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Aarya Story!!!! (Page 88)

Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Tongue Chapter- 79 Tongue

Sweety gets up excitedly and exclaims about hosting a party, Aarthi endorses it and adds that she and Yash were discussing the same to which She gets a loving thwack on her head from Sweety ,Sweety explains that this will be a Ladies only party where men will not be allowed…..Sweety points out the Hollywood party can't be hosted everyday and women can never enjoy with men hanging on their arms…Aarthi, like a girl in love wants to have Yash but her wish is quickly shot down as the girls gear up for Girls only party.

Unknown to them, Yash Has overheard the plan and grows enormously jealous that Aarthi is having a party without him… quick as a Rocke he vroooms towards his Bade Uncle, Dubey and Pour out his heart and also enlists him in Project Venue of Party..

Dubey  Like all good Hubbies goes like a homing pigeon to his wife , with the intention of eliciting information from his boli baali wife, but boli baali wife turns out to be quite a clever -sheber Hirni and toys with him like a expert cat toying with a mouse… This gets the Lawyer babu doubly determined to get to the root of the matter .. he takes Bhishma Pratigya that come Rain or shine , he will find out the venue of the party..LOL

Yash goes in search of the most important member , the VIP of Dubey's and Scindia's …Anch !! Yash coaxes , Threatens and cajoels him into revealing the location of the party ..But Anch proves to be a smart operator, he seeks some bribe for dishing out the priceless information… Yash reluctantly hands over his coveted Goggles which Anch wears and struts around like Tom Cruise in Top Gun !! A thoroughly exasperated Yash seeks out his answer but Anch escapes without replying..

Yash is not about to give up so easily, He manages to catch hold of Anch and drags him to the court of Godfather , Don Corleone aka Dubey who is giving him a cold glare !! Anch pleads for mercy, Dubey is not inclined to hand out any mercy like a piece of muffin . Anch addresses himself to the goodness of Dubey's heart, Dubey refuses to melt, He glowers at Anch, gets up in executioner style, steps forward , Hugs him and pleads with Anch to reveal the details of the party !!..Anch points out quite reasonably that if he even reveals one word, he will hung , quartered and
left to dry out in the sun by Aarthi..So saying he escapes …

The next day dawns with Yash sticking like limpet to Anch, Anch somehow manages to escape from Yash's eagle Eye and proceeds to the place and checcks out the last min arrangements only for him to encounter Yash who has followed him and found the watering hole of the ladies..Under the direct threat of being buried alive Anch promises to get the Scindia Boyz to the party..

The Boys try to include the Men in the plan as they don't want to be sitting Ducks for the wrath of ladies …the Gallant men reluctantly agree to defend the helpless Innocent wonder kids Yash and Dubey…

The ladies manages to secure the permission for the Party from SP..All he ladies depart to the Party place .. The ladies enter the dark room and the countdown begins , the room lights up and Sweety lets out a whoop of surprise … All are excited… but in the midst of this excitement 

The Men in Jeep arrive in style and quickly tumble out and stand out undecided , their curiosity at war with their instict for self preservation 8 from their respective angry wives*  Dubey too back pedals but the Three Musketeers are not allowed to back out and are pushed onwards their suicide mission by the hot head Yash who manages to convince them that just by the window lies the heavenly paradise and it will not hurt to have a peek .. The Innocent souls trapped by the wily Yash head towards their doom..

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Tongue Chapter-80 LOL

begins with Sweety starting bottle game with girls while Dubey, Yash watching them through a window.

Sweety asks Vedhika to tell the person name who touch her first. 

Dubey overwhelmed when Shobha tells them that she wants to live with Dubey forever.

Aarthi could not able to give answer about favorite dish, color and ice cream of Yash. So, Aarthi dances for the song Mere Haathon mein Nau Choodiyan along with others.

Dubey & Yash also dances with them by covering their face.Then Every Girls Starts Teasing The Boys...

Aarthii feels bad not to know about Yash and Yash tells her that her love is everything for her.

Next day, Aarthi feels bad for her short hair. Shobha fixes a hair paranda in Aarthi's hair which makes her look beautiful.

Shobha is worried when Aarthi tells her that she will always be with her. Yash and Aarthi tease each other Again.

Aarthi is overwhelmed when Swamini  gifts her a beautiful necklace. G3 tells the priest that Shobha and Dubey will perform Yash and Aarthi's chuda rasam.

Shobha puts chunari on Aarthi's head and wears her bangles. Dubey puts tilak and ties a thread on Yash's hand.

Next Day

Aarthi returns to her room only to see Shobha and another 10 outfits there. She inquires for whom these heavy and shiny outfits have been brought? Shobha asks Aarthi to chose one since they have been selected by her and Swamini  for her sangeet. Aarthi says they are too heavy and she has chosen a simple outfit for herself. Swamini  is standing outside, seeing and overhearing their conversation. She hears Shobha telling Aarthi to understand and learn about the choices of the Scindia family because she is going to be the daughter in law and it's her duty to do so. Swamini  is really impressed and leaves while Aarthi is unhappy.

Shobha then gives Aarthi a dupatta. Aarthi asks whose it is? Shbha says that it's their grand mother's. Aarthi gets emotionally happy. Shobha says that it was given to her by her mother on her wedding and whenever she wore this dupatta, she felt some sort of peace like never before, and now she's gifting it to Aarthi.

Aarthi is glad that this dupatta was first worn by their grandmother, then by her mother and now she is blessed to wear it. After a few arguments, she agrees to wear one of the desinger outfits for her sangeet.

Later on in the day, Scindias and Dubey's are seated in the hall, dicussing the sangeet preparations. Yash divides everyone's work and tells them to each give the list of which song they will perform on. Everyone gets excited. When everyone asks Yash what he will sing on since that's his talent, Yash says something special for Aarthi and it's a surprise hence no one should tell Aarthi about it. Just then Aarthi comes and asks what they were talking about hiding from her?

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roserosey IF-Sizzlerz

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chapter 69 to 80 in a single go visu

glad finally aarthis cancer got curedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

bestest part:

each and every member saying about aarthi in a single lineCryClapClapClapClapClap
commendable job reStarStar

finally aarya marriage gonna happen EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

i feel this story is nearing its endCry feeling sad  but its ok no more worries u gave us aaryas memories which can be cherished foreverBig smileBig smile

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Tongue Chapter-81Tongue

The guests start arriving and are greeted by Scindias..Aarthii walks in with ShobhA, Shobha assuing her ..The boy turn and look, Yash looks smitten, forgets his guests and is busy ogling his wife to be, He is quickly pulled to welcome duty by Dubey..Yash sidles closer to Aarthi and greets her , Aarthi looks disturbed and walks away'a Puzzled Yash seeks Gyan from Dubey as to the cause for Aarthii's sad countenance.. Dubey tries to reassure Yash but Yash is not convinced..

Aarthi si walking looking all lost , Shobha tells her to be happy, Aarthi looks here and there and spots Sweety favours her with a glare ,,The Brave warrior hides behind his valiant soldier Anch , who dumps him and runs to play with his fellow fauji's'Aarthii continues to glower at Sweety, Dubey catches sight of this interplay and hotfoots to Shobha who can only grumble at her daughterr's antics..

Aarthi continues to glare at Sweety, Yash comes and begins to tease her telling that she must be worried that she being a small town girl is marrying a Hi-fi Ladka 'who might make her press the shirt-virt etc' A disconsolate Aarthi replies that Sweety lost her grandfather's ring which B.Beeji was supposed to give to Yash , Yash tries to calm her agitation but Aarthi will not be calmed, she retorts that the ring was her G.father's last gift and a very precious gift ..Yash turns her towards him , cups her face and breathes out that She is his precious Gift to him and nothing can beat it  .. Assured of his undying love , Aarthi becomes the impish Aarthi and vows to get Yash Scindia to polish her shoes for calling her small town girl failing which she will change her name, being the eminently reasonable young man, Yash points out that her name will be undergoing change once after marriage anyways leaving Aarthi giving a creditable imitation of hooked fish.

The Laddoo eating ceremony commences, Aarthi.. thrusts a biggest Laddoo into Yash's mouth and lo Yash's Mouth turns into Aladdin's cave and from it comes the Ring ..Aarthi is ecstatic and hugs everyone'

The Music programme starts and SP speaks lovingly about his son and Aarthi and seeks the blessings of the assembled guests 'Sweety and Vedhika start the musical service, the song is Mahi vey ! Next is the clash of titans 'All come to set the stage on fire  

 Prateek and Paridhi perform for a romantic dance to the song Marjaaniya.

Prateek invites the couple Yash and Aarthi. Yash and Aarthi perform a rocking dance to the song Jogi Mahi.

Everyone is surprised when SP performs to the song Khushiyan Hi Khushiyan and everyone joins along with him. Everyone enjoys the Bhangra dance and Shobha feels glad to see Aarthi's happiness.

Yash and Aarthi share a romantic talk and hug with each other. Sweety scolds them for meeting before marriage and takes Aarthi away from him.

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Tongue Chapter-82 Tongue
Next Day

G3 complaining Yash for messing up his room. She makes him understand to change his habit for Aarthi

Yash tells G3 that she has to take care of all his responsibilities forever. Mehendi ceremony starts and Yash runs when family members try to apply haldi to him.

Everyone is surprised when Dadaji applies haldi to him.

Aarthi feels happy on seeing Shobha, Dubey and other family members. Shobha, Dubey and others apply haldi to her by teasing.

Aarthi refuses to apply mehendi which is costly, but G3 understands her. Aarthi notices Yash is peeping her from behind. Then, Aarthii tells the designer to put Y name on the other hand. But when Yash leaves, Aarthi applies his name on her other hand.

Paridhi dances for the song Meri Bannoo Ki and Manvi joins her. Everyone is surprised to see Yash and they punish him asking him to find his name in Manvis Mehendi. Yash is unable to find and accepts his defeat finally.

Aarthi punishes him to put Mehendi in his name. Aarthi and Shobha are surprised to see Swamini applying mehendi on her hand.

Aarthi thinks that Swamini  hides many things. Shobha tells Aarthi that sometimes hiding things is a mazboori of a person.

On The Wedding day

Shobha dresses up Aarthi as a bride but Aarthii feels bad when Shobha leaves to complete her another tradition...

Yash 's family members prepare Yash as a groom and Shobha puts Tilak to Yash. Shobha prays to God to give her courage to complete her decision.

Shobha feeds the gori and is happy for Aarthi finally getting married to Yash. The entire Scindia family is ready to leave, with lots of noise and dancing while Yash sits on the horse.
They reach the venue and all the rituals are performed. Everyone is happy while Yash is eager. He signals Anch, who in response tells Yash that he will always be at his service. Yash thinks of him as a lifetime idiot and asks him to bring Aarthi as soon as possible as he can't wait to see his bride!

Shobha goes to Aarthi, she explains to her the behavior and qualities that she will need to keep her husband and family happy always. Aarthi is a little scared yet excited as long as Shobha is by her side. 

Back at the mandap, Yash is still eager to see Aarthi. And finally the bride comes out of her shell. Yash is all mesmerized. He keeps staring while she shys away

Yash and Aarthi get married by taking seven rounds, putting sindoor and wearing mangal sutra.Aarthi takes teary adieu from her family and leaves with Scindia family.

Yash and Aarthi performing their Grah pravesh rituals and taking blessing from elders.Then, Aarthi and Yash start ring finding ceremony and family enjoy the fun by taking side of Aarthi while G3 takes Yash.Family member is surprised when Yash and Aarthi could not find the ring. Everyone is stunned when Vedhika inform them he forgot to put the ring in the milk bowl.Everyone is happy when both Yash and Aarthi get ring together. SP and G3 give tips for Yash and Aarthi about how to behave each other on their first wedding night.Aarthi feels awkward to maintain silence in the room...

Then back at the newly wedded couple's room, both are asleep. With the beginning of the day, Aarthi wakes up and like a dutiful wife, also wakes her husband. But in return he freaks out :P and when she inquires if she looks like a ghost to him; he replies that he just not used to having someone soo close when he wakes up Aarthi shoos him and walks off to get ready for her big day. But just then Prateek and Paridhi knock at their door. They enter and start inquiring about the previous night and tease both Yash and Aarthi who have no words :P

The entire family is then gathered around at the home temple for a morning puja. The couples arrive and Aarthi looks gorgeous. They pray and SP declares that Aarthi would prepare some delicious kheer for them as a part of the tradition and rituals. Aarthi is nervouis and scared of making the kheer since she hasn't been an expert at cooking ever since. While she is fidgeting and cooking, G3 arrives and sees what's up. Aarthi quickly asks for help but G3 bluntly refuses and says that Aarthi can do ot herself and she should try. Aarthi is scared.

Aarthi brings the prepared kheer to the tablr where everyone is waiting desperately. Sh
She serves the first bowl to SP. Her heartbeat shoots up but finally old SP approves the kheer as delicious as ever. Aarthi is delighted and serves the rest of the family too. She gets excited, but none of them give her a go. They're all just staring at her including Patidev Yash. Psht, they suddenly smile and agree that it is amazing although Vedhika tries to say something but G3 asks him to quietly eat his food.

G3 gets up and gifts Aarthi her bangles as reward for the kheer. Aarthi is glad and accepts them. She then forces SP to have more kheer but Yash stops her from doing so and asks her to taste the kheer she had made. Aarthi gets busy admiring her new bangles; and admist that she tastes the kheer and is shell shocked.Aarthi tasting the kheer that she had prepared. She feels disgusted at the taste and begins to cry. She cries asking why everyone ate the kheer and praised it while it wasn't even tasty or nice. G3 consoles her and Swamini  too adds in that they know she didn't know how to prepare kheer and she need not be sad at all. SP continues that all of them could taste the love that she added to kheer while making it; and that was enough. SP adds that G3 too had forgotten to add the kheer and poor me gulped down everything. Whereas prince Yash was instead forcing Aarthi to have it. Aarthi gives Yash an angry look and Yash claims "kare koi, bill bhare koi" :P

With Small Small Chit- Chats Aarya

 Lived Happily Forever!!!!

Ok Friends,Tongue

I Have Finished My Story...LOL

I Hope U All Enjoyed It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tongue

Thanks to All Of Ur Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

Take Ur Own Time Guys!!!!!!!!!Tongue

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Punar Vivah

Thanks For Your Love & SupportSmile
I Know I was Running the Story Very FastSmile
Thanks For Running With MeLOL
TongueI Hope You All Have Enjoyed My StoryTongue
EmbarrassedIf I Had Made Any Mistakes Please Forgive MeEmbarrassed
SmileIf I Have Hurted Anybody I'mSorrySmile
LOLPlease Forgive Your VishvaLOL

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Originally posted by Sri_Radha

Chapter-68 lovely updateClap
Aarya sagai function awesome...Star
Loved the way aarti teasing yash,aarya dance and their fun superb.Heart..
Finally aarya engaged
Eagerly waiting for nextLOLWink
Thanks Radha DiTongue
I Really Feel UpEmbarrassed

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khatam ho gaiShocked

ok will read remaining chapters

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