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Aarya Story!!!! (Page 81)

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Originally posted by Tanvi.narula

Awsome updates vishu dear.. Hug
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Thanks DearHug

Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Surish

Thanks DearEmbarrassed
Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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All Are engaged in another round of parleys debating the pros n cons of Yash-Aarthi Love story ** Kash Politicians too engaged with such length, depth on the affairs of our country, it would have been a paradise** LOL…All the Parivar members are doing doughnuts **Matlab circling and reiterating the same thing* .. Yash firmly affirms his love and vows to win Aarthi's heart n promises to get Aarthi to accept her love for him too ** Duffer does not know that he has already won her heart n admitted it too but not to him **HeartSP Doesn't Agrees For This, So Suddenly in An Unexpected Method Arpita Excuses & Call SP...SP & Arpita Goes Into A Room...

SP- Why Did U Stop Me Arpita?

       I Was Fighting For U Only Nah?

Arpita- No Uncle...

           Leave That ...

           My Love Has Failed

SP- It Hasn't Failed Arpita...

      Pls Listen 2 Me

Arpita- No Uncle,

           Pls Listen To Me...

           I Imagined Yash As My Lover But Yash Still Thinks M As a                  Friend

SP- I'll Make Eerything Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arpita- No Uncle,

           Nothing Will Be Ok...

           I Can't Seperate My Friends Love

           Yash & Aarthi R My Two Eyes

           I  Don't Wont to Be A Villian In their Love

           1st I Only Said u to Separate Them But Now I'm Even Saying               Pls Leave Them...

SP- Ok Arpita,

      If U R Ok I'll Too Leave It...

(After SP Leaves Arpita Takes Their Childhood Photos To Collage Photos & Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cry)

Arpita- Yash,

           I Thought That U Were The Man Made For Me But U R Made            For Aarthi & Aarthi Is Made For u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The band of Aarthi's friends come to meet Aarthi.. Aarthi is pleased to see them and is engaged in chatting with them…but their words remind her of Yash and she misses him very much although she suppresses the yearning

Shobha realizes that Aarthi cares for Yash and is missing him …She tries to probe and offer comfort..Aarthi quietly informs  Shobha that there is no future between her n Yash !!


The raging war council continues with Swamini appearing to continue for infinity …Mercifully ** Help is at hand and enter eye candy Dubey and his charming Mother who predictably stand by LOVE n Yash …Resolution is passed ..Yash's decision to woo Aarthi is accepted n passed *


Dubey calls up Shobha and there is a Conversation between the two..when a nervous Dubey smoothly lets it slip that Yash is on the way to Chandigarh !!! ..Shobha gets a 1000 volts Shock n ends the call in stunned surprise *

A tired Aarthi goes to her room , to rest and feels the effects of Love n Chemo equally !!

Yash comes to Chandigarh and is invited in cordially by Aarthi's Gang …Yash comes to Know that the family are out..

Aarthi is at the dressing table ..having a inner monologue with herself.. when Yash comes and stands behind her ..Aarthi assumes that it is her inner desire projecting herself and begins a conversation with Him and is very much shocked when the so called portrait obviously replies Back !! ..Aarthi blurts out that He came to Chandigarh to get away from him while Yash retorts that he came to get closer to her !!


Yash informs Aarthi that he knows that she loves him but will not force her in anyway but will make sure that Aarthi herself will confess her love

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Tongue Chapter-52 Tongue

Aarthi tells Yash that she came back just to be away from him, and Yash says he came to her because he wanted to be near her. He says its impossible to stay away from you because i know you too love me. Aarthi asks him to stay away from her.Yash comes near her and blocks Aarthi's way so that she doesn't run. He asks her to give words to her feelings and confess her love. Aarthi asks him to go away and says how can i say something that i dont feel..?

Yash asks her to keep her hand on her heart and say that she doesnt love him, and if she does so, he ll go back. Aarthi doesn't speak anything and Yash says he knows that she isnt speaking the truth, I can read it in your eyes and leaves from there.

Shobha is thinking about Dubey and Yash comes near her.  Yash dreams about Aarya proposal and both are in white dress looking angelic Heart Yash comes back into the real world and tells Shobha that he knows about Aarthi's love for him. Shobha asks him if Aarthi confessed it to him. Yash responds in negative and says he can feel it. Dubey also told him the same. Shobha gets restless and expresses his anger on Dubey doing the opposite of what was told to him. Yash asks Shobha to cool down and tells her that he just fulfilled his responsibility of being a hubby and uncle. He kept your promise and never uttered about Aarthi's love and also gave me hints so that i can understand Aarthi's love.
Shobha asks him to stay away from Aarthi. Yash gets down to his knees and begs Shobha to not separate Aarya at all.

In the mean time, B.Beeji and her Friend come back and are surprised to see Yash in the new avatar. B.Beeji's Friend is suspicious and B.Beeji Friend takes Yash along with him.
Shobha brings breakfast for Badi Beeji but she refuses to eat it. Yash comes their and says she ll eat i only when someone will lovingly offer it to her. Badi Beeji is very happy to see Yash and praises Yash for his new look.

Aarthi is looking out of the window to see whether Yash is nearby and thinks what will Shobha think if she sees her outside. Yashscares her from behind and she scolds him. He asks her if she is happy to see him here. He asks her to come for breakfast and tells her that he ll make her confess her love for him in the coming 7 days.
At the breakfast table, Aarya are staring at each other and B.Beeji's Friend asks Yash if he came here for timepass or to complete some work..

Yash says i am in love with the girls of Chandigarh and Aarthi coughs. Aarthi's Friend says that he has a perfect match for Yash and that is their maids daughter. Every one laugh and B.Beeji's Friend  says that he'll help him find a girl.
Badi Beeji says there is no need to search a girl, she is right in front of us, but stops in the middle.. B.Beeji's Friend is speechless when Yash calls Shothi(Shobha+Aarthi) cute

B.Beeji's FrienD asks Yash about the qualities he is looking in a girl and Yash says the girl is right in front of me— Aarthi

PRECAP:- BBG crying!Yash telling agar mere bas chale toh main meri saari saans apne pyaar ko dedu. Shobha Ma's Sister hears it!

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Tongue Chapter-52Tongue

In the dining table Yash tells Shobha ma's Sister that he will find his girl within 7 days . Aarthi says its not possible in Chandigarh so its better if he returns back to Mumbai. Yash puts up a bet with her saying that he will get his girl in Chandigarh and that also within 7 days. He says he has his mother and a Aunty with him in this mission. Aarthi says that his Aunty is her own blood-related ma and she wont support him. Yash says , " tumhaara rishta baasi ho chuka hai, mera abhi bhi fresh fresh hai so aunty mera saath dengi". And they start pulling a confused Shobha towards each other getting her sandwichwed between the two. At the end, badi beeji too supports Yash and says that she is with him in this.Heart

In the Scindia house a doctor comes and tells SP and Swamini that Aarthi's cancer did spread a lot. It is almost impossible for her to get cured now. And her treatment will take a lot of time. there is no chace of her getting cured soon. He also says that only some miracle can get her out of this cancer. Swamini starts panicking hearing all this. She appeals to Yash's mom to keep aise her feelings and to be strict with Yash as they cant let Yash travel through a sinking ship.Angry

In the kitchen Aarthi is tensed and she blames Shobha for Yash's appearance at Chandigarh. Shobha assures her that she will do something and will get rid of Yash soon. Aarthi tells her to make him leave within 7 days. Shobha is utterly confused with whatever is going on

Dubey's Office: 
Dubey is waiting in his office for someone who is supposedly late for his appointment. A new man named as Rajeev Talwar appears. He is a client of Dubey who is shown to be a very happy go lucky guy. Shobha calls Dubey during his meeting and tells him that it is all his fault that Yash is there and he should never have told Yash about aarthi's feelings. Dubey tells her that he will call her back later as he is in a meeting and also says that he doesn't think that he committed any mistake by telling Yash the truth.Tongue

Yash comes to a crying Shobha and tells her that he didn't come there with any wrong intention. He only came to win over his love. He only asks her to give him 7 days to prove his love and get his love. Shobha melts down seeing his honesty. She cups his face in her hands and asks him " You love Aarthi soo much Yash?". They share a short little emotional hug.

Yash shares a cute little conversation with badi beeji where he says that Aarthi may live his share of life too. And he promises that he wont let anything happen to Aarthi. Badi beeji asks him not to feel defeated and make Aarthi confess her love for him anyhow. He makes a promise to badi beeji that he will do the same and without doing that he wont leave Chandigarh. Shobha's Sister hears everything from behind.

Precap: Shobha's Sister confronts Yash in front of Aarthi asking him why he came to Chandigarh and also telling him that her conception about them being only friends is no more there. Yash accepts that He loves Aarthi. Aarthi looks at him with shocked expressions.

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Tongue Chapter-53 Tongue

Shobha's sister over hearing BB and Yash's convo. Shobha's Sister asks Yash to come with her as she needs to talk something important.

She takes him to Aarthi's room and asks her whats going on between them both. Aarthi is silent and then Shobha's sister turns to Yash and asks if what he was telling BB was truth? She asks if he came Chandigarh and cut his hair only for her.. He says yes. Shobha's Sister tells that she was unsure about their friendship. Yash tells that he loves Aarthi. Shobha's Sister tells its impossible. Aarthi is in a very bad condition. Yash tells that Love is much more stronger and can heal anything. Shobha's Sister  tells that its not right time. Shobha's Sister turns to Aarthi. Yash asks Aarthi to tell the truth. She tells him to go away. Shobha's Sister also asks him to go away. Yash is persistant. He tells that he wont leave until he accomplishes his mission. He want to win the love of Aarthi He tells he'll do what he wanna do in 7 days and he can convince everyone in this time. He seeks blessings of Shobha's Sister and walks away. Aarthi is silent and Shobha's Sister doesnt know what to say.

Shobha's Sister goes to Shobha and tells that she knows that Shobha knows everything but hiding. Shobha's Sister tells that Aarthi's condition is bad. But Shobha tells that Yash is stubborn and gets what he want. Shobha's Sister asks if Yash's Famiy members know about this. Shobha tells yes and also tells that this was the reason why they came back to Chandigarh. 

She tells that all Yash's family members understand her but she is worried only about Yash. She asks why God has done this to them. Shobha's Sister tells that God has given them tough days, he will only solve them.

Shobha meets that new entry, Mr.Talwar in a restaurant. They talk about some random stuff and about India and being desi. Shobha asks if his wife is desi, too. He tells that he is a one man show and tells that he loved a woman in his college days but she was married to someone else and he stayed single all along.

In Chandigarh, Yash feeding Samosas to kids. They asks if Yash feeds them Samosas daily. He tells he will give anything they want. The kids and Aarthi's Friend asks if he wanted to become their jeeju from Bhaiyya with their support. He asks whats wrong in him. Aarthi's friend tells that there is nothing wrong but have to know if he is fit for being their jeeju. They tell that he has to pass the test they conduct.

They ask him to define Aarthi in one word – he says life
They ask if he ever becomes angry on Aarthi – He tells if he gets angry with her, Anger itself gets angry on him
They ask if he leaves Aarthi ever – He tells that no matter what, he will never leave her.

Finally, they ask him to tell Kachcha papita, pakka Papita 10 times…
He does it. Aarthi's friend tells that they now agree him as their jeeju…
Everyone happy…

Shobha's Sister calls SP and tells that she came to know why Yash came and all. She asks SP why they didnt try to stop him. She tell that Yash was stubborn and never listened to anyone. Shobha's Sister asks SP if Dubey didnt tell anything to Yash on this issue. SP tells that he isn't speaking anything on the issue, may be cuz of Shobha as she approves of Aarya. Shobha's Sister interrupts by saying that for Shobha, its always  Good Aunt first. She turns back only to find Aarthi listening to her. Aarthi goes away.

She goes to Shobha and apologizes for not listening to her when she told to be away from Yash. She tells sorry that she is losing a healthy relationship with her everybody cuz of her. Shobha tells that all of them understand her and it Aarthi who she is worried about. She tells that the Love Aarthi has for Yash clearly reflects in her eyes. And if she had the power, she would take all the sadness from Aarthi's life and keep it for herself. They hug.

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Tongue Chapter-54Tongue

Arpita, Paridhi and Amanworries about Dubey cuz he didnt reach home yet. He comes sneezing and tells that he couldnt call. They ask him to rub his head.

At Chandigarh, Aarthi calls "partner" probably in pain while sleeping. Yash is there, he recalls their moments. He goes and rubs her hands. Shobha watches it and thinks to herself why Yash loves and Wants Aarthi that much.

At, Dubey house, Aman checks temperature of Dubey, he tells its becaus of cold cuz he got wet in rain. He tells Aman to sleep and this light fever will go away soon. Arpita tells that it would be better if Shobha mawas there. Dubey tells that its better for Shobha to stay with Aarthi. Prateek tells that she stays with him.

Next Morning – Yash checks on Aarthi who wakes up, sees him and pretends to sleep again. Shobha comes there and he wished her good morning. Shobha tells him that he can feel Aarthi's pain more than Shobha and cares for Aarthi more than her. She tells that she have seen him last night. Yash tells her that those were side effects of Chemo and she already had them on her birthday. Shobha wishes everything was alright. She is happy that God has given a happy moment but also given this big obstacle.Aarthi listening to everything.

Aarthi's Friend tells Shobha that Prateek asked her to call him back. Yash tells Aarthi to stop acting and wake up. He tells that people get insomnia when they are in love. Aarthi observes all the medicines there and asks Yash if he has done everything. He tells yes and tells that no one is taking care of him. Only Aarthi can do it. If Aarthi says no, he'll become Modern Devdas. lol

Arpita tells Shobha that Dubey is suffering from cold and light fever. She tells Shobha that she hopes Shobha was in Bhopal. Shobha tells that she will go back to Bhopal asap.

Shobha crying, Aarthicomes and asks why. She tells that Dubey isn't well and he needs her. Dubey tells her to go to Bhopal and there are many people to take care of her. She tells Shobha that she will be happy when everyone is happy. They hug each other and Shobha tells that there is no other daughter like Aarthi.

Aman asks Dubey to have some tea. Paridhi gets the medicine. Mr.Talwar calls, he tells that he cant go to office and so, asks him to come home for dinner and they can discuss the case and also meet his family members. He tells Aman that Mr.Talwar is coming for Dinner.

Arpita asks who is Mr.Talwar, he tells he is an important client.

At Chandigarh, Shobha tells her sister that she wants to go to Bhopal, Her Sister tells that he will book a ticket to Bhopall the next day. Shobha tells that she want to start right away. Yash tells that he will take Shobha  to Bhopal. Aarthi shocked. Yash tells Shobha to pack the luggage and he will get the car.

Yash packs his stuff and Shobha comes there. She tells that his decision to go to Bhopal with her is right cuz he have to be with family members now. Yash tells that it is difficult to stay away from our loved ones especially when they are ill. He takes Dubha for example. Shobha tells they are different and Aarya are different. Yash tells that its not, both are based on a foundation called "love". He tells that Dubey's cold will go away in 3 days but he want to stay with Aarthi. He asks her if she can understand what he is saying. Shobha stands there with tears in her eyes.

At Bhopal, All ask how Dubey is. They tell Dubey that Shobha is coming. But Aman asks if she is coming alone or some one comes with her. Arpita tells that Yash comes with her. Paridhi tells that she is not sure if he will come. Dubey tells that Yash is their friend and they have to support him. 


Shobha gets ready to go, Aarthi's friend and B.beeji asks where Aarthi's friend is, Shobha tells that he is going with her and Yash is staying. Aarthi looks at him

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Tongue Chapter -55 Tongue

Aarthi and Shobha are discussing the pros and cons of Yash's departure ..Aarthi is listing out all the pluses of Yash's departure while Shobha begins to understand that Aarthi actually yearns for Yash ..Shobha's Sister who had been overhearing the conversation between mother & aughter approves of Aarthi's decision..


Mr.Rajiv Talwar makes his entry and quickly gets friendly with the members of the Dubey Family..Just as he gets introduced ,  ..


Yash is instructing Aarthis friend on how to care for Aarthi and what are the steps to take when Aarthi reacts to the Chemo and medicines..Shobha listens to the conversation , Light finally dawns as she understands the depth of Yash's love…

Shobha gets ready to leave for Bhopal. She informs her Sister that she will be leaving with Aarthi's Friend and that Yash will be staying on in Chandigarh , to look after Aarthi…Her Sister looks slightly displeased as she is worried about the consequence but before she can utter a word , Shobha blurts out that none can take care of Aarthi like Yash …She states that knowing that Yash is present to care for Aarthi will relieve her mind of worry.. Shobha requests her sister to grant permission for Yash's stay ..Before her sister can open her mouth, Badi Beeji gives her approval and permission..her Sister finds her hands Tied ..


Swamini calls up to enquire whether Shobha has started her journey with Yash and comes to know thaat Yash has stayed back n Shobha will be accompanied by Aarthi's Friend… Swamini and SP are displeased .. SP wishes to speak to Yash,, Yash politely but firmly states his mission to win Aarthii ..SP is angry..


Shobha's Sister is worried about the impact of Yash's stay on both the families while the battle of wills continues with Aarthi and Yash with Yash saying come what may , he will always win.


All are at the dining table , ready to have break fast …when Yash comes in carrying Aarthi on his arms.. Family is surprised

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