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KR FF : Laws of Attraction #2 (Ch 23/Pg 41)

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My Dear Readers !!!
First of all thank you so much for liking and commenting on LOA .. 
Its all because of your appreciation that , I feel its coming out into such an interesting story ..

Its always  been a pleasure writing on KR ..
They are the most adorable pair on which you can imagine anything and just write it ..
It never fails to bring a cute smile on my face while writing .. 

And when I read your comments about my works .. I just love it .. 
It makes my day to know that my readers are getting entertained ..

So once again a BIG THANK YOU !!!!

Happy Reading ...

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Chapter 20


"Kria , I need to talk to you .. " Rey tried to grab her hand . but  without even looking at him , she jerked it away from him .. " Not now Rey .. I am very busy .. " she was talking to someone on her cell ..

He just snatched the cell which was clung to her ear , and cut the call ..    "What the hell .. " but she couldn't complete her sentence .. her shock and anger turned into fear the moment she looked at him . . he was livid ..  she felt he would just devour her with his anger .. he looked so furious .. she had never seen him so angry before ..

He just seized her wrist harshly pulled her to a corner .. "Just come with me , will you ?" He growled ..

She literally scampered behind him like a frightened puppet ..

He left her badly stained wrist and held her shoulders stiffly and shook her .. "What the hell is going on Kria .. and mind you I don't need any excuses .. " his enraged tone made her shiver involuntarily ..

"I know Rey .. there has been a mistake .. "

"MISTAKE ?" he half mocked and half laughed at the use of her word .. but his grip on her shoulder indicated what that mistake meant to him ..

"I was just trying to fix it .. " she tried again calmly ..

"Hell with your trying , Kria .. how could you … ?" he glared unblinkingly at her ..

"I really didn't know .. "

He was just not letting her complete .. before that he would bitterly interrupt .. "Wow .. you didn't know .. can there be anything more lame than this .. "

"Rey .. please listen to me .. "

"NO .. you listen to me .. I had told you right from the beginning that I don't want any reporters or media in the party .. as I am going to hold a special press conference after the party .. but I  can see that b**** already in the party .. god knows by this time how many pics she must have clicked and how much report she must have sent .. "  as his heated  words poured out .. his nails dug into her flesh ..

She was shocked at how Rey was talking .. she had never seen him talk this way before ..

She didn't know what to do .. she knew there was some kind of a slip-up .. she had been thorough in her checking .. but still that reporter had entered .. she couldn't fathom how .. it could only be possible with the help of someone and that someone had to be an insider who would know all the details of her plan .. and she was sure her loyal team would never leak out anything  ..  Kria thought ..

"I want her out , right now .. and her devices destroyed  " he literally lashed out at her ..

"Ye .. yes .. " she stammered .. her mind clouded with her thoughts ..

He left her shoulders with such a force that she almost staggered back a few steps ...
"You know Kria , I would have ignored this security blow up but what happened with Mrs. Protima Rai is just something I can't let go " he bitterly spoke ..

"I don't know how" again she tried to put her side up .. but failed ..

"You don't know .. How is that possible .. You said nothing goes without your scrutiny right ? " he literally barked at her ..


"Then now what happened ... She and her family is one of our oldest and most esteemed customers .. You knew she was a pure vegetarian but why was she made to sit next to people who were eating meat and moreover she was served prawns .. For god sake that was the limit " he was so frustrated .. she could see in his eyes ..that she had let him down ..

"Ya I had personally made the seating arrangement , she was not supposed to sit where she eventually say now .. " she spoke solemnly but her mind confused as to why these blunders were happening ..

"Who is responsible for that ?" he growled ..

"I know it's me and my team, but .. "  she gulped and spoke .. but couldn't complete ..

'You know you are now just making excuses for everything .. Why the hell did I ever let you handle this event I wonder "

She looked at him unbelievingly ..
Yes she had erred .. Majorly .. But she herself had no clue as to how things went wrong when everything was pre planned perfectly by her

"I just don't want to list down  the other silly goof ups which your efficient team  has done .." He said sarcastically 

"You know Rey I had supervised everything personally but I can't explain why things went the way it's going now .." she tried her best to explain that she was not at fault ..

"But I know the explanation .. I know what I had feared had come true but I had turned a blind eye towards it .. What a fool I had been ..." he gave a short mocking laugh at his own state  ..

"What r u talking about ?" she was a bit confused ..

"What am I talking about .. Don't act out this innocent face to me .. I should have known , I mean nothing to you .. this event means nothing to you .. " his sardonic tone , his hard eyes on her .. all cutting thru her heart ..

"How can you say this .. ?" she was baffled ..

"Yes of course .. you have ruined the most important moment of my life .. I had trusted you with it and you  .. you simply broke my trust .. "  he paused and looked evenly at her and spoke again "as always  .. I was again a fool to have believed in you .. What's this .. some kind of a game .. some kind of fun for you .. "

"No . .no … Rey .. Listen to me .. listen to me .. please .. " ..

 She was frantically running her hands in air and trying to stop the invisible Rey .. her hands trying to grab him and explain ..  but Rey just seemed to have vanished in thin air ..

She looked around herself .. She could see nothing but darkness ...
She squeezed her eyes shut and then opened it again .. Now she realized that it was room and she was sitting on her bed ..
Her pillow and duvet on the floor and she herself in such a dishelved state ... her whole body was soaked in sweat ..  she was panting for breath and at the same time her body was  trembling .. She moved her hand over her face just to find it wet .. she had been crying too ..

Is this why Rey didn't reply back to me when I asked the trust question .. That means he doesn't trust me .. Maybe not personally but I thought he does believe in me professionally ..

As these thoughts made their way in her mind , she had this deep sinking feeling .. She had never felt this bad for herself in her entire life ...

And she just needed to talk to someone and she knew the only person whose voice she wanted to hear right now..

She dialed him immediately ...


"Kria .. what happened .. its 4 in the morning .. are you ok .. "

Her dad could hear nothing but soft sobbing on the other side of the phone which was making him nervous ..

"Ok ok .. honey .. please calm down .. first drink some water and tell me what happened .. "

"Please relax .. please stop crying and tell me .. see I am here .. I will help you .. please Kria .. calm down .. " he started to worry about her ..

After a few minutes he realized that her breathing had returned to normal ..

"Dad .. I am sorry for calling you at this odd hour .. " she started slowly ..

"Kria .. please cut all that .. you know you can call me anytime ..honey .. tell me what happened .. "

"Dad .. I am scared .. " she just couldn't say anything more ..  "It has never happened with me before but .. I feel I will not be able to handle this event  .. you come and take over .. " she just let go everything ..

Her Dad was silent for some time .. trying to gauge the situation .. Kria and her team had discussed everything with him .. he knew how they were going about and as per his knowledge he knew everything was well arranged .. he couldn't understand what suddenly got in Kria's head that she is so uneasy about ..

"Kria .. listen to me .. listen to me carefully honey .. I know all the details of the work you and your team are doing .. its going great .. ok .. I am confident about it .. I don't know why you are suddenly panicking .. but I want to assure you that nothing will go wrong .. "

She didn't let him complete further ..

"No Dad .. things will go wrong .. I know it ..I have done wrong to somebody .. " she stopped mid-way suddenly as she realized what she was gonna speak ..

"What are you talking Kria .. what wrong have you done .. "

"Dad ..that I can't tell you .. "

"Ok ..Ok " her Dad knew he wouldn't be able to come to her  .. "Kria I can't be with you personally , but I am there every minute with you .. You need anything just call me .. Ok ..Now what we will do is first thing when you reach office the morning .. We will have a meeting .. We will go over everything again ok ..If you want we will have backup plan for everything or contingency plan.. "

"Yes dad I really need an alternate plan for everything " she seemed to be a bit relieved now ..

"Ok .. Just don't worry, honey .. You have done much more than this .. You can do it .."

"Dad I really want this event to be a success .. I don't want to let down Rey .. I can do anything for that .." she said slowly .. not minding how her Dad would interpret her sudden over concern for this event .. but she knew her Dad very well .. he would never ask her anything ..

" Yes I know it will be a success . "

" You trust me Dad ?" she asked a bit doubtful ..

" Of course, Kria , I trust you completely "

She took a deep breath and smiled a bit " Thanks Dad ,I really needed it " 

" I am with you always .. You want to say anything anytime just remember I am there"


After the meeting with her Dad , she had decided that she would stay in Rey's granddad's house which was the venue for the party till the event is over .. merely 3 days left for it ..

Kria was feeling more confident now about the event .. but still there was this creepy feeling which she had .. it was like an intuition that something is gonna go wrong .. she tried to shake it off by motivating herself and re-assuring herself again and again .. still that feeling was slowly making its house inside her mind ..

She somehow felt guilty .. whatever be the equation between her and Rey .. somewhere she knew she had hurt feelings of someone and if she were to believe her inner voice  .. she herself knew that due to her ego and anger she had done things to get Rey's attention and on her part it was not the correct way .. she knew she had to come out clean in front of him .. only then would her conscience would be relieved ..

Muddling over her thoughts as she walked inside the main hall of party venue , she heard a faint sound .. she had not expected anyone to be here at this late hour .. her team had already finished their work the day and left ..

As she moved in the direction of the soothing sound .. she realized what it was .. someone was playing the piano ..

A sweet smile crept on her lips seeing the sight in front of her ..



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Congo on Ur new thread congratulations and celebrations now Toh we want big treat and big treat can be an update aur whatever u feel congratulations again this ff is one of the special ff for whose updates I w8 lyk maniac but really u deserve this because u r an awsum writer CONGO
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congos di
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Congozzz Big smile


fabulous updateClapClap

it was all a dreamSmileSmile

poor kriyaEmbarrassed

loovveedd d convo between kriya and her dadBig smile

waiting for d nxt partEmbarrassed

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Congratulations... :D
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congo foe new thread amy

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