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..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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This SS is extremely DARK if you are not comfortable then you don't read.
All the heavy stuff will be written along with abuse violent and Mature Content.
Half of the story will be written on my blog. Link will be given once I Update there.

Love is irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired..
Credit: Robert Frost

Part 5 (Last)

Khushi: "You killed him..??" She asked with trembling lips..

Arnav: "Yes.. I'm going to kill him and by tomorrow he be out of your life.. Forever.." He laugh loudly..

Khushi: "But he can never out from my heart.. Arnavji.." Alone tear rolled.. But this tear doesn't effecting the opposite person.. He was a beast even worst then a beast.. He form his fist with a prefect punch and walked towards her carrying those rage in his eyes.. She move backwards when his step, stepping further..

Arnav: "Mannav.. Ahhh.." with cynical tone.. "I don't need your heart Khushi.." She hit her back on the wall while he pinned her not allowing her to escape from his wrath.. "I only needs your body.." his warm breathe hit her skins.. "I have nothing to do with your heart.. You can give it to anyone.. But this body of yours I will be only MARK by me.. Day night it will only serve Arnav Singh Raizada.." An evil smile appear on his face.. "Seem like you didn't learn from your past.. Let me show again what does it mean by MARK.." He ripped her shirt in one go and throw her on the couch.. He jump on her and start to bite her body.. His teeth marks was everywhere on her body..

Khushi: "Leave me.." She shouts and pulling his hair.. He parted her legs and trust her harder make her scream in pain.. She couldn't breathe.. Her lungs stop from pumping.. Her tear was rolling silently while her mouth was open gasping for some air.. Her body was totally dead once he ripped her brutally..

Once he was done.. He stood up and zip his pants.. He smirked seeing her like this.. He feel he have successfully own her and her heart doesn't matter as long he was HUNTING her SOUL.. He took his mobile and marched towards exits.. He didn't even care to give her a final glare and soothe her pain..

How ironic..?? How would he soothe her pain when he was the reason of her pain..?? All the pain he gives her was countless.. He ripped her day and night.. He brutally raped her and abuses her like she wasn't a human but an animal..?? Even animal been treated in a good way.. But she'


Arnav was seating at the restaurant having his dinner with his clients.. He went for a long drive after having an brutal encounter with her.. But he always enjoyed whatever he did with her.. There is no repentance in his eyes.. He didn't even know if the same loves still exist in him..?? Did I ever love her..?? In sudden his inner voice asked him.. He smirked knowing he didn't love her.. It was just an obsession making her his.. She was his childhood friends and he was obsess for her since their first meet.. She have a sexy body and he wanted to taste it.. But deep in his heart someone was telling him.. He was in love and that too with Khushi Kumari Gupta.. He has a dark personality and would never admit this.. But now his loves for her can never bring any shine for her.. He destroy her dreams.. Even if she get married she can never enjoyed a life and nor she can pleasure her husband.. She was ripped in all the possible way and she don't have anything to give to her husband..

The meeting with his clients was over one hour ago and he went to bar at the corner of the restaurant.. He need some drinks.. While sipping his drinks his attention was only on her.. Her crying and her yelling voice was echoing his ear.. He shut his eyes and gulped another shot.. His inner voice was telling him that she is in pain NOW..!! but the cruel man can never notice that.. He was mesmerized in his drinks and forget everything regarding her by whispering to his heart.. "Muhje koyi faraak nahi parta..".. Just then his attention move to a couple which was on verge of creating a fight.. The entire eyes was on the couple.. When the girl nearly 20 slapped the boy which was standing opposite her..

Girl: "You think by doing all this you can get me..??" She yelled in sudden.. "How wrong..!! You don't even knew how to love someone.. You only knew to destroy that person.. Do you even understand what the mean of LOVE..?? Love is to be sacrificed not to been caged by your dark desire.. Love is pure as milk which you can never see any dirt in it.. The words LOVE doesn't suit a person like you.. You destroy the poor soul and now there are no way of repentance.." The words was a big slapped on Arnav Singh Raizada.. love is to be sacrificed not to be caged.. This was what he have done.. He was too obsess of her and he caged her in his brutal world where every hour he brutally raped her.. He marched out of the restaurant and run to his car.. Her image was flashing in his eyes.. Her crying eyes her bruised figure.. He start the SUV engine and speed his car to his Mansion.. Nearly two hours needed for him reached his mansion as he was out for a meet.. His phone bell rang and he answer hurriedly..

Arnav: "Hello.. Aman.."

Aman: "ASR.. She already runs'" His eyes popped out..

Arnav: "What'??" he shouts.. "Find her.. I can't care and I don't want to listen anything.. Just find her DAMN IT..!!" He yelled on Aman.. Aman nodded and cut the called.. While he was in dilemma hearing she already run from his den.. But one thing was FISHY here..? How can she step out from the mansion when the security at his mansion was too tight then how this possible..?? His breathe was irregular.. He was tensed for her.. Worried of losing her.. Just then his mobile rang again and he answer hurriedly.. "You found her Aman..??" His restless voice speak everything..

Aman: "ASR.. there is a bad news..??" He brake his car in sudden.

Arnav: "What,,?"..

Aman: "She is in hospital now'" his eyes widen..

Arnav: "What happen to her'?" his voice cracked while asking this..

Aman: "She been hit by a truck and now the doctor are trying their best.."

Arnav: "Nothing can happen to her Aman.. Get the best doctor.. I want her alive.. She can't die.. Understand..!!" He shouts in sudden..

Aman: "I knew ASR.. But she lost a lot of blood and.." Been interrupt..

Arnav: "I don't want to listen anything.. I want her to survive.. DAMN IT..!!" His hand was trembling hearing her accidents news..

Aman: "The doctor to'" been interrupt by the doctor itself.. "ASR.. Two minutes let me talk with the doctor.." Arnav hurriedly snapped out..

Arnav: "Don't cut the call I'm want to hear what the doctor wanted to say.." Aman agree without any argument..

Doctor (To Aman): "Mr.Mathur.." Aman nodded in agreement.. "I'm sorry we can't save her nor her BABY.. She was expecting for two weeks.." Arnav's phone fell down from his grips.. His heart skip a beat.. She is no more..?? And their baby..?? He start his engine and drive straight towards the hospital.. He was driving in a full speed without bothering the signal nor any vehicles.. Khushi you can't leave me' At least let me repentance for my deeds.. Khushi.. Please don't go wait for me.. I knew what I did wasn't forgivable but at least let me seek for apology.. You can't go leaving me alone here Khushi.. I love you Khushi.. His heart keep on whispering and praying that it was just a lie and once he reached at the hospital he will be seeing her safe and sound without any scratches.. He was out of his sense.. The way he was driving showed his madness.. He didn't even care to reduce his speed thinking of the danger but it was too late to rethink on it.. His eyes widen when he saw a truck coming in a opposite way and he lost his car balance.. He turn his steering to left and bang his SUV in the tree.. His head hit the steering and blood start to oz out.. He was counting his breaths.. "Khushi.." The only name he took when he closed his eyes for forever..

Jab jo bura kaha uska koi matlab nahi
Jab jo bura kiya uska koi matlab nahi
Iss pyar mein sach aur jhoot ka koyi matlab nahi
Sirf ek baat ka matlab hai ke main hamesha hamesha sirf
Tumse hi''

(Hindi - Credit to ara_000)


I'm alive but still I'm lost somewhere.. I don't have place to go when my soul wasn't in peace.. My REVENGE haven't been paid yet and the day will come when you will be under my feet.. This soul will hunt you and will destroy your life in every birth of yours.. My HUNTED SOUL is still alive'



Sequel coming up after two weeks.. Don't worry not ghost going to love each other in next season. It some kind of different plot and a bit scary (NOT DARK)

Finally this story too come to the end.. Once again Thank you so much for the support. I knew most of you was literally scared to read but still reads avoiding all your fears.. Thank you so much. Hug


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..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Poem By KeerthuKiarshi

Feeling the unbearable pain i realized that 
I'm being destroyed...
Fate played a dirty game on me
My best friend betrayed me
The hungry beast was devouring me,
ripping me apart and killing my inner soul

The pain was killing me from both the sides
Yet I couldn't protest
If only i was dead before he destroyed me 

Was loving someone else my fault?
Love the most beautiful feeling in this world
turned out to be my worst nightmare
Never in my wildest dream I thought that

I would be brutally destroyed for falling in love..
Oh dear Lord Take me away from this Darkness
This darkness is not destined for me..
If only i could escape from this beast

I'm destroyed completely
I'm devoid of my most precious asset, My Virginity
A happy life with my loved one
seems to a dream not meant for me...

All I longed for was Love,just pure love
but now i see lust only lust
in his eyes
Will I ever receive love?
Will i ever be free from his lust?
Will I ever be able to forget the day which destroyed my body 
and polluted my soul?
Will I ever be able to live a normal life?


Poem By Anayah

what's my fault if your thoughts are so narrow

you forced me and filled my life with sorrow

I feel like I should die and get solace in borrow
spending life with you I see only dark haunt my tomorrow

every night when you claim me and leave your mark
my soul shivers and suffocates in the mourning dark

you are pleased with the claims you make on me
do you ever understand it only bury the spared hope in me

everytime you bad mouth and rip the dignity that I held with me
I am only left with pain,disgust and plee

I die everytime you near me but i know you dont care
you hunt my soul everytime only I know how I bear...

Thank you Hug


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hiralhk IF-Dazzler

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sugar finally he regreting for his deed...
but m,confused... Who said last lines...
khushi or Arnav...
anyways... Who,cares as they both will,be back in next season...
so waiting for dt only,...
in next season Arnav should pay lot for his crime...
thanks darling...
p.s: simmy m first... Hehehe...

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Jaan_Arshi IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ..Sugar_ArHi..

10 min
Big smile

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Laters_Baby IF-Rockerz

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moi here
Cry Cry
U r hell bent on finishng all stories u gv note to finish in nxt week othr nd ths 1 cmpletd
Frm dark to emotionl painful it hs turn into mystery
Asr ws just obbesed wd hr beauty nd he lvd hr too bt Asr being the drk charactr
cnt handle rejectn so he messd evrythng .
Smtym i hate aman to just follow hs orders he just piss me
Watz the use to repent Arnav whn u hv so many reasons to repent
He brutly killed hs childhood bst frnd
whch relation iz the 1 of purest relation
coz of hs deeds he lst hs baby
hs frnd nd himself in the dark shell
He realized hs mistk aftr witnessng fightng couple Nd it ws nt long enough tym fr him to repent coz whn he realized destiny ply a trump crd Confused
Nw waitng fr othr season to see wat u hv stored fr arshi
lol no ghost love i ws lukng fr dat
PS: Di u cmntd 1st i nw lol
no need to be happy i nw hw u gt ths spot

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-Iruni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Kushi DiedOuch
Her Baby tooOuch
I want both haunt in creepy Arnav's mind...Angry

and Yeah! I'm the 4th to comment for the first time..DancingDay Dreaming

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sanamsky IF-Dazzler

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sounds intersting

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PaRud_AddicT IF-Sizzlerz

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she died??ShockedShockedShockedShocked

but how come sequelShockedShockedShockedShocked

interesting...waiting ..update soon

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