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MG FF-Winter Sonata-Thread 7 (Page 19)

mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Awww... But aaj jaldi nahi jaa rahi sone...????
Jyada kaam tha kya aaj office main..???

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mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Chal koi na... So ja...
Gud ninni... Take care... Sweet dreamz...

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:23am | IP Logged

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Piya for the banner


Thank you friends for your likes and comments. Sorry for not responding guys but my workload is killing me. I am updating just because I had written this earlier and don't want to hang you guys in middle


@Nosheen, Tellyme, Lakshmi = waiting for your comments...missing them so much


Heytal – Don't apologise yaar...and thank you so much for your lovely and detailed comments. Dev/ NT will have a larger role to play now. If you remember I had mentioned that Maan's past and family will become important only when Maaneet relationship comes out in open


Hinal – Yes her age is an important factor in how she behaves. She is just 19.


Dia_kapoor – I am so touched and thanks. I am happy that you finally made an account and commented because your comments mean a lot to me as a writer.



VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF


Chapter 46 – Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke


Dil ki is tadap ko

Koi kyu Samjhe na...

Masumiyat is dil ki

Kisiko kyu dikhe na...

Tadap Tadap ke ro raha hai

Dil ye mera kyu Jane na...

Dil tuta aise kyu...

Dil luta usne kyu...

Ab ye Sambhal paaye na...


Chaha tha use meine

is duniya ko bhulakar...

Dua me use manga meine

Is pyaari jannat ko chodkar...

Sapno me Uski beh gayi mein

Khuli aankho ka nazara sametkar...

Chod gaya aise wo kyu...

Bhul gaya aise wo kyu...

Ab uske bin reh paaye na...


Adhura reh gaya pyaar mera

Ye dil kyu samjhe na...

Aansu ye thamte nahi

Koi ise kyu roke na...

Zindagi ho gayi khafa aise

Ise ab jeeya jaaye na...

Laut nahi aaya wo kyu...

Akele chod gaya wo kyu...

Ab ye samajh paaye na...


Dil lutaaa... Dil tutaaa...

Wo kyu samajh paaye na...

Dil khoyaa... Dil royaa...

Wo kyu dekh sake na...


By Mishtiritu




Meera supported crying and almost lost Geet out of taxi and walked inside the hospital.


As they reached the VIP floor, they were stopped by the receptionist.


Geet was just crying as Meera tried to convince the receptionist to let them go to meet Maan


"Madam, visiting hours are over. Moreover, no ne can meet Mr. Khurana without permission. I am sorry but I can not allow you to go. If you don't leave I will have to call security."


Meera looked helpless but Geet just refused to budge from there. Her eyes just wanted to look at him to allow her to breathe again. Her whole world had stopped and she needed to see him at any cost.




Link -


Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke

Manzil Mushkil to kya,
Dhundla Sahil to kya,
Tanha Ye Dil to Kya

Meera protested loudly and to have mercy as receptionist called security who tried to drag Geet away. Just then Dr. Rastogi entered the ward and was shocked at the scene in front of him. He saw the girl from morning pleading while another girl who looked almost lifeless being dragged by security. His sixth sense prevailed and he asked security to stop.


"What's going on here? Meera, your name is Meera right? Who is this girl and what are you doing here at this time?"


Meera grabbed her chance and folded her hands in front of Dr. Rastogi – "She is G…I mean Mishty Dr. Rastogi. Please ek baar milne deejiye ise. You can see her state and they both really…I mean they love each other a lot. Please."


"If you knew who Mishty was then why did you not say anything in the morning?"


Meera looked down "Because they have not shared their feelings with each other yet but I know. Also because there are problems. Daadima and Maan sir's family may not accept her readily and I did not want another complication in their life at this stage. Maan Bhai ek baar thik ho jaye phir sab thik ho jayega."


Dr. Rastogi looked at the innocent faced girl as she just stood crying hearing to their every word quietly. Her tears flew non stop and her pitiable state convinced Dr. Rastogi that Meera was not lying.


He took them to his cabin and gave summary of Maan's health status to Geet. Somewhere he recognised that she was as important to Maan as Daadima was.


"I know this is a shock for you. Mr. Khurana is still unconscious. I will take you to meet him but I want you to remember that he is gravely injured. Right now he needs support of his family and loved ones. So you have to be strong in front of him and not break down. Hmmm…"


Geet nodded silently as Dr. Rastogi accompanied her to Maan's room. He told Meera to leave as Anu was crying and promised to arrange for a safe cab for Mishty when she was ready to leave.


Geet entered the silent room with only sound coming from humming and beeping machines. Any further distance was just unbearable to her and she ran madly to get a glimpse of her life...her Maan. She stopped short of hugging him seeing him all bandaged up and hurt. Fresh tears welled in her eyes seeing his state. Nearing him, she could not stop herself from bending over his face and trailing her finger gently on tips of his hair. Her eyes glanced through his entire body covered in dressing and wires. Tears were no where stopping as she collapsed on her knees, her hand automatically moving from her hair to hold onto his fingers gently...the only place where no sensor had been placed.






Silent room echoed with her sobs and his name as she whispered it again and again. Even Dr. Rastogi was moved hearing her melancholic sounds and he left standing outside seeing them from the viewing window.




She pressed her lips on the back of his palm beside the IV line. Tears fell wetting his hand as she kissed his hand again and again. Right now there was nothing more in this world and beyond she wanted than for him to open his eyes. She could give her life…her soul to see him awake.




Raah Pe Kante Bikhre agar,
Uspe to phir bhi chalna hi hai,
Shaam Chupale Suraj magar,
Raat ko ek din dhalana hi hai,

Rut ye tal jayegi,
Himmat rang layegi,
Subha phir aayegi

Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke



Maan felt the fog clearing up in his brains. He remembered the white top of the ambulance and white light shining in his eyes as he thought about Daadima, Vicky, Dev, Meera, Anu and lastly his Mishty. Even now he could hear her as if she was crying for him and calling out his name




Maan opened his eyes to see his Mishty sitting next to him. But he frowned internally seeing her tears. Why was she crying. Was she in any problem again. He tried to speak something but words didn't come out. He tried to move his hand but only his fingers seemed to be moving. His breathing laboured trying to move and wipe those tears when realisation came that he was where and why. Those last few moments where he was worried about her flashed into his mind as did the sight of iron rods hitting him everywhere.


Geet senses his fingers trembling under her hand and startled she got up. Not able to believe her luck, she peered at him closely when she looked at his half closed eyes and laboured breathing through the oxygen mask.




She screamed trying to find the call button while Dr Rastogi who was looking at them from outside also sensed that something was different. He strode inside to see Maan getting back his consciousness and amidst amazement at what love can do to human brain and self accolade for realising Mishty's importance to allow her to meet him, he called for head nurse. Removing the oxygen mask he asked Geet – "Mishty, please go outside for some time. We need to take some tests."


Geet nodded and started to walk when Maan curled his fingers trying to stop her


"Who is calling my Mishty like this and sending her away."


Maan glared even with hooded eyes at Dr Rastogi and he didn't miss that stare or the gesture of his fingers trying to hold on to her hand.


Last thing he wanted was to aggravate the patient in such critical condition.


"It is ok, you can stay but I need to take some tests. You can hold his hand gently and yes, what can I call you because I don't think I can…I mean what is your real name."


Geet just stood lost, holding Maan's hand when Maan whispered her name "Geet" and started coughing.


"Maan sir….sambhal ke…mein yahi hoon…please aap shaant ho jaiye…please"


Dr Rastogi instructed that he want him to blink his eyes as he checks his various limbs. He tapped his legs, knees, hands and finally at multiple points on his back to ensure nervous system was working fine.


"You are lucky Mr. Khurana. I don't think there is any nervous damage and hopefully no loss of movement."


For the first time in the day, Geet beamed hearing doctor's words "Sachi doctor….thank you so much. Maan sir bilkul thik ho jayenge…I am sure. Sab thik ho jayega…hai na"


"Yes Ms. Geet…I am sure. Mr. Khurana, having said that, gravity of your wounds is not less. You need further CT scan and due to rods, there are multiple lacerations on your shoulder and neck. Left arm is also gravely injured.


So you need proper rest. You need to take it slow and speak only as required till your throat muscles recover completely.


I will inform your Daadima. With great difficulty she has left and I promised her to inform her of any progress."


Hearing about Daadima brought a cloud over Geet's face. She was avoiding old lady's anguish of finding about their feelings and now? Will she blame her for Maan sir's condition. Maybe she was to be blamed.


"Jab se unki zindagi mein aayi hoon siwaye dukh ke kya saath mein layi hoon."


"Jeene ki wajah…thread to my existence…my happiness. Daadima may have given me breaths but you brought the reason to continue taking them"


Hogi hume to rehmat ada,
Dhup kategi saaye tale,
Apni khuda se hai ye Dua,
Manzil lagale humko gale

Jurrat sau baar rahe,
Uncha Ikraar rahe,
Zinda har pyar rahe

Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke



Geet's eyes welled up hearing his words. It was a moot point to understand how he read her so well. Indeed she was an open book in front of him.


Dr. Rastogi felt awkward listening to their talk.


Maan coughed as his throat started burning due to effort of speaking. Dr Rastogi chided him for ignoring his advice so soon. As he walked away, he heard Maan's urgent voice


"Dr…please….wait till morning. Don't tell Daadima about Geet. I need her."


Dr. Rastogi sighed as Geet just lowered her eyes holding his hand asking him to be quiet but Maan's pleading eyes didn't leave Dr. Rastogi's face.


"Ok Mr. Khurana. What can I say? She seems to be part of your medicine regime and  as an exception she can meet you in the night. Under doctor patient confidentiality I will somehow manage this. Needless to say it is very difficult to hide things from your Daadima but I will try my best.


Ms. Geet please ensure he takes proper rest otherwise I will not allow you on my ward."


Geet nodded slightly while Maan smiled hearing Dr's words.


Geet sat down next to him caressing his face gently. Overwhelmed with so many emotions, care and love for him just erupted out of her. At this moment nothing else mattered. She just wanted to be with him and shower all her love on him. Not able to put words to her feelings, she sat silently but when were words needed between them. A fresh line of tear trickled and fell on his cheeks when he shook his head.


"Mat ro jaan...sorry"


"Shhh"she slightly touched his lips with her finger to make him quite.


"Nahi roungi mein par aap kuch mat kahiye. Doctor ne mana kiya hai...aapko dard hoga


He smiled under her finger and blinked his eyes in yes


For a long time she sat there just looking at him, asking him if it was paining him a lot,  pampering him with encouraging words, patting him gently to sleep till finally he closed his eyes under the effect of her love and  medicines.


Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke




They both knew that they could not deny their feelings anymore. For Maan, he never wanted circumstance like these for her to accept their relationship. But there was nothing either one of them could do. In the end, they both knew that they loved each other and that night just made Geet realise that she can not run away from reality. Even Babaji could not lie any more about the relationship they had. It may still not have any name but it was there….a bond full of love, trust and concern.



Precap – Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:24am | IP Logged
aaj kal audit's shuru huva hai tho zyaada kaam bad gayi hai

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mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:24am | IP Logged
What should I say... U made me cry... 
While Reading whole update I had tears in my eyes...
U depicted geet's emotions so well and maan's as well..
I was so much into the update...
It was as if everything is happeing infront of my eyes...
Aww... I loved the way maan showed his eyes to DR.. and his possessiveness...
Geet again started to think like that but maan read her and gave her the answer needed...
Sachi main labzo ka mohtaaj nahi hai inka pyaar...
I just loved this update sooo much and song as well...

Tujh se shuru meri har dua hai
Tujh pe khatam meri har aarzu hai...

Tujhe zindagi dene mein khud meet jau
Tu jo nahi to mein bhi na jee pau...

Keh na sakungi tumse mere dil ka haal
Darti hu khone se tumhe zindagi ho jaaye fir betaal...

Labzo ki kami kabhi mehsus nahi huyi
Dil ki baat tum tak aankhon ne pohcha di...

Kaise roku mein khud ko jo namumkin hai
Dil ye mera ab bas main mere nahi hai...

Ibadat hai tu meri bandagi hai tu
Meri Dhadkte dil ki saasein hai tu...

Edited by mishtiritu - 25 June 2013 at 11:50am

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HeytzMaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for updating so soon yaar
Phew! some reliefTongue
Thank God Maan is safe and conscious tooSmile

So many moments so perfectly weaved in Geet totally drained and lost
Meera trying her best so that Maaneet meet
Dr Rastogi thoughtfully handling the situation
and finally Maaneet meet and HowSmile

As I mentioned in the last update too Meera has handled the whole situation so well inspite of her age today she was the sole reason who brought Maaneet together ofcourse with the Dr's helpEmbarrassed

Maaneet meeting was so heart felt and emotional reminded me of the actual hospital scene in the show
The madness to meet Her Maan, the assuarance that he is safe, and the love which couldn't be denied now or ever!!!!
Dr Rastogi silently watching the two people struggling to voice out their love 
One fighting his life for his love and another who can sacrifice her life for her loveOuch

Oh My!!!! The possessive MaanEmbarrassed
even in his semi conscious state detests the fact that somebody else is addressing his Geet as Meeshti

I am so relieved that Maan is all fine and Geet to accepted her feelings though not totally but still 
They are together thats importantSmile

Yeah I know now NT will play a prominent part but all I wanted was that until Maan is all fine she doesn't create any problems between Maaneet. 
Ab Maan theek hain toh woh sab sambhaal hi lega, hain naEmbarrassed

Waiting for Dadimaa's reaction on discovering the identity of Maa's MeeshtiBig smile

Fabulous update Ritzy
Very well written yaar 
it all seemed playing in front of my eyes
Thanks again

Edited by heytal - 25 June 2013 at 12:34pm

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:27am | IP Logged
finally geet met maan and maan got consciousness back and glaring doctorfab maneet scenes

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