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SS: How to Win Your Crush's Heart LAST PART PG 23 (Page 18)

LuvArnavKhushi Goldie

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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cheesemad


Soon my dear, soon! But I can't say exactly when. I'm in the middle of writing it right now. Smile

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cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by LuvArnavKhushi

Originally posted by cheesemad


Soon my dear, soon! But I can't say exactly when. I'm in the middle of writing it right now. Smile
OMG waitwa kari ka padiCry
will wait and stalkWink

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LuvArnavKhushi Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 2:16am | IP Logged

How to Win Your Crush's Heart part 8

The three weeks in between the engagement and the marriage ceremony were short for many but a long wait for Khushi. She had a countdown on her phone and it was the one thing on her mind all day and night. Her conversations with Arnav were always brief and very simple so at times she'd feel bad that they never spoke about their future as a married couple like normal couples would but she tried to put that past her - she oftentimes tricked herself into thinking that he was just shy to speak about it.

But her wedding day finally arrived and Khushi got no more than four hours of sleep that night - what with all the stress and overwhelming feeling of being none other than Arnav's wife taking over her mind. She felt all giddy about her wedding wouldn't that be an interesting thought? She blushed to think such a thing while two ladies were standing over her - one was doing her hair while the other was doing her makeup.

"Why are you blushing?" One of the ladies asked and Khushi giggled. "It's my wedding day na, so naturally I'm happy."

Her cheeks burned red again when she heard her sister's voice come up. "She's been dreaming of this day and of this particular boy for over a decade."

The ladies gave Khushi happy smiles. "Congratulations."


The hours quickly slipped by and it was finally the time of the wedding. Khushi stood in the bride's room in the banquet that they were holding the wedding and had all the important women in her life stand around her. "You're always going to hold a very special place in our family now. You're the first daughter-in-law," Avni said and kissed the top of Khushi's head so as not to ruin any of her makeup.

"Well I couldn't have asked for more - my best friend and now my sister-in-law!" Anjali said cheerfully and hugged Khushi from the side.

Khushi turned around to sit on the couch because there was still some time left when she saw Payal wiping away a tear, unaware that Khushi was looking at her. "Jiji?" Khushi said and went to her. Payal looked up startled and let out a light chuckle. "What is it?"

"You're not crying are you?" Khushi asked with a heavy heart. She felt a hand on her shoulder but she didn't bother to look up to see who it was.

"Aunty ji got a daughter in law, Anjali got a sister in law, but what about me? I'm losing my sister - how am I supposed to be okay with you living an hour away from us?"

Khushi felt her eyes sting with tears so she grabbed her sister for a tight hug. "You don't worry, I'll see you often. I'll make him do everything I ask for," Khushi said quietly in Payal's ear so only she can hear. Payal laughed and pulled away, lightly tapping Khushi's face. "Don't be a witch with a b, but I'm holding you to your promise to visit often - and that means at least twice a month!"

"Done!" Khushi said with a wide grin then turned her head along with everyone else in the room when Akash came in and told them all to head out. Khushi stood up and felt absolutely heavy in her hand bejeweled red lehenga, the dozen bangles on each wrist, her heavy jewelry on her neck and ears, and not to mention all the pins in her hair, which were driving her crazy already. She fixed her pallu and bit down on her lips to hide her smile at the thought of Arnav helping her lighten up later in the night. She had to bring her imagination down a few notches when all the women gathered around her as she started her stride down the hallway to the main hall. These were her last moments as a single person and she couldn't be happier.

She sat down next to Arnav and turned to look at him only to find him already looking at her. When their eyes met, he smiled and just to add their usual fun, added a wink. He saw her blush as all the blood rushed to her face and the way she shyly looked away. 'Khushi and shy? When did that happen?' He wondered with an internal chuckle.

The ceremony was all a blur for Khushi since her head was in a haze from disbelief. She was getting married. She really couldn't believe it and yet she was being taken through the entire process! What was once a dream she wanted to happen so badly, it was finally happening and yet she still felt it was another dream to which she would wake up to and realize with sheer disappointment that it was nothing but that.

But when she looked down and saw her mangalsutra, she knew it was real. She blinked a few times to dry out the tears that were forming in her eyes. She looked at Arnav - inally her husband! - and smiled back up at him when he gave her a smirk. She was ready to tell him to whole truth later that night; she wanted him to know exactly what was running through her mind since the age of ten which could all be summed up in one word - love.

When they got up to move to the reception area, she looked Arnav up and down and gave him an impressed look for his off white sherwani with a matching red churidar and dupatta. He gave her a knowing smile and for the first time in her life, he took her hand in his and walked down with her to the chairs for the bride and groom and even when they sat he didn't let go, putting Khushi in a state of shock.

While others were running around to figure things out, Arnav flipped over Khushi's hand and looked at it intently. When she realized he was looking for the letter of his name, a smile grew on her lips and she gazed at the side of his face while he looked down. She saw the corners of his lips curl up and he looked up, squeezing her cheeks together. "Right there," he said finding the letter A buried deep within the intricate designs of her mehndi.

"Thank God I have a husband with good perception," Khushi joked and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Yeah well someone's gotta have the brains in this marriage and that's not you."

Khushi pretended to be offended. "Arnav, seriously? We're married now - if not before, you definitely need to respect me now."

She froze in her position when she found him staring deep into her eyes - as if he were trying to look into her soul - then broke into an amused smirk. "You're right."

He looked ahead when the music changed and his friends and siblings started to dance. But while his eyes were on the dance floor with a joyful grin on his face, his thoughts were elsewhere. Khushi was right; they were married now. He could barely believe it himself. He had always pondered about what life with a wife and kids could be like and he was happy that he got the wife part down. He was also happy that he married a friend and that at least it wasn't a stranger that three weeks wouldn't possibly give him enough time to fully get to know. Khushi was his friend and even if nothing else, at least their marriage had the friendship base well formed.

After many arranged dances by their friends and family, they were unexpectedly pulled up for their first dance. Khushi shyly giggled when the lights dimmed out and fairy lights lit up and the song Tera Hone Laga Hoon came on. Arnav didn't hesitate to put his arm around her waist and took her hand in his as he casually led the dance back and forth.

Arnav was looking more to his friends and the guests smiling to him as he rocked Khushi then at one point he looked down at her and smiled before the words reached his ear and his smile slightly dropped as they both stared at each other.

Waise to maan mera
Phele bhi raaton mein
Aksar hi chahat ke haan
Sapne sanjota tha

(Some times, even before,
My heart would often think up
Dreams of love in lonely nights)

Phele bhi dhadkan yeh
Dhun koi gaati thi
Par ab jo hota hai woh
Phele na hota tha

(Some times, even before,
My heart beat would hum softly,
But what i feel now, is not how it used to be)

They were pulled out of their stare when the DJ scratched the song into a more lively one of Cham Se. The rest of the night was spent this way dancing, laughing, and often eye locks between the newly wedded couple.

When the night came to an end, Arnav and Khushi were led by Anjali and Payal to their suite - the hotel rooms being right above the banquet hall. The minute they stepped in, the two girls pulled the door shut with their giggles being heard behind the door. Obviously a couple of people missed at least an hour of the wedding since the room was decorated with flowers, rose petals and lit candles.

Khushi turned around and gave Arnav a cheeky smile. He was about to say something when Khushi stopped him and shook her heels off before climbing onto the bed and sitting in the middle of it with her ghughat pulled to cover a good portion of her face. "You may proceed," she said and let out a giggle. Arnav rolled his eyes with a smile and advanced towards her. He sat on the bed and held on to her wrist first before running it up her arm. Khushi's eyes widened and her heart sped up but it was of anticipation.

"Khushi...are you sure you want to do this?" They were the only words needed to break Khushi's moment of joy. She pushed her ghunghat away making her pallu fall behind her. "What?" She asked to be clear again.


"Excuse me?" She said unable to comprehend where he was going with all this. Her heart was beating fast but it was no longer from joy and anticipation, it was from fright of another heartbreak - hearing things that she didn't want to.

"Oh c'mon! Don't be offended! I'm just saying, don't you find this weird? We've spent our lives teasing each other and now we're expected to do this?"

Khushi's brows scrunched in disbelief at him. She shrugged his hand away and got off the bed, standing up to show how angry she was. "You didn't think of that before we got married? What the hell have you been thinking of this entire time?"

"Don't get mad! I'm being honest!"

"How the hell is it weird? You're a man - that's all you guys think about but you're telling me it's weird?"

Arnav's face went beat red hearing those words from her. He got up and walked up to her. "You're fighting on our wedding night -"

"What wedding night? Obviously there is none! Are you telling me you're never going to kiss me, or touch me just because you find it weird?" Khushi's rage was apparent but then her face fell in a frown. She looked up at Arnav with evident traces of hurt in her eyes as she was processing everything that he had said. "Why did you marry me?" She asked in a quiet voice.

Arnav sighed and took a step forward towards Khushi. He held her shoulders and said his words with sincerity. "I married you because I had no reason to say no. You're such a wonderful person - you have a kind heart, you're incredibly nice, you're funny, you're respectful, you're traditional and religious, and my entire family absolutely adores you."

"Bas?" Khushi said and just as she'd feared, her heart broke in pieces. He didn't love her. It was bad before but she found it worse now that her own husband didn't love her back. "You don't love me?" She asked quietly and fought her tears to stay away when Arnav cupped her face. It was the first time he did that but that too a way to pacify her. Her heart was hurting again and it was hurting bad.

"I do love you - you're my wife now. I intend to treat you in the best way a husband could."

"But you're not in love with me," Khushi said matter of factly and looked away when he didn't reply.

"Why does it even matter? I'm telling you I'm going to love you as a good husband should."

"There's a difference, Arnav," she said as she pushed his hands and took a step back. "There's a huge difference when the love that two people feel in a marriage are two different types of love altogether. There's a huge difference." She walked past him to the bathroom to change and when she went inside, she slid her back down the locked door and silently wept to herself.  She was so caught up with the fact that he wanted to do this marriage in the first place that she never actually thought if he liked her or not. He married her because she was a good girl and nothing else. 


Okay, some clarifications people! Arnav is stupid in the head okay? I'll tell you now he does love her but he doesn't know it yet!! Bah! Get it now?? 

It may seem like I'm rushing this story but honestly, I'm eager to finish it before the 9th because I won't be writing for a full month because of Ramadan. No other reason but that I want to spend this time in complete supplication since it's a very religious and special month. 

Next part will be up super quick. I think I moved a little too quickly for that so will have to look it over before I post. Have a good day/night!

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AnnieMalik Senior Member

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Amazing update
Shit what will happen now ?
Feeling bar for khushi
Her wedding nite is spoiled
Please update soon

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cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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wow they got married...m so happy:)
oh God arnav is brainless creature...
poor khushi...
please Farah make him fall in love with her soon...pretty please:)

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sweetydoll32 IF-Rockerz

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awesome update plz update soon

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MissNadia Goldie

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Hey awesome update
Happy they finally got  married yayyya
Sad eneding poor khushi 
Cant wait for him to realised soon
Eagerly waiting for the next part 
Plz update soon 

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zar-bara Senior Member

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they got married!!!
but what will happen next?

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