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Smitar's: Finding Khushi #11 Link to #12 on Page 1 (Page 12)

B.S.I_Love_You IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Awsome interpretation Rashmi... Clap

You are the Best ji... Hug

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tinsel IF-Sizzlerz

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Congrats on the new thread!Party
Great updateThumbs Up
akanksha84 Goldie

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Trust khushi to be upset for the lamest reason!   
sujata5 Senior Member

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super analysis Rashmi...Loved it...

Faith is what makes us going... I lovr the quote:

"Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when     the dawn is still dark"

                                       ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Thanks for the PM Rashmi and for making my morning special...

Smita   hope we get one update for today soon...

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awesome interpretation diClap.

indignation it is ,i was not even close to this title.LOL

hope this indignation doesnt turns into

best quote --

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to           carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my       sunset sky"

a request -- if you dont mind di can you explain the following quote
i really didnt get itConfused --

"I'd like to go out in the front yard and shout               something. "None of this is worth it!" That's what     I'd like people to hear"

                                      ~ Raymond Carver,    

and thanks for the reply to my foolish question
in my previous commentLOL


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HERE'S MY VISHESH TIPPANI on Chapter 43 (1), 43 (2), 43 (3) and 43 (4).

Part 43 (1)...

Awww.. Dress selection for haldi! Embarrassed And the family teasing Arnav! ADORABLE! Heart

His family watched him pick & discard sarees with meaningful glances at each other.

"Chotey, you didn't like any of these?" Nani asked, a small smile on her lips.

"Err... Nani..."

"Haldi is tomorrow, Arnav Bitwaa..." Mami teased. "Aisan yahan khade rahoge, to you can get married neksht (next) year!"

All laughed. Arnav looked around, a hunted man surrounded by the females of his family.

"Arnavji! There are saris displayed at the far end of this hall." Payal came to his rescue. "Maybe there you will find something that you like."

Arnav smiled his gratitude at her, and made his way to the mannequins wearing expensive silk.

And the way NK and Akash offered to help selecting a saree for Khushi.. Tooo CUTE!!!!

NK & Akash looked up from where they were selecting kurtas, and asked him, "Bhai, do you need help?"

"Nannav, mere bhai, shall we select Khushiji's sari?"

"No. I will do it." Arnav declared. What could he do if the best apparel store in all of Delhi could not stock a sari worthy of Khushi?

He looked at the saris worn by the mannequins.
Green...cream...some ugly shade that looked like the skin of onions... a violet that hurt his eyes... He stopped short. Yellow. As bright as sunshine. Like Khushi. With tiny lines in green & in his favourite colour, red. He touched it, rubbing the silk between his fingers. It felt warm, soft, silky... like Khushi's skin.

Arnav swallowed.

"I want this." he told the sales assistant.
"Are you sure, Chotey?" Anjali teased him.

"Arnav Bitwaa, the girl can pack it only if you let go of it, Hello Hi Bye Bye!" Mami laughed.

NK, Akash, Anjali, Payal, & Nani giggled. Arnav flushed as he withdrew his fingers from the sari.

And then Arnav seeing Khushi...

The laughter died down. He looked up. There she stood, dressed in the saree that he had picked for her, coils of jasmine in her hair, jasmine buds around her neck & wrists, & earrings made of jasmine flowers...

He swallowed. 

Indeed... Khushi looked GORGEOUS! Day Dreaming

"Look at your brides all you want, bitwaa. Because now we are going to put a curtain between you, Nandkisore!"Bujai declared.

Ganesh & Arnav looked at Buaji in shock. All laughed. Anamika & Khushi blushed.

Ab haldi ke baad no meeting! Tongue



Part 43 (2)...

Anjali and Arnav conversation about Khushi was super cute! Loved it to the core! Heart

The way she told him to be happy and Khushi will never let him be sad was adorable! Heart

Haayeee... ROMANCE... Day Dreaming Heart

Arnav sat down and pulled Khushi to sit by him.

"Arnavji, chodiye hamein!" Khushi said. "Preetho, Nikhil, & Barun are having their lunch in my bedroom. They asked me to sit with them."

Arnav glared at her. 

Khushi went on, unfazed by his glare. "I will be marrying you tomorrow evening, Arnavji, and coming with you to RM. They will miss me."

"What about me?" Arnav asked.

"What about you? Kya hua aapko?" she asked, her eyes innocent.

"Won't I miss you? Now?" he asked.

Khushi frowned. "It is only for a few minutes, Arnavji."

"I will still miss you." said Aashik Singh Raizada.

Khushi stared into his eyes.

MESMERIZING! Day Dreaming Heart

And Buaji teasing the duo and Khushi and Arnav all upset coz they can't see each other till the wedding the next day! Awww.. Embarrassed

Hawww... Shocked Arnav teased Khushi too??? Shocked

Khushi moved her chair as close to Arnav's as possible, and sat down, her right thigh aligned with his left, her right arm pressed against his left.

"Kya hua?" Arnav asked softly, knowing that she had already started to miss him.

"Nothing." she muttered.

He smiled slightly, and looking at her full plate, said softly, "Eat something, Khushi. Or you will feel hungry later."

"Haan." Khushi looked at her plate with a total lack of interest.

"Buaji has made jalebi for you. Have it." Arnav invited her. "It is your favourite sweet, isn't it? Your staple meal?" he teased her.

Khushi looked at the jalebi on her plate with dull eyes. She squeezed herself closer to Arnav, if that was humanly possible.

"Preetho, Nikhil, & Barun must be waiting for you." Arnav said. "Don't you want to have lunch with them?" he teased.

Khushi's eyes filled.

"Khushi..Khushi..don't cry." Arnav pleaded. "I was just."

"I am coming home with you now. I don't want to wait till tomorrow." Khushi whispered, sniffing.

Arnav didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

"My bags are already packed." Khushi said. "We can leave together and.." Her fingers bit into his arm.

Arnav leaned sideways, and dropped a warm kiss on her cheek, uncaring of the gasps and laughter from the audience.



Part 43 (3)...

OMG! Arnav and Khushi planning to stay together the night before.. What crazy plans these guys make! LOL

Anjali also supporting the duo.. Wah wah!!! Clap

That was AWESOME! Clap LOL 

And finally ARNAV's IDEA!!! LOL

Arnav patted the hand that was clutching his arm in desperation. He said, "Nani, Buaji... I was thinking..."

All eyes turned to him.

Anjali whispered to the ladies, "Let's see how Chotey the businessman handles this."

They nodded.

"Haan, Chotey?" Nani asked, her eyes twinkling.

"Kaho, Nandkisore!" Buaji invited him, a challenge in her eyes.

"I was thinking, err... the wedding is to be held in RM tomorrow evening anyway. So why don't you all spend the night there?" Arnav asked, all innocence.

Buaji raised an eyebrow at him. Mami gasped. Nani smiled. Payal & Anamika struggled not to burst out laughing. Ganesh, NK, Akash, & Gaurav looked at Arnav with admiration.

"Acha khayal he, Chotey." Anjali teased him. "It will save you a lot of bother, won't it?"

Arnav blushed.

And then Buaji teasing.. HAHAHA!!! ROFL

Buaji whispered to the ladies, "After spending time with our Sanka Devi, Arnav Bitwaa has become her Sanka Dev, Nandkisore!"

All chuckled.

Awww... Khushi hugged Arnav...Heart

Khushi hugged Arnav's arm and leaned her head against his shoulder, a smile on her lips.

"Happy?" Arnav whispered in her ear.

"Very." she replied. "Aap sab kuch theek kar dete he! Hamesha..."

"Hamesha... for you, Khushi." Arnav Singh Raizada murmured.


Anamika breathed into Ganesh's ear. 
"ASR is such a big softie! Who would have thought it?"

Ganesh replied. "Arnav is a big softie, totally wrapped around Khushi's little finger. ASR is still a stubborn ass."


Cloud Nine emoticon (Happy Emoticons)Cloud Nine emoticon (Happy Emoticons)Cloud Nine emoticon (Happy Emoticons)



Part 43 (4)...

Aww.. Awww and more Awww!!! Heart 

Arnav accompanied Khushi to her bedroom. Two heavy suitcases were waiting in the corner, all packed & ready to go. He lugged them to the front door.

"Khushi, what do you have in these?" Arnav asked, smiling. "Rocks?"

Khushi pouted. "Ji. Pathar. To throw at you when you get angry with me."

Arnav chuckled silently.

She looked around, her hands on her hips. "Have I left anything behind...?" she wondered.

Arnav hid his smile with great difficulty. "Khushi, what does it matter if you have left something behind?"

Khushi looked at him.

"You can always return & get it. I mean, it is just a matter of  a few kilometers..." he reminded her, smiling.

"Haan..." Khushi said, uncertainty colouring her voice.

"Did you pack your stars?" he asked, looking at the stars hanging over her bed.

"Ji. I packed them first." Khushi replied, still looking around.

Arnav walked to her, and cupped her cheek in his palm. 

"Kya hua, Khushi? Feeling scared about tomorrow?" he asked softly.

Khushi looked into his empathetic eyes for a moment, and then murmured, "Life is so strange, isn't it?"

Arnav waited for her to explain.

"First, I was with my parents in our house. Then, one day, when I was eight, I moved into my aunt's house in Lucknow with all my clothes and toys. Then I met you. You aired the video clip and I had to leave Lucknow and move into Buaji's house in Delhi. Now I am leaving her house and going to yours." She swallowed hard as she looked around the familiar room.

Arnav pulled her into his arms. He said, his cheek against hers, "You will never have to leave my house to go anywhere else."

Khushi nodded slowly, and then slowly put her arms around him, hugging him close to her.

Arnav shut his eyes and rubbed his cheek against hers to comfort her.

"Bhai..." Akash stood open-mouthed at the sight of his khadoos brother standing in the circle of Khushiji's arms.

Payal giggled behind the cover of her hand.

Arnav & Khushi lowered their arms, putting a few inches between their bodies with difficulty.

"Bhai... All are ready to leave..." Akash said.

"We are coming." Arnav said in his usual brusque manner, only the flush on his face revealing his discomfiture.

This ^^^ conversation between Arnav Khushi and Payaash butting in... TOO CUTE!!!!

Cloud Nine emoticon (Happy Emoticons)Cloud Nine emoticon (Happy Emoticons)Cloud Nine emoticon (Happy Emoticons)

Hahahaha.. Khushi's funda about a bachelor's party is totally out of shape! Wonder what will happen next! LOL


@Smita: Love you sooo much for the updates... Hug Sorry for late comments! Please bare with the delays! I'm too tied up with things! Ouch

blowing a kiss emoticonblowing a kiss emoticonblowing a kiss emoticonblowing a kiss emoticon

@Rashmi: Thanks for the PMs! Wink Love you! Hug Awesome Interpretation for all the missed chapters!

kiss and thank you emoticonkiss and thank you emoticonkiss and thank you emoticon

Continue soon! Desperately waiting for Next Chapter!

Loads of love, Heart

Mrina Smile

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-Mrinalini- IF-Stunnerz

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Okay.. Last...

HERE'S MY VISHESH TIPPANI on Chapter 43 (5).

Part 43 (5)...

Anamika telling Khushi about Bachelor's Party! HAHAHA.. LOL
Now Khushi gone to NK's room??

Loved the convo between the duo!!! ROFL

"Pukka. Promise. NO GIRLS. Only shabab & kebab…" NK was desperate.

Brilliant chapter! Waiting for the Bachelor's Party to begin! Wink

@Smita: Finally done with all Chapters! Hibernating again.. See you after a week or two! Love you! Heart

blowing a kiss emoticonblowing a kiss emoticonblowing a kiss emoticonblowing a kiss emoticon

@Rashmi: Thanks for the PMs! Wink Love you! Hug Awesome Interpretation for all the missed chapters!

kiss and thank you emoticonkiss and thank you emoticonkiss and thank you emoticon

Signing off...

Loads of love, Heart

Mrina Smile

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Congrats on new thread..
Awesome update...loved it...

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