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MG FF-Winter Sonata-Thread 7 (Page 2)

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Congrats for new thread 

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Congrats on the new thread

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congrats on the new thread
and waiting for next part di

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Waiting for the update!! 
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Thanks Shruthe and Ash for the banner


Thanks to all who commented and/or pressed like. I can't appreciate you guys enough for supporting me.


Nosheen: Thank you so much for your kind words. I can not tell you how encouraging it is to read comments like these. You made me feel so special. Thanks a lot.


Ash: I loved your rotating head cute...hope this is not ending at a wrong time for you...ha ha ha...evil laugh...i just loved all the images you stalked me with...


Sorry for delay too...I know you were waiting for this since Friday


Dqno1: You are a minority who like this song...but I still used it because every word is going to be used in this update


Heytal: Darling I saw your PM. You don't need to apologise. I understand and take your time


Maneetpuneet: Yes dear but key is her past which is confusing her. Also not to forget she is just 19yr old. Seriously how many girls will have maturity to handle such a situation at that age?


Silent_whispers: Welcome back honey...hope to see u now regularly



 I am sorry guys that I am not able to respond to each one of you. But trust me, I have read all your comments multiple times and I am really thankful for them. My personal laptop's keyboard broke couple of weeks back and that has restricted my time on forum. But I am getting it fixed tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to reply to more of you.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF


Chapter 45 – Bichadan


His anger had melted but ache did not. His hold on her arms tightened as he asked her softly but firmly


"Why Geet….did I truly force you for anything. Then why do you want to take away this friendship also away from me. I told you my love is my problem. I begged you to not take away your friendship as it was priceless. Mere jeena ka sahara cheena chahti ho mujhse Geet.


Kahan galti hui mujse Geet jo tum sazaa de rahi ho. Dur jaana chahti ho mujhse. Itna bura hun ab mein. Keh diya hota mujhse ki meri shakal dekhna bhi gawara nahi tumhein. Khud dur ho jaata tumhari nazron se."


Tears finally released from the cage of her eyes.




Link -


Bichhad ke tujh se ab mujhe marna hai
Ye tajurba isi zindagi me karna hai


Shaking her head she tried to soothe his hurt and explain herself


"Aisa mat kahiye Maan sir. Mein aapko kaise sazaa de sakti hoon. Woh bhi tab jab aapse dur jaana mere liye marne se kam nahi."



Tu bichdann, bichdan kendi hai
Tu bichdann kendi hai
Bichde to jee na payenge...

"Sazaa dene ka haq sirf tumhein hai Geet…sirf tumhein. Aur jab itna dard ho raha hai toh phir kyon….kyon kar rahi ho aisa."


"Toh kya kaoon mein. Aap samajhte kyon nahi Maan sir. Har roz kaise saamna karoon mein aapka. Now when I raise hands to ask anything from Babaji, I ask only for your happiness. When I know I myself is the biggest problem then what do I do. I just want to see you happy. Aur woh khushi…who khushi mere saath nahi hai toh it is better that you move on."


"Agar baat meri khushiyon ki hai Geet then how can you decide alone. You want to know where my happiness lies then ask me. What do you think that if you go away, I will be happy. If you don't want to see me I will not come in front of you but my love is not that weak Geet. I will stand behind you so that anytime you fall, anytime you are alone and looking for me, I am there for you. I told you earlier also, I don't want just a yes from you. You have no pressure as I know how to control my emotions. Don't you trust me Geet?"


Door jaa ke bhi na chain payenge
Jitna bhulayenge, yaad aayenge
Tu bichdann, bichdan kendi hai
Tu bichdann kendi hai
Bichde toh jee naa payenge...

She shook her head in denial immediately.


"Aap samjhte kyon nahi. Yeh itna aasan nahi hai"


"Itna mushkil bhi nahi hai Geet ki tum koshish karne se pehle hi haar maan lo"


"It is not about me. I am alone lekin aap….aapne kabhi soch hai ki agar kisi ko pata chala toh kya hoga. Aur Daadima….I can't do this to Daadima…I can't"


"Duniya ki mujhe koi parwah nahi Geet kyonki I don't believe in false status and position. I only care about my morals, my upbringing and what is right and wrong. And as far as Daadima is concerned, I will never let you fall in her eyes. Waise bhi she has no problem from our friendship aur us se zayda maine tumse kuch maanga hi kahan hai Geet."


Geet had no answers to his questions and she stood with her eyes down. Neither could she explain to him nor could she convince herself. She was once again at the cross roads of her life and confused. She didn't have maturity or the background to understand how she should handle this situation. Brought up in an insecure environment maybe she was being a coward by not facing reality. Maybe she was running away but she just didn't know any other way.


Maan saw the defeated look in her eyes and his heart pained more. He had promised to keep her happy, to protect her from any more agony and here he was becoming the reason for her problems. In his heart he knew that she only wanted best for him.


He sighed heavily as he left her arms.


"It's ok Geet. Don't worry. Whatever you decided is ok with me. Apna maan ke tumse shikayat kar di. Lekin tum bura mat mano. I was wrong when I said that you can't decide alone for my happiness. When I confessed my love, I gave you that right too. You can decide for both of us Geet and I will abide by whatever you want to do. Just remember that I am there with you always…if not with you then just behind you.


Kahin chod du tumhein ya phir interview ke liye waapis jaana hai?"


Har duaa mein tu hi shaamil
Chahe tanha meri mehfil
Ranj-o-gham hai
Aalam nam hai
Hoon main zinda
Ye kya kam hai, Soniye...
Tu bichdann, bichdan kendi hai
Tu bichdann kendi hai
Bichde toh jee naa payenge...

Geet just shook her head and pointed towards the scooty she had borrowed from Pinky for that day to come here.


Though it cut him up to leave her behind but Maan nodded and drove away giving her some space and time to think what to do next.


Geet somehow drove to PG and dropped the scooty. She had half day off and had earlier planned to return to hostel after the interview. But suddenly prospect of coming face to face with anyone she knew daunted her. She just wanted to run away from everything and everyone. Somewhere, where she was alone.


She randomly walked about and entered a park. Sitting under a tree in scorching sun, she cried her heart out at her helplessness and confusion.


It was night, when with still no answers she walked inside the hostel only to find tense Meera pacing in the room. Geet immediately knew something was wrong looking at her puffed red eyes.


"Meera kya hua"


Meera ran and hugged Geet


"Kahan thi aap Di…kitni der se aapka phone mila rahi hoon."


"Woh…woh….leave first tell me what happened. Anu is ok na"


"Di…Maan Bhai….."


Geet's heart beats rose at Meera's words followed by tears which were freely flowing from her eyes.


"Maan sir…kya hua Maan sir ko"


"Maan bhai ka accident ho gaya hai Di. He is in very critical situation"


Geet felt as if somebody had snatched floor from under her feet. She collapsed on the ground as Meera held her.


"Di…we need to go to the hospital. I will tell you the details in taxi but for now we have to go."


Geet looked at her not able to understand anything


"Please di…he is waiting for you. Behoshi mein bhi aapko yaad….he is waiting for you di"


Hearing her words, Geet just ran outside. Meera ran after her and held her shoulder. She somehow controlled her and walked to the nearest main road hauling a taxi.


"Kab hua yeh sab…kaise….he was with me in afternoon and he was so hurt by what I did…meri wajha se….kaise kab"


Meera took Geet in embrace understanding how vulnerable she must be feeling. She told her what had happened since afternoon while Geet was unreachable.


7 Hours Before


Maan was very restless after his talk with Geet. It is so difficult to let go of someone whom you consider your life. But nevertheless he knew that he can not and should not push her too much. He has to give her freedom and be just there waiting. He finally managed to convince his heart, when he stopped at the signal very close to KC office.


Khuda kare zindagi me ye makaam aaye
Tujhe bhulne ki dua karun
Aur dua me tera naam aaye

Adi was returning back after picking his lunch from nearby takeaway when he noticed Maan's car


"Sir is back…jaldi kar Adi"


As Adi crossed the road still observing Maan sir's car, he looked upon horrifyingly at the scene unfolding in front of him. A truck carrying iron rods, sped to cross the road and somehow driver lost the control swerving the truck to ram head long into side of Maan's car. Car spun with force and stopped side ways while the truck moved ahead. Due to sudden jerk, the iron rods got loosened and crashed on to the car breaking the wind shield and piercing inside Maan's body.


Maan tried to react to Adi as he saw him but no words came from his mouth. Last coherent thought in his mind was that he had promised to Geet that he will take care of her and himself. If anything happened to him that what will happen to Geet and Daadima.


"Kaisi sambhalegi woh khud ko"


Hogi aankhein bandh ya khuli
Naa chupegi ye deewanagi
Tera chehra dikh jaayega
Jaata lamha ruk jaayega, soniye..
Tu bichdann, bichdan kendi hai
Tu bichdann kendi hai
Bichde toh jee naa payenge...


Truck driver immediately fled with his truck while people surrounded the car as the white leather seats turned red with blood. Adi somehow managed to push people around and called Khurana Hospital giving the instruction to send ambulance immediately. In hindsight it was his presence at the accident scene which probably enabled Maan to reach hospital within 30 minutes of the accident.


Senior most surgeon and board member of the hospital, Dr. Rastogi was paged immediately by Hospital director at Adi's call. He travelled with Maan in the ambulance trying to stem the blood flow and relaying instructions to keep operation theatre ready based on his condition.


Adi called Daadima and Dev and they reached the hospital just in time to look at unconscious Maan, drenched in blood, being wheeled inside to OT.


Dr. Rastogi explained that first they are taking him for ultrasound, CT and X -ray to ascertain the damage but acting quickly was paramount. Daadima was visible shaken but managed to sign all the relevant papers already ready for her.


2 Hours Before


Meera stood in one corner silently crying and praying along with Mrs Dixit as Dev and Naintara consoled Daadima. But it was Adi who held her and said emotionally


"Sambhaliye apne aap ko Daadima. Kuch nahi hoga humare Maan sir ko. He is so strong and aap dekh lijiyega he will be fine. Lekin agar aaki tabiyat kharab hui na toh humein bhugatna padega sir ke gusse ko."


Daadima smiled slightly caressing his cheek but her eyes were stuck at the operation theatre only.


Dr. Rastogi came out after 4 hours of test and operation. He sighed knowing there was no good news as Daadima looked at him with expectant eyes.


"Mrs Khurana, we have tried our best. He lost lot of blood due to multiple puncture wounds in his arms and torso. Actual accident caused him head injury. He was saved partially by airbag but because it was side impact, there was deep injury. Currently he is unconscious and we will have to wait for him to regain consciousness. Till that happens there isn't much we can say.


There were multiple lacerations due to iron rods. His left arm muscle is damaged severely and will not be in working condition for some time. But looking at his age I am quite hopeful that he will make full recovery there. There are puncture wounds on his shoulder and chest but though  they are painful and need care but nor damaging.


Currently biggest thing for us is to get him conscious and ascertain there is no permanent brain damage. There is a danger of him slipping into comma if he did not get back consciousness soon."


Daadima broke down hearing Doctors words.


"Please please kuch bhi kar ke mere bete ko hosh mein lekar aaiye aap doctor…please"


"Mrs. Khurana please. We will do everything possible. But I also think there is one way you can help me too."


Daadima looked a little perplexed "Tell me doctor...i can do anything for my child."


"Before loosing his consciousness completely, Mr. Khurana was little lucid in the ambulance. At that time he was remembering his family. I know almost everyone except for one name. He was repeating something to the effect of "I will not leave you Mishty….Mishty…Daadima" He took her name couple of times.


Who is this Mishty because he seemed very restless and even in that condition also the way he was taking her name and trying to stretch his arms, it seemed as if he is trying to reach to her. It will be good if she is here along with you "


Daadima broke down crying bitterly.


Naintara could not believe doctor's words at all "You have misunderstood doctor. Hum kisi Mishty ko nahi jaante and Maan Veeji aur koi anjaan ladki…unki zindagi mein toh koi bhi ladki nahi hai"


But she was shocked by Daadima's next set of words - "Kahan se laye hum unki Mishty ko. Hum toh jaante bhi nahi ki woh kaun hai. Kitni baar pucha humne unse but he never told us. Only if it was in my hand"


She suddenly turned and imploringly asked Dev and Adi if they knew her but both denied having any knowledge or knowing anyone by that name.


"Is it someone by name of Anu?"


Daadima looked at him. "That was another name he said in passing."


By now emotional Meera had come closer.


"Anu is my daughter. He is her godfather."


Her heart cried knowing that how much love Maan bhai had for Anu to remember her at such a moment. She was already emotional hearing about Geet and this just totally broke her.


"How do I tell everyone that Geet di is Maan Bhai's Mishty. Nahi nahi, agar Daadima gets angry and tries to separate them then both Maan bhai and Geet di will suffer. Di kuch kahe na kahe I know how much she loves him. God knows what will happen when she will find out about this.


She concentrated back as Dr Rastogi told Daadima to try to find out about Mishty if possible. Then he tried to convince her to go home and take rest.


"Mrs. Khurana, you need rest as well. I suggest you go home and come back in the morning. Meanwhile if Maan gets consciousness I will call you.


"No, I will not go anywhere"


"Please Mrs. Khurana, last thing we want is for you to get sick. I promise Mr. Khurana will get the best possible care and you can be back in the morning. Trust me and I will personally inform you if there is any change in his status. You can also call me anytime and I will be happy to answer your questions."


He asked Dev to convince Daadima and take her home. Meera left with Mrs. Dixit and Adi waited in the hospital waiting room for any news.


Precap – Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke


A/N: As most of you are aware that this FF is my tribute to GHSP. This entire sequence was inspired by Maan's accident after the engagement evening. She leaves him and he is in the hospital just waiting for her. That was the main theme or emotion which inspired me along with her tries to find another job.

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i have no words 
so beautifully writtena dn such deep and intense emotions 
it shook me completely 
maybe this is what geet needed to realise her love for maan and that they cant live apart 
maan and geet have to be together to survive 
just be uttering anu's name he showed his love and concern for someone who was not even known to him a few months back and now has become a part of his life 
anu meera geet and dadima 
even if God wants maan will fight death for the 4 ladies of his life 

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