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SS: How to Win Your Crush's Heart LAST PART PG 23 (Page 11)

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wild_nzle Senior Member

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Awesome...Continue Soon!!

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IPKKNDfan4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 4:12am | IP Logged
hehehe Arshi are hilarious !!
is Arnav slowly hinting dat he likes Khushi or he s kidding again ???
 lol when Arnav said, use the brain that u claim to have !!...and dat sheep dialogue!!!!!!!!!LOLLOL
LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great update...
waiting for more fun !!

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LuvArnavKhushi Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2013 at 1:56am | IP Logged

 How to Win Your Crush's Heart part 5

Khushi sat in her seat comfortably and all the while her eyes were on him. She remained silent while the songs were playing in the background and the others were talking including Arnav. She watched him with careful eyes as his lips moved but she didn't hear the words. Her world was moving in slow motion on its own as she gazed at him. His every blink included his long lashes meeting in together then moving away again to reveal his beautiful chocolate brown eyes that Khushi knew so well that she managed to paint a perfect picture of him in her mind whenever he was away from her.

But her absolute favorite was his smile and laughs - she would just go crazy over them. The way his lips curled up to show off his straight set of teeth was ever so sweet. His smile was the one thing that she felt like she could stare at forever. She loved it so much that it filled up her heart with complete contentment. But his laugh...his laugh was another thing altogether. While she could stare at his smile at all times, his laugh was also the one thing that she wouldn't mind listening to without a break.

She loved him and there was no denying it. She would probably deny it to others but she knew in her heart that she could never ever love a man the way she loved him for so long. She didn't find the thought of falling in love with another man impossible, but she found it impossible to ever like anyone else the way she liked him. After all, there was only one Arnav for her and that was the one who was sitting in the passenger seat smiling and joking away.

She didn't know when her attention moved to the road ahead as she fell in a daze then two snapping fingers in front of her eyes pulled her back. She looked at him and he bobbed his head at her to ask what was wrong with her. She shook her head 'nothing' and looked back out towards the road as the van engulfed every bit of the road as they were coming close to their destination.

When they reached the picnic area, they opened the trunk and Arnav thought it just the time to pull Khushi's leg. "It's okay, you don't pick up anything - wouldn't want your nails to chip!"

Khushi gave him a blank expression at first before having one side of her lips curl up in a crooked smile. "Okay, thanks for being so considerate." She turned on her heals and walked away leaving Arnav confused. He was so sure that she would argue first then prove herself.

His head was buried in the trunk getting things when he felt a body next to him. He looked over his shoulder and there she was, standing, with a small smile on her face. "Don't think so little of me," she said and picked up a full cooler by herself then waited there for him to come along. He gave her a good look first before he picked up the bags and walked with her.

"I feel like an idiot carrying bags when you're carrying a cooler," he said and she glanced at him with a raised eyebrow. "It's time you feel like one. My thoughts have finally been proven true - by the man himself."

They unloaded the stuff on the picnic table then she went and sat next to her sister and Anjali. She'd throw Arnav her glances every now and then that one time he looked at her too, her heart was beating faster than normal, her stomach was dancing, and undoubtedly, her face was red. That's what one little glance from Arnav did to her and what it had been doing to her for the longest time.


Arnav wondered why Khushi's face was so darn red - it was never hard to see considering her beautiful milky-smooth skin. He was casually kicking the soccer ball back and forth with Akash when his attention was stolen when he saw the girls get up and walk down a path. He watched curiously as Khushi became increasingly irrated with her hair coming in front of her face so she took her elastic and harshly tied it. Arnav internally chuckled at how rough she was being with her own self, that too over loose hair.

"Arnav!" Avni called her son and he looked back at her. "Come, we gotta start the barbeque," she said as she took out a dozen corns and skewers with chicken on them for lunch.

He sat on a cooler while his mother started up the barbecue then he started his own fun. A half hour passed before he saw the girls walking back - reappearing from behind the bushes that they had disappeared behind. He got back to the barbeque in front of him when Khushi showed up and looked through the cooler that was next to Arnav's.

"Is the water in the other one?" She asked pointing to the one he was sitting on. He looked at her and nodded his head positively. She remained silent for a moment since she was waiting for him to get up but he didn't. "Can I get a couple bottles?" She finally asked.

"You can say please."

Khushi leaned down towards him and gave him a sarcastic smile. "Or I can poke your eyes out," she said quietly before her expression changed to a threatening one, "Now give me two bottles!"

Arnav looked away showing her that he was ignoring her but Khushi knew very well that he would never stay close to her, especially when his family was just behind him. She decided to use that against him so she plopped herself down on the cooler next to him, making their legs and their arms touch. He looked at her with widened eyes. "Move!"

"Why Arnav? Don't you like me sitting next to you?" She pouted her lips in a frown then extended her hand to hold his when he suddenly jumped up and moved away. "Thanks!" She said cheerfully and opened the cooler to get her water bottles. Arnav gaped at her and she bobbed her eyebrows at him. "I'm much smarter than you think."

His head followed her as she went to sit at the table and for the first time in a long time, Arnav Singh Raizada blushed red as he watched Khushi wink at him with a cheeky smile before sitting down. But he did wonder why he was blushing. Was it because what she did was simply inappropriate or was it because he wanted her to continue but he simply couldn't allow it in front of his family? He tried to seem indifferent to her actions by sitting back down and not giving her the satisfaction of him looking back.


The men got up and went for a long walk leaving just the women and the two guys. Khushi was talking and laughing with Akash when Arnav finally came to the picnic table and sat in front of her, looking down and avoiding her stare. Khushi noticed this and struggled to hide her smile. "You did an amazing job, Arnav! You're mother's appraisals have a lot of truth to them - Arnav Singh Raizada: number one at barbecuing."

He looked up to make sure his siblings' faces were neutral before he made his own comment. "Yeah, yours too. Khushi Kumari Gupta: stupidest girl in town!"

Khushi wasn't offended but she found it high time that he saw some serious emotions from her. She blinked at him once then looked away with a slight frown on her face. She really played it up when Akash tried to continue the conversation but she would only answer quietly - all of which Arnav observed.

"Can you pass me the salad?" He asked her, pointing at the end of the table. Khushi nodded her head without a word and gave him the container. She felt like she was fighting off the tickle monster on the inside because she was so very tempted to laugh at his guilty face.

Instead she was left in an actual state of shock when he scooped too much salad for himself so he put some of it on her plate first before putting the rest on his own. "Eat," he said looking at the bit on her plate before getting back to his food.

She took her fork and started piercing it into the vegetables while her thoughts were just running again. He put salad for her...he realized it was too much for one person so he put some for her! She didn't care of how little others would probably think of this action but for her it meant a lot. For her - for the few brief seconds - she felt like his wife where he put food on her plate for her first and kindly ordered her to eat. And the important thing that she noted was that he didn't give the leftover on the salad spoon for her, he first served her then put the rest for himself!

She bit the inside of her lip to halt her smile. She knew she thought too much into his actions but she had to in order to find out - even by hints - if he liked her. Khushi's head snapped to the side when she heard a tune far too familiar to her from hearing it so many times since her childhood.

Dil To Pagal Hai

Dil Dewana Hai

Dil To Pagal Hai

Dil Dewana Hai

Akash looked at her and smiled as he played it on his phone. Her face lightened with joy and she started moving her shoulders to the rhythm, not caring about Arnav's glances at her. She loved this song and she was going to dance no matter what! But as much as she adored the song, there was one part of the song that hit home so very badly for her and that part always made her stare of into space.

It wasn't different this time either.

Dil Ka Kehna ,Hum Sab Maane (We all heed the heart)
Dil Na Kisi Ki Maane (The heart heeds no one)
Jaan Di Humne, Jaan Gaye Sab (Everyone knows I've lost myself to him)
Ek Wohi Na Jaane (Only he doesn't know)

These words couldn't have been any truer for her. She was singing along to those words in her mind while staring off in the far distance but Arnav was too stupid to notice when and how she changes. His question of "Did you see a ghost?" proved it.

She broke out of her daze and furrowed her eyebrows at him. "No I didn't see a ghost, Arnav!" She said sternly before getting up and walking away. Everyone stared at her with open mouths then Arnav's mother got mad and told him to apologize to her immediately.

He sighed in annoyance and got up to walk after her. He kept his distance at first then quickened his pace when they were no longer in their family's view. "Khushi, wait!" He called out to her but she only continued her walk. She climbed down the rocks on the sides and sat on one, which was closest to the river that was splashing up against the rocks. She picked up a few tiny ones from the ground and started throwing them in. She looked the other way when Arnav sat down next to her - their arms not touching but close enough to drive her heart to do crazy things.

"You know of all the things I've said in our lives, I can't believe you just got so mad at me mentioning a ghost," he said as he side glanced her, waiting for a response. She finally shrugged her shoulders and went back to skipping rocks.

Arnav extended his hand to get one from the palm of her hand when she fisted her hand, disabling him from taking any. He stared at her face but she wasn't looking back. Her eyes were on the water only and they didn't flinch a bit. He grabbed her hand with one hand then with the other tried to pry her fingers open. "Arnav, stop!" She squealed but he didn't let go. "What's your problem? Get some off the ground!" She yelled and tried to move her hand away but his arm was locking hers down against his rib cage.

He gave her a sharp look - full of anger. "No. I want the stones in your hand. What is the matter with you? So much attitude because of something that wasn't even meant to attack you?"

"Shut up, it's not just now, it's always okay? You're just so stupid."

"Stop calling me stupid all the time! I'm not stupid, you're stupid," he refuted.

"No you are stupid! You're blind and stupid. You don't realize the most obvious things in front of your eyes!" She argued but felt it was an awkward argument considering he was still holding her arm against his body.

"What do you mean exactly?"

Her heart dropped and her eyes widened a bit. She might have loved him with all her heart but she was not going to risk confessing to him. Confession was not a good idea because if he didn't return the feeling then they would forever have a strained relationship.

"I don't know specifics! You just are! Let go!" She started wiggling her arm and he tightened his grip on her. "Fine, I don't care anyways but just relax!" It didn't take long for his demand to take effect on her. Her shoulders slumped forward as she sighed and relaxed her muscles making him easily open her hand take a few rocks to throw it in the water, causing ripples of rings to be created nearby.

They both watched the ripples before Arnav turned his face and looked at Khushi while he still held her hand but it wasn't as tight now. "I really don't know if what I said was that bad but I'm sorry if it hurt you that much."

Khushi let out a sigh and finally moved her eyes to lock it with his. "I just had an outburst but I'm not mad. I'm actually sorry I reacted that way."

"Tell me the truth, why did you react that way?" He asked with concern evident in his tone and expressed through his eyes. Khushi half smiled and pulled her hand away though she wouldn't mind to have it there for eternity. "It was nothing, really. You just interrupted my thought process for the song."

"A song? What's so great about that song that made you think about it so seriously?" He asked with genuine curiosity.

"It's just a song, Arnav. I mean it wasn't even the whole thing I was thinking out - it was only one verse but hey, trust me, it's not that important." She gave him a reassuring smile and he eventually nodded his head in agreement. They sat there for some time saying not much then Arnav was about to lean down to get a few stones when Khushi brought her hand out first. He grinned and took a few from her.

"So you gotta explain this to me because it still boggles my mind - you graduated university?!" He asked as a joke to get their light hearted talks going on. Khushi rolled her eyes but snorted a laugh nonetheless.

"I did," she started and the two went into a fifteen-minute conversation about how she graduated. Khushi was trying to defend her poor brain that was actually a smart one while Arnav bombarded her with his sarcastic comments and jokes. Khushi finally gave up and got up to leave. Making sure to keep her smile going her ran up after her in an attempt to make her run away from him. It worked. The two pushed at each other a couple times on the field before they eventually grew tired and walked side by side as civilized human beings.


Would like to say sorry for not updating in the past three or four days. I actually had relatives come over until yesterday at noon and then I went out with my siblings for Canada Day until very late. But I'm back! yayy! lol

To be honest, I don't even know how this part came out. It's probably utter crap but the next part is an important one so please make sure to keep your watch out for it! 

Don't have much more to say other than...don't hate this part please! lol. Have a great day/night everyone! 

P.s. I remembered something! My dear friend pari162 created a lovely banner for this story and I can't thank her enough! I honestly love it! It's on page 1 so just take an extra few seconds to look at it because she did an amazing job! Thanks again Pari!

P.p.s. sweetie_angel, gurl this long update is for you!! lol. 



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nice update. Bt d story is nt moving ahead

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awesome update
khushi observing him
and last their bickering
update soon
thanks for pm

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awesome update.Smile
khushi loves arnav but what's about arnav?

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thank you darling for considering my request
toh im sure lot of people would thank me as they got to read a long update of ursWink
loved it as usual

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