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KR FF : Laws of Attraction #2 (Ch 23/Pg 41) (Page 22)

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Chapter 22

Kria woke up to find herself alone in the room .. with the sound from the washroom , she guessed where Rey was .. she gave a sigh of relief .. she wanted to be alone for sometime .. she wanted to re-think about her clouded thoughts which invariably were ruled by Rey and she couldn't help that ..

She quickly put on some clothes and kept a note "I will be back in sometime .. " and left the room ..


She came to a place which was a bit far from the house but within the  premises of Rey's grandpa's mansion .. she had rightly called it "Heaven" when she had first seen it while just checking out the grounds ..

Almost hidden from the rest of the world .. even the sun rays found it difficult to peep in due to the dense and tall trees surrounding the beautiful and serene waterfall .. it was actually a natural spring water which had emerged, and she guessed that Rey's grandpa converted it into a  waterfall by putting some boulders and huge rocks on one side , making the water fall from a height of around 10 feet .. the trees on the other side provided the cool shade and almost like a cover for anyone who wanted to have some private time here ..  the water collected into a pool at the bottom and formed a small pond .. around the pond there were lovely shrubs of wild flowers and creepers ..

She sat on one of the stones at the edge and looked at her image in the water ..

She could see herself smiling .. she just couldn't help recollect the happenings of the last night and especially Rey's words .. "I trust you Kria " ..

He trusts me .. He trusts me ..

Her mind kept playing that record .. and

He trusts me only because he still has feelings for me ..

she realized as her own thoughts made her go red .. her heart was filling with this bubbling joy .. 

It means Rey has forgiven me .. he has not moved on .. he still loves me .. and that is why , he kissed me on my lips yesterday .. so gently .. so softly as if conveying his feelings thru that kiss ..he made love to me .. it was so pure .. it was from his heart .. never before had he spoke when they were in bed .. but yesterday he kept murmuring sweet nothings .. he kept admiring me ..  

She closed her eyes and sighed .. She had felt a deep sense of completeness and satisfaction .. it was not limited to just their bodies merging physically .. but beyond that ..

And I ..

She bit her lower lip ..

Yes .. I am going to tell him about my feelings too.. I will do that after the party .. Yes .. that would be the perfect time ..

She giggled like a teenage girl who just found out that her crush also loves her .. her heart soaring with her love for him ..

She slowly dipped her toe in the water .. it was not cold as she had assumed .. it was pretty warm because of the summer season ..

She put both her legs in the water till her ankles and then started paddling like a little girl .. she could see the ground below in the water .. it was so crystal clear ..

Suddenly mischief twinkled in her eyes .. she couldn't stop herself ..

She quickly tied her hair in a loose bun with her clutch .. looked around one more time just to make sure no one as around  .. then took off her shirt .. she was thankful that she was wearing a bikini top inside and she had her shorts on ..

She carefully got in the pond .. it was not deep .. the water came till her waist ..

She made her way towards the waterfall ..  and stood underneath it .. it was blissful to feel the water on her soft body .. the water didn't fall with a lot of force .. it was gentle and that had made it more inviting to her ..

She twirled around .. jumped .. spread her arms wide to embrace mother nature and smiled looking at the not so visible sky ..

She licked the water from her lips and drank a bit of it .. flipped the water with her fingers .. enjoying herself to the core ..

She was feeling like a princess in her own divine realm ..

Suddenly she felt an intense gaze on her .. she turned to see Rey staring at her with deep desire evident in his blazing eyes ..



Rey had seen Kria's note when he searched for her in the room .. he waited for a while , but when she didn't return .. he tried her cell .. but it rang in the room itself ..

So he just set off to look for her ..

And the mesmerizing sight held him on the spot .. he saw her dancing , smiling ,getting drenched under the showery spells of the waterfall without any inhibition  ..

Seeing the water droplets trickle down her curvaceous body .. he could hardly breathe .. "Kria" a hoarse whisper came out of his mouth which he himself couldn't hear .. but Kria heard him ..

She smiled widely at him .. "Come on in .. its fun here "

Fun .. yeah .. here am so hard that I can barely breathe or speak and she is coolly enjoying herself .. he thought

He cleared his throat .. "Kria .. lets go to the house .. " he still felt his voice unsteady .. he clenched his fists just to get off from that place as soon as possible else he was not sure what he would end up doing ..

"No .. I don't want to .. " she shook her head and spoke with a pout ..

"Kria .. we have to go to office too .. " Rey got a bit annoyed with her ..

"No .. no . no .. " and she ran a bit further behind the waterfall as if to hide herself from him ..

"Kria .. last time .. come out .. " he spoke sternly ..

"If you want , then come and get me " she stuck out her tongue ..

That was it for him .. he couldn't take this torture more .. "Ok .. that definitely I will .. " he blew out his breath .." Don't you blame me later then .." he said unbuttoning his shirt ..

She looked shocked .. "What are you doing .. "

He had removed his jeans also by then .. "I am going to get you .. as simple as that " as he made his way into the water only his boxers ..

Her eyes widened "No .. not here " as she realized his intentions ..

"You only wanted it .. right ?" he spoke as his intense eyes following hers ..

She ran from her hiding place to the side where the trees were there .. but he was quick to grasp her wrist .. he pulled her to himself and then again brought her under the fall and pinned her to one of the rocks …

Her nervousness was something Rey had not seen before .. this was indeed a turn on , he had to admit to himself ..

He pressed himself to her .. making her know that he was already ready for her ..

Their lower bodies submerged in the water .. his hands holding her wrists and his mouth dug furiously into her neck .. and above all, the water seeping down over them ..

"Were you imagining yourself to be some kind of a mermaid ?" he asked throatily .. as he pulled her flimsy top away with his teeth to nip her fresh and damp bud ..

She couldn't comprehend what he was asking her nor was she in any state to answer him .. She could do nothing but simply close her eyes and moan at the feelings that emerged in her .. the water now seemed cold to her as warmth had engulfed her insides ..

His hands left her wrists and she immediately curled them around his neck to pull him closer to herself .. her teeth grazing the flesh on his neck and shoulders ..

All emotions and feelings took a back seat .. She felt numb with the burning sensations raging in the pit of her stomach and below ..

Rey's mouth on her skin was enough to evoke the hungry fire in her body .. She felt he was munching her .. drinking her .. Trying to grasp as much of her into him as possible ...

He held her steady with one hand and the other hand found the buckle of her shorts ..

She gasped .. "Rey .. not here .. " she let out a breathless whisper ..

"I can have you anywhere ?" he said gruffly as he pulled down her zip ..

" Rey let's go home .. please .." she pleaded with a little bit of sanity which she could manage from the ferocious desire which was blinding her to have him inside her ..

"I can't wait .. "  He said gruffly .. his own mind not in his own control ..

He lifted her by her hips , she automatically looped her legs around his waist .. 

He was just rubbing her entrance and at the same moment he nipped her severely on her peak ..

She bit back her lip to hold the scream and opened her eyes to look at them .. then held her breath for him to merge into her ..

She suddenly had this sense of being bare in the open .. She let her head fall back on the rocks to support it and her gaze went past Rey ahead and bit above them ..

What she witnessed was either her imagination or reality , she was not sure ..
Was it a play of the sunrays and shadows of the trees swaying due to the breeze .. She didn't know..

She saw a shadow of a figure looming amongst the trees a bit above from where the waterfall emerged ..and then as if she knew what would happen, she saw a boulder shifting in its place and coming down towards them ...

In a split of a second , her body stiffened with dread ..  her eyes widened with fear ..  her legs abruptly came down from Rey's waist and she shrieked in his ears " Rey .. Watch out " pulling him towards the trees further away from the rocks ...

"What the f***  "  .. only left his mouth , but his facial expressions changed when he saw Kria's alarmed and ashen face , without thinking, they both stumbled towards where she was moving  only to hear a thunderous sound with a soaring splash of water behind them soaking them wet again from head to toe ..

For a long moment , neither of them moved nor spoke .. they just stood rooted to their place .. his heart beat had almost stopped .. he could only hear Kria's staggered breathing .. her muffled sobs .. and feel her trembling like a leaf in his arms ..

Kria was clinging to him as if her life depended on him ..

Finally when he got a hold of himself , he half turned to understand the situation .. a medium sized rock had fallen from the top but it was natural as this was built years ago .. he gave a sigh of relief that nothing happened to them .. but making a mental note that this has to be repaired .. .. he gently stroked her hair .. " Kria it's ok.. Nothing happened " he kissed her hair .. kissed her forehead but she was not ready to lift her head from his chest .. He moved his hand over her back " shh .. Relax ..  "  trying to soothe the tension away ..

She looked at him " Rey " and her eye lids started closing sluggishly and she  just fainted in his arms ...



A small chapter .. but was required ..


Enjoy and happy reading !!!


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mere 1st comment yyaaayyy... *giggles* *claps* *jumps* ... Dancing

i guess its the 1st or i guess 1nd time... but  LOA pe toh definatly 1st time he hai... Dancing

and... yaar aapne PM karna kyu chd dia hai..??? Confused

nywaz... coming to ur update...

one thing which i noticed in my posts... Ch 22/Pg 22.. Big smile ... n when i saw ki last post is done by u..i just ran to come here.. LOL

LOA always makes my heart skip a beat... like.. sacchi mei... Embarrassed

the update was..short.. yet worth it.. Big smile

finally Kria realizing her feelings for Rey... behaving like a teenage girl... Big smile

i loved the way u described the whole waterfall area...

i mean..when i read it... i really felt like going der... Embarrassed

and Rey... i thought he promised somthing himself after waking up... kya hua uski us shapath ka...???? Confused LOL

and der waterfall romance... mann..that was hot... seriusly... ufff... Embarrassed

but at the end... ye kya hua...??? Shocked

y Kria Fainted...???? Shocked


update soon... like..seriusly jaldi jaldi... cant wait for it...!!!

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mera first comment hoga yyaaayyy... *giggles* LOL
Will give my bigg comment tomorow thru PC... Big smile

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first of all what i saw was the number... :D

i mean chapter 22 on page 22... :D

Coming to the update.. that was such a sweet update..

I mean the way you are showing the table turning and the feelings kind of flipping it is amazing..

i mean 5 years back... fo kria any relation was physical.. and now rey's thoughts are like that...

It was just beautiful.. especially the waterfall imagination..

and then the way you showed the sweet kria coming out...

fir uske baad how rey was turned out and then just couldn't control himself...

i really loved the thought process you showed.. and then the boulder accident and her reaction...

amazingly written... :)

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awsum update
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amazingly penned down. . .
Waterfall lovemaking. .
Its intrstng. . .
Awesome update

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totally amazing updateClapClap

lovedd it to d coreeeSmile

its gettin more interestingSmile

waitng for d nxt partSmile

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nice update... but i'm confused????

rey sach much kriya se pyaar kartha hai?????loved the waterfall part...

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