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DOTW - marriages In Phir subah hogi

ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Hello every one
I was thinking about my topic of the week and decided why not to discuss the marriages in phir subah hogi
we had several types of marriages
Vikram - Reva
Gigi and Her husband
Sugni - Aditiya
Suman - Bhushan
Jwala and His wife
and the last One ...
Vikram And Sugni
So let's discuss their marriages (write about every pair)
we can use several points -
the best marriage / the good marriage / the bad marriage / what was nice in those 2 / what was bad in those two / how they bhv with each other / romance / Love  / who was the perfect husband / who was the perfect wife / who fulfilled his -her duties as a husband or wife and so On .. (if u have more ideas do add them )
To b honest - I always wanted to know why Bhushan was scared of his wifeLOL / why reva and vikram had bad marriage Wink/ and so On ...
so all.. let's discuss our topic of the week
Marriages In Phir subah hogi

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Hello Ron,
 Nice  topic!   I personally  feel that  the CV's  of PSH  made  mockery  of the insitition of marriage.  If you  look at  your  list, with the exception of the  Sugvi,... none  of the marriages happened because of love.
  As for Sugvi, well we only  saw  the  beginning...and   assumed we have  Happily ever After...but  most marriages  always  start of lovey is  after they  start  living their life together that  we see what happens,  which we did not get to see.
 Vickram and Reva I  think,  thier personalities did not match,  where he was shown as  a calm collected person, she  was shown as a laier , manipulator, and a greedy  woman. Yes  she maintained she loved her Sahib and he  was the only man she was interested in, even if she wanted him dead,  Naturally  he will grow to dislike her attitide, and hate her.
 Bhusahan and  Suman... that  relationship always  confused  me... he was a thankur, from a strong family  , yet he acted as thought he had n brains, he stood quitely  by  and let his wife  wreck havock  in the house.  instead  of  coming to the assistance of his family  he choose  to  become a recluse? Allowed his wfe to openly  be with another man?   He definately  did  not  fit the thakur   Khandan.
 Jwala and  Saroj Thakurine... She in my  opinion was the typical  Thakur's wife .. she was there as  window dressing, as she had no say  in whatever her husband  did.  She was treated more like a servant than a wife in my  opinion.
 GiGi and her Husband...I can't comment as all we knew is that he left her for a Bedni.
 Adi and Sugni... that marriage was a total  joke as it was done out of  revenge and hurt ego and  false  feelings  of love! 

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 May 2006
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Thank you vinnie for taking part in this !!
No one ever replied why mr Bhushan was scared of his wife and when she wanted a baby he was scared like he was a gay LOL I could not understand what was his issue .. some where we can not blame suman .. she wanted a man and her husband acted like HOMO
I gave Gigi and her husband thinking of that day Only and I guess she remained his wife till his death No matter what he did with her , I guess she was living like Saroj thakuraiin had no other choice
Jwala and his wife - Well.. he brought home many behdni's - Gulabiya was One of them and he was a thakur who did sardakai of woman without caring what his wife would feel !! he sow her like his shoe but she knew how to deal with this bad luck so she hated gulabiya due to that !!!
Vikram and reva - I agree with you .. actually I my self did not like this pair .. they did not match at all .. she seemed to be a lier since day 1 - acted like mad woman WHY no idea - she left away after the accident and came back just because vikram was going to marry some one .. was that out of LOVE NO .. that was because she was scared of losing her place as THAKURAIIN
Adi sugni marriage was a big joke - a game for TRPS but leaving that thing away - it was a marriage to teach TVS a lesson to kill him inside kill his soul ... this made a good man into bad man !! so this was not marriage nor the romance was a romance nothing attracted me into that marriage !!
Phir subah hogi knew how to ruin marriages
and never accepted such thing called - DIVORCE why NO IDEA .. (in the end some where they sow they are wrong and none of us accepting it so they gave divorce to reva and vikram marriage)
Vikram and Sugni
after all the pain I wanted to c their happy marriage life but the show ended .. it would B nice if PSH 2 would b on our PSH 2 written By payal and vinnie WinkLOL 
so if I take their marriage from PSH 2 .. then I love what I read !!!

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Hi Ronit
Very interesting topic.
Let me start by saying this show made mockery of the basic values/principles that are respected worldover - one of them being relationships in all its forms. Marriage is of course one such relationship. They were trying to show that outdated rituals have no place in the modern world and what they ended up doing was exactly the opposite.
Gigi and Her husband
I don't think I can comment on this as I did not really see any great aspect of it but it clearly showed the impact broken marriages have on the childern.
Jwala and His wife
To me this really showed how women in the guise of being respected were disrespected. On the surface she had eveything a woman would want, a well to do husband, a nice home, a son, status and respect.
But scratch the surface and we have a woman whose husband physically abuses her, dominates and dictates what/who she can and cannot do/meet, disrepects her by frolicking with other women in their home and expecting her to turn a blind eye whilst still performing her duties as a wife. They say childern learn what they see and in this case the saddest thing was that Digvijay saw how his father treated his mother and women in general and as a result learnt to treat women in the same way.
Suman - Bhushan
Personally I did not understand the purpose of these characters  in the show but leaving that aside...
I understand that when you have been a marriage for a long period you are not going to be loved up and passionate as you were when you first got married but there would be love and affection. It would be more inherent in the way you treat the other person rather than hearts and flowers.
It was obvious that they had been married for awhile so why they had waited until now to start a family was a mystery.
Anyway here it looked like that Bhushan had absolutely no interest in Suman as  a woman or as a wife. Now that may have been because she was always bullying him!!! But no matter how weak or disinterested a husband may be there is no way he would openly allow his wife to be with another man especially moving that man and his wife into their house. Nor would he let his wife make his family's life hell.
Vikram - Reva
To me they represented what many arranged marriages are like. Two people who on paper should be perfect for each other - similar age, background etc but do not work in reality because of personalities. In most cases the couple make the best of it. I think that was the case with TVS and Reva. They were not ideally suited in terms of personality but they made the best of it. It would have lasted if Reva had not had an accident and thought to have died, TVS had not come back to Mawari and had not met Sugni.
Clearly the character of Reva was not well crafted so we had someone who was suppose to be mentally ill, who supposedly suffered from amnesia and when she finally regained her memory instead of contacting her husband contacts her brother who tells her husband is getting married again so instead talking to her husband she pretends to be mentally ill and arrives at one of the family's property and somehow a loyal servant  finds her. She then became a manipulative woman who would do anything to retain her status and the lifestyle she was accustomed to!!!!
Equally TVS was shown to have cared about Reva, wanted to do the right thing by her but when he realised she had pretended to be mentally ill (although how someone can pull that off for 8 years is difficult to understand) and the harder she tried to hold on to him the more indifferent he became to her and her feelings - his anger towards her, him telling her time and again that he wanted nothing to do with her, telling her that Sugni willl only come into this house as his wife, mocking Reva after his confrontation with Adini on Karva Choth, to the end when he was physically violent towards her.
These two were what would commonly be called matched made in hell. I felt sick when MS told Reva to have a child to strengthen her marriage. Thank God TVS could not be soo easily manipulated!!!
Sugni - Aditiya
To my mind, this was an unnecessary marriage ie there was no need for this marriage. It was not God's will as was suggested but their stupidity. It was a marriage borne out of Sugni's hurt pride/ego and Aditya's desire to be with the girl he loved.
Was it a marriage of convenience? I am not sure because I don't think the 2 people in the marriage knew what it was. Perosnally I think
- for Sugni it was about proving to TVS that she may love him but she would rather spend rest of her life with someone else than break his marriage; and
- for Adi by the time the marriage happened it was not about saving TVS's marriage but him being with the girl he loved. He knew Sugni was not in love with him but he also knew that for her marriage was for life so it was just a matter of time before he got what he wanted - spend the rest of his life with Sugni as his wife. That is why he was quick to believe and accept that Sugni did not love TVS, did not want to be with him.
To my mind this was the one marriage in this show that made mockery of the institution of marriage more than any other because it was entered into in anger, for revenge, to save a dead marriage, to save family from being torn apart but that is exactly what it acheived because every relationship was destroyed.
What's that old saying - the path to hell is littered with good intentions. That was certainly the case here.
Vikram And Sugni
I said at the beginning that if these two got together they would be a force to be reckoned with because they would have it all - strong morals and principles, wealth, the ability to connect with people from all walks of life and fundamentally love, mutual respect, fierce loyalty, strong emotional bond that transcends everything and a strong relationship that has been tested to hell and back.
This show must be the only one where all of the characters started positive and became nagative to varying degrees so that towards the end (before the leap) it was question of who being the least negative rather than who was the positive !!!!!

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sara1993 Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
Very nice topic, Ronit

First of all i agree with you, Vinnie and Payal, the Cv's really and truly made a mockery of marriage and everything associated with it. A marriage is based on love, trust, respect, honesty and understanding. The marriages mentioned with the exception of Vikram and Sugni were definitely not based on these grounds. In my opinion, this  show would have been so much better had they just focused on Vikram and Sugni fighting against society for the sake of their relationship, proving that a thakur can truly love a bedni  and changing the mentality of the people in that society had they done this then the sanctity of marriage would have been protected.

Vikram and Reva's marriage was a marriage only  because of Vikram, he accepted her as his fate and tried his level best to fulfill his responsibilities towards her that too with full knowledge of her nature and i am sure that their relationship would have lasted had the circumstances been different. Vikram said it himself, had he known Reva was alive he would have never looked at another woman. 

Gigi and her husband

I too cannot say much about their marriage because not much was shown but i know that she loved her husband a lot and she tried her best to fulfill her duties as a wife ,she fought for his love and respect but clearly he did not respect her or maybe even loved her because if he did he would have not have left her for another woman.

Jwala and his wife

Honestly this relationship has always puzzled me, i mean i don't know why Saroj Thakurain still wanted to be with Jwala knowing that he did not respect her, or maybe even loved her and he physically abused her. Why would anyone tolerate that?, I wouldn't say she stood by him for the sake of her duties as his wife but out of fear of knowing what he would do to her had she decided to leave him and maybe also for the sake of DigvijayAngry

Adi and Sugni 

 LOL... Never was a marriage only a compromise

Suman and Bhushan

Another peculiar relationship...Neither of them respected or trusted each other and maybe even loved each other and as Payal rightly said, Bhushan's behaviour towards Suman probably stems from the fact that she constantly dominated his life.. may be if she was a little more calm and understanding  then  things would have been better between the two of them... Bhushan was one character that  i could not quite relate toLOL

Vikram and Sugni... 

Having saved the best for last all i have to say is, a marriage made in heavenWink

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 2:21am | IP Logged
well i would like to say about jwala and his wife
such marriage is common in that place
every thakur was like that
and their wife had to remain with them and accept this
just take kuhu for exmple - she decided to remain with digvijay knowing full facts about him
they live as old people used to live
accept their husband now matter how they are
that's why divorce was a crime to them

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 7:35am | IP Logged

Payal I loved this one

These two were what would commonly be called matched made in hell

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 May 2006
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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 7:43am | IP Logged
very well written Payal
I have one problem
why gulabiya since day 1 did not like vikram
she had fights with sugni about him she did not want her to be with him n marry him but did not have problem seeing sugni selling her self to any thakur who would pay *(once she offered 2 vikram -  come do her sardakaii)
so was it better to be a **** of any man instead of being 2nd wife of TVS ??
i never understood this ??
and yes u said adi married sugni because he was in love
what kind of love was it
was it love or ??? shell I say LUST
why em I saying so
He got it that he was in love because she HUGGED HIM thinking him 2 b vikram
mean her being close to him made him think YES I LOVE HER
he started dreaming some hot dreams about her EmbarrassedLOLWink
so was it Love ??
when vikram dream about sugni b4 telling her he was in love - see his innocent dream in that rain - sugni dance in the rain and he stare at her and u know the rest
and see adi's dream ??? ... kissing sugni
so .. was it Love or ...
So adi married sugni for Love ???
I doubt it

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