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honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by salmanmania

Beautifully written - explained in detail makes sense lets hope it is penned out as you say.

Thank you so much! Even if it doesn't happen this way, I am pretty sure that we won't be disappointed and Gul will continue to give us a good show!

honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Npdeepa

Marvellous post dear...in the beginning of the show even I was worried about zoyaan track... But not anymore... I always maintained that Gul just stated that she follows her storyline and never will change it... But she never said that see synopsis is her storyline"... Also during vikranth's entry he said in his interview that he has no qualms playing as a second lead- he was not called as parallel lead... That clearly states there could not be zoyaan track. Surbhi and Karan are main leads...
And this whole Asad , Ayaan getting trapped by the same women razia is to uplift rashid's character and to prove his innocence to his family... Thatz it...
Asad scenario will prove y rashid abandoned his family and Ayaan scenario regarding car incident it will prove that rashid is not a murderer in doll factory fiasco... This is where we are leaded to...

Thank you so much!!!!
I think Gul just wants to keep us on our toes and that's why every once in a while she throws in a scene which makes people think that Zoyaan could happen..just the buzz..
I had no idea that Vikrant said that he's not a parallel lead..thanks for sharing...that's a good sign that he isn't a parallel lead :) see even in the montage there's only AsYa now.. Though Ayaan's character is super important, I still don't see him with Zoya.
Asad hates his father..so this whole track is just leading to Asad understanding his father after seventeen years..Asad knows what happened with Ayaan and Imran so he will be able to understand how Radhid didn't plan on hurting Zoya's mom..and whatever happened between Asad and Tanu will definitely help Asad forgive his dad for hurting his mom seventeen years ago!
Once Zoya finds out that woman in the factory was her mom..she may stand up against Radhid but Asad will support his dad..which will cause some temporary conflict between AsYa..so we will get some more drama..Some people think that show will get boring if the leads get married but I think the show will not get boring even if AsYs are married because there's so much that can still happen around them..
Also Asad and Ayaan are better versions of Rashid--Ayaan didn't hurt Imran but he was framed..so I am pretty sure that even Asad didn't do anything with Tanu..
Thanks for the feedback!

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honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 8:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kankabhor

Very wellexplained..,

I still have some confusion about Gul's so called "Original Story".. Recently I read Bheegi's post and also read this on tumblr that Zoyaan is possible.. One sided or just fake without feelings, if not marriage justinfatuationfrom Ayaan.. As you said, Gul never changed her planned story, I agree with this..From day 1 , we had given hint that Asad has fear of doing Rashid on his lady love.. We all predicted at some point he will hurt Zoya and he did.. There was reason of Asad-Dilshad convo in veryinitialepisode about this, that means they had already planned for this, Asad cheating on Zoya for other girl (read Tanveer)... Everything is going by planned story..They are sticking to their story. If that's the case, they have given several hints in initial episodes about Ayaan-Zoya-Asad love triangle. Dargah scene, Ayaan saying a girl will come between us and Zoya behind them, its clear indication of this love triangle. Looking at current track, personally I cant think of Zoyaan because I also think Ayaan is aware of Asad's feelings, also Zoya's feelings as he saw her crying because of cancellation. But I am sure, initially Cv's had plan for this triangle, and if they are going by original story, Zoyaan has to happen at some point. And that's the reason Ayaan still call Zoya by her name and does not call "Bhabhi" unlike Nikhat-Nuzat ( Bheegi pointed out this).

But, I also think before Guffur's truth comes out, AsYa will get married.. And Ayaan wil be the one who wil reveal this truth as he knows about photo and musical box. There has to be reason for this scene.

Thank you so much!
We all are confused about the original storyline..so I am just choosing to not even think about it and see how the things unfold on daily basis! :)
If Asad doesn't bring Zoya back as his wife from Ajmer then I could think about Zoyaan--Asad and Zoya reconcile in Ajmer (no wedding) then Asad brings Zoya back to his house and plan on getting married..all romantic moments because the confession would have happened in Ajmer..then right before the wedding Zoya's dad truth comes out and maybe that's when Zoya will decide not to get married with Asad because of the dynamics between her father and the Khans and the twist of faith gets her married to Ayaan instead but Zoya said that every rasam has a loophole so she may not get married to his asli! So I could totally see the story going this way ONLY if AsYa don't get married in Ajmer BUT at this point I really believe that Asad will bring Zoya back as his wife..he kept the duppata with him and he's gonna bring her back to his house wearing that red duppata! Just like the ring scene, he had the ring in his pocket and he brought Zoya back wearing that ring!
Yes, from the day one we have been getting hints about Zoyaan..but Ayaan's words were that someone will come between them..it could just be Ayaan supporting Zoya by helping her connect with Gafaur while Asad not wanting Zoya to have any relationship with her father..so the brothers can have problems then..and later during Zoya's mom revelation, since Rashid is involved, both brothers can have problems..one will support Rashid and one will not--so technically lots of problems can happen between the brothers even when AsYa are married..I really hope that AsYa get married in Ajmer!!!
Gul did say that she's sticking to the original storyline but some people believe that she did alter the storyline somewhat by separating AsYa before the nikkah just to expose Bili SOONER because of the TRP drop--so if the story did get altered at this point--story was probably altered too regarding Zoyaan because not many people would watch the show if that happens..Initially Ayaan was in the montage, but now it's only AsYa!!!
Lets just hope that her original storyline didn't have Zoyaan as a couple or even if she did, it's changed now because of the TRPs!
Thanks for the feedback! :)

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Marvellous post dear...great post as usual...todays i read some post saying that asad will go to ajmer  to seek forgiveness from allah without knowing that zoya is there and will meet  zoya there  accidentally...i don't think that he will just ran away specially when zoya goes missing i don't think that he will be ok with that forget about her when no one know where she is and goes to ajmer so i feel that he will go to ajmer after knowing that zoya is there what do you think ?
honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by youth_showsfan

hey awesome post

i have always maintained

if they r going to ajmer its gotta be for some major reason

cause if they only wanted zoya billi face off or billi pushing zoya

dt could have been done n mumbai itself

nd also sbs n sbb have been strictly told by ph n channel not to show any ajmer shooting b4 26th june

so seeing all of this i come to a conclusion dt defo something major is happening n QH n we fans have to wait for dt dhamaka,. i also feel dhamaka could only b f their marriage. since its a holly place asya getting married their would just be great or rather awesome. also dilshaad's challenge cant go in waste she cant lose

i think dilshaad will find billi's preggy report remember she ws so close of seeing it? dts how they will come to know she is preggy n will question billi who out of annonymity might speak d truth of imran. this show is more about 1st fam vs 2nd fam nd asya trying to save nikhat firstly will be taken as wrong n we'll witness shireen vs dilshaad yet again. secondly nikhat who at d moment is gullible weak needs to accept her destiny/ reality n become strong so dt she doesnt gets trapped by haseena bi or raziya.

nikhat wanted to be a dancer i guess asya will help her out. also zoya s d only link b/w 1st fam n 2nd fam there has to be a major face off b/w gaffur n asad zoya will be trapped b/w husband n father. asad who has never stepped in dt house even for his mother will step for zoya/wife/love. gaffurs truth will be more impactful only after asya's marriage.

ayaan who at d moment doesnt recognise humaira's love will later regret it nd by dt time it will b too late may be humaira would have mooved on by then. dts when ayaan will decide not to marry anyone. thus shirin;s baddua will fall back on her children. "kehte hain agar baddua do kisi ko or agar samne wala galat nahiin hai toh vo baddua fall back karti hai" so shirins baddua is about to fall on her.

rashid n precap says asad ka nikah tumhare bete se pehle nhn hua ajmer main nikah ho jayega shirin will lose. evil cant win alwaysgoodness prevails over evilness

p.s really nice post loved reading it

Thank you so much dear!

Sooo true--if it was just about revealing Tanu, it could have been done in Bhopal (Mumbai)..but using so much money to go for an outdoor shoot and come back with the same Tanu crap/AsYa not married wouldn't make any sense!

As much as I love spoilers, I am happy about the suspense..I am glad that no SBB/SBS were shown for the last two episodes/upcoming episodes!

See anybody finding out that Tanu is pregnant is a good thing and will make her character more questionable but that truth wouldn't prove if Tanu and Asad did something or not--so I am pretty sure that something will happen where Asad will know for sure that he's innocent..with or without pregnancy truth!!!
I think that Tanu will be exposed in Ajmer because I don't see Zoya and Tanu in the same house when Asad brings Zoya back from Ajmer..so Tanu's will be exposed in Ajmer for sure..maybe Tanu gets kicked out from the house and that's when she goes to Ajmer, in rage, to poision Zoya's mind/kill her!!!

"ayaan who at d moment doesnt recognise humaira's love will later regret it nd by dt time it will b too late may be humaira would have mooved on by then. dts when ayaan will decide not to marry anyone. thus shirin;s baddua will fall back on her children. "kehte hain agar baddua do kisi ko or agar samne wala galat nahiin hai toh vo baddua fall back karti hai" so shirins baddua is about to fall on her."
Wow! Good thinking girl--it didn't even cross my mind until you brought it up--it's sad but it totally makes sense--Ayaan and me Humeria should have a separation track too--Just like AsYa, Ayaan and Humeria live in the same house too and maybe Ayaan takes Humeria for granted--he will know her worth once she separated herself from him! And sooner or later Humeria will forgive Ayaan for rejecting her and they too will get married!!! End mei sub theek he ho jata hai--Happysss engdingsss, lol!

Thanks for the feedback! :)
honeyriaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mamathasridhar

Nice post as always, yeah ajmer track is going to be beautiful... But i wonder how is asad going to connect the dots? He doesnt have a single clue and zoya is in extreme pain and she thinks even asad broke her trust by falling for tanveer s seduction... Hope some razia/tanveer converation is recorded in asad s phone... But that phone was used by tanveer to call zoya... How is he going to get a clue? Thanks for the verse i so needed it on a sunday mning

Thank you so much! :)

Honestly I have no idea either--don't know how he will connect the dots..they focused on the phone so much so I would like to believe that phone does have some kinda proof that Tanu failed to see-or Asad might just go and speak to Tanu about the whole incident--gauge her and gets some answers maybe!

You are welcome! I am always glad to share the verses! :)

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Nice !
I totally agree !

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