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MG FF-Winter Sonata-Thread 7 (Page 74)

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Heya di... Aaj update milega..????
Not feeling well... Aaj spamming slow hogi...

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mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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Hoping for an update!!!!

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Thanks Piya for the banner


First of all a very big thank you to all those who have stuck and pressed like or commented.


I need a frank feedback to my one question. Decreasing likes and comments tell me a story of it's own but I want to hear from my loyal readers. I have two options. If you are truly not enjoying this story please let me know and I will wrap this up very quickly in next 15-20 chapters with a happy Maaneet wedding. I have still not developed Dev/NTs character so let me know. If you are not able to garner courage to write on the thread just PM me. I do not want to waste your time trying to write something which is not enjoyable. Please don't think I am saying this because I am upset. It is a fact. I may write another story if time permits but definitely don't want to continue something which is not appealing.


Second option is off course that I torture you with a full FF as I have it in my mind.


So let me know your views. What you want me to do. Wrap up in next few chapters or develop the story further to include Maan's family.


All – Remember Maan is injured so no hug and his left hand is not working.


-dia- - In the serial thye changed Dev's character considerably. If you see initial episodes, he was nowhere just a puppet of NT. He even slaps her when she confronts him after spending night with Geet. Anyways, in this he is not a puppet but very much involved.


Hinal – That was a typo...tu Hinal hi hai


Abinash – You will know soon...


Sree – Thank you so much. Words like yours just make everything worthwhile.


Mahimaan – Thank you for commenting on so many parts with so much patience. Welcome back...missed you.


Writers – I am sorry but I am really lagging behind in reading and commenting on FFs. Life has been hell busy and it is an option between reading or updating. So this time I chose updating but next time I will only update once I have caught on each one of your updates. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF



Chapter 48 – Humne dekhi hai



jaa kar dur aapse

                     jee sakege hum

yeh bhram tha mera !


do kadam

chale aap  ,

humse dusri aur

toh tut gaya mera yeh vaham ,

ke jee sakte hum ,

gar na ho tera karam !


ab jab ,

unko yu dekh !

toh jaan main jaan aayi meri

aur jo atak gayi thi saanse

bin unke ,

un main bhi raftaar aayi !


mujhe dekh kar

bin dekhe bhi pahchan jaana !

unke hoothon   (lips) par ,

us halki si muskaan ka aana !

bin pooche hi ,

mujhe apne jeene ki wajah bataana !

kafi hai yeh ,

bataane ke liye

sirf unhone hi nahi  ,

maine bhi  apni khaas jagah

hai unke dil main banaaayi


By Nisha (9n9i9s9h9u9)



12 Days later, Night at hospital


Maan held her hand as she ran her fingers through his hair softly.


"So jaiye…main yahi hoon."


Every night she will sleep on the visitor couch after he would reach deep slumber.


"Geet, I may get discharged next week."


"Hmmm….pata hai mujhe, Meera told me."


"Phir hum office mein milenge"


Geet blushed at his statement.


"Ji nahi….next 15 days tak app rest karenge aur hum uske baad milnege…I mean office mein…I mean kaam"


Maan smiled as she stuttered with her words.


"Mishty…jab tum aise ghabrati ho to bahut pyaar aata hai tum pe"


Geet was tongue tied by his statement and she just looked down not answering him back.


"Kaise rahunga 15 din tumse dur"


"Nahi…I mean…aap apni tabiyat ko leke koi laparwahi nahi karenge…samjhe"


Maan smiled at her firm tone.


"Aur jab tum aise daant ti ho to aur bhi cute lagti ho"


Geet left his hand away now making faces. She showed him a finger pouting "Dekhiye, don't change the topic. Agar aapne proper rest nahi liya toh…toh mein..toh mein..haan aapse baat nahi karungi aur haan…chutti lekar ghar mein baith jaungi…hmmm"


Maan chuckled as she formulated the plan to punish him.


"Acha….waise idea bura nahi hai…tum bhi chutti le lo aur mein bhi phir pure din I can be with you in PG"




"Arre Pinky ko thodayi na chutti milegi…she has to still go to office."


Geet coloured and removed her hand muttering under her breath "Dusht Daanav…koi baat maante nahi mere…bas jab dekho manmaani"


Maan held her hand back and caressed it gently.


"Acha baba…ab gussa mat karo….lekin mujhe tumse zaruri baat karni hai"


Geet looked at him a little worried hearing his serious tone.


"I promised Daadima that I will tell her about my Mishty the day I get discharged."


Maan saw as colour drained from her face.


"Geet….please dekho ghabrao mat. I will talk to her. She understands me Geet….she is the only one before you who knows me….yahan andar se."


Maan took her hand and touched his heart.


"This heart beats for you only Geet and she knows it….she will understand…maan jayengi woh….meri khushi se badhkar unke liye kuch nahi Geet"


Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she firmed her hold inside his hand.


Friends, this is yet another old song which I love. I know most of you may not have heard it so I suggest you do so. It has a beautiful melody and wordings which I thought fit here completely.




Link -



humne dekhi hai un aankho ki mahakati khushbu

haath se chuke ise rishton kaa ilzaam na do


sirf ehasaas hai ye ruh se mahasus karo

pyaar ko pyaar hi rahne do koi naam na do


"My whole life I tried my best to get love from my elders…my Darji. But he….he just nodded when Brij was trying to… Anyways, I was left on the road to die. That night, I could have bled to death. Someone could have…could have taken away the same dignity for which I was left like that."




"This is truth Maan sir. That night I completed the life which my parents gave me and I started a new life. Daadima, picked me up from that roadside, nurtured back my health, gave me a safe roof over my head. Agar aadmi ka sab kuch khatam ho jaaye toh footpath pe so skata hai Maan sir. Lekin aurath….aurath ko toh footpath bhi nahi milta.


Yeh zindagi Daadima ki di hui amaanat hai Maan sir.


She is your grandmother and loves you a lot. You are her blood…her family and you are lucky that she has so much affection for you. For your happiness, she will accept anything, even a person like me in your life.


But for me, she was a stranger who took Babaji's avatar to give me a new life. I was nobody to her but she did what my mother did for me years ago by giving me a new birth. How can I see pain in her eyes because of me? She may accept me but that pain will haunt me Maan sir.


Your happiness means everything to me Maan sir but so does hers. I can never choose between you two Maan sir.


I also don't want to hide anything from her anymore. Sometimes, I feel like a thief who has backstabbed her. She gave me new life and I…chi"


pyaar koi bol nahi, pyaar aawaaz nahi

ek khaamoshi hai sunti hai kahaa karati hai


na ye bujhati hai, naa rukati hai, naa thahari hai kahi

nur ki bund hai sadiyo se bahaa karati hai


sirf ehasaas hai ye ruh se mahasus karo

pyaar ko pyaar hi rahne do koi naam na do


humne dekhi hai un aankho ki mahakati khushbu

haath se chuke ise rishton kaa ilzaam na do






"Nahi Geet…aisa mat socho…..she would never put you under the burden of these expectations."


"I know Maan sir but I also can't put her under the burden of emotional blackmail. You will tell her everything because I don't want to lie anymore either. But promise me Maan sir that you will not pressurise her in any way to accept me."


"Geet lekin"


"Nahi Mana sir. You will not convince her or try to change her decision. She is our elder and if she feels I am not right for you then you have to accept her decision. You will not force your decision on her.


One day you only said that if you are not by my side then you will be behind me. Today I say the same Maan sir. If I am not by your side does not mean you are alone. I will always be there with you like a shadow. I will never go away because it is not possible for me to do so anymore.


We will always stay as friends…life long friends. And if one day, she finds a girl she feels is suitable for you, you will move on…."


"Geet...this is not possible….you can not decide everything"


"Aapne…apke pyaar ne haq diya hai mujhe Maan sir. She has sacrificed so much for your happiness. Is it only her responsibility to look after your happiness. And I know you also have same respect and love for her. Then how can I allow you to let yourself down in her eyes.


Accept kar liya hai…maan liya hai ki this is the truth and I can never go away from you. I will never go away Maan sir. I will always be there with you. But is it important that we have to give a name to our relationship. Is this name above Daadima's happiness? Nahi na. Naam chahe kuch bhi ho, jazbaat toh wahi rahenge na Maan sir.


Jo ghar badon ki khushi ke bina bante hain unki buniyad khokhli hoti hai Maan sir. And being an architect I am sure you know that no house can survive without a good foundation. Daadima ke dard ke saamne humari khushi bahut choti pad jayegi Maan sir.


Waise bhi matlab toh humare saath se hai. Naam mein kya rakha hai. If you trust me then you leave this to her. Let her decide that what will be future for us. Woh sirf aapki nahi meri bhi Daadima hain. A mother will always want best for her child. Then who are we to question her. You tell her the truth and then let her decide Maan sir.


Maannge na….aap unka faisla….boliye"


muskaraahat si khili rahati hai aankho me kahi

aur palako pe ujaale se jhuke rahate hai


hoth kuch kahate nahi, kaanpate hotho pe magar

itne khaamosh se afasaane ruke rahate hai


sirf ehasaas hai ye ruh se mahasus karo

pyaar ko pyaar hi rahne do koi naam na do


humne dekhi hai un aankho ki mahakati khushbu

haath se chuke ise rishton kaa ilzaam na do


He gently unclasped his hand and wiped her and his own tears.


"I love you for what you are Geet and this is you. I trust my love and I know it will never loose. I will not pressurise her. You are right. She is our Daadima and I am confident she will choose the right thing for us. Bas tum mere saath rehna Geet. Till I have you by my side, I can face anything."


in sard hawaon ko chaav mein hi shayad humari ulfaton ki duniya besegi...

jahan tum hi tum hoge


dhoop ki narmi mein zindagi ki tasweer ubhar aayegi...

aur un tasveeron mein humari yaadein saajengi


raaton ki gehrai se kya darr hain...

bahaon ke aagosh mei darr bhi sunhari dhoop si lagti



jab jhoot kahoon tho sab kuch hain mere paas...

jhoot kya sach kya

par sach bhi tho yehi hain ke bas tumhare saath ke alawa
ab kuch aur nahi humare paas!!!


jab har rooh mein tum hi baste

A combined poem by Anu and Ash


Discharge Day


Daadima was quite firm that she herself will shift to outhouse if Maan insisted on staying there till he was completely fine. Finally giving in, Maan sighed and entered his old bedroom in the main KM.


He noticed that Daadima had taken care to get it all neat and fresh just the way he liked it. He glanced through and even as he sagged into the bed, his mind was working on the changes his Mishty will like to see in it.


After fussing over his comfort, food and medicines, finally Daadima asked him to sleep. As she plumped his pillow, he held her hand and made her sit next to him on bed. Restlessness was clearly visible in her eyes. He knew she was excited and why.


"Daadima…I know you want to know about Mishty"


Not able to maintain her composure anymore, she smiled broadly "Off course Maan. Waise I don't understand ki aap itna hichkicha kyon rahe hain. I understand you don't want any emotional pressure on me but sach batyein toh humein aapki khushiyon se badhkar kuch nahi chaiye.


Aur hum yeh aapki baat kar rahe hain beta. Jab Naintara ko humne Dev ki khushi ke liye itni asani se accept kar liya toh...aap. I trust you son. You are mature and know the difference between right or wrong.


Agar koi bhi problem hai toh hum solve karenge beta lekin who aapki pasand hain….aur hum jaante hain ki aapki pasand kabhi galat nahi hogi. You have ability to read people and if you like someone then she must be very special."


Maan sighed and spoke very softly.


"Haan Daadima…special hai woh. Sabse alag. Itni masum that no one can deny her innocence. Itni saaf dil ki that problems also just reflect her true heart and determination. Suljha hua dimaag lekin us sab se badhar ek dil, which has so much love in it that when she showers it, a person can drown in it.


Khaas hai Daadima. Bahut Khaas. Aur shayad isiliye she has taken a promise from me to not pressurise you, emotionally blackmail you or convince you to accept her. Meri khushi ke saath saath use apni Daadima ki khushi bhi bahut pyaari hai. Koi aur ladki hoti toh kehti hum Daadima ko mana lenge par who kehti hai ki Daadima se zayda pyaar humin koi nahi karta. Whatever she decides will be best for both of us. Humara rishta wahi hoga jo Daadima ka faisla hoga.


Mein bas aapse ek cheez maangta hoon Daadima. Don't judge her through the eyes of this world. Judge her through your own eyes.


I have faith in my choice…in my feelings Daadima. Baki meine sab aap pe chod diya"


It took some minutes for Daadima to process his words and then she asked silently "Hum Jaante hain unhein?"


"Hmmm….bahut ache se Daadima."


By now Daadima knew that girl was different and her mind immediately went to Geet. She had seen their budding friendship and affect of whatever happened few days back when Geet's family had attacked her.


"Naam kya hai unka"


"Aap sahi samajh rahi hai Daadima"


"Hum aapke muh se suna chahte hain…unka naam aur yeh ki aap unke liye kya mehsoos karte hain"


His eyes closed as he whispered "Geet…bahut pyar karta hoon"


"Aur woh?"


Maan nodded his head


"Kaha unhone aapse"


Maan looked at Daadima at her question but her stare did not waver. She wanted clear answers today.


"Nahi hothon se nahi par haan aankhon se, actions se kaha hai Daadima. Hothon se kehne ke liye shayad use aapki izzazat chaiye. Aapka dil nahi tod sakti. I am your grandson. Zid karke apne dil ki baat ho sakta ahi manwa loon. Lekin for her you are the one who gave her this life. Aapki aankhon mein dard nahi dekh sakti. I know you also know it Daadima"


Savitri Devi unclasped her hands and got up abruptly


"Has she told you her entire past?"




"And you are ok with it including the fact that she is a widow"


"Aap aise baat kyon kar rahi hain daadima…."


"Yeh humare sawaal ka jawaab nahi hai Maan"




"It is getting late. Rest kariye. Hum aapko kal bataynge apna faisla"


Before Maan could answer, she glided out of the room leaving Maan very scared with her almost cold and emotional demeanour. While he lay stiff on the bed, Daadima sat in her rocking chair looking at her late husband's picture trying to draw strength from it.


Precap – Still deciding the song guys...

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loved the whole convo tat geet and maan had

geet is right is every word of her

she belongs to the lady who saved her and just for love she cant do anything tat goes against her

but now dadima ka reaction bit scared

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