Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Happiness:When Viraat's Heart Spoke(Sequel)Pg 6

Sumana123 Senior Member

Joined: 10 March 2012
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 1:58am | IP Logged
Hello All

See who is back ??? Well this time I just needed something to take off my head and ended up writing a lame OS on Viraat and Maanvi. I m sure many of you wont like it  but still look at my guts I m posting it. Hope I get enough Tomatoes at the end. Have a nice read .

oh yeah the most important thing !!! This is fictional work and don't take it seriously.


Here you go

Happiness : When Viraat's Heart Spoke (VirMan OS)


"Wish You Get Everything You Want and Always Be Happy" These were her last words in fact that was the last time I saw her, 4 years back. Things changed after that but I did seldom realize it at that point of time and who cares to even! It was the biggest night of my life, I was promoted to the post of Head Designer at my Fashion House for which I had been putting my heart and sweat since last 6 years. It was a dream, come true for me particularly after the struggle I had to face to reach till here. Today I had everything that a man of 28 could desire for; money, luxurious home, fame, name and girls but this success didn't just belong to me it. For whatever I was today, there was someone who deserved equal credit as me in this journey without whose support I could have never dreamed of climbing this feat. That never ceasing support , ever encouraging words and hundreds of nights of hard work together were the real reason of my Happiness today and the person behind this was none other than my Friend , my Colleague, my Guide; Maanvi.

Maanvi, what to say about her? Sometimes I wonder could I have achieved all these so soon if it was not her who put her job at stake to drive my designed clothes to the La Vista Fashion parade? Could I have retained this prestigious job if it was not her who threw a fight with our CEO over the lobbying going on in Office? She was really a rare gem to be found these days. A girl who can keep chattering without a break 24 hours, a girl who breathed life into everything she touched or came across, a girl who was a bundle of joy whom everyone wanted to preserve with them. Maanvi was a girl who defined Dignity, Elegance, Beauty and Brain all at the same time and carried this tag without letting pride take over her head. Anywhere she went crowd would come flocking near her like a swarm of bees attracted to Honey.

I met Maanvi during my final days of MBA in an event. Our ideas and liveliness struck chord the moment we met, I was never a guy who considered a girl can ever do anything beyond putting kilos of make up on their faces but Maanvi changed my entire perception about woman and their thinking. At first like every high headed duo even we fought a lot but later our friendship and creativity took centre stage and rest is history. After our degrees we got offers from county's top fashion house an offer which everyone loathes to get, too juicy to even think of rejecting. It was for her constant support in those 6 years that my work never seemed like work to me , it was a mere joy ride and why wouldn't it be when I had such an entertainment channel like Maanvi always around. She was an angel she could lift off tension from any situation by her timely /untimely jokes and gags. I used to call her Basanti Reloaded from the Film Sholay. Even today I can bet if Basanti and Maanvi are put in any competition, Maanvi will win it with flying colours as supposedly God forgot placing the Pause button on her while making her. Manufacturing defect you see. Oh! While speaking of her how can I miss out on her talks about her dream man the Deadly combo of Ranbir Kapoor's cuteness with John Abraham's body. She used to leave me in splits whenever she spoke of these two guys. Her dramatic face while watching them dance was worth a capture in fact everything about her was worth a capture.

Anyway coming back to my party my eyes kept searching for my Partner in Crime Maanvi, where was she? It was almost an hour since the party had started but the always in time Maanvi was still missing. I strolled my eyes around and that's when I realized that I have invited so many people, in fact there were few whom I didn't even know. Finally I found her she was sitting at the Bar counter with a glass of wine in her hand she was not much of a drinker, clad in a White and red gown she was radiating pure beauty. I saw people coming and talking to her in turns as usual as I said she is a big crowd puller but today something was missing I realized it. I wanted to go and ask but then decided against and also how could I it was such a big day for me all those attentions  and applauds were swaying me off my feet. I was making the most of my grand success in a King style and wanted to show people who I am and what I have. Attending to everyone around I almost forgot to check on Maanvi , I didn't even know where she was and where she went; and how could I when I had one of the sexiest model by my side as my girlfriend. Taara, the Face of our Fashion house had just returned from her world tour and joined me directly at the party there by taking my pride to some other level. Taara and me had been dating since last few months after she shot with me for our Summer collection. One is seriously bound to lose senses when Taara clad in her off shoulder red party wear sets her foot in my success party. I was ruling the world that night of which I barely remember any particular cherish-able incident except the shock which I got next morning when I stepped inside my cabin. Rahul my design assistant came running and informed me that Maanvi had left the job. I couldn't believe it , I was about to slap Rahul and almost strangle Maanvi thinking it was one of her pranks yet again but the reality started sinking in soon when my CEO confirmed the same and on my insistence she showed me her resignation letter. To the world it might have looked like a simple resignation letter but for me it was her suicide letter. I couldn't believe she had filed for her resignation 4 months back and was under notice all this while. Why didn't she tell me a thing about it ? And on the top of it why did she leave without even telling me ? I kept trying her phone for all through the day but it came switched off and my search continued for day without null result. I couldn't reason a single thing to myself , why would Maanvi leave her glamorous post all of a sudden and why I didn't know about it . Un answered questions started haunting me day in and out and I couldn't find peace anywhere, it was simply unbelievable to me that Maanvi left me like that. I was missing her where every moment. I used to work but my heart seldom had any mood to and on top of it I failed to understand why it was hurting me so much.

My unsolved mysteries of my Heart soon got reveal in a very hard way one night when I returned my apartment before time and found Taara making out with a model in our Bedroom. World came crushing down on me an unknown rage started building inside me and I wanted a place to release it but I didn't know where. The only thing I remember from that night was even after seeing Taara in such a state I didn't say a single word to her. I kept looking at the floor and soon Taara left with her partner. I don't know what got into me but my heart didn't feel the urge to stop her or say anything to her. I never called her up or met her again neither we spoke, she simply didn't matter to me. My heart was still stuck at Maanvi leaving me and since that day nothing made any sense to me. My life started going down a spiral and days started getting fade under the smoke of cigar and flood of drinks, I was not myself anymore. All I knew was I wanted to hold someone and cry, I wanted to shout , scream and put my heart out to someone ...and only one face came in front of my eyes whenever I thought about it , it was Maanvi. Gradually I got to see the reality behind my tremulous mind, I realized the value Maanvi held in my life. It was never Taara , it was Maanvi all along since the day we met, she was my reason for happiness, she was the reason of me being alive but she was gone. Finally I confessed to myself that I loved Maanvi and needed to tell this to her at any cost but where was she?

Four years , two months and 16 days , and my wait was finally coming to an end. I got to know Maanvi was now working as the Creative Expert at Gregor's Fashion House and this time there is no stopping. I need to meet Maanvi at any cost and tell her what I feel for her , I know she will say Yes. I rechecked the time and venue once again with Rahul where the Gregors were suppose to have their After Show Party. I enter the Basement where the party was in full swing; the look , the ambience , the people attending this party nothing mattered to me today my eyes were just scanning for those sparkling eyes which used to lit up my life every day.  And finally I saw her; she was on the dais clad in a While with Golden laced Saree which added more to her angelic look. She was dancing with a man and she looked happy, that sunny smile was back and sparkle in her eyes could be easily read. I smiled looked at her, my life was there in front of my eyes but then my eyes moved to the Man she was dancing with. He was not her Ranbir Kapoor + John Abraham combo so definitely he can't be her dream man then who is he. I had never seen her so happy with anyone else other than me. He looked nice, he looked a through gentleman but not the deadly dreamy combo Maanvi wanted. I decided to put my mind to rest for a while and just look at the angel in front of me. Today my heart finally got the solace it was searching since last four years and I wanted to enjoy it.

I was mesmerized in her beauty; passing years have added more glow to her womanly look. The music changed and I saw Maanvi getting down from the dance floor walking towards the bar counter. I could not resist myself anymore and called her name which made her stop and look at me. I saw her changing expression on seeing me, her eyes used to change colours whenever she saw something very unexpected. Almost a minute had passed but neither me nor Maanvi took a step towards each other, she was standing there grounded and I could see tears swelling up in her eyes. I decide to take charge of the situation and walked towards her while she kept staring at me with her face going pale each second. I came near her and gave my trademark smirk that's when she realized that I was really there and she took a step back gauging our proximity. Her one step back brought me face to face the biggest fear of my life which I had been keeping locked up all these years. I saw a tinge of Sindoor (Vermilion) in the parting of her hair, she was married. My legs started trembling in reflex the moment I saw it , she was not mine anymore , she was gone.

 I was once again losing myself when her voice brought me back from the brink of fall.

 "Hi ! Viraat ...How are you" she said clearing the lump in her throat.

 " You are married ??" I couldn't stop myself from asking the most dreading question still praying it comes out to be untrue.

 "Yes" she answered giving a feeble yet confident smile.

 "To whom ?" my voice started chocking when she showed me her Husband. He was the same guy with whom she was dancing a while ago. I smiled looking at him. Maanvi called her husband to introduce me to him. His name is Rohan Mehra one of the top board members at Gregors and looked extremely talented but that was no where a happy news for me. He excused both of us within few minutes of cordial exchanges and went to attend client hence giving me some respite. The reality quietly started sinking into me when I saw that same glint of joy in her eyes which I used to find in her eyes for me but now it didn't belong to me anymore.

"Why did you leave without telling me " I finally asked the most important question to her which had been haunting me past 4 years. Her eyes turned dark the moment my words reached her ears and she tried to look anywhere other than me. Her silence gave me the answer I wanted to hear at the same time I felt the pain she suffered due to my behaviour. I wanted to hid myself from the shame tonight but it was not an option anymore. I felt Maanvi could read the unspoken lines on my face , she still understood me inside and out and she said "Viraat you need not feel bad for what happened ..It's past and I have gotten over with it". I couldn't reason behind her so calm voice, was she the same Maanvi whose voice was always notches above normal human pitch. I struggled while putting my next question forward but I had to do this...

 " Maanvi can you ever forgive me ?"

 "I have never blamed you for anything .. Viraat ..you are one who taught me the biggest lesson of life that  Love and Good Looks are two different things...and they should never be mixed with each other ...I can never hate you ..even if I want to..." Maanvi's answered pricked deep inside my heart, she might not show but I know I was the reason behind this changed Maanvi.

 "You have changed a lot Maanvi!!"

 "World is all about Change ...Viraat...we can't stop it...every single thing is bound to change once brought her ...So I have" Maanvi said in a confident voice.

"Look ...Maanvi ...I m really sorry for what happened ..I just came here to say..." before I could say my purpose she cut me middle and started speaking.

 "Viraat ...I know why you came ...but ...I can't give you anything ...I have moved on ..Believe me ...I have realized the difference between being Friends and being Loved...and Seriously I don't hold anything against you ... The times we spent together are as precious for me ..as the time I spend with Rohan ...so don't feel bad about anything .." Maanvi insisted on her every line to make be believe in them but my heart was still not ready to budge in.

 "Do...Do...you love him" I said keeping my eyes low.

 "Yes...I do...Viraat he might not be like those film heroes or Greek gods which I used to dream...but he is a Good person...and most importantly he Loves me ..what more do I need in this life" Maanvi said giving her bright smile. This was it her last sentence put the final nail on all my hopes. I couldn't bear it anymore, I excused myself from her sight and went out of the party.

Tonight I didn't want to cry or scream, neither did I want to drink. I just wanted to laugh and laugh till my stomach hurt at my foolishness, at my stupidity of not realizing her value. Rohan was indeed the most lucky man on earth to have such a gem by his side. I was standing staring at the sky from my Hotel Balcony when Maanvi's words "Wish You Get Everything You Want and Always Be Happy" came revisiting my mind. A smile crept into my lips and I realized that the most important thing in life was to see HER happy and tonight I got the Biggest Burden off my chest when I saw Maanvi happy with Rohan. What more I can wish for...Maanvi was my Love , Is My Love and Will Remain my Love for ever this is something no one can change !!




PS : Fictional work dont take seriously. If you liked it then your reviews are welcome.



Happy Sunday ...Love All 

Sequel of Happiness : When Viraat's Heart Spoke

Happiness : When Maanvi's Heart Spoke (Page 6)


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afshanmk093 Senior Member

Joined: 01 August 2008
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Nice os re!
Bt my virman got separated :'(...bt i think everythng doesnt end on happing ending tag line
ur os was mre likely towards reality whch i loved it!
Kash kash! We only keep on saying wis bt it always happened whatever is written in our faiths!
U made me emotinal freak thru tis

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ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 November 2011
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 2:55am | IP Logged
ROFL ROFL Combination of Ranbir nd John.. ye tera dream boy hai not Manvi.. ROFL
And Fab Os Loved it.. Heart
No comments bcz I hate sad Os Ermm And specially in whch VirMan r seperated.. Ermm

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athniamanvi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 July 2012
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 3:17am | IP Logged
oh sumana... what r u?... how do u write it so beautifully????
the way u explained how manvi was... the way how virat felt when he saw her again after so many years...and many more... they were beyond words...
when i came to know that manvi is married to someone else... i was hell shocked...
the ending really made me cry... truly!!!!!!
loved ur OS... u r really a good writer... keep it up!!!
love athiraHeart

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Sumana123 Senior Member

Joined: 10 March 2012
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ShivRajput

ROFL ROFL Combination of Ranbir nd John.. ye tera dream boy hai not Manvi.. ROFL
And Fab Os Loved it.. Heart
No comments bcz I hate sad Os Ermm And specially in whch VirMan r seperated.. Ermm

LOL ...I agree that' my dream man...and ...Sad OS agree too..but I showed the other side of the coin ..that we should not trust a man who ignore us at some point of time

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hangok IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 July 2012
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 3:36am | IP Logged
the end is sad but i like it very much great work
sometimes it is too latee
thanks for pm

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Niaksharma IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 August 2012
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for pm nd made me read this ab work...
Really awesome...
Virmaan were not met in end bt still i like...

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virmanhus Senior Member

Joined: 13 March 2013
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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 3:52am | IP Logged
didnt read d story yet,, but befor i read u know where um coming,, WHERE IS DESTINIES CONNECTED UPDATE?????????????????????????????????

i'll get back to u once i read dis

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