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Aarya Story!!!!

Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Big smileAs This Is My 1st Story On Aarya Pls Do Let Me Know My Mistakes...


Smilecarefree and happy go lucky guy college student(Romea Of The college)  Who Then falls In love With AarthiSmile

SmileCollege Beauty Smile

SmileSenior in the College Who Fells in love With AarthiSmile

SmileA friend Of Yash Who Then Falls In Love With YashSmile

SmileA Father Who always Support His Son Even In His MistakesSmile

SmileA Mother who cares 4 his son & scold him when he do mistakesEmbarrassed


Chapter 14-http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3638793&TPN=44
Chapter 15-http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3638793&TPN=44
Chapter 16-http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3638793&TPN=47
Chapter 17-http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3638793&TPN=48
Chapter 18-http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3638793&TPN=51


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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Scene-1st Day of The college !!!!
The Seniors Are Ragging The Juniors!!!!
Prashanth- Hey! Hero Come Here!!!!
(Yash comes Their With A Cute Smile)
Aakash(Friend Of Prashanth)-Don't U Know To Respect The                                                            Seniors???
                                                 Don't U Know to Greet Ur Seniors?
Yash- What????
          Who Said it????
          I'm Not Respecting A Senior!!!!
          OMG!!! what Have I done????
          Sorry  Senior,
          Good Morning!!!!
Prashanth- Stop It!!!!
                   Do U think U R A Hero????
                   Stop Ur Overacting!!!!
(Meanwhile Aarthi Passes Them...)
Prashanth- Ok , Hero
                   You Respect Seniors nah????
Yash-Of cOurse, Senior!!!!
         It's my Duty!!!!
Prashanth- So, U Will Listen To Ur seniors Nah????
Yash- Of course Senior!!!!
Prashanth- (Picks A Flower & Gives It To Yash)
Yash- Senior!!!!
          Do U Love Anyone????
          Then U give This Rose  to her... Why Are U giving It me??
                 You... Shut ur mouth & Do What I Say...
Yash-Ok, ok, Cool Senior...
          What should i Do now????
Prashanth- Behind u There's A Girl With The pink Shalwar Give  
                  this rose to her & propose her!!!!
Yash- What????
          How Could i do This Senior????
         Won't She mistake me????
         don't u Have A Lover's Card with her So That I Could Give           the Rose with the Card!!!!LOL
Prashanth- you... u... just Don't irritate me
                  1st Go & do What I Said...
Yash- Ok Senior!!!!!
          I'll Return with a Victory!!!!
(Naughty Yash Goes Behind Aarthi & Prashanth Laughs looking At This Wickedly)
Yash- excuse Me!!!!
Aarthi- Yes...
(Yash Is mesmerized In Aarthi's beauty)
Aarthi- Hello!!!!
             wHAT DO u wANT????
Yash- I LOVE U!!!!Embarrassed
Aarthi- What????
             What did U say????
Yash-Yap...(Coming 2 Consious)
          I Said I Love U
            Are U Crazy????
            Are U Gone Mad????
            Just now u saw Me & At Once Proposed Me...
             Did U come Here 2 Study Or love????
             I'll Kill U!!!!
Yash- cool Down!!!
           Cool Down Sister!!!!
           I said U "I Love U "
           Only the Mouth Piece Was Me But the Dialogue Is owned               by my Bhaiya!!!!
Aarthi- Bhaiya????
             Who is Your bhaiya????
Yash-(Points out prashanth) he...
           He is my Bhaiya...
           Actually He's A Senior!!!!
           It Was My Senior's Demand to Propose U...
           So, I did it...
           Won't u respect Ur Seniors????
           Did I Do Anything Wrong????
           say Me... Say Me...
Aarthi-(Laughs inside & says Funny Character & Angrily Goes                    Near Prashanth & gives A nice Thappad As Aarthi Is                   School Headman's Daughter prashanth Remains silent)
             This Is The 1st & Last 4 U!!!!!!!!
              Stop Playing Such things on Other Girls!!!! 
(After Watching Everything Silently & Enjoying it Yash Comes There)
Yash- What Happened Senior????
           Everything is fine nah????
Prashanth-Ya Everthing is fineAngry
Yash- I don't think so
          Your Cheeks seems to be red!!!!
          did Anybody Kiss u????LOL
Prashanth- U !!!!
                   How dare u ????
                   U Did everthing & Asking Me!!!!!!!!!!!
(Prashanth Takes A log &Try to hit Yash)
Yash- ok, Bhaiya
          I Think u R In A Great Mood!!!!
          ok, I'll see U Later!!!!
          bye Senior!!!!Tongue
Prashanth- I'll see u later...
Aakash-Prashanth don't think he's Just Cool we Must be Little                  carefull!!!
Prashanth-U R correct, I'll Keep An Eye on Him!!!!
Aakash- Ok come. Let's go!!!!

Friends if there's Anything wrong in this pls do let Me Know!!!!!!!
If this story Isn't interesting Too Pls Do Be Free & Inform Me!!!!!!
All Of ur Likes & dislikes Are Welcomed!!!!
I think u all Will Like It!!!!Wink


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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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(Inside The Classroom)
(Yash Forms A New Set Of friends gang For him)
      I'm Yash Scindia!!!!
      How Are U????
      I'm very well thank u!!!!
Prateek- Hi Yash!!!!
           I'm Prateek!!!!
           Pls do Give me Time to say!!!!
Yash- Yes , Prateek continue!!!!
Prateek-Thanks a lot.
          I'm fine!!!!
Yash- Ok, It's fine from today u r my friend!!!!
(Before Prateek Talks Yash moves On To another One)
      I'm Yash Scindia!!!!
      How Are U????
      I'm very well thank u!!!!
Aman- I'm very well!!!!
        Thank u!!!!
        By , The way I'm Aman!!!!
(Now Yash turns onto girls Side)
Yash-Hello Girls!!!!
      I'm Yash Scindia!!!!
      How Are U????
      I'm very well thank u!!!!
Arpita- Fine Yashu!!!!
         In the 1st Day itself U need girl Friends Nah????
Yash- Arpita Dear Is their Any good time to Form girl             Friends????
       if it So, pls do tell me nah????
Arpita- ok, Yashu I CAn fight wth U CArry on!!!!
Yash- That's my Girl!!!!
        Girls Don't u want A Handsome Hero As Your                 friend????
Aarthi- Handsome Hero????(Searches all over)
         I Don't See Anyone Like that!!!!
         What do U Say Preethi????
Yash- Is it So Madam...
       I Think U have Some eye Sight problem...
       Such A Romea Is infront of ur Eyes & U couldn't            see...
       Is It MAdam????
       I'll Recommend 4 u pls Sit in 1st Row So, u Could            Study Well...
       What do U Say Preethi????
Paridhi- OMG!!!!
          Why Are u both Pulling me into the trouble...
          I Don't know Anything!!!!
Aarthi- Paridhi,
         don't be A coward,
         This Yash Is nothing...
         He thinks that he is A Hero!!!!
Yash- What Did u Say????
       Girls Am I not A Hero????
(All The Girls Shout & Say Yash u R The Romeo Of Our college)
Yash- Did U See MRS.What's Ur name????
Yash- Aa MRS.Aarthi How Many fans I Have created In A              Single day????
Aarthi-I Don't Think So...
        & I'm Not MRS. Aarthi You Crazy I'm Miss Aarthi.
Yash-Ok, Madam , Friend????
Aarthi- Sorry, Yash i Don't Wish So...
Yash-It's Your bad luck, Gonna miss A great Friend!!!!
Aarthi- Nah, its my Good luck!!!!
Yash- Bad luck!!!!
Aarthi-Good Luck!!!!
Yash- Bad luck!!!!
Aarthi-Good Luck!!!!
Yash- Bad luck!!!!
Aarthi-Good Luck!!!!
Yash- Bad luck!!!!
Aarthi-Good Luck!!!!
Prateek & Aman- Stop it Yash!!!!
                   Professor is coming!!!!
Arpita & Paridhi-Stop It Aarthi!!!!
                   See It later!!!!
(Yash & Aarthi IS controlled By Their friends)
(Professor Comes Inside The Class & Starting Teaching)
(Meanwhile time Yash & Aarthi Fight Silently Using Their Expressions meanwhile The Professor Sees Them)
            Stand up!!!!
Yash- Yes, Sir!!!!
Professor-Give the definition for Machines!!!!
Yash- Sir,
      Machine is A Thing Which makes our Work Easier...
      eg: When It's Sweating We Switch on the Fan , Fan       is a machine...
Professor- Is This the Definition 4 Machines????
             Aarthi U Say!!!!
Aarthi- machine is a tool that consists of one or more parts, and                      uses energy to achieve a particular goal. Machines are                              usuallypowered by mechanical, chemical, thermal, or electrical                 means, and are frequently motorized. Historically, a powered tool               also required moving parts to classify as a machine; however,                 the advent of electronics technology has led to the development of                 powered tools without moving parts that are considered
Professor- Did u See This Is The Definition 4 Machines!!!!
(Aarthi Laughs At Yash )
         This Was What I Said Too...
          She Memorized & said the Whole Paragraph but I Said It          Shortly...
         That Is All The Difference!!!!
Professor- If u Want 2 Learn every Thing Shortly Pls go Out Of                    The Class!!!!
Yash- Thank u Sir!!!!
(Leaves the Class, Aarthi Laughs & Again  Yash returns!!!!)
Professor-Now What????
Yash-book is a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of inkpaperparchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side
(All Are Shocked)
Yash- Book Sir!!!!
          The definition to Book Given In Book!!!!
Professor- U Would Have said It Before Nah????
Yash- I thought Of Saying It Before Even Sir,
         But U only want everthing in brief nah?????
          So, I said it Briefly...
          Ok Sor, bye!!!!
Professor- No Problem.
                  Sit In Your seat!!!!!
(Yash Laughs at Aarthi & Sits & Pretends As Being Angry)
Aarthi-(Mind Voice-yash is not only funny Interesting character              too!!!!)
Yash-(Mind Voice- Aarthi Anyday Ill Make U My Friend, I don't            know why but i Like Fighting with U & I Wish this Would                Continue)
(Lesson Is Over & the Professor Goes Out)
(Yash's Gang & Aarthi's Gang Meet Face 2 face)
Yash-Bye Paridhi!!!!
Aarthi-Bye Prathik!!!!
Yash-Bye Arpita!!!!
Aarthi- Bye Aman!!!!
Aman & Prateek- I Don't Know How We R Going 2 Survive Between These Two!!!!!
Paridhi & Arpita- OMG!!!!
                             Pls Join these 2 Fighting Cocks!!!!

(Yash & Aarthi See's Other Faces & Leave...)

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Tanvi.narula IF-Dazzler

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Waitin for update!!!!
drmhp IF-Sizzlerz

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wow new story...interesting...

first part is awesome...lol i couldn't stop laughing
yash is smart yar...haha i loved how he did popat of that P 7 P got thappad from Aarti...i m loving it

thanks for pm
waiting for next part

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vinnas IF-Sizzlerz

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ur story is really nice im enjoying it.in first update u inserted prasant tappad really jkr style wow like it keep go on and soon give next update waitin starts nw it self

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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by KrantiGuru_JKR

wow new story...interesting...

first part is awesome...lol i couldn't stop laughing
yash is smart yar...haha i loved how he did popat of that P 7 P got thappad from Aarti...i m loving it

thanks for pm
waiting for next part
thanks  a lot Friend!!!!
Now only I'm little ok!!!!
After Writing the Chapter I Had little nervous then After Sending PM I was Doubly Tensed!!!!
thank U 4 Ur lovely comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll Try to Write TheNext part Soon as possible

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