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KR FF : Laws of Attraction #2 (Ch 23/Pg 41) (Page 12)

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Chapter 21

Kria looked at how beautifully Rey's fingers flew on the keys and the room was filled with gentle tunes which emerged from the compositions he was playing and was creating a perfect harmony ..

She simply stood and closed her eyes to enjoy the moment ' the music taking her to a memory lane ,she had long forgotten .. a soft smile started creeping on her lips when she reminisced the beautiful time she had with Rey ..  their dates .. their never ending phone conversations .. just him being with her .. it was so damn perfect .. why had she ruined it all by herself .. and moreover she did nothing to resurrect it again .. she sighed ..

She came out of her trance when she realized the music had stopped .. but Rey was still sitting on the stool with his head bent down ..

She moved slowly towards him and stood against the piano at the edge .."That was beautiful, Rey" she spoke softly ..

He registered her presence and looked at her with a blurry vision .. he had tears in his eyes and he was not ashamed of showing it to her .. one praise coming out of her mouth felt so good .. but it was not just that .. there was so much more that she had done .. she hadn't even realized that ..

Rey had simply decided to visit the party venue and was totally taken in by the way the place was revamped by Kria .. he just kept looking at the place and absorbing the aura of it. It was the same place where he had spent most of his childhood with his grandfather. This place always brought so many memories with it that it would always overwhelm him with emotions. This was the place which made him who he is now. He felt it defined him. People close to him knew about his attachment.

When the silver jubilee function was to be organized he couldn't think of a better place than this - the place where it started all. This was the perfect way to honor the memories he cherished.

He could never thank Kria enough for what she did to the place. It was the perfect replica of what he had envisioned it to be. He knew if someone else would have been there they would have suggested changing the whole architecture to make it more in sync with the present but she didn't and the results were wondrous.


She had even kept his grandfather's piano at a perfect place .. a place which it deserved .. and this had just pulled him towards it and he sat on the stool to play something which he did often with his grandfather ..

He smoothly pulled her ,by her waist, close to him  .. felt her petite waist with his hands and then hugged her by her waist , burying his head as close to her as possible .. her hands automatically  held his head and her fingers slowly caressed his hair ..

He felt at peace with her right now .. he had never thought he would ever share something like this with her .. he let out a muffled "Thank You , Kria "

She brought his head closer with her hands and kissed his hair .. "Shh " whispered softly .. "I am glad you liked what I did .. "

"You have given me memories which I have cherished all my life and will keep doing so .. "

"Seems like you had a great time here ?"

"I can't even describe it to you .. the best ever " his hands tightening around her waist ..

"Rey .. I was thinking of putting a small performance for the guests and was gonna arrange for a pianist .. but after listening to you .. would you like to play at the party ?"

He lifted his head up but still hugging her tight with his hands looked into her eyes .. "I just play for myself and .. " he stopped mid-way , looking into her eyes .. "and for those who are special to me " .. "  I guess you could get a professional and experienced pianist for the party as this is an antique piece .."

"Ok .. Sure .. " there was still a glint of tear in his eyes .. but along with that she saw something different today .. something she couldn't fathom .. she felt as if he wanted to say something to her .. she kept looking at those hypnotic eyes .. waiting for his words ..

"I trust you ,Kria .. this is my dream and I am really pleased that it's in your safe hands .. " he said it slowly and quietly .. emphasizing every word as he meant it ..

She couldn't help her eyes which rolled a tear down ..

He kept his eyes on hers and gradually stood up from his piano stool and pulled her again close to him by her waist ..


Kria was so entranced by his eyes and his hand movements that she just stood like a statue ..

He gently picked her up in his arms and placed her on the piano board and this action of his made her legs touch the keyboard and in the process the keys played out bringing her slightly out of her trance ..

For a moment she was not sure what he was gonna do .. she just kept looking vulnerably at his eyes as they roamed about all over her face   ..

He came forward gently cupping her face in his warm hands ' slowly caressing her hair .. feeling her soft curls between his fingers "They are so soft " he whispered huskily almost inaudibly .. Kria was not sure how she heard him , she could only hear the thumping of her own heart ..

He slowly put her hair behind her ears .. his eyes moved from her hair to her cheeks now .. his thumb caressing her cheeks .. "your skin is so smooth " and he bent and kissed her on her cheeks ..

She knew her body had frozen except her heart .. her hands were carelessly wound around his neck ..

He was gazing at her lips intently and his thumb moving over her lower lip .. she was sure her heart was just gonna pop out any moment as it was beating so wildly .. "So delicate .. so precious " that was it for her .. she could not take in her growing anticipation of what was to come next .. she closed her eyes and memories of her first kiss flooded in front of her ..

But her eyes flew open not because of the memories but when she felt his lips over hers .. she actually stared at him kissing her with his eyes closed .. she had fantasized being kissed by him countless times .. but nothing came close to what was happening to her now ..

Suddenly she let out a moan when he bit her lower lip ' and felt his hands protectively covering her and pulling her close to him ..

Rey wanted to enter and relish her mouth and she gently tilted her head and graciously obliged .. she couldn't help but smile into his kiss when his tongue gently brushed against her lips ..

This was so new to her .. she felt as if she was being touched by him for the first time .. His kiss was so gentle .. so perfect .. exactly how Rey was ..


She arched her body allowing Rey to slip his hand underneath her while her hands clutched his back more tightly pulling him more into her as though wanting to merge their bodies into one.

His tongue explored her mouth tasting her, savoring her while Kria writhed underneath him as emotions overpowered her. It was all about feeling the other, knowing the other like they never did before. Their tongues clashed and danced over a rhythm unknown to them making them yearn for more. As their mouth remained busy their hands moved feeling the other like never before. Rey's hand travelled to the straps of the dress slowly removing it absorbing the feel of her skin under them.

They had felt the other countless time ' the familiarity embedded in their minds but this was something beyond words. Kria's fingers toyed with Rey's buttons as she slowly opened them feeling his toned muscles .. appreciating them, wanting them.

Soon they were out of their clothes the only barrier being the lace covering Kria .. not breaking their kiss even for a moment ..

Finally when Rey pulled himself apart to look at Kria .. she was surprised to see the look in his eyes .. she was sure desire would be evident in her own eyes .. but his .. there was something different about him today .. he was admiring her today .. the way his finger traced slowly on her bare skin along with his eyes .. making her shiver at his touch .. with a sly smile playing on his lips he was making it known to her that he was claiming her .. and only he could do that ..

He came near her ears and bit her earlobe slightly .. "You are beautiful " he breathed in her hair ..

Foreplays were never their forte. It was always passionate, desirous ' driven by the need to feel the other in their most primal form. Their touches were laced with avidness to feel the other triggered by their automated reflexes to each other's presence.

And she realized that today he was in no hurry .. he was in mood to romance her .. to pleasure her .. to entice her .. and for the first time she didn't want to interrupt him and wanted him to lead all the way till the end '

He slowly picked her up and proceeded towards his bedroom ..


He carefully placed her on his bed and softly moved his lips over her bosom placing feather like kisses making her clutch his nape. His mouth travelled up as he placed wet kisses all over her neckline making her moan ..

Rey's lips travelled over the edge of her brassiere nipping at her skin .. Every other time they had given each other bites all over their bodies .. but not this time .. she could feel his teeth grazing her .. nibbling her but he was so tender  and was still able to make her  squirm under him ..

He stopped and looked at her .. she slowly opened her eyes .. "You are sweet .. " she could do nothing but sigh ..

She couldn't believe whether it was his voice .. or his words or  his light touches that were sending her to her edge ..

She wanted to feel him .. she wanted him inside her. She moaned and sighed and called out his name .. but he was determined to go his way and  paid no mercy and enjoyed his scrumptious act and she in turn unlike their other rendezvous this time she didn't take control .. 

She felt like a doll in the hands of her master while Rey continued caressing her, kissing her.

Finally he removed the final barriers and suckled over her mounds enjoying his delicacy making her moan at the loudest. Soon she felt him inside her and was about to scream out his name but was blocked by his lips which sucked her already swollen ones. The feeling was indescribable. She moaned into his mouth as he continued pleasuring themselves ..

It wasn't long after they collapsed that they were involved in another round and this continued for a long time as they finally slept in each other's embrace exhausted by their sensuous encounter.




Rey broke out of the slumber after sometime and saw their intertwined bodies as Kria slept peacefully in his embrace. He felt as if she was glowing.

Wearing his jeans he went inside the washroom wanting to calm his interiors.

This wasn't happening.

Rey watched his reflection over the mirror. This wasn't him. This wasn't the Rey now. This was the 5 years back Rey who was madly in love with this girl ' who had let his heart out like an open book only to get it shredded mercilessly. This was the Rey who allowed his heart to rule his senses.

The current Rey had a plan .. and as per that he would just toy around with her .. wanting to feel her whenever she was in his vicinity .. needing her under him and of course making her want him powerlessly .. to pleasure himself ..

He wasn't supposed to get emotionally involved. It was only to be physical ' no commitments whatsoever just like she wanted. He had fantasized about her in his arms and he was going to do just that ' pleasure himself.

But today everything he had built till now to protect his heart had shattered away. He splashed water over his face and saw his reflection and was determined.

He would be the one to make the call and he would make sure that she obliges ..

He knew what he wanted in life .. what he wanted from her .. and now  nothing would come in his way .. not even his feelings or his heart ..


Emerging from the washroom with a new determination , he frowned looking at the empty bed ..


Thanks Vaishali for helping me with this .. I had just mentioned to her that I would love to write a make out scene on a piano with KR and she went ahead and wrote a chapter for me .. 

I have changed most of it as per the story ..

Hope you like it .. 


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1st aai

wts wrong wid reyShocked
he jst wntd to use kriya
plz tl dt its nt trueUnhappy
plz updat soon

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this was brilliantClapClap

loovveedd itt very muchSmile

and rey s gonna use kriaShocked

how can he do like datOuch

pls update d nxt part soonEmbarrassed

Edited by aishu3003 - 18 July 2013 at 4:16am
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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
Amazing amazing part amy
loved it
it was so beautifully if the time stoped there..

us tharki vaish ka dimag aise me zyada chalta

woahh..Bt wait a sec...what was that washroom scene...
This cant be true...please say yes...this is not true...gosh why the hell u have to keep me hanging all the time...

Please update soon...pretty please

Edited by -Ocean.eyes- - 12 July 2013 at 9:08pm
--RAINA-- IF-Dazzler

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amazing update...
Luvd it...
Thankx 4 d pm
update soon
khusbooluvarsha Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 9:40pm | IP Logged

awesome update 

loved it

sumimita IF-Rockerz

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awsome update...
what a romantic moment... simply wow..

but what was that in the washroom..
pls dnt do anything wrong with them...

pls update it soon..
can't wait for it...

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