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Aarya Story!!!! (Page 48)

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awesum vishu dearClap

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well written dear

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Tongue Chapter-17Tongue
Prateek says after this I don't want Aarthi to see Paridhi. He asks them if any of you think what I am doing is wrong , then you can say so'everyone is shocked to hear this but they remain silent.
Prateek says I am going to arrange a aircraft he makes a phone call and asks them to get a aircraft from Bhopal to Mumbai.

leaves.. Arpita says if Paridhi left without meeting Aarthi Aarthi won't take it well' Arpita calls Aarthi and tells her about it ( Aarthi is with YAsh) Yash asks Aarthi what happened she informs him that Prateek hates me and now they are leaving without meeting me. Yash tells her that he doesn't know the truth we should tell him..Aarthi says no he can't find out about this and if Prateek finds out about this he will tell my family and we can't let that happen. She says We need to hurry up and go to see Paridhi before they leave.Prateek is talking to the doctor and says that I want Paridhi to be discharged right now and I have arranged a aircraft and just would like you to get us a nurse to along with us. Doctor tells him to come with him for the paperwork. The ward guys tells Prateek that ambulance is here. Yash and Aarthi arrive and rush to go upstairs at the same time they are taking Paridhi to the ambulance.

Aman says if you had waited a while longer Aarthi could have visited Paridhi too..She should be on the way. Aarthi asks the nurse about Paridhi she informs them that they discharged her and they are on the way down to the ambulance. Yash and Aarthi run to catch them before they go. Arpita begs Prateek to wait for a bit and let Aarthi see Paridhi but Prateek doesn't agree. A guy comes and tells Prateek that we have 20 minutes only to go. Aarthi catches them and begs Prateek to let her see Paridhi. Prateek says relationships are not defined by words only but by actions as well. Everyone tries to convince him to let her see her. Prateek says you are not allowed to see her ever again. Aarthi keeps asking him to let her see Paridhi. Prateek says don't call me Prateek when I begged you for Paridhi's life you told me to leave it and forget about it. He says I forgot all the relationships and I also forgot that you are Friend. It's better for you to forget about Paridhi.Meanwhile Yash Says We r Also Friends Of Paridhi, The Same Rights U Have On Paridhi We Have On Paridhi.Prateek Interrupts & Says U R Friends, But I'm Paridhi's Lover, To Say Clearly Her Future Husband. Understand?I'll Take Care Of Her.
All R Shocked.
Prateek says I will call when we reach home and leaves. Aarthi runs after the ambulance. She falls on the ground all the Friends come to console her. She says how could Prateek say that I am her enemy I love her a lot you know the reason why I didn't donate blood Nah Yash?

All Others R Shocked, Yash Says All others that Aarthi  Has Cancer, All R Shocked & Their Eyes R Filled With Tears.Yash goes to get the car.Later all Of Them Book A Hotel In Bhopal & stay There

Prateek and Paridhi reach home the sound of the ambulance wakes the family members. Seeing Paridhi everyone rushes and are full of questions about the state of Paridhi & Start Inquiring About Paridhi.Prateek Says them That Paridhi Is his Friend & The Whole Incident & says that Paridhi Stays In Hostel 2 Take care He brought paridhi Home, All r Shocked @ Prateek's Act But Seeing Paridhi In Such A State They Allow Paridhi.. They are all in Prateek's room nurse says Paridhi needs to rest now.

calls and lets them know that they reached home safely and Paridhi is asleep. They thank god that everything went well. Arpita tells Aarthi that she should forget everything that happened today as a bad dream. She tells her to go to her room and sleep Aarthi quietly rises and goes.After Aarthi Leaves the Place All Start Discussing About Aarti's Disease & R Really Worried.Yash Assures Them that Nothing Will Happen To Aarthi & We Must be With Her Always!!!!

 Prateek's Parents say it's shocking that Aarthi refused to donate blood to her friend. Prateek says you get to see people's true face in times of trouble. His mom tries to say that maybe she has had an excuse but Prateek is too mad to listen to anyone, and says I will never again trust her no matter who says what.

-In Aarti's Room-
Aarthi gets emotional when she remembers how rudely Prateek spoke to her saying all relations between her and Paridhi have ended, only because she denied donating blood to Paridhi
Yash on the other hand is with Dr. Madhav discussing Aarthi's treatment procedure. Dr. Madhav explains to him that the treatment will resume soon. Yash adds that whatever be the cost, he is ready to pay it, but Aarthi should get the best treatment. So he is satisfied yet sad as he recalls Aarthi telling him that she is suffering from cancer.

Yash goes to Aarthi and seeing her sleep he gets tears in his eyes. And in time Aarthi wakes up. Yash asks her why she isn't telling Prateek about her cancer? She's suffering so much and needs to be taken care of and in this state she is becoming a villain in people's eyes. Aarti says she is doing this for her Family, because as soon as Prateek finds out that I Have cancer,He will say this 2 my Family & My Family Members will die even before this cancer can kill Me. Seeing Aarthi in her normal behavior he is taken aback and acknowledges her for being so brave that she is able to endure such a fatal disease without even showing it.
Aarthi and Yash tease each other as hero and heroine to lighten up the mood.

Next morning, Prateek calls up Arpita and informs that Paridhi is still unconscious. Everyone is worried, Aarthi says she will go to Mumbai to take care of her friend since she can take better care of her than everyone else. Arpita reminds her of her treatment, but Aarthi says that her friend is much more important for her. Yash intervenes saying she first has to take her treatment, then he himself will escort her to Mumbai. Aarthi is relaxed,

In the room, Yash is worried about the chemotherapy session but he sees Aarthi is not even scared. Aarthi tells him she's got this thing that others don't ;) Yash is impressed. Just then Prateek calls Yash and asks him when he is returning to Mumbai. Yash says he has some important work to finish. Prateek isn't liking this gesture anymore. He asks Yash to come soon and overhears Manvi telling Yash to ask about Paridhi's health. Prateek is pissed off, and tells Yash that the path he is taking is wrong. Yash just says that he is following his heart.

Yash and Prateek  on the phone , Yash refuses to come Mumbai saying that he is following his heart, Prateek is angry , Prateek's Mom who overhears Prateek tries to calm him down, reasoning that Aarthi must have had a strong reason for refusing to give blood but  Prateek refuses to buy it and remains angry on Aarthi..

Paridhi regains consciousness and is surprised to see herself in Prateek's House ..Paridhi enquires about  Everything... Prateek says Paridhi everything Except Aarthi's Matter... When She Asks about Aarthi, He tells her to rest and rest can be discussed later'Paridhi Refuses It But Paridhi's Mom Says & Then Paridhi Takes Rest


Aarthi, Yash ,Aman & Arpita head for the hospital, Aarthi is irked by Yash's extra care for her but does not squabble much' They land up in the hospital in one piece..Soon it is Aarthi's turn and Aarthi is summoned by the nurse for her treatment..Aarthi requests Yash to stay outside heads in herself'Yash gets a call from SP .SP asks about his return home & Yash says Him Everything.SP Says Yash 2 Take Care Of Aarthi,Aarthi is getting treated and is excited that soon she will get to meet Paridhi.

Aarthi gets excited , says that Paridhi will be asking about her as soon as she regains consciousness, requests Yash to hand over the phone and awaits Paridhi's call 'Paridhi gets the phone from the table , Prateek walks in enquires the ID of the caller ..Paridhi replies that she is calling up Aarthi 'Prateek tells her to rest , takes the phone from her and leaves ' Aarthi has lost her patience and calls Paridhi herself, Prateek sees that it is Paridhi's call and cuts it..

Aarthi decides to go and meet Paridhi herself , The Friend's try to get Aarthi  realize that the Mumbai people will not be happy to see her there..Aarthi beseeches Yash's help'Yash promises to take care of Aarthi and requests everyone's permission to take Aarthi to Mumbai ...

Aarthi & Yash  & Others head back to Mumbai !! Prateek is sitting by Paridhi's side, keeping a watch , Maya(Prateek's Aunty) comes in and Prateek confesses that Paridhi  tried up to call up Aarthi as soon as she regained consciousness ..Maya is worried and asks how long will he prevent the Friends from contacting one another'Prateek helplessly decries that if he had his way , then he would have erased all the memories from Paridhi's soul but is unabe to do so'he is extremely concerned about Paridhi's's reaction when she comes to know that Aarthi left her to die!!

- After Aarthi Reach Mumbai-

She Goes To Prateek's House, She Tries A Lot 2 Meet Paridhi But All Goes In Vain.Prateek's Mother & Other Friends Try A Lot To Convince Prateek But Everything Goes Waste, Day By Day Prateek Insults aarthi A Lot, Yash Looks This 4 Some days & 1 Day(Paridhi didn't Know Anything About this)

-1 Day-

Yash Calls Prateek & Whole Prateek's Life...Yash say Aarthi is suffering from cancer and cant donate her blood to anyone. Aarthi runs away from there leaving Prateek and others in shock. Yash begs all to not disclose this truth to Aarti's Family, He says Aarthi had accepted all those harsh words for the sake of her family safety and at this point everyone should support her.

Prateek  goes to Aarthi's room, She was sitting at a corner and crying hard. Prateek comes near and puts his hand on her head, He apologizes for everything. Aarthi grabs him and starts crying even louder. Prateek says normally he never makes mistakes in understanding someone's intentions but he was wrong this time, He says he cant go back in past and change whatever happened. Aarthi interrupts him and says 'Every girl should have a lover & husband like you' and till date she kept saying Prateek is lucky to have a lover like Paridhi but today she wants to modify her statement. She then says 'Her friend is lucky to have a lover like him'. Prateek smiles back and says every Friend should have a Friend like Aarthi. He asks her to forgive him for the hospital fiasco, Aarthi says she had deleted those memories from her memory long back. Prateek says he would never forgive her for hiding the cancer thing, She says she didnt wanted to hurt him. Prateek replies that her silence has hurted him way more than the truth itself and they hug again. Aarthi says even god cant handle her immaturity and blabbering, and if god picks her off the earth, she will make sure that god regrets this incident bigtime. Prateek says he will slap her if she doesnt stops such unhealthy talks. Prateek says she should tell everything to her Family and then they would find a solution. Aarthi flashes his hand in seconds and forces him to swear on her and not tell anything to her Family, as they r  weak and wont be able to digest this news. Prateek cries and promises her to follow her words, he then asks her to come with her to his bedroom and Paridhi about the patchup sthing. Aarthi says her friend must be sleeping so they should talk to her at the morning. Yash overhears everything standing at the door & Feels Happy.

In the morning Aarthi comes to Paridhi and they talk on random emotional topics. Prateek comes in and he greets Aarthi. Paridhi gets surprised at this change. She Questions aarthi & Prateek, Prateek Says Everything Which HAs Happened ...

After Listening 2 All Paridhi Laughs A Lot & Make Fun Of Prateek, Then Prateek & Paridhi Have A Sweet Cute Fight & Then All The Other Friends Too Join them...All the friends have A great time

(By The Time Shobha Ma Comes to Know Everything & gets Angry On Aarthi 4 Her Act Because She didn't know About Aarti's Cancer )

(The Next day Aarthi & Her Friends Goes 2 Her Home & 1st Goes 2 Shoba Ma's Room)

Aarthi comes to Shobha ma , Prateek comes in and Companies Aarthi. Shobha Ma gets surprised at this change. She starts suspecting them and scolds Aarthifor not telling her the truth. She accuses her for not having any feelings for her mother and strictly tells her to not enter in her room until she tells her the truth behind her decision.

Shobha announces that Aarthi wont be allowed to enter her room until she's told the truth. Shobha Ma really wants Aarthi to tell her the reason behind Aarthi not giving her blood to Paridhi.. Prateek tries to intervene but fails. Aarthi leaves the room upset. Dubey gets mad at Shobha for getting stressed and upsetting Aarthi simultaneously too. Shobha Ma feels theres something greatly inconsistent about Prateek's behaviour. Prateek feels that he's kinda given a hint too.

Aarthi goes to the kitchen crying. Anch comes over there and asks her what happened. She tells him she's upset about problems. As soon as one ends, the Vedhika(Neighbourhood) starts. Vedhika tells her she has a problem too. Tells Aarthi that she needs to take something for a charity workshop at school. Aarthi decides to make him aloo parathas. Aarthi tells him to guard the kitchen while she is cooking.
Just then Yash comes. Looks at Aarthi lovingly but also gives her disapproving looks. Does not like the fact she is taking so much stress.Aarthi starts to look noticeably tired. When Vedhika leaves Yash orders Aarthi to rest and not move from her bed.

Someone knocks on Shobha's door. I'ts Dubey. Shobha questions him as to why he brought the food instead of Aarthi. He tells her she's been busy in the kitchen all day. Shobha  worries for Aarthi's health. Tells Dubey to tell her to not over exert herself or else she might get tires. Also, inquires whether the fan in the kitchen is switched on and whether Aarthi herself ate anything.
Shobha struggles towards the bed. Dubey says he doesnt understand Shobha's love/hate relationship with Aarthi; she was the one who kicked her out in the morning and now she's so worried for her.Shobha says she really wants to know Aarthi's truth. She tells him she's not actually upset with Aarthi. She's just acting so that Aarthi tells her the truth.She says she knows that Aarthi is hiding something big from her since she can read Aarthi's eyes. Hence, she's ignoring Aarthi so that she gives in and tells her the truth. Dubey says, whatever the reason may have been, but getting upset like that is pointless. Moreover, he tells her that even he has forgiven Aarthi and moved on and since Aarthi is young and all, they shouldnt pester Aarthi for the reason. After Dubey's talk, Shobha gets a feeling that Dubey might actually know the real reason. She asks him to tell her but he doesn't say anything. So Shobha is determined that she'll find out herself.

Will Shobha Ma Find The Truth About Aarthi????Embarrassed

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Originally posted by poonamgarg

awesum vishu dearClap

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Originally posted by GuruTheBest

well written dear

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Love it plaatjes

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omg so heartbreaking and emotional partCryCry

i m glad yash and allher friends knows about her condition now
soon prateek will know too and will repent for his rudeness towards aarthiCryCry

hope paridhi reveal everything to prateek ConfusedConfused

but they r such a great friends all togetherBig smile

waiting for the remaining part

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Awsome update dear..
M feeling so bad 4 aarti.. Unhappy
Waiting 4 d next ud..

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