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Aarya Story!!!! (Page 83)

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Tongue Chapter-60Tongue
Yash reaches home...Arpita Describes Yash that He gave A Hero Entry...Meanwhile aman Asks About His Love Mission,Inbetween This Dubey TAkes YAsh In...SP Tells Swamini I Think Yash Has Succeed His Mission & Swamini Too Agrees This

-In The Room-
Dubey Says Yash That Paridhi Is Going To MArry, Yash Says Yes I Knew It, It's Prateek NAh?dubey Says So Do U Know there Love Story?Yash Says Yes I Knew It From The College days,In College Days Even I CAme To Know about That...Yash Asks what Is The Problem then?Dubey says the Problem is Paridhi has Marriage But Not with prateek with another ...Yash In shock asks what?Dubey Says Yes ,so what r U Going to Do?Yash asks where Is Prateek?meanwhile prateek Comes there. yash Scolds Prateek that he didn't say anything To Yash why was it?Prateek says That already U was Fighting to win ur Love So How Can I?Yash Says Prateek To Talk Like A Big Man,,,,,,& says U have Done Manything To Me & aarthi so, how can I Leave U?

Aarthi Phones To Shobha MA &  Says That She HAs Accepted Her Son-In-Laws Love Propose...Shobha Is Amazed By This...She Says That She HAve To Say This To Dubey...

-In Paridhi's House-
After A Long Time conversation With Paridhi's parents yash make paridhi's Parents to Accept Prateek & Paridhi's Wedding

During This Aarthi Phones YAsh But Yash Doesn't Receive The Call,  So she Calls Shobha ma & Shobha ma Says She'll give The Phone To yash!!1

-Aarya's Conversation-
aarthi- Partner, now U R Not Cared abt Ur partner Nah?
Yash- Partner,Listen To me
aarthi- wht Do I Want to Listen?
          B4 I Said U I Love U
          U always talk To Me
          But after I Said I Love U
          U R Not cared abt Me////
          U R so Selfish partner
Yash- Partner, Partner,
          Listen To me
          (Yash says Everything Which he Did)
          That's Why Aarthi i Couldn't attend ur call
Aarthi- Kya bath Hai Yash?
           U Have become so Matured!!!!!!!!!!!!
           U R Really Great ah?
           U solved such a big Problem using ur Mouth?
           what A Big Mouth?
Yash- Yes Partner,
          I Have a big mouth & U Have a Biggest mouth
aarthi- Control Ur Mouth Yash
Yash- Partner, 
         First U control Ur mouth
         Shut Ur Mouth Firmly...
Aarthi(with A fake Cry)
         Partner see Now U R Not Loving MeNah?
         U Don't Love me...
Yash- Aarthi,
          Who said like that?
          I Really Love U!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          without Love Only I'm Talking to U!1
aarthi- That's My Partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yash- Ok Aarthi,
         Did U Have ur Meals @ correct Time?
         Did U hav Ur Medicines?
         @ wht time did U Have Ur Medicines?
         How do U Feel Now?
Aarthi-Partner, Don't worry
          I'm alright
          I Had My Meals
          I Took My Medicines
          I'm Feeling up
Yash- That's My Aarthi...
          Now Take rest
          Don't stress Urself A Lot
          Do U Understand?
Aarthi- Yes
          MR.Yash Scindia
          I Understood
Yash- Partner,    
         still I'm Not Married,
         U Must Call me Master.Yash Scindia
Aarthi-Ok Master.Yash Scindia
          I'll Take Care
          U Too Take CAre
Yash- Bye Partner!!!!!!!!!!!
         Love U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aarthi-Love U Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Yash Cuts The Phone & Dubey Comes There...Yash Says That Aarthi Has shown Green signal to Her Love....Dubey congratulates Yash for getting Aarthi's love. Yash decides to tell family members about his love.Dubey stops him by telling that Aarthi will not be accepting Yash going against his family for her.He says Him To Think a Lot & Do...dubey Leaves the Place...

Yash messages to Aarthi that he is going to tell the family about their love. Aarthi feels worried, but Badi Beeji encourages her, so she agrees to it.Yash tells in front of his family that he is lucky enough to get them in his life and now one more new member will be added to this list, which can change his life.Yash tries to tell them about Aarthi but Prateek interrupts him. Prateek informs everyone about his Marriage.Yash Is  Really Happy Hearing It!!!!!!!!!!

Later Aarthi scolds Yash for not calling her. She asks him whether he informed the family about their love story. Yash tells her that there is a bigger news waiting for her.

Paridhi calls Aarthi but Aarthi's phone is busy. She tries the landline and Aarthi's Friend picks it up. Aarthi is still talking to Yash when Shobha's Sister enters her room asking her with whom she is talking. Aarthi tries to ignore Shobha's Sister queries but she takes the phone from her and catches Yash talking with Aarthi. She asks Yash not to think so much about Aarthi as the rest of the family is there to take care of her. Shobha's Sister asks Aarthi to talk to Paridhi as Paridhi is trying to talk to her since a long time.

Aarthi calls up and Paridhi gives her the good news. aarthi is thrilled hearing the news. She starts jumping with joy.

In the morning, Prateek's mom calls up Shobha's Sister and informs her too about Paridhi's Wedding and also invites them to Bhopal for celebration. shobha's Sister agrees to go but aarthi hearing about the invitation denies to go back to Bhopal.

In the Prateek's house, Prateek informs her Mother that Aarthi wont come there for the celebrations. Prateek's Mother is all worried and sad.

In the breakfast table, Prateek informs the everybody that Aarthi wont go there as she thinks that her presence may create problems in the family and she doesn't want to create any awkward situation during the celebrations. SP says that he still loves Aarthi the way he used to. And moreover he also says that Yash's love was one sided. Aarthi in no way loved him…so the fault lies with Yash only and No one should blame Aarthi for that. He asks Shobha to call Aarthi as he himself would invite Aarthi to attend the celebration.

Shobha was going to call when Yash took the phone from her hand. He approached SP and said that his conception about their love being one-sided is wrong. The much he loves Aarthi…Aarthi also loves him that much only. He also says that They want to live the rest of their life together. He confidently says that Aarthi would only come to the house if she is invited there as a would be "Scindia Bahu" or as the would be daughter-in-law of the Scindia's. He argues that only if SP thinks that this is possible he may call up mAarthi to invite her. Swamini is angry with Yash's arguements but Dubey and Shobha gives him proud look with smiles on their faces.

Precap: Aarthi tells Shobha's Sister that she accepted Yash's love…Shobha's Sister is shocked to hear about it.

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Tongue Chapter-61Tongue

Yash tells that he has total belief that SP will accepet them one day. He tells that Aarthi taught him good things but didnt make him stubborn and arrogant. He tells SP to give his blessings. SP walks away.

Shobha's Sister tells Aarthi to agree for going to Bhopal. She asks her why she is getting afraid.She tells her that she need not be afraid cuz she didnt tell yes to him. Aarthi tells that she confessed. Shobha's Sister shocked. She tells that she didnt want to hide this from her. She tells that she lost the bet. She tells that she will never do a thing with which her head will be bent in shame. She tells that is the reason for her not going to Bhopal. She asks Aarthi's Friend  to inform about the celebrations. He tells he will. Shobha's Sister hugs Aarthi and tells her to take care of BB. Aarthi crying. SS hugs her and tells her not to cry.

Paridhi crying on the other side, Prateek consoles her. Paridhi tells that she already know the consequence. Paridhi tells that she dun want to celebrate without Aarthi. She tells him that she had hope, somewhere. Prateek consoles him. Yash comes there and ask whats going on. She tells that they were talking about him. And she is happy about the way Yash talked to the elders. Yash tells that Paridhi is in a mood of pulling his leg. Prateek tells that its true. He stayed calm and composed. Yash tells, everything is cuz of Aarthi and he tells that he is sure about SP's approval.

SP goes to Swaminii and tells him that he has done the right thing. She tells that she is not against Aarthi but she is not right for him. Aarthi's life is in darkness and how can she light Yash's life. She tells that she is unable to understand how Aarthi can take this decision. Dubey comes in and asks SP if he can talk to Swamini for 2 minutes. SP tells that she knows that he wanted to talk about Aarya and she also tells that Swamini has already showed everyone that he isnt with Yash's decision. Dubey goes back.

Yash gets Laptop to Paridhi's room. They plan to video chat. Yash's lappy's webcam doesnt work. Aarthi tells its okay, she can hear the voice. She tells that she wanted to hug Paridhi and congratulated her. Paridhi tells that Yash told everything in a very matured way that everyone got shocked. Aarthi asks if they accepted.

After Break 2 –

Aarthi understands and tells that what kind of love it is when there is a Full stop to her love story before it started. 

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vishu break lagao let me readLOL
Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by 55shobha

vishu break lagao let me readLOL
Di Take ur own time diTongue

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Tongue Chapter-62 Tongue
Aarthi is in her bed holding College picture and remembering all their beautiful moments ..she remembers of their promises and their wishes for each other..

Aman & Arpita about this strange behaviour of SP..Arpita feels bad for Yash and says how is it Yash's fault as love can happen with anyone at anytime..Aman is deeply thinking, he tells he was thinking of Aarthi and how much she has done for this family and now no one is supporting her..Aman decides to put his word before SP.. Arpita tells him to wait for the right time '

Aarthvi is sitting near BB and looking at herself in a mirror . BB tells Aarthi that she is beautiful.. Aarthi says that she is ok but the kangan would look more beautiful on her than BB .. and in the process of taking the kangan from BB, the mirror falls from Aarthi';s hands and the mirror breaks.,. Aarthi is sad and worried ..BB assures that nothing bad will happen and asks Aarthi to clear it up and she goes to the kitchen telling Aarthi to come to the kitchen after cleaning .. Aarthi hopes Shobha is fine in Bhopal.

Shobha's Sister & Aarthi's Friend Comes To dubey Mansion,Shobha Receives Them...Shobha's Sister Sees Swamini There & She Says That Gd He's There & says That Now Only She Came To know About Aarya's Love. Swaminitells thank god atleast she told her everything,,Swamini accuses Swamini that everything was happening right before her and she could not do anything.. and tells that Shobha's Sister should stop Aarthi and she will stop Yash from pursuing this relation forward .

Swamini is ranting about how  Yash's future will be in dark while Aaerthi's future is so uncertain.. how can she be his support when she herself needs support ' Shobha is controlling herself..Swamini tells that she wishes Yash to be happy and what is wrong in this ..

Shobha ask what is Aarthi's fault in all this..everyone are shocked .. Shobha continues..doesn;t Aarthi have the right to love someone and spend the rest of her life as she wishes Swamini asks Shobha, so is Aarthi not at fault.. ?? Shobha's Sister apologize to Swamini on Shobha's behalf.,. Shobha stops her from apologizing and tells neither she nor Aarthii is at fault.. Swamini blames Shobha for supporting her Daughter and her family rather than supporting The Truth...

Shobha tells even she used to think like Swamini.. and stopped Aarthi . she was worried forYash's future as he would be hurt for the rest of his life.. she says that she did not support them inspite of knowing Aarthi';s feelings.. she always thought of Yash's happiness and his future.. Shobha stands before Yash and tells that Yash changed her thinking .

She further says, that love does not see the differences of rich/poor healthysick.. true love always touches you and all they need is a true lover.. She says she realized the depth of Yash's love, his happiness is with Aarthi and he is never happy without Aarthi.. and tells how can she separate these two who love each other and who is she to stop them..

She tells that she is well aware of her responsibilities .,.she explains G3 about her feelings for both the families is the same.. she never differentiated between them.. and tells all she wants is Yash and Aarti's happiness..

Next she goes to her sister and tells her that Aarthi has every right to be happy and to live her life with her love.. and she tells her sister that everyone is worried about Aarthi's uncertain future and her life .. but can anyone guarantee their life.. any minute can be the last minute for any one of them.. she tells Her Sister not to show her illness as the hurdle to her happiness

Shobha goes to SP and tells him to take a decision for Yash and Aarthi and asks him to tell his decision ..SP doesn't say anything .. Shobha with a determination goes and stands next to Yash and places her hand on his shoulder.. everyone are shocked.. s

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omg visu b/n the heartbreaking updates u gave usthe love confession of yash and aarthi

that was so so so so nice dearEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed i loved it
that tree leaf part was awesomeClapClapClap

prateek-paridhi weddingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

now only sp and swamini r the hurdles now

we r near to the happiness dear i can feel it Big smileBig smile

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Tongue Chapter-63 Tongue

The family are all gathered and are debating the pros n cons of Yash and Aarthi dalliance..shobha is passionately defending the love of Yash n Aarthi 'She extends her support to the love story , Dubey Uncle too stands by yash as does Dubey 'Aarthi's Friend to shuffles over to Yash's side leaving Swamini and SP alone 'G3 tries to ignore the obvious & gets going with the welcoming of Shobha's Sister to the utter disbelief of Shobha ' A high strung Shobha is pleading eloquently for the case of Aarya when she faints sending her family to tizzy '

Shobha is brought to the room, a doctor summoned who gives her diagnosis of the usual stress , highly emotional funda'

Yash is seeing off Shobha's Sister to her room Shobha as the DIL of the house ..G3 sheds her hesitancy and indicates her support to Aarya and Shobha ..Swamini is surprised n expresses her displeasure at Shobha's volte face but G3 sticks to her stand and points out that Shobha is still a good lady n that she does not condemn the lovestory'

Meanwhile Shobha is heartbroken by her inability to stand by Aarthi and expresses a strong desire to see Aarthi ,,Dubey consoles her and promises to take her to Aarthi ASAP'

A restless Aarthi calls up Shobha's Sister n wishes to speak to Shobha ma 'Aarthi prattles on and on about Chandigarh 'while Shobha has tears rolling down her cheeks 'Aarthi quickly senses that something is wrong and gets concerned ..She begins to ask questions and gets worried as all her questions are met with silence ..Shobha on the other end is crying silently and looks helplessly at a quiet her Sister..She Cuts The Phone...

Yash calls up Aarthi and both of them mutually decide about not to move ahead with their relationship further as it is affecting both the families and is creating a rift among the family members.

Yash talk with SP and Dubey. He says that He will not choose his love above his family. He cares about his family and wont go against them to get his love. Saying all these Yash leaves.

Dubey smiles at his decision and says to SP that this Yash is a changed person. He is much more matured now. True loves alters one person and such is Aarthi's love for him . SP becomes thoughful after hearing Yash's words.

SP comes to Shobha and says that she is an ideal person for the society. And whenever he thinks about the future bahu of Scindia family only Aarthi's name crosses his mind. He also informs that if he agrees to this relation then the rest of the family members should not deny. Shobha is shocked hearing this. Dubey is elated. Yash is smiling. SP announces that the entire family would be leaving for Chandigarh on the very day.

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Originally posted by roserosey

omg visu b/n the heartbreaking updates u gave usthe love confession of yash and aarthi

that was so so so so nice dearEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed i loved it
that tree leaf part was awesomeClapClapClap

prateek-paridhi weddingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

now only sp and swamini r the hurdles now

we r near to the happiness dear i can feel it Big smileBig smile
Thanks DearTongueIt's my pleasureTongue
I'm happy that u loved itEmbarrassed
Yes U r correctLOL

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