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KR FF : Laws of Attraction #2 (Ch 23/Pg 41) (Page 41)

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Update plz :'(

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Ammmyyy its been from long u havent updated this chapter...waiting for you to update pleaseee update jaldi se wanna read ahead...and do pm me pleaseeSmile
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Amy plz update this :( 

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Hi All,

I know I have not updated my stories from a looong time , but was busy on professional front and some other stuff.

I can't say that I would be regular in the updates , but I would try my level best.

Happy reading and do like / comment.


Chapter 23


"Hey Beautiful !!!" 

Kria excitedly opened her eyes and turned to the bedroom door , but half way thru , she had recognized the voice. It was not the voice which she was expecting. Highly disappointed as there was not a single call nor a text from the person whom she badly wanted to be with, since the morning , she tried not to show her sadness by plastering her cheerful smile on her face.

"Hey Raj , how are you doing ?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that ?" He winked , making her smile a bit more , as he opened the windows for the fresh air to come in.

"I have got your favorite Chinese for lunch" he kept all the boxes on the table and started making a plate for her and him.

"Thanks " atleast something to look forward to , Kria thought , but unconsciously her eyes kept going towards the door half-expectedly wanting it to be blown open and making her Rey emerge. Her Rey !!! she chuckled at her own thoughts which were broken " Rey is busy with some meetings , he asked me to have lunch with you"

Kria managed to mask her shock and not let her jaw fall at the instant revelation of her thoughts by Raj , but he didn't seem to be taking any notice of her. He had already shifted on another topic of conversation.

"I talked to Dad about my band" He told her with enthusiasm of a small kid. "Do you know what he said ?"

"What ?" she asked joining genuinely now in his delight.

"He has no qualms about it. He is absolutely ok with it. And now my band is going to play for the informal party. Isn't that cool ?"

"Great .. I am so happy for you " Kria chirped in. At least Raj got what he had he been dreaming about.

"I now wonder why I had hidden this from him , in the first place. I should have told him that I am not interested in this hotel business long time back , would have saved a lot of trouble for him and me" He said thoughtfully.

"See , I had told you. You should speak frankly what's in your heart , then everything fits in place " she raised her brows , clearly happy that her suggestion was taken by him.

"You are right , Kria " he said solemnly looking straight at her. His intense gaze made her look at him , she stopped eating and asked with a frown "What"

"When are you planning to let out what's in your heart?"

She almost choked at the food in her mouth " Whaatt ? What are you talking about ?"   she almost stuttered.

He simply tilted his face and shook his head at the way she feigned ignorance.

"You know very well what I am talking about ?" he said with a  smirk.

"No I don't " she tried one more time to defend herself.

"Come on Kria , you know it and I am sure almost everyone here knows that you have feelings for Rey" he blurted out with a bit of annoyance.

Her eyes widened in shock at the truth being thrown at her unpredictably.

"No .. there is nothing like that" she stammered immediately looking everywhere other than his eyes.

"Oh yeah .. " he simply remarked sarcastically. "Don't even try to lie , its written all over your face when you look at him"

She almost dropped her fork as her heart beat increased by just the mention of what her expressions might have revealed to the world about her inner thoughts about Rey.

With her horror stricken face she asked "Really ?" making Raj burst into peals of laughter. Kria kept her plate aside and tried to get up from the bed.

"Kria .. Kria " he held her hand and made her sit again. "Listen .. I didn't mean to tease you ... " he said gently with a genuine smile.

She looked at him trying to calm her nerves. But , isn't this the exact thing which she had thought when she had been at the pond and even after that , she wondered then why is she so nervous.

"Hey .. I was just saying this because it's always better to say what you feel." Assuring her with his calm voice.

"Do you think it's the right time ?" asked a jittery Kria.

"There is never a right or wrong time. In fact I feel when you are sure about something you must let it out or it may be too late. " he said confidently.

She almost laughed at the way he was counseling her in this matter. "I almost thought that you were interested in me "

He laughed and shook his head in negative. "I did flirt with you and will continue to do so " he winked earning a punch from her. "No matter how much you deny , but ,when you look at him , there appears a spark in your eyes without your own knowledge and it mirrors the same in his too"

"When did you know about me ?" she asked a bit curious to know how Raj realized that she was attracted to Rey.

"Hmm , you remember Tina's party , you were upset as you spilled champagne on your dress , then I took you home. That time I could see some change in you , but I just couldn't understand and I didn't want to force you to reveal anything to me as it was your private matter. But , after that I started observing you a lot more" he sheepishly smiled.

Kria chewed her lower lip to hide the blush which was threatening to arise on her cheeks. How can she forget that party , that was the beginning of everything.

She pondered for a moment and then looked at Raj and asked worriedly "Should I tell him ? "

"Yes " he smiled and nodded his head.

She sighed feeling relieved. Raj continued  "Rey has changed over years. I mean , he was an impulsive lad before , but now he has matured and thinks thru things before taking any decision."

 "Hmm " Kria couldn't agree more on this topic with Raj. She had seen the change herself in Rey. Many a times she had felt he was withholding himself and only she knew he had every right to do that.

"Having talked to my Dad , I have realized one thing , I shouldn't have hidden anything from him. Situations and relationships get unnecessarily complicated if we are not open about the truth" Raj remarked thoughtfully.


Long after Raj had left , Kria still was lost in her own thoughts. The words "truth" and "hiding" which Raj had used kept revolving in her head. This brought some uncomfortable memories to her. She knew it was time to come out clean in front of Rey even before she puts her feelings on the open.

And this made her think about the interaction between her and Rey after the waterfall incident.

She opened her eyes to find herself tucked in a warm blanket and on her soft bed. Rey was sitting on the chair next to her bed and had fallen asleep. She smiled a bit at his awkward position and then surveyed herself. Her hair was dry and her body was covered in one of Rey's long warm sweatshirt. A heat of realization ran thru her body imagining him drying her and then dressing her up.

Sensing her movement , Rey jerked up from his little nap and came directly on the bed , beside her and held her hand and asked "Are you alright ?" Was it her imagination ,she didn't know but , she felt Rey's voice quiver and his eyes had concern but at the same time some rare emotion which had not witnessed before. It was as if he was scared , really scared. But as soon as she realized that , the expression vanished. But that was enough for Kria to relive the nightmare which they had experienced just a few hours back. She too had been shaken up with the whole incident , but now she had got a hold on herself.

She nodded her head slowly , "I am fine". He let out a sigh of relief "It was just an accident" he said.

Her eyes instantly snapped to meet his and she almost snarled "No it was not " startling him to an extent that Rey's mouth fell open and he just gaped at her unbelievingly.

"It was not an accident , someone was trying to hurt me " she gritted her teeth.

"What nonsense are you talking ?" He was flabbergasted.

"And I even know who is behind all this " she accused with menace in her eyes.

He literally thought that she had gone out of her mind for talking like this , he shook his head "I don't know from where did you get this in your mind .. " she didn't let him complete and interrupted "Its Tina"

"Are you out of your mind ?" He asked still not believing his ears.

"No .. I saw a shadow" Kria stood her stance.

"By just seeing a shadow , you assumed that its Tina?" He asked anger now clearly rising in his eyes.

"I just know that Tina doesn't like me. She is mean to me. She hates that I am getting close to you and I am 100% sure that she was behind all this" Kria started her rambling.

"ENOUGH!!! " Rey's voice full of rage almost echoed in the whole room  making her flinch at his sudden uproar. For a few moments they just stared at each other. He with anger and she a bit fearful. Seeing her reaction , he cursed himself for being so rash at this stage when she was not well. He closed his eyes and calmed his nerves.

"Kria .. it was just an accident , the rocks are really very old and it just came off , that's it. " he came forward and held her hands gently. "I assure you, she is not behind all this. She is a very dear friend of mine. Let's just drop this topic here." 

Kria was shocked at Rey's reaction would be an understatement. She had raised just a word against Tina and Rey had vehemently defended her. She was almost shaken up the way Rey didn't want to hear anything else about Tina. Her mind questioned her ,whether she would fight for any of her "dear friend" so frantically ? She wanted to question him about his relation with Tina. But she decided against it thinking of yet another erratic reaction from his side if he takes it in the wrong sense and she was sure he would. She couldn't blame him for that , Tina had been always sweet to her when in front of Rey so he wouldn't suspect anything and would not believe Kria. What with her own rising feelings for Rey , her altercations with Tina, and most significantly the party , she was totally confused at what should be done.

She was brought out of her thoughts when Rey apologized "I am sorry , Kria. I shouldn't have shouted." he cupped her face in his palms exuding the much needed tender care both thru his eyes and hands. She was further surprised by his act. He leaned forward and placed a feathery kiss on her forehead. It was so light and soft yet it conveyed his regret. Her frown lines , her shock disappeared instantly at the contact. Next he kissed in the similar way on both her cheeks which reddened on their own accord. She had anticipated his next stop on her lips , but was amazed that he went back to his position and brought a glass of water near her lips "Have this water " he said gently. "I have a few meetings today which I need to attend , but you are not gonna move from this bed " he spoke sternly.

She stared at him for a moment. He was not a guy to leave this opportunity to grab her lips when she herself was ready. She could sense a difference in his actions today. Before she could mull over these thoughts , she realized about what he had said and she wailed" But there is so much work to be done"

But, he was not someone to be easily convinced "I repeat , not getting up from the bed. Pooja will update you with everything on your cell. I will arrange for the lunch and everything and send a maid too. " Kria nodded with a sulk evident on her face. He smiled "I will return in the evening" his soft voice and fingers caressed her cheek , making her frown lines disappear and bringing a bit of comfort.

"Be a good girl and give me a smile " He said flicking her nose softly and definitely earning a smile from Kria.


"Hello  Kria Maam " Pooja called on the cell late afternoon.

"Hey Pooja , just apprise me of the status of all the work I had assigned to you" Kria immediately came on the topic.

Pooja gave her detailed information of each and every aspect of the party. Kria was very satisfied with the way the things were shaping up. She was very confident that everything would go on smooth now.

"Kria Maam , just one thing " Pooja was almost at the end.


"I had called the caterer just to re-check on all the items which we had ordered. Everything is perfect ,but he mentioned that Tina Maam called him up and wanted a sugar free sweet dish to be included because ... "

Hearing Tina's name immediately shot Kria's temper. She didn't even let poor Pooja complete her sentence and she curtly interrupted "I will talk to her. Is there anything else ?"

"No" Pooja answered a bit scared.

Kria cut the call and immediately dialed Tina.

"Hello" Tina's voice reached her ears and without any introductions Kria straight away pounced on her with her questions.

"Where were you today in the morning ?" She rudely asked.

"Excuse me ?" a perplexed Tina asked.

"I asked you , where were you in the morning ?" Kria snapped again raising her voice.

"I am not liable to answer about my whereabouts to you or anyone , Kria" She snapped back with equal fervor having understood who the caller was.

"Oh yeah .. of course anybody who is caught red handed would say this only " Kria commented sarcastically.

"What do you mean ?" She asked.

"I saw you in the morning at Rey's grandpa's mansion grounds. I know you want to hurt me. " Kria confidently accused her.

Before Tina could reply back , Kria continued " But, I will not let you win" she gritted her teeth letting

"Kria , I don't mean to hurt you and I was not at Rey's grandpa's mansion , I was at home" her calm voice surprised Kria that for a moment she was lost at what to reply.

"As if I would believe you" Kria tersely replied.

"I am saying the truth." She was not perturbed at all , making Kria a bit doubtful about her own judgment. She had just seen a shadow and had assumed it to be Tina. But , her composed demeanor irking her to no end.

"And why are you changing the menu at the last moment ?" Kria immediately shot back as she remembered what Pooja had said. "Everything had been finalized by Rey"

"Yes, I know that , instead of Prince Ankit , Prince Arnav would be gracing the occasion. Their PA had called to inform. I couldn't find Pooja in office at that moment. So I called the caterer to include a sugar free dish as prince Arnav is diabetic. I later informed Pooja about it."

Realization hit Kria , she hadn't let Pooja complete everything. She was in dilemma whether to believe Tina or no. In all the past exchanges with her , she had tried to demean her. She suddenly recollected the nightmare she had got a few days back. Her intuition can't be wrong.

So instead of thinking with a clear mind , Kria went ahead with her own belief.

"I don't trust you. But, one thing I am certain of , I will not let you ruin my event in any case." Kria retorted clearly threatening her.


As Kria cut the call , at the same time a fearful Tina looked at a  completely shocked Rey. She had been sitting in his cabin when Kria had called up. The minute Rey had heard Kria's name from her mouth , he had gestured her to put the phone on speaker and heard the whole conversation.

"What the hell is going on ?" he burst out on her.

"No .. nothing " she stammered avoiding his angry gaze.

"Tina , look at me , what's happened between the two of you." He spoke firmly

She kept mum ,thinking about the reply.

"I want the answer now " he raised his voice almost making her jump in her seat.

She couldn't help but narrate everything that had happened between her and Kria right from the beginning, leaving a visibly irate Rey pacing the floor in his cabin.

After almost an eternal eerie silence from Rey , which seemed to her as the calm before the storm, he came near her and shook her holding her shoulders "Why the hell did you do this ?" he asked shivering himself with rage.

"I was asked to do this" she replied meekly lowering her eyes.

"WHAT" Rey was appalled at her answer.

Seeing her quiet , he asked again "Who ?"

The name she revealed left him hell-shocked. He opened his mouth to speak but his voice refused to come out leaving him stunned.

Finally when he composed himself , he asked her "Why wasn't I aware of this ?"

"I was asked not to reveal this to you"

A frustrated Rey could do nothing but hide his face in his palms. He had thought Kria had changed but he realized now, she had been the same just like before. He could see history repeating itself.



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