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Tongue Chapter-71Tongue

Aarthis telling Shobh about cancer. Yash and Dubey are just watching. 

Shobha says that her and Aarthi will fight through this, Dubey says him and Yash are too.. and they will fight cancer. and Yash says how will they tell family. Dubey says it is Aarthi;s family too. Yash says what if they change their mind about their relationsuop. Dubey sayas no, that they accepted the relationship when they knew she ahd cancer itself, so they wont do that. Dubey says that its best to tell everyone

G3 and swamini scene.. G3 is saying that we shouldnt have given that much work.. Shobha coems and says that Aarthi needs ashirvaad and to support her.. G3 asks why she is saying all of this, that her dua is always with Aarthi.
Shobha says there is one thing that the family doesnt know.. SP asks what that thing is.. Shobha brings Aarthi and says that all of u know that Aarthi has cancer, now we have found out that She CAn Live Only 2 yrs..

Sweety starts crying and holds onto Aarthi.. he hugs Yash aswell

Aarthi sayss to apologises because the ice cream fell down, she didnt mean to

Swamini says she doesnt need to apologise (shes crying :O)


SP says that he thinks this disease is treatable and they should find the best specialist in the city.. and treat Aarthi
Yash says yes.. and SP says not to worry that Aarthi will become better
G3 says not to worry.. that a time comes where difficulty comes.. its a part of life.. to keep strength
she says to Shobha to take Aarthi to her room

swamini is thinking in her head this si why i didnt want Yash to come close to Aarthi, i didnt know my fear would become reality so soon
Dubey is on the phone to dr mehra.. he says thanks.. he says he will bring Aarthi
he tells Yash about dr mehra.. and he is a good insaan.. and he made an appointment for Aarthi as a priority

Yash emotional scene- he says wen he is with Aarthi he controls his emotions but wen hes alone he cant handle it.. he says if anything happens to Aarthi he wont be able to live.. Dubey consoles him and says not to tihnk negetive nothing will happen to Aarthi
dr mehra is a good dr and he has handle tough xases.. he will get treatment for Aarthi

Yash says hes nothing withut Aarthi Dubey  says he knows.. he sayss his heart is saying nothing will happen to Aarthi.. that Yash and her have a long life ahead.. everything will be fine.. this is all a testing time for all the family.. he ahs to be strong.. Dubey says he will tell SP of the appointment

SP says to G3 that how can Aarthi a girl with such life.. how can this happen to her.. destiny is being unfair to her

G3 ays she feels the same.. she doesnt know why its happening with maanvi.
swamini says u shud hav thought of this before Aarya relationship.. this si the reaosn why she as against the relationship.
Dubey comes and tells SP about the appt, of this afteternoon.. SP says ok and too keep informing him

Shobha is thinking about what Aarthi told her..

Dubey comes

Dubey& Shobha scene Shobha tells her to get ready to take Aarthi to dr.. mehra...Dubey asks her whats wrong ..

Shobha says they will take Aarthi but what if the dr says the same thing as the others
Dubey says not to think negetive
Shobha says shes scared, what if what sb said doesnt come true. the reason why she was against Aarya what if it comes true
Dubey ask her why shes thinking like this.. that she saw how much support Aarthi has.. everyone knows she will get better
Shobha says everyone must be scared and worried
Dubey says he knows but she needs to stop fearing and she is Aarthi's strength and for her not to give up.. because if she gives up .. Aarthi will too
shes Aarthi's  mum, a mum never loses hope.. so she shouldnt either

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Tongue Chapter-72Tongue

Aarthi is standing by the window sill and admiring the setting sun, Yash joins her enquires the reason for the rapt attention , Aarthi replies that she was admiring the setting sun and wished to pant it herself… Yash extols the virtue of the rising sun ..Aarthi turns towards him and curiously enquires the reason as to why he chose to marry a woman who might not live for few months or even die any moment… Yash retorts that he did this bec he wanted to hear the praise of all members that he did a social service and also be he wanted his name immortalized in the book of love , Aarthi rejoins stating that As long as she is there, she will never allow his name to be entered in any book and will never leave him ,Yash reply that he too will not be far away from him… Both have a cootchie-coo moment where they are lost in one another's arm…They become conscious of the surroundings and and to calm themselves, they remind themselves that they need to visit the Doc…

Aarthi-Yash, Dubey-Shobha head to the hospital and are pleasantly surprised to see the family there, SP apologizes for the early behaviour Aarthi expresses her gratitude to God for giving her a family that accepts her with full heart…Just then the specialist Doc is seen walking in.. Dubey introduces himself and remins the doc about the previous phone call..The Doctor gets introduced to Aarthi, he sets about questioning her symptoms and discovers that Aarthi used to feel Dizzy, fainting, and used to be afflicted by rashes…The Honest Doc promptly diagnoses that Aarthi's cancer has spread and Chemotherapy is waste…All are shocked !! ..Shobha is unable to take it all in and seeks some way out to cure her daughter, The Doc conveys that only Bone Marrow Transplant is the viable option and is the last resort .. All the Scindia's volunteer , The Doctor patiently replies that Marrows cannot be harvested from every volunteer and that Marrow has to match the patient and only then can the marrow be harvested and transplanted ..He adds that the Marrow of the siblings have higher rate of compatibility ';;;;

Sweety comes and says that he is the friend and that his blood ought to be tested , Just when he is lead by the Nurse for the blood test, Paridhi 's voice halts him..Paridhi informs the Doctor that she is Aarthi's friend and that they have the same blood group, Doctor is surprised and he happily says that there is a 99% chance of her turning up as the right match…The nurse is asked to test Paridhi when Swamini stops the parade!!

Swamini reveals that Paridhi has Recently Got Cickenpox, Paridhi can donate Marrows under such delicate condition … The Doc is horrified and stops Paridhi from donating,He informs Paridhi that in her condition , she is not even allowed to donate blood much less marrow..Paridhi is heart broken.

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Tongue Chapter-73Tongue

Dubey, Shobha, Yash, Aarthi and Paridhi are going back home in their car… all are sad.. Shobha remembers the whole conversation in the doctor's office regarding bone marrow transplantation.. Yash looks at Aarthi, who is sad, Yash recollects the doctor telling that the bone marrow donor can be someone outside the family but the probability of the match will be much less.. and difficult to get the donor..

Yash holds Aarthi's hand.. Aarthi remembers her conversation with the doctor.. she asks him what if there is no donor for her..how much time does she have.. the doctor says it is difficult to find the donor but not impossible and never to let go off the hope.. Aarthi tells loosing is not in her dictionary.. the nurse comes with Sweety and tells that his blood group doesn't match Aarthi's

Aarthi keeps on asking the doctor to tell exactly how much time she has.. the doctor tries to divert it and tells that the donor will be found . Aarthi is very obstinate ..the doctor tells .. she has 1 year and not more than that ..all are shocked.,..the doctor tells Aarthi to think positive..they are back in the Scindia house

Shobha is standing in the corridor..Aarthii comes and tries to cheer her up.. she hugs her and tells her not to be sad.. and smile .. she tells her ma not to be sad..Aarthi tells that because of her no one is taking care of mera ma. Shobha smiles with tears..Shobha tells that they will find the donor and nothing will happen to her..

Tarun tells them that beeji called twice before..Shobha tells beeji that Aarthi's treatment cannot be done with chemo she has to get the bone marrow (BM) transplantation.. beeji is confused..her friend  takes the phone..Shobha tells her about the whole thing about BMT..and they are trying to find the donor outside the family ,

B.Bg Friend's talks to Aarthi . Aarthi assure him that nothing happens to her..she then talks to beeji and tells her to have faith and nothing happens to her...Shothi hug..

Shothi come down.. Yash, Dubey, SP.Swamini all are on call talking about the donor requirements.. Tarun comes there asking for the menu.. SP, Yash, Dubey, SPeveryone tells him to make anything . Shobha tells him to make kichdi.,. Aarthi stops him and tells him to make everyone's favorite dishes..Tarun asks if it is a special day . Aarthii says yes..Sweety asks how is this saddest day a special day.. Aarthi tries to explain to Sweety ..but he doesn't listen to her..Aarthi tells him to promise to her that they will make her every moment memorable and happy .. Sweety walks away..

Shobha  promises that he will make her every moment happy and cheerful and memorable.. followed by each member of the family making the same promise to Aarthi & .Sweety comes and promises.. it was a group promise with all hands in the center over Aarthi's followed by a big group hug LOL

@Aarthi's room…Aarthi wakes up with Yash's whistle.. she is startled to see him sitting on her bed ..she panics and pushes him ..Yash says he has a surprise for her…Aarthi fears of Swamini and tries to push him out.Yash tells her that he wants to make every moment of her life very special and closes her eyes and takes her out

Yash shows her the bike.. she is very excited and Yash tells her to drive while he sits in the rear and controls the balance and shows her how to ride the bike…

next morning..

Shobha is going in a car thinking about doctors statements about Aarthii.. Dubey calls Shobha… she tells that she came out. Dubey tells that she should have informed him.. she tells that she has some work.Dubey tells to call him when she is back home..

Shobha meets Dr.Mehra and tells that she cannot wait any longer and nothing means more to her than Aarthi's life..she asks him to explain everything about the BM transplantation.. The doctor tells her that, as explained before . all they need is a donor once the donor is found the problem is solved,,,

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Tongue Chapter-74Tongue

Yash takes Aarthi to a basket ball court where kids were playing around. Aarthi sarcastically asks him whether he thinks of himself and her as Rahul and Anjali of Kuch Kuch hota hai who would play with children!!!ROFL Then she sees a ice cream trolley and rushes towards it. She buys one ice cream and gives it to virat. She denies to taste it saying that she has promised Shobha that she would not touch ice cream until she gets better.

Aarthi and Yash comes back home to find Anch and Palak in bad mood. To cheer them up Aarthi starts shooting a short film with everyone around the Scindia house. She appoints Paak and Anch as the assistant directors and Yash as the spot boy and asks him to bring juice for themROFL. She names the short film as " Hum aapke Hain Aarthi" and asks everyone in the family to say one line about herself.

SP says , " Aarthi is that university for me where we study only one course…and that is Life (Zindagi)…arthii is Life for me."

Swamini  says, "Aarthii is full of life, always cheerful, she never stops at one place , she keeps on moving and flowing, flowing like the Ganga of Hrishikesh"

G3, " Aarthi is that ray of hope which can lighten up even the darkest room of one's life"

Dubey says, "Aarthi is just another name of Life for me"

Shobha says with tears in her eyes, " I have never seen my heart. But whenever i look at Aarthi , I am able to see my heart. Aarthi is my beating heart for me".

Beeji calls up Dubey and asks for Shobha.. They talk about the cost of the operation. Dubey simply assures her that she need not think about that and only pray for Aarthi. Aarthi's treatment will not be affected because of anything. Shobha too assures the same to beeji. But beeji tells Shobha that Aarthi is yet not married. And she is their responsibility. Hence, she would only like to bear the cost of the major surgery.

At The dining hall, Dubey starts informing the family about what doctor said about the donor. Shobha interrupts him and says that the chances of getting a donor for Aarthi is not more than 1% to 2%. She says with an absent mind that her Aarthi's future is dangling between this 1% to 2% only. Dubey takes hold of her hand while the rest of the family also feels the pain and grief that Shobha is going through.

Precap: Shobha asks Aarthi to promise her that she would never let the cancer get hold of her…instead she will fight with it and hold it within her grip.

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Tongue Chapter-75 Tongue

As soon as Shobha returns home, she checks on Aarthi and hears her coughing while YAsh is applying the hot water soaked cloth on her forehead. She directly runs to Aarthi and inquires what happened. Aarthi in return asks Shobha where she had been early morning? Shobha tries to avoid her question .

Everyone else on the dining table having their lunch where as Tarun takes soup for Aarthi and Shobha. Randomly, Yash and Sweety both say that they are not very hungry hence they too will have soup from now onward. Swamini  is still faced. Shobha comes and starts serving everyone. She also informs that Tarun is taking good care of Aarthi for the time being.

Here after lunch, Yash is telling Aarthi a fairytale story. He mentions himself as the Prince LOL Aarthi makes a face and asks her how he became the Prince? Romantically he replies that ever since he found out that she was the PrincessEmbarrassed They're both staring at each other. Dubey and Shobha are witnessing their romance and come to disturb/tease them. Both blush. Shobha starts pulling Yash's leg and asks him if he ever leaves a chance of flirting? Dubey interrupts and tells her to leave his boy and tease her own daughter too LOL

Dubey's phone rings and leaves. He reaches and hall and asks everyone to accompany him to Aarthi's room. Everyone is scared as to what Dubey is up to. They reach the room and Dubey informs them that a doctor had called from Delhi, and… They've found a donor for Aarthi! Everyone smiles out of joy, especially the Shothi. They share a happy hug.

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Tongue Chapter-76Tongue
Scindia family preparing for mata chowki to celebrate the occasion of getting a donor for Aarthi.
Dubey tells Shobha and Aarthi that Aarthi's donor is coming from Delhi. Aarthi teases Yash by telling that her donor is a guy and because of that she will do everything just like a guy.
Yash teases her by saying that she already behaves like a guy only.

Yash, Aarthi, Shobha and Dubey reach the hospital and Doctor mehra tells about some tests before the bone marrow transformation.
Aarthi asks the doctor about the name of her donor and Viren Dubey
To ease Yash, Aarthi says that the name is very nice and the guy also will be.
Scindia family starts to celebrate the mata ki chowki and Shobha promises Aarthi that she will never make her to go down.
Dubey, Shobha, Yash and Aarthi leave the hospital after taking everyone blessing.

Aarthi, Yash , Dubey & Shobha are at the hospital where the Doctor is informing them about the Donor.. Just then The Donor walks in and Aarthi gawks at him , bowled by his looks and gives a mischievous looks at Yash who clearly is feeling jealous !! .. A naughty Aarthi is thrilled to get he marrow from such a handsome donor …

Rajat and Aarthi engage in small talks with Rajat being decently flirtatious …Yash enters into the conversation and informs Rajat that he is Aarthi's partner for life… All leave Doctors room and head to the Chemo and Transplant wings .. when suddenly ..A family rushes in with a Kid who was involved in a accident …There are no doctors to attend to the little boy , Aarthi graciously informs the Doctor to care for the Child and informs him that the Chemo and transplant can begin tomorrow too, Doctor tells the nurse to do cross blood matching of Aarthi and Rajat ..Dubey and Shobha appreciate the gesture of Aarthi…

Rajat comes out and Aarthi and Rajat indulge in small talks where it comes to light that Rajat's mom had died 7 years back for lack of donor and ever since then he always wanted to help cancer victims..Aarthi is touched and vows to pass on the help that she has recieved if she comes out successfully..

Meanwhile Dubey leaves for the reception and enquire about the scheduling for the Chemo…Shobha is troubled by the omens and wonders why Aarthi's transplant is getting delayed..Aarthi heads to the Nurse's console and asks Sister to do Blood match of both Rajat and Maanvi..The sister assures Shobha that the Marrow match is 6/6 and there is no need for cross checking of blood … Shobha hesitantly walks out and discovers that Aarthi is not waiting outside, Shobha decides to cal Aarthi to enquire about her location when her Mobile falls down, she bends down to pick up her phone when she notices Lord Ganesh .. Shobha gets zapped and wonders whether God is trying to tell something, She Approaches the God and prays for the well being of Aarthi and turns only to encounter an obstacle blocking her path and not allowing her to move away ..Shobha begins to worry about the signs .. and just at the moment , Rajat comes out…Shobha, without wasting a moment, requests him for blood and tissue match test..Rajat assents to it .

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Tongue Chapter-77Tongue
Aarthi Is TAken Into the Operation Theatre For BMT...BMT Is Happening,,,,All R waiting Outer the Ward...Family members feel happy when Dr.Mehra inform them about Aarthi's cancer operation success.Party

Everyone feels happy when Dr.Mehra informs them as Aarthii will soon get discharged.Smile

Aarthi Is Discharged & After 1 Week...
Prateek & Paridhi's wedding Happens...

Next day in the morning Aarthi calls Yash and she urges that she wants to go out and relive the nature and fresh air. Yash asks her to get permission from Shobha first and then only he will take her.

Aarthi somehow with the help of Yash persuade Shobha and both of them goes out.

They went for a long drive. Had a short picnic party together. 

Aarthi urges again for an ice cream while returning back. After denying her finally Yash gives in to her and buys her ice cream. After some time Aarthi stars faking a severe stomach pain. Yash gets worried and attempts to take her to the hospital.

Aarthi then confesses that she was faking. But Yash becomes emotional and angry. He warns her not to do this kind of act again. They hug each other followed by a heartfelt "I Love you"

Family is looking at wedding cards and complementing them.

Swamini  says that 1500 guests will be attending the wedding.
Aarthi calculates that this will be a huge amount of money for the wedding cards and suggests to order them from Chandigarh for a cheaper price.

Shobha says to Aarthi to leave the decision to the elders.
A man comes in suggesting jewellery for Aarthi  to wear on her wedding.
Aarthi  says the jewellery looks likes something a queen would wear.
Shobha says that a particular necklace will look on nice on Aarthi because it is simple.
Swamini gets up to leaves saying that since Shothi are taking decision themselves then she is of no use there but Shbha, Aarthii and G3 tell her to comeback.

G3shows Swamini's preferred necklace to Shothi.
Swamini says to leave decisions that should be taken by elders to elders
Dubha are in their room and Shobha is telling Dubey that Aarthi did not intend to hurt Swamini.

Yash is telling Aarthi in their room for Aarthi to not take any tension regarding Swamini's behavior.
Aarthi tells him that whenever Aarthi tries to to do something good, Swamini always looks at the negative side of things.
Dubey says to Shobha to not worry but Shobha asks him what if Swamini never accepts Aarthi whole-heartedly?

Yash again says for Aarthi to relax and Aarya tease each other a little on a girl and boy matter.
Shobha says to Dubey that there are always problems between Swamini and Aarthi. Dubey reassures her that everything will be okay.

Aarthii is on her bed watching a drama serial, almost asleep Yash enters the room and calls her name. Aarthii wakes up and sees Yash is in a kurtha. Yash says that he always wears a krutha-pyjama to his dukaan.
Yash asks Aarthi Ji to come downstairs in a saree and take the pallu over her head. Aarthi is shocked at this thought. Yash leaves the room.
Aarthii turns around to see a picture of her and Yash in wedding clothes and she is shocked.
Aarthi manages to put on a saree and come downstairs 

Swamini is down stairs in a hilarious outfit! Shobha is in a yellow saree telling Aarthii to put her pallu on her head. Aarthi does so.
Swamini tells Aarthii to always have a pallu over her head. Swamini leaves and Aarthi asks Shobha how she got married without realizing? She asks Shobha why she is supporting Swamini?

Shobha says Aarthi has to follow Swamini's rules.LOL
Swamini comes back and says she was outside throw rubbish because the house's bahu don't do their work. Aarthi says that they should not throw rubbish outside the house just like that.

YASH comes in asking Swamini and Aarthi Ji to taste his jalebis.
Aarthi is speaking in her sleep when Yash wakes her up. Aarthi realizes she was dreaming everything.
Yash sees the drama serial being on and says so this is why Aarthi is being all saas bahu types. Yash turns the off.
Yash tells Aarthi to get ready for breakfast. Aarthi says she just saw a trailer of her married life and Swamini is really and always will be blaming her.
Shobha is listening to Aarya's conversation and Aarthi is really concerned about why Swamini is always so negative against Aarthi.
Shobha goes to Swamini's room and asks her to be angry with Shobha not with anyone else. Shobha requests Swamini to be angry at her not Aarya.

Shobha leaves and Swamini wonders what Shobha is going to do.

Precap: Swamini tells Aarthi to come with her to shop for marriage essentials. Aarthi goes along with her words and agrees to come. Swamini tells her to get ready quickly.

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Tongue Chapter-78Tongue

Aarthi and Anch playing snakes and ladders. Yash is watching them and is challenging Aarthi to win the game. Aarthi wins it.

Swamini(SW) is watching from upstairs and she comes down. Aarthi is shocked to see her.SW tells Aarthi that she is going to the market to buy marriage essentials and asks Aaarthi to come with her. Aarthi agrees and SW tells her to get ready quickly.

YAsh asks Aarthii why she looks so depressed after hearing that she is going shopping with SW. Aarthi asks Yash to come with him but he says he has to deliver a file to Dubey's office. Anch and Palak make excuses and Aarthi ends up having to ask Shobha. Shobha says she has to go to the Guru Dwara so she can't come either.Aarthii asks Shobha what she can do to make sure that Aarthi does everything right and nothing goes wrong.

Yash walks in behind Aarthi while she is saying that ultimately everything will go wrong anyway so there's no point trying.

Yash teases Aarthi and Aarthi hits him. Aarthi asks Shobha for advice and Shobha says that everything will be okay as long as Aarthi doesn't worry.Aarthi realizes it's time to go and begins to rush when Yash starts teasing her again. Aarthi says Yash, mein tumharra khoon pijaongi!! 
SW and Aarthi are in the car and SW is telling Aarthi what they are going to buy.Aarthi  tells herself to be quiet and not say anything in order to impress Swamini.

The entire family are at the Guru Dwara. Shobha tells G3 to hold her hand and walk because he has pain in his legs.

G3 says that she wouldn't be able to live a day without her care. Shbha stays back is upset thinking something to herself 

SW and Aarthi are at a Reception Menu Planner's place and SW says that the preparations are not quite up to the mark. Aarthi is too busy looking around the room. SW asks Aarthi what she thinks and Aarthi says it's good. SW reminds Aarthi that she is taking about the menu not the weather LOL

SW asks Aarthi if there should be more variety in the menu and Aarthi thinks to herself that even if all the hotels in Chandigarh put together their dishes, there wouldn't be this much food.SW asks the Reception Menu Planner to prepare a Menu with a variety of 100+ dishes. Aarthi is shocked. Menu Planner says to keep the Menu of a world theme. He suggests some names of countries. Aarthi refuses at some strongly because she says that the Japanese eat snakes and the Thai eat insects after frying ROFL
Aarthi starts talking to herself and says what if the snake ends up alive? She suddenly remembers that she is supposed to be quiet.
SW says to Aarthi to not worry because snakes and cockroaches won't be in the menu.SW says before going to the next place they should have a coffee.

SP and family are asking for blessings for Aaarya at the Guru Dwara.

Shobha asks God for Aarthi's marriage to run smoothly. G3 assures her that everything will be okay, just keep faith in Baba Ji.
Shobha says that Aarthi and SP have gone out together for the first time, what if something goes wrong? G3 says to not worry and everything will be fine.

Aarthi is curious why SW is being so considerate towards her all of a sudden.SW asks Aarthi if she knows why SW brought Aarthi to shop with her? Aarthi says she doesn't.

At the Guru Dwara, Scindia & dubey family are handing out prashaad.
G3 meets of his friends and says she is very happy about Aarya's marriage. The lady also says that it was easy for Yash to find a girl because Shobha her Daughter. The family are slightly upset when they here this, especially Shobha.

The lady says she was just joking,SP tells Shobha that they should go now.SW and Aarthi are drinking coffee. SW asks Aarthi to break her Maun Vrath and start talking freely. SW says that she wants to grow closer to Aarthi so they get along well. But SW says if Aarthi is quiet then this will be difficult. Aarthi instantly starts talking again.Aarthi  says that she will never be able to match the high standards of SW but SW says that friendship is not based on standards.

SW agrees that her and Aarthi are really different but that doesn't mean that they will act against each other. SW says she wants to share all her knowledge with Aarthi.Aarthi asks that she will be privileged to have a teacher like SW. Aarthi makes SW her Guru Ji.

Everyone returns back from the Guru Dwara to find that SW and family are already home.
G3 says that everyone ate at the Guru Dwara. SW says that means Aarthi and her will make noodles and eat them together for lunch.
Shobha is really happy to see Aarthi adjusting well in the family and she says that if Aarthi continues to be like this then she won't have trouble completing her promise to SW.

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