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Asad Zoya Story **NEW PART 8 - Pg 14 ** (Page 5)

Sparklingcider Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Wow you are such a good writerClap - totally loooving this story (& the captions)Heart which BTW I think CV's should read!!!LOL Looking forward to reading further parts - please do continue!!!Wink  

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hirie Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
thanks a lot to each and every one of you, for all the kind words and appreciation...

i'll write more tonight... for sure :)

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hirie Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Story continued... Part 4

Zoya is lost in her thoughts when Asad enters the hut...

Asad: Ms Farooqi...
Zoya: (notices that the villager lady is cleaning the utensils in a corner) Not now Mr Khan... (looking at the lady...)

Asad figures now is not the right time to talk and wonders what he should do around there. He walks out and goes for a walk to clear out his head and get a grip of things. As he walks through the fields, all he gets lost in Zoya's thoughts...

(The song baahon ke darmiyaan... do pyar mil rahe hain plays in the background...)
Zoya walks slowly in the yellow fields, just like in the movies and Asad walks behind her and then she turns around and hugs him... 

Noise from the farmers close by makes Asad snap out of the thoughts and he gets upset all over again realizing life is not that rosy at the moment... 

Meanwhile Zoya doesn't feel too well and sleeps and when Asad returns, the villager lady tells him to check if she has fever and that she can give a bowl of water. Asad checks and tells her that he will take care of Zoya. He sits beside her patiently and keeps putting wet cloth wipes on her forehead till he feels she's better. There is not much else to do but wait till the night passes and the next day they can get the car to drive to the city.

As the evening approaches and they have dinner, the villager lady praises Asad saying he looked after Zoya so well, and men in the village will not do such a thing for their women. They will simply call the neighbours close by to keep a watch. She tells her husband off for not being as caring as Asad. And Zoya thinks they don't know what he's done, how much pain he's caused her, and she wouldn't wish that on anyone. Meanwhile Asad looks on, looking slightly uneasy and feeling awkward looking at Zoya.

Before sleeping Zoya gives her watch to the villager lady as a token of appreciation for everything she's done for her. Asad is also humbled to see this.

Next morning the villager lady wakes up to find Zoya missing. She goes outside and wakes up her husband which wakes up Asad too. She tells them Zoya is not inside the hut and Asad goes out looking for her. He goes and searches places nearby but is unable to find her. He comes back to the hut and asks if she had mentioned anything, and the lady nods. But then says Zoya had been asking about the Dargah and may have taken the early morning bus there, and Asad thinks he had been right all along, that's where she wanted to go all along! He offers to leave them money for everything they did to help, but they don't accept, he says he can't thank them enough, and he leaves in a haste. He doesn't wait for the car and heads to the main road and hopes to get a ride off a passing vehicle. He is soon successful and can't help but feel angry that Zoya left by herself despite being ill and injured... He wonders if she will be able to reach there by herself...

Soon enough he reaches the city and he gets a taxi to the famous Dargah. But upon reaching there, he sees huge crowds of people and wonders if he will ever manage to find Zoya among a massive pool of people... But not being the one to give up, he decides to go all the way inside and look everywhere for her... And unlike other times, he cannot shout out her name like a madman as it is a holy place of worship after all... He keeps looking in all directions as he walks inside... And just near the main shrine, as he asks for forgiveness for all that he did wrong and prays for his family to forgive him and give them all strength to move on. And as his heartfelt apology is asked for, he slowly opens his eyes and sees Zoya far away. He quickly runs towards her and as she starts to go away, he holds her hand and pulls her away from the crowds.

Zoya: Mr Khan... mera haath chodiye Mr Khan...

Asad doesn't listen to her and just keeps taking her away...

Zoya: Mr Khan, I said leave my hand!

Asad stops and looks at her with anger!

Asad: Aapko kya lagta hai Ms Farooqi, aise bhaag jane se problem ka solution nikal aayega...
Zoya: Problem aapne create ki hai Mr Khan, toh uska solution bhi aap hi dhoondiye... Waise bhi main toh hamesha sab kuch ulta hi kar deti hu...
Asad: (thinks of all the times in the past that Zoya has tried to help and he's told her off for being childish and never thinking with a sane mind!) Ms Farooqi... mera woh matlab nahi tha...
Zoya: Mujhe jan na bhi nahi hai ki aapka kya matlab tha... bas aap mujhe jaane dijiye (her eyes get filled with tears)

Asad looks at her and tries to wipe her tears but she stops him...

Zoya: Nahi Mr. Khan... Kal bhi aapne mera khayal rakha, aur ab aap yeh sab karke kya prove karna chahte hai? Pehle toh aapne mera dil tod diya, aur ab yeh sab karke use jodna chahte hain? You think its that simple? Its not Mr Khan...
Asad: I know Ms Farooqi... Main aapko kaise batau... mujhe pata hai ki... ki aapne jo bhi kuch dekha...
Zoya: Mujhe woh sab yaad dila kar mujhe aur dukhi mat kijiye Mr Khan... just leave me alone...
Asad: Kya aap ek baar meri baat sun nahi sakti?

Zoya looks at his eyes and feels his pain but she feels her pain is far worse than his guilt... And she runs away... Asad runs behind her and tries to stop her...

Zoya: Aap mujhe akela kyun nahi chodna chahte Mr Khan... aap mujhe waise bhi chod chuke hain...
Asad: (holds her with both his hands) Ms Farooqi, main aapo chod kar kahi nahi jaaoongga. Aap bhagti rahengi, toh main aapke peeche aata rahunga. So you decide if you want to go on...

Zoya breaks down, and Asad feels her pain...

Asad: Zoya... Zoya... (he wipes her tears away)
Zoya: Mr Khan... I can't do this Mr Khan... aapne aisa kyun kiya? 
Asad: Maine... mujhe... woh actually main aa hi raha tha ki Tanveer ne kaha... actually Ms Farooqi, aapko yaad hai ki aap us hill se kaise giri? 
Zoya: (wipes her tears) hill?
Asad: Haa Ms Farooqi, aap us chote pahad se niche gir gayi thi. Shukar hai Allah ka ki aap mujhe mil gayi...
Zoya: Woh... (tries hard to think how that happened) 
Asad: Sochiye Ms Farooqi, its very important...
Zoya: Pata nahi Mr Khan, main toh aapke baare main... (and stops as she doesn't want to admit that she was thinking about him...) Mujhe shayad piche se kuch laga... shayad kisi ne...
Asad: Kisi ne aapko dhakka mara?
Zoya: Ho sakta hai? Lekin koi aisa kyun karega?
Asad: Koi nahi... Ammi ka kehna hai shayad is sab ke peeche Tanveer hi hai...
Zoya: Tanveer?
Asad: Maine kisi ladki ko waha se bhagte hue dekha tha... Kya apne use dekha tha?
Zoya: Maine to kisi ko nahi dekha... lekin aapne kya dekha? I mean usne kya pehna tha?

Asad describes the clothes of the woman he saw running away and Zoya is shocked to realize it was none other than Tanveer and that she wanted to kill her. She used to think that Tanveer just wanted Asad but didn't realize she would go to this extent to get him.. But she gets angry that Asad never believed her. 

Zoya: Ha! Woh Tanveer hi thi...
Asad: (gets confused as Zoya just said that she didn't see Tanveer's face, but now she's sure that it was her?) Lekin aapne toh...
Zoya: Lekin aapko isse kya farak padta hai Mr Khan! Maine to kabse aapse yeh kehne ki koshish ki thi Tanveer is upto something... Lekin aapne kabhi bhi mujh par yakeen nahi kiya... You never trusted me Mr Khan! Aur shayad isiliye hamara nikaah nahi hua...

Zoya starts weeping again and runs away while Asad remembers all the times when she tried to tell him about Tanveer's cruel intentions but he never believed her... He turns back to notice Zoya gone and sees her running away...

They both reach a nearby dessert and as a hurtful Zoya tries to move her feeble feet, Asad comes from behind... and puts his palm on her shoulder... and then comes face to face with her...

Asad: I'm sorry Zoya, for not trusting you... agar maine woh sari baatein suni hoti to shayad aaj yeh...
Zoya: Lekin sach to yeh hai Mr Khan ki aapne meri ek bhi baat nahi suni... toh aab main aapki baatein sun kar kya karu?
Asad: You have to trust me Zoya...
Zoya: (starts laughing with teary eyes) trust you? Did you trust me Mr Khan?
Asad: Main jaanta hu Ms Farooqi, ki shayad main aapki maafi ka hakdaar nahi hu... lekin mujhe nahi pata Tanveer ke saath woh sab kaise hua... Hum dono aa hi rahe the ki koi use gaadi se utha le gaya, aur phir maine use buri halat main dekha, aur uske baa kisine mujhe maara, and the last thing I remember is aap mere saath thi aur aapne mujhe kaha ki hamara nikaah ho gaya!
Zoya: What?
Asad: You have to trust me Ms Farooqi...
Zoya: Dekha Mr Khan, trust na hone kitna dukh hota hai! Aur aapne kabhi yeh mahsoos nahi kiya. Lekin maine har pal isko mahsoos karke aaso bahaye! Woh bhi sirf aapke liye...
Asad: Aur maine aapse kitni baar kehna chaha... ki main, ki main aapse mohabbat karta hu...

Zoya looks at him and he stops saying anything further... there is a moment of silence before Zoya breaks down...

Zoya: Ab kehne se kya hoga Mr Khan... Main woh sab kaise bhul jau? Main ek baar ke liye aap par bharosa bhi kar lu, lekin phir bhi main un dard bhari yaadon ko nahi mita sakti...

She starts to walk away but due to the pain in her legs falls down on the sand... Asad rushes to hold her...

Asad: I'm deeply sorry Zoya...

He then lifts her in his arms and she holds him with both his hands and rests her head on his shoulders and continues to cry...

(I think i'd rather stop here... tomorrow's episode is going to be exciting... and too many new twists are coming up anyway
Can someone please pm everyone who wants to know about this update, thanks a ton!!)

Edited by hirie - 23 June 2013 at 4:48pm

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Ceon IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
again a lovely updt. Well done

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zan101 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
superb story...
Well written...like it very much...

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Mvinfff Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
Very nice and awesome !

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
Lovely.  Update soon 

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
amazing part plzzz continue soon and plzzz pm me for the next part

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