him. But today I saw hell number of bruises on my hands, my neck, me cleavage, my waist.

Luckily he spared my face. Otherwise I can't go the conference at Australia today where am going to sign a very important deal. A sign of relief took its place on my face. Probably the first good thing other than his face am seeing today!! I felt calm and a smile was about to take its position when I remembered everything. Oh my GOD! Australia. Am leaving today!!! My eyes were wide open as if the ghost from Grudge part3 was standing beside me. The mirror infront of me about which I was boasting a few minutes ago portrayed what happened the previous night'..

I was sitting on the chair in our garden busy with my laptop. I was on a video chat with my secretary Aman giving him instruction about the things that were to be done for tomorrow's trip. Yes I am leaving to Australia tomorrow.

My voice was authoritative and my face lacked the smile. Instead I was more upset.

"Well we will meet at airport tomorrow morning by 9:00 AM. Make sure you don't miss anything.." I instructed him in a commanding tone.

"Sure mam! Is everything OK! I mean you look bit hyper'So.." he dragged as he could see his boss's face turning red in anger. I always used to maintain my cool.I never used to be harsh on anyone. Probably that was something which made Aman and others in the office respect me. They say I am exactly like my dad Mr.Shekawat.

Yes Mrs.Taani Singania, the managing director of the Shekawat's group. I took over my dad's business which was for namesake under Swayam. Swayam denied the offer as he chose to stick onto their professional group D3. Swaron were also married now.

"Hyper..You find me hyper'Now you will teach me how to react??" I shouted at the poor soul.

"Sorry mam!" he whispered with his head down.

"the moment I saw Aman's face going down, my heart melted and I realized my mistake."

"err..sorry Aman..I was just held up with something'Sorry!" I sounded sincere.

"Its OK mam. Mam by the way wanted to inform that the deal papers'" before Aman could complete, he heard a loud voice shouting his boss name'

"Taani!.." I was startled to hear my own name so loudly. I turned and saw rey coming towards me. "Taani you are going to Australia tomorrow and you didn't even bother to tell me.." he yelled at me.

"Rey calm down and Aman'" I tried to explain that I am in a video chat with Aman but Rey did not seem to listen."how could you do this.  When you could inform Swayam personally why can't you tell me??" he barked at me.

"Stop it Rey! First my trip was preponed suddenly. Even I had no idea about it. Second I came to your academy today to meet you. But you were busy with the new dance partner of yours that you didn't even think of looking at me. I almost waited for you for 2 solid hours. Then I had to start to make the necessary preparations. I had even sent you a note asking you to call me. But you didn't even look at it once. You were busy with her! "I said in one go.

Rey realized his mistake and his tone went down a bit'"I didn't receive any note and I was busy because I have an event day after tomo. She is new to the academy and so I had to personally train her since the theme was romance'"

"Romance??" I smirked. "well I don't know what to say. Here I was waiting to spend quality time with my husband, but he was busy teaching ROMANCE to someone else. My fate!" I mumbled. My tears were on the verge of losing any time. I know I sound silly. My husband is the star dancer of the group and here I am feeling bad just because he danced intimately with a girl. Even though I knew he loved me, I could never accept the way he held her in front of me. The moment I saw his hands around her waist, my blood boiled. I could not accept the fact that those strong muscles which played with my body every night making me drown in to the pool of pleasure were roaming the same way on someone else too. I felt like shouting to the whole world that he's mine and only mine.

He held my shoulders tightly and asked me.. "Have you lost your mind. Do you understanding what you are talking??"

That was the moment when my ego clashed with his. One, he was close to a girl and now I sound crazy to him?? I could not digest it.

"No Rey! I HaD lost my mind. But now I have realized that all men are just the same." He looked at me blank. "What do you mean by all men are just the same Taani??" he asked. He sounded furious. For the first time I felt I did something wrong. But I was really upset with him. The moment where the new dancer was trying to get closer to him still played on my mind. Once again my ego took over. "I meant what you understood!!" I said looking at him straight. He stepped closer to me and involuntarily my foot took a step back.

"Enlighten me!" he said under his breath.

"You'you loved her company'You were smiling while holding her waist'you were smiling the same way you do while holding mine'I couldn't see any professionalism there'" I could see the rage in his eyes and he kept on moving forward. My feet were still taking steps behind and I continued.

"In short you enjoyed being with her that you forgot me'" I completed with a lump on my throat but I hid it from him and tried to sound confident. Probably that was my biggest mistake.. he stopped me from moving behind by holding my shoulders tight and pulling me forward making my chest crash his.."continue!.." he ordered me. I was badly startled with his commanding tone that I followed his command. "I know she is hotter than me but'." 

I could not continue further because he had already captured my lips with his teeth. His kiss was so fierceful that I moaned not in pleasure but in pain. We would have shared hundreds of kisses but they never hurt me. Even when we were out of sense, I had been wild out of passion but he had never hurt me. But today, he bit my lips sucking the blood out of it just because I hesitated to give in. I clutched his hair tight for support but after a few minutes I had to give in. I was out of breath at a moment and hit his chest with my fragile hands indicating my helplessness. He left my lips from the prison and we both were breathing heavily.

"This is for thinking that I liked her'" he said. His hands were still clutching my waist. A line of fear covered me now. Within no time he lifted me and started walking towards our bedroom. I hit his chest wildly asking him to put me down. For the first time I saw his wild side. I was trembling from inside. There was a conflict between my head and heart. My heart told me to apologise to him coz somewhere deep inside I knew I was wrong. But my bloody head didn't allow me to. It asked me to believe what I saw. But once again it wasn't my fault. He was the one who taught me to give equal importance head and heart.

We entered our room that was neatly set. He put me sorry forcefully dropped me on our cosy bed which I had specifically ordered as per my choice. He was busy taking off his shirt and his pants while I successfully got up. I tried to move away towards my closet but he caught my wrists and stopped me from moving further. "I'I have to pack'pack for the tr..trip'" my words were fighting with each other denying itself from coming out.well that was just a fake reason to escape the situation. His face was turning red now. He picked the handful of clothes and dropped it on the floor and moved towards me. I tried to move away but I never knew he would turn into an aggressive animal ready to pounce on its prey. My legs were trembling and I was just petrified with fear.

O Rasiya ..rasiya
Bawalisipreet more ab chain kaisepaaye
Aajarasiyamoheanglaga le

 He lifted me on his shoulder giving a damn about my cries and placed me on the bed and got over me. Before leaning his head he whispered in a serious yet dangerous tone.." now I'll explain you the difference between a life partner and my dance partner. In no time, he bent down and bit my shoulders sucking away all the red fluid that was oozing out continued passing a trail of harsh and urgent kisses. I closed my eyes out of pain.

Bawalisipreet more ab chain kaisepaaye
Aajarasiyamoheanglaga le
Anglaga le anglaga le anglaga le anglaga le

I felt his hard lips wandering all over. I never knew how he managed to undo my dress. I clutched my blanket tight and tears were rolling out from my eyes. Probably this was the first time, I clutched my blanket. I always dug my nails on his bare back pulling him more close out of pleasure. For the first time, I took help of my blanket to withstand his hard touch. He looked at me for a moment and moved forward and kissed my tears away. That was the moment where something struck me. If it had been the other day, he would have been startled at my tears. But now he didn't have the patience to apologize'rather he just sucked them away. This means he was genuinely hurt'Yes I have hurt him, I've hurt my LOVE for no fault of his..

Tan ekJaan ek Apna hoon jaha ek
Aise lipte rooh se roohke hojaayei maa ek'

At the same moment, I felt light. His touch was no longer killing me. My grip on my silky blanket loosened. Ofcourse that doesn't mean he left me. I could feel his lips on my sensitive parts."Rey'"  I moaned his name out of pleasure. I felt bad for hurting him with such words. I've hurt him knowing the fact that I mean a lot to him. I've hurt him   besides the fact that our Love was the only thing which he would never compromise for anything in this world. A smile crept on my face.

Hoo gay sumosi kali ratiya
Adhero pe kaan pe batiyan

I managed to hold his cheeks and make him face him. I crushed his hard lips into mine. Rey did not anticipate this but ofcourse we lived that moment. But probably the animal which took a short break for few minutes rose once again. His eyebrows curved and I could understand what he was upto. Before he could do something, I pulled him closer and whispered in his ears. "I love you!" .

Sawanli si saan se in mori ye araz suna le
Aankhein mori shwet preet pe rang saja de

"This is not to stop you. I am yours now and forever. I can't imagine a moment without you rey!" I managed to take his palm and kissed it. "These hands are mine. I can't even imagine someone else starring at it greedily. And when she did that..I..I'.could..I couldn't continue further and he understood what I meant. Probably he realized the fact that the new dancer was trying come closer to him and that was the reason behind my madness. Even now it's just my illusion. In these days, I have learnt the art of predicting him with his face.

Bawali si preet more ab chain kaisepaaye
Aaja rasiya mohe anglaga le

"I don't love anyone's company other than you!" he said and kissed my fingers. I had to hold her waist as per choreography,but it never sent any feelings down my spines which I get while holding you!"he kissed my neck softly and I turned to the other way to give him better access..

Bawali si preet more ab chain kaise paaye

Aaja rasiya mohe ang laga le

Our fingers interwined. Our legs played with each other.

Ang laga le ang laga le ang laga le ang laga le

 "I don't love myself the way I love you. I remember you always let it be day or night." I moaned his name biting my lower lips in pleasure. "You are my wife, my life, my breathe,ad my soulmate'" he said caressing my earlobes now. If you ever doubt my love for you, just remember this night'" he said and covered us with our blanket and clicked the button of the night lamp, surrounding both of us with darkness and rest of the night we cherished our love. My frequent moans were the only sound that lasted the rest of the night.

My memories faded and the king sized mirror cleared the screen. Now I saw him opening the restroom door and he entered. He was naked like me and stood behind me. Both of  us were silent. Our silence spoke there and Our eyes met through the mirror. He came closer and touched the bruise on my shoulder which I was caressing a few moments ago..I hissed in pain. He looked at me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him'"When is your flight??" he kissed my bruise and asked me.

"I need to be at the airport by 9:00" I replied with eyes closed while my hands were caressing his hair. Ofcourse my heart expected no apology from him. Because it knew that his madness the previous night was his LOVE for me. It was just a proof that I was his and he was mine now and FOREVER!!!

"Its already 7!" he murmured and he lifted me and placed me under the shower. In no time we were covered with foam and soapy bubbles were flying around us unable to withstand our love!!


Guys...I never knew this style of writing would be sooo difficult... Neither do I knw if I had done justice to it!!!But hats off to every writer who write in first person perspective...The first tym I understood how difficult it is... hit like and pass your comments...which would encourage me to continue further and yea it would help me develop myself...

Thank you!!

Love you...



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nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Hey how can I forget dedication...dedicated to my sweet buddy Samiha_taarey and team PANDA...
Thank you sooo much dear...Experienced something new because of you!!
Love you

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PotterManiac Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Res!!!!!yay!!!me b4 ur pm!!!
Yay!!!!me first tooo!!! Party

bt akka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Itna passionate,intense n sensuous piece!!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
omg!!!!me blushin lyk a shameless!!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
Bt i loved wild rey n den baadme ni padha as i thot thoda zyada hoga mere age ke liye Confused LOL
niways it was a super hot,romantic,intense,passionate n sensouos os!!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

N last bt nt d least..U DID A GREAT JOB AKKA!! Clap Clap Clap

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rajkumaripari Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:07am | IP Logged
nice superb yaar...really loved was beautiful...n lovely...just loved it to tje core...n thanks for the pm dear...

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taareyfanbm Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:08am | IP Logged
thanks for the pm...
..Deepkriti.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 May 2013
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:17am | IP Logged
so sensous yaar!!! love it esp. wild rey
crazy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:18am | IP Logged
OMG Niths..Big smile
that was a HWAT Super HWAT updateBlushing
there was a boldness, intense romance still everything within limit..i just love it in your writing
you have shown their love making part as a compulsory portion of any conjugal life..

commendable jobClapClap

I love this wild Rey and his love bitesEmbarrassed
.PixieBunnie. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:19am | IP Logged
awesome...loved it...

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