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waqt kaa ye fasiala THREAD 4###(THREAD 5 LINK PG 1) ADDED (Page 8)

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Thank you so much guys again to make it 250 likes and thanks for all comment

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Waqt Ka Ye Fasilala 

chapter 23


"How do you know her name is geet" man asked with a frown and his voice is really dangerous.


"vo beta she had her mangalsutra in her neck their we read something like 'maan ki geet' so think to call her geet, maybe its help her to remember who is she" vedh jii confident answer left maan baffled as his smallest doubt is also clear now and vedh jii tapped his shoulder and gave him geet magalsutra, his geet is alive and all safe and sound, his heart twirled in happiness and unknown to him tears starts to flow down from his black big eye. His all bolt up feeling is come out today, it's nothing less than but a miracle to him that his geet is alive his child mother is alright. He didn't know what to do, whom to thank, maan pulled out his wallet from back pocket and gave a very big amount to vedh jii but vedh jii denied but still he kept all notes in his hands, he is trying to say something but words are not coming out from his mouth, his throat is chocking so vedh jii made him drink some water his own eye are numb to see finally geet husband is here and above of all this he is "badi hevali khurana" most respected family of the around 50 village. Practically geet is in her husband village only.

"beta common save your geet first as today they are going to sold her as per our villager plan, we will call police on right time but now you are here so there is no need to all this.. but remember my warning, geet brain is not in proper condition for so much stress and confusion, try another way to make her remember everything" ved jii said and both go ahead for munshi jii house.

"Don't worry vedh jii!!! Geet is my heart beat after almost 7 month, I am feeling like a alive person, this time no one is going to hurt my geet" maan said with hidden anger in his eye.

(read chapter 6 If you forget geet past and maan entry there)

I opened munshi jii house door in a snap as I am feeling very restless and in front scene took my breathe for some second as a rouge type man is going to keep a burning coal on my geet soft palm and there she is wriggling in his grip, without second thought I ordered to my geet to go out and sit in my jeep but to heard brij roared she run like some scared lamb and hide behind me, my hands are itching to took her in my arm but I remembered ved jii warning and knew that for geet I am Stanger,  in normal situation maybe my emotion is not able to bolt up but now everything is mess, so carefully I introduce myself to my own wife, this is feeling like many needle pierced my heart but I have to act wisely.

After some time police come and arrest all of them, I am not able to had a checked my own feeling and stares geet in longing but soon I found her discomfort so I changed topic but first, I have to talk with everyone in Delhi as they will surely react to see geet so it's not good even in office also.

To see geet all gloomy and scared, I offered her office flat with job, as it will help me also for my next move to get my geet back. I am just praying that everything fall on right place.

But first I want to make mansi meet her mother, she is also craved for her mother day and night but not any more in some day, their geet will be with them and old days are also back, but I have to settle priya chapter also. Maan sighed as a shocking memory hit him so hard, how that fine day after his and priya marriage he come to know by detective that priya is involved in this accident but still some leads are missing his man is working on it that's why priya is still not in jail.


Maan trance is broke by call of adi as he is coming India after cracking dear for kc and now kc held a party tonight for a official announcement about khurana malls in all over the world which is a merger of kc and other foreign company but kc is as always 75 percent holder in project, maan like to wirk as owner if it is simple project or whole company. He had everything on his tip of his finger but still he desiring only for his wife to accept him and their baby after knowing truth about their relation but doctor words always stop him to yell loudly to geet that she is his wife as first he wants to make sure her heart start to beat for her mansi than he will take next step to seduce her and make her inner woman who is still his wife crave for his touches, after when he is sure that he spell bounded geet than he relive this biggest truth or else, think can go in wrong direction.


"Geet!!! Today you will come in the party by hook or crook as mrs.khurana, as all my old clients knew you there" maan thought with a smirked.


And left to down stairs only to see everyone is searching something first he rolled his eye but saw mansi is crawling and walking 3 or 4 step in front of them only than what the hell they all are searching in this morning.


"What all are you searching? Mansi is there playing in her own self" maan pointed toward mansi who is going toward her doll house which is placed the down of staircase as mansi loved every corner and small place for her.


"Bro!!! For a change, today we are haunting dadi specs my purse and geet bangles, you check also maybe you also lost something today" meera just finished when she heard yash voice.


"Meera!!! Where is my tie, I just placed it on my bed now it's not here" yash come out as he have to rush on his work urgent.


"Now you too" geet murmured.


Maan casually sat on couch and saw for his newspaper which is also not anywhere on his usual place.


"Nakulll!!! Where is the hell my newspaper, should I say every think twice" maan glared nakul for his carelessness.


"Maan!!! Newspaper is also in the list of stealing items" dadi maa said with a sighed.


"What!!! But who could this, I mean churana tha tu cash jewelry churata, newspaper ka kya kare gaa" maan said with a frown.


"Why don't you help us instead of questions and asked them from chor (thief) when you catch him" geet said all annoyed as first she is searching her bangles which are quite important for her and here maan is just disturbing them.


Meera and dadi giggled to see the great msk is getting scolding by his wife who is still not aware of the truth but dominating him.


"Wife is always wife, don't underestimates her in any condition" maan murmured and starts to see here and there for any clue for this "chories" in km which had world best xxx security team.

 He smiled to see his daughter who is still busy in her playing she is again going in the direction of her doll house his daughter loved every corner in km to maan place one of her doll house under staircase so she didn't go and hide in all over the hall and made meera life hell but what caught maan attention tv remote in mansi hand, she is walking and sometime crawling, maan went behind her and saw her place tv remote in her doll house and again come out quietly and went in other direction of hall to pick another thing.

Mansi is her own world, smile adores her lips sweetly and she is removing her curls which are coming on her eye in between, and making little but irritating faces but all lost in her own little world.

Maan checked her doll house by removing roof of the doll house, his eye widen to see all full house is filled with random objects like newspaper, bangles, tie, specs, spoons etc.

So he caught km thief who is 9 month old and enjoying her new game mission filled her doll house with random shinning objects and made other life hell.

next update will be A thrashed barbie

new small ss

My naughty bride

My other complete os or ss

Precap: how maan mange so geet doesn't come to know reality as everyone knew her in Delhi.

thanks for all like and comments

left comments and likes

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Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

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Yiupee ..Me firstDancing
Great updateClap
Glad vedji informs all details about geet to maan and maan rescued geet on right timeClap
Poor maan..he introduces as a stranger to geet.Cry
Hate priyaAngryAngry..Waiting for to be her caught
Maansi scene cuteTongue..Our naughty maansi is chori in kmWink...Cutie pie doing chori chupke games...Loved the maan finds maansi doingEmbarrassed..So adorable momentHeart
Precap sound interesting
Continue soon
Eagerly waiting for next partDay Dreaming

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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Awesome... Mansi is so cute... So geet is maan's wife... Toh priya so now don't divorce from priya because his first wife is alive thats why priya want to kill geet...chalo yeh to samajh aa gaya par pehle kyun marney ki koshish ki thi apney husband aur kid ko bhi????

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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   wow lovely emotional update.. te way my maan found his wife his geet but he hugged her showing his emotional and wat he went through with out her and te way geet felt him as stranger was so emotional.. te way my maan ki new project and want to intro his wife mrs.gmsk..te way thief in km and all are cribbing, maan now itsef tis state of u, once geet cums to know tat ur her hubby u have  to get so much scoldings from her daily.. te way my maan found te thief and te way mansi ki naughty antinc was so cute lovely..i love te update ks

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update geet maan wife priya totally bi... mansi the cutest thief

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Originally posted by Audiwalia

Awesome... Mansi is so cute... So geet is maan's wife... Toh priya so now don't divorce from priya because his first wife is alive thats why priya want to kill geet...chalo yeh to samajh aa gaya par pehle kyun marney ki koshish ki thi apney husband aur kid ko bhi????

thanks you for such a beautiful comment 

will answer ur each question in upcoming 2 or 3 updates 

as man truth are still unfold 


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so maan came to know geet is his wife only..
for her health he kept her for job
n making mom n baby near..
loved baby filling her doll house..
so cute

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