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Aarya Story!!!! (Page 70)

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vishu please check PV AT

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both updates r awesome Tongue Tongue

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Tongue Chapter-37Tongue
Aarthi and Yash come into a dark room and you see that it is a shooting set. Aarthi is super happy that he brought her to a live set. Yash shushes her and they watch a romantic scene being acted out. The scene is actually very similar to what Aarthi and Aarthi are currently going through – friendship vs. love. This gets Aarthi thinking and she goes back into flashbacks of their time together. The dialogues the actors are saying are exactly what Aarthi is feeling! You can just see the lightbulb going off in aarthi's head! The shot is called for "packup" by the director and a random kid starts saying that love is nonsense and saying that it only looks good in films and doesn't happen in reality

Yash tries to talk to him about his negativity towards love. The kid says that he hates girls and will always hate them even when he grows up. Yash tells him to watch what he says as he's sure that "hate at first sight" can be converted to "love at first sight" very easily in adulthood. Yash says that love can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone! Aarthi is listening to this and flashbacks to what Shobha told her about love. Yash continues to the kid that at first you find the person annoying and hate them, but then slowly fall in love with them as you get to know them. Yash has some great dialogues here. Aarthi keeps watching with a curious expression on her face. Yash starts having flashbacks of Aarthi and his times spent together. The kid brings him back to present by asking what happens next. Yash says that later says that first you start being the person's friend and then friendship converts to love after you realize how special this person is! The kid asks how does one know when they are in love and Yash says that you have to be filmy to know that. He instructs the kid to put his hand on his heart and to close his eyes and try to see who he sees. Aarthi does the same and sees Yash's face. The kid shouts that he found his true love.Aarthi Opens Her bEyes.Yash asks who the lucky girl is and the kid retorts that it's not a girl but his dog Sandy! Yash just looks on in astonishment at the kid.

Just then a worker from the set comes and inquires about a particular car which turns out to be Yash's. The worker tells Yash to move his car as it is in the shot and Yash says he will. He asks the guy to take a picture of Aarthi with the hero and heroine and walks away to the car while Aarthi keeps staring at him with a confused expression. Aarthi gets her picture taken but keeps staring at Yash's retreating back.

Aarthi looks very confused and asks herself why she's getting so affected by these love talks. Why are her feelings concerning Yash so strong – friendship, anger, envy, fun, etc. She asks herself can it be more than friendship? Why does she feel so restless and anxious and why is she thinking about this? She asks god why he put her in this confusion and asks him to help her out. She innocently crosses her fingers and gibes God an ultimatum that she is going to count till 3 and he should put the answer in front of her. Well, it turns out God is listening because as soon as she opens her eyes from her countdown, she sees Yash walking towards her in full filmy style with heart shaped balloons everywhere. She is super happy that she has found the answer to her confusion –Heart Yash! She tells herself that Yash is indeed her love! HeartYash stops in front of her and she looks super relieved and then fake snow starts falling. Aarthi keeps looking at him in awe and Yash looks irritated at the snow/confused at Aarthi's expression. They have a little eye lock and then Yash gets too irritated by the snow and asks the set people to stop it and the moment is broken! Aarthi keeps staring at her. Yash looks at her and starts picking out the snow from her hair and she still looks confused. Yash asks normally that should they leave and go home? Aarthi still has a weird expression on her face, so Yash asks her if she is okay and is feeling alright. Aarthi blushes at that and Yash asks her when she turned into a demure shy girl from a warrior princess. Aarthi still doesn't say anything and keeps smiling at him. Yash gets a call and he gets all worried and says I'll be there to whoever is on the phone. He tells Aarthi he has to leave for an important task and will drop her home on the way. Aarthi just smiles!

Aarthi happily enters Yash's room . She looks very happy and there is the Yeh Dil Hai Plays(The Part Is Below)
HeartNaino se yeh milkar nainaHeart
Heartjane kyun phir jhuk jate hainHeart
Heartaage badhte hi kadam yehHeart
Heartjaane kyun phir ruk jate hainHeart
Heartdhadkanon se hai gujarishHeart
Heartdor mein yeh bandh le jaye hameinHeart

Heartyeh dil hai yeh dil hai yeh dil haiHeart
Heartsab is dil ki hi to mushkil haiHeart
Heartyeh dil hai yeh dil hai yeh dil haiHeart
Heartsab is dil ki hi to mushkil haiHeart

She sees a pic of Yash  and hugs it happily. She then spots his T-shirts on the bed and twirls with one of them and hugs it. She remembers a time when Yash was wearing that shirt and told her "Anything for you". She picks up a different shirt (yellow this time) and dances with that one too. She puts them back on the bed and spots the punching bag. She flashbacks to a time with Yash punching the bag. She then hugs the punching bag and plays with it. She then sees his guitar and picks it up with happiness (again another flashback). There are numerous flashbacks to where Yash and her held hands in different scenarios. She remembers the time when Yash called her "the best girl in the world".when they first met, the dance in the dhaba, numerous hugs, etc. While Aarthi is happy and having these feelings...

Yash is at the doctor's office getting bad news. The doctor tells Yash that they cannot treat Aarthi as after conducting the preliminary tests they have found that their treatment won't work. They had thought that Aarthi was like any other cancer treatment but it turns out that her body is incompatible to get treatment through the spine. He says that Aarthi can't be treated here! Yash is super shocked! Back at home, Aarthi is talking to herself that she can't believe that she's fallen in love. She then gets super excited and shouts that "she's in love". She twirls around happily. The chapter ends with Aarthi's happy, ecstatic face on one side and Yaah's shocked, upset face on the other side of the frame.

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Originally posted by Josmi01

both updates r awesome Tongue Tongue
Thnks DearTongue
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Tongue Chapter-38Tongue
In hospital, doctor says that Aarthi's treatment should continue in the previous manner...The new form of treatment is not suitable for her. He says sorry as they cant help any further . Yash breaks down with this piece of information. He remembers the moment when he promised Aarthi that he wont let anything happen to her. He clutched the report tight and tears started rolling down from his eyes. ( FB scenes are remembered)

Aarthi tries to call Shobha but the call goes unanswered. She is very excited and is eager to share her feelings with someone. After trying Aarthi again she finally decided to call back at her Badi Beeji. Badi beeji picks up the phone and senses Aarthi's excitement. Aarthi tells her that she is in love with the 'City of Mumbai'. Badi beeji also informs her that 60 years ago she too fell in love with 'Dehradun' as there only she met her Great Grandfather aka 'Pardada'. She makes a wild guess about the reason for Aarthi's falling in love with Mumbai and says that she and Yash would look good together. Aarthi is shocked seeing Badi beeji's guesswork. Badi beeji asks her to propose Yash and get ready for him. They hung up the call and then badi beeji prays to God that the Girl is experiencing such a wonderful feeling at this stage of her life, this should not be taken away from her. She should Live! 

Yash keeps calling but Dubey doesn't receive his call
Aarthi is trying out different dresses and and make up to get ready for Yash. She says that it takes a lot of time, energy and sweat to get ready and noe after seeing her if Yash doesn't compliment her for looking so beautiful then she would not leave him! 

Dubey sees missed calls from Yash. He calls him back and Yash says that he reached home and he will talk to him soon.

Aarthi is lost in her own dream world. She admires herself on the mirror and starts rehearsing about how to reveal her feelings to him and how to propose him.She says to herself , " Yash mujhe woh ho gaya hai...woh jo filmon mein hota hai na..dosti ke upar waala jo level hota hai naa...love...i love...i lovee...God Itna naatak karungi to confuse ho jaaungi!!!...mujhe pyar hua hai...koi acting thode hi na karni hai...aane do Yash ko...aamne saamne...jo mere dil mein aayega main bol dungi...phir jo hoga dekha jaayega!"

Yash is standing outside the main door thinking about how to reveal the news about the reports to Aarthi. He is wondering whether he should let her know at all and even if he tells her then how would he utter the words to her.
Yash says on his own, " Partner, jis kaam ke liye Mumbai aaya tha woh poora nahi hua..Aarthi tumhaari condition bahut bigad gayi hai yeh baat tumhein kaise bataau...Itna soch kya rahe ho Yash...jitna tumhe doctore ne kaha hai exact wohi Aarthi se jaake keh dena"He leans on the car and pain is visible on his face.

Aarthi is sitting in front of the mirror remebering Yash when slowly he appears behind her. She turns around facing him with an exciting smile on her face whereas he keeps looking at her with sad and depressed eyes.

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Tongue Chapter-39Tongue
Aarthi decides to confess her love in front of Yash but when she finally makes her move she remembers about her disease. She realises that her life is itself unpredictable...her disease may not get cured...and she should not get Yash into this painful life of hers.

Yash on the other hand keeps looking at her and thinks that what so ever may come in future ..he will always be with her and will always love her and will fight with her until their last breath.

Both of them part their ways

Aarthi gets a call from badi beeji. Badi beeji asks her why she did not tell him anything. Aarthi tells her that she got so happy that it made her 
forget about her biggest grief ...Her Disease. She said she would not devastate Yash's life along with her and also makes badi beeji promise that she would not tell about her feelings for Yash to anyone and this would remain a secret between the two of them.

In the morning, Yash comes to Aarthi's room with 
breakfast. They share an awkward moment with each other. Aarthi wishes that , " Kaash tum meri khamoshi ko samajh paate partner, kitni khush thi main...pyar ho gaya hai mujhe tumse...par mujhe koi haq nahi banta..nahi keh paaungi main tumse "
On the other hand, Yash too thinks,
 " Partner, kaash tum meri khamoshi ko samajh paati...socha tha tumse sab kuch sach sach bataa dunga lekin nahi keh paaya"

Dubey and Shobha enter the room. Shobha asks Yash about 
the reports and Yash lies to her that the reports are fine and the doc has asked them to continue with the earlier form of treatment as Aarthi doesn't need that much of advance treatment. & Shobha Apologises Aarthi That She Came Late Night Because She Went To Receive Dubey.Aarthi Says 2 Leave It...

Shobha and Aarthi are packing their bags when Shobha asks Aarthi about how much she liked the city of Mumbai. Aarthi says dreamily, that after 
coming here she simply fell in love. Shobha doesn't understand the irony behind the statement and Aarthi goes out of the room. Yash is standing in front the window and remembering their happy moments when Aarthi appears behind him. Yash sees her and then slowly leaves the room without uttering a word.

Dubey & Shobha Have A Talk About Aarthi  @ That Time Aarthi and Yash appears there. But they dont talk with each other. Yash senses the uncomfortability and awkwardness between them. Dubey's eyes follows the two when both of them leave the place silently. He then says to Shobha that from the time he came to mumbai he is sensing that there is something wrong between Aarthi and Yash. He says he doesn't know what it is but there is something wrong.

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Tongue Chapter-40LOL
Dubey andShobha are sitting at the backside of the car. Aarthi comes and sits at the front. Yash also after some time sits beside her. Accidentally their hands touch each other. Aarthi gets uncomfortable and she requests Shobha that she wants to sit beside her as she wants to sleep by keeping her head on her shoulders. Yash clearly understands her intentions to avoid him but says nothing. Dubey senses the same. 

They reach The House at Bhopal where Aarthi receives a Grand Welcome by the family members. Aman says that Aarthi is our tigress and tough situations would not break her. SP too comes and asks Aarthi about how much she liked mumbai. Palak
 complains that Aarthi didn't meet SRK and also says that she missed The Yash & Aarthi Duo. She said that there was no "masti" without them in the house. Yash agrees with Palak and says to Aarthi that, " Let us do some of our Trademark Masti today". Aarthi becomes upset hearing this and Prateek silently notices every change in Aarthi's expressions and his friend's gestures when suddenly SP calls him to discuss a case with him and all the other family members gets busy in their respective tasks. Yash goes ahead and hug his mother(G3). This act of Yash surprises Prateek and his mom(G3). Their mother asks Yash whethet anything happened and Yash simply asks about her mother's well being. This makes Prateek more suspicious.

Shobha and Aarthi are in a room . Shobha keeps blabbering about Aarthi's treatment but Aarthi's thoughts are pondering elsewhere. Shobha sees this and asks Aarthi about what happened to her. She says that she has noticed Aarthi avoiding Yash and also demands to know why Aarthi is doing that. Aarthi gives an excuse of being tired and not willing to talk.

Prateek comes to Yash and asks him, why is he behaving like that. After denying for two to three times finally he admits to Prateek that Aarthi's cancer has become more serious and its has started spreading all over her body. Prateek assures him that they wont stand defeated in front of Aarthi's cancer and will do whatever it takes to get her cured. He says, he wont let anything happen to his friend's love. Yash asks him not to say a word about this to Aarthi or Shobha Ma.

At the 
dinner table Yash is said to taste his favourite " Aam ka Aachar", but he denies. Anch says that its his favourite and generally his dinner is incomplete without it, But he says firmly that he doesn't want to taste. While eating Aarthi starts coughing badly...Yash shouts for water and huriedly gets water for Aarthi. He scolds the maid the bringing water late. Swamini says that he should not get so hyper. But Yash dismisses her by saying that Aarthi needed water and he went to bring water ...he didn't break any house rules. This reply seals Swamini's mouth shut. Then again, Yash gets a call on his phone urging him for a recording next day. But Yash says that he cannot attend the recording as he is busy. Aarthi gets upset that no work is more important than career and he should attend the recording. Yash strictly tells her to eat without intefering into his matters and he knows what he is doing. All the family members at the dining table are deeply disturbed by Yash's behaviour.

At The Night: Yash and Aarthi both in their respective rooms sitting/standing at the window side and conversing with the moon :

Yash: Chaand Bhaisahab...will you do something for me??? I know Aarthi would not have slept till now...she must have been thinking that why did i cancel my recording tomorrow...she must have been blaming herself. But Chaand bhaisahab...do some magic so that Aarthi can sleep without any worries. Chaand Bhaisahab, you know how important Aarthi is for me...just the way you are incomplete without your glowing light...I am also imcomplete without my Aarthi. She is the WORLD for me.

Aarthi: Chanda mama, will u listen to me for this once??? Please go and tell Yash that I cant be the WORLD to him. I am fighting with my own life...how will I lighten up his world...I am suffering through the darkness...how will I ablaze his life??? Please go and tell him chanda mama to forget me...to forget his Partner and concentrate on his future.

Yash: Chaand bhaisahab, tell her one more thing. Tell her that all through the day and night I only think about her. Whether the world turns upside down...I will never let anything happen to her.

Swamini talking with Dubey on phone and telling him that what if tomorrow Yash gets married...will his wife accept such kind of intimacy of him with Aarthi. She says that Yash is overreacting and this is just the begining before the storm. Aarthi hears everything and controls her weep.

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Tongue Chapter-41Tongue
Yash walking in the corridor and Swamini calls out to him and hands him a file to urgently deliver to Dubey. Yash firmly says he will do it, but after giving juice to Aarthi. Swamini is upset at his behavior. 
Aarthi is feeling restless in her room, she cannot keep her feelings inside her anymore, so she decides to call up badi Biji but she doesn't have enough balance. She sees the land-line and decides to make a call from there. However Swamini is already on the line with Dubey and she happens to be talking about Aarthi.

 Conversation goes like Swamini telling Dubey that Aarthi is becoming a hurdle to Yash's future. She doesn't have any problem with Aarthi  but Yash is taking extra care of her and hence forgetting his own identity. Aarthi begins crying when she hears how Yash only thinks about her over himself. Dubey on the other hand thinks Swamini is seeing things and tells her to calm down and things would streamline soon. They hang up, but Swamini is still not satisfied. Aarthi too, although disheartened says that Yash is wrong in taking care of her and she has to do something to make him hate her and forget her.

She waits for Yash to come back and as soon as he arrives she wants to talk to him but he drags her out to show her something. It's a black/red/white(I Mean Mixed) motorbike that was Aarthi's first wish. At first Aarthi is extremely happy to see it, but then she reminds herself to keep Yash out of her life and hence walks off without saying anything. Yash follows her, but before they can talk it out, Swamini comes there and asks Yash if he gave the file to Dubeyi? But Yash apologizes saying he was busy with some work.
Swamini asks what work and Yash says Aarthi's work. Swamini is all pissed off and asks if Aarthi's work was more important than that file of his uncle? Yash says he'll do it right away and leaves. Once again, Aarthi goes to her room and thinks that she doesn't want Yash to destroy his life behind her because she's drowning and he shouldn't be pulled down with her.

Later in the hallthe worker brings coffee for Aarthi. Seeing the smiley on the coffee, Aarthi's face brightens and the worker says Yash has sent it. Aarthii says thank you Partner and Yash hears it. He asks if he liked his coffee? 
Suddenly Aarthi shoots up, she says she doesn't want any coffee and asks Yash what his problem is? Why is he after her and does not leave her alone for even merely five minutes? Yash is shocked at Aarthi's words. She goes on that everytime she feels she can forget about her cancer, Yash turns up and reminds her that she's suffering from Yash. She further tells him that he wants to see her happy then henceforth he shouldn't even show his face to her. 
Yash doesn't argue and says he will leave if that's what she wants. Shobha is standing nearby, having witnessed the entire conversation. Yash gives her a failed look and walks away. She immediately comes to Aarthi and says she wants to speak to her.

They go to her room and Shobha asks Aarthi what's wrong with her? Why is she treating Yash so rudely? After all they're best friends, how can she do this to him? Aarthi clearly explains that only they understand this and the rest of the family doesn't. She doesn't want Yash to ruin his life behind her and he should focus on his career now that he has the opportunity to do so. Shobha is enlightened at Aarthi's thoughts and says today's she proud of her daughter They hug. Aarthis taken aback and sad.

In Yash's room, Prateek comes and asks Yash why he's mood is off. Yash explains that he doesn't understand why Aarthi is not talking to him, avoiding him and ignoring him. Prateek tells him that he shouldn't focus on this right now and Aarthi might just be joking with him. He shouldn't take it seriously and instead think about his singing career. Yash agrees and Prateek walks off. As Yash goes out of his room, he sees Aarthi standing outside. 

However, as soon as she sees him, she walks off. But this time, he gets hold of her hand. She struggles to her hand out of his grip, and when he realizes she lets go and says sorry. Aarthi looks on. He tells that he knows why she's avoiding him, but it's his duty to remind her that this is not a movie where the heroine puts up an act of anger to make the hero feel low and take him out of her life.Aarthi thinks to herself that he has caught her plan, but she won't become weak so easily. Yash goes on that she hasn't taken him astray, but to the right path. He adds that she is the one who guided him to his career and now it's his turn to guide her out of this trauma

So firstly, he tells her to stop this stupid drama since however hard she tries he will not leave her. Even if she taunts him a million times, he will take it all, but he will not leave her. Before leaving he asks if she wants to taunt him yet? Aarthi rushes behind him and apologizes for being stupid. She admits that she was doing this intentionally so that he should focus on his career rather than her. He exclaims that her health is important to him first, but Aarthi says that his singing won't kill her! In fact, she'll be the most happiest person if he sings!
Yash is now glad that Aarthi is back to normal. She orders him to phone his producer and Yash does so. They finalize the singing on the next day since Aarthi urges for it. After hanging up, Yash tells Aarthi that he listened to her, now it's her turn and she has to accompany him to the studio and be his lucky charm for his singing tomorrow. They share a smile and shake hands as deal to work together. 

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