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Akdha ff: ur only mine jodha chap-17 pg 87 (2nd Feb'14) (Page 35)

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Just read it all, and I loved it!
Update quickly

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intresting intresting...
continue soon...
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Hey plz ab toh update kardo... How much more to wait...
Ur both ongoing ffs r very ausome nd at interesting phase...
Plz update fast... Cant wait more... Plzz
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more more me want more...
well my little chant is over and i have to say that i am really enjoying your ff...i can totally picture every moment of this ff in my head and can't wait to read more...jalal is gonna have to control his anger and keep jodha safe from adham and maham...what will be maham nxt plan of action since now jalal knows that jodha is pregnant with his baby...exactly what she did not want to come out

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Thank u sooo much for the appreciation. Here is the next part.



Chapter 9B



"I will keep her out of stress." said Jalal. The doctor smiled at him and left. Jalal went up to Jodha who was still unconscious. He did not know why there was something that was pulling him towards her. He just wanted to hug her and kiss her and say, "Everything is going to be alright." But nothing was all right. Especially their relationship. He had yelled at her for Suryabhan's mistake. By remembering Suryabhan's name, Jalal's blood boiled in anger. But he cooled himself down. "Relax Jalal!" He looked at Jodha and sat beside her. She looked so beautiful. Jalal kissed her forehead and then her tummy. "I am so sorry Jodha. I am going to make it up to you. Hey baby can you hear me? Im ur daddy. I know I hurt your mother a lot but please forgive me. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks for coming to my life. You know I cant live without you or your mother." Jalal just realized what he said. "Why did I say that I cant live without Jodha. I will care for her only because she is giving birth to my child. That's it, nothing else." But little did he know that he was falling deeply in love Jodha. One day his heart will beat only Jodha's name. Jodha slowly opened her eyes. She saw Jalal sitting by her side. She tried to get up. Jalal made her lay down again. "Jodha u r weak now. Don't get up. Its not good for our baby." Jodha looked at Jalal with a stern face "Wow! U care for me? Im surprised Shahenshaji. Wait a minute. U don't care for me. U care only about the baby. U will take care of me until the baby is born and after that you will kick me out of this palace and go back to that Ruqaiya! Guess what I don't care." Jalal's temper rose but he spoke in a calm voice "Think whatever u want to think Jodha. Jodha would u like to eat something?" "No, im not hungry!" "Jodha please eat or else you will be weak." "No means no." Jalal controlled himself. "Jodha why do you think that I will leave you? I really care for you. I will never kick you out of this palace. You are giving birth to my child. You have my highest priority. Look Jodha I am really very sorry for what I said to you. I didn't do anything to Suryabhan. Don't worry." Jodha looked at Jalal and saw in his eyes that he was telling the truth "Okay. I will have some soup."



On the other hand Maham Anga was worried as Resham had betrayed her. Resham,her loyal servant. Resham decided to tell the Shehensha about the fake letter. "I have to do something about this Resham. She is going to expose me in front of Jalal. Before she does that I myself will strangle her." MA gave her usual evil smirk and left to carry out her plan.


Jodha and Jalal were standing in the balcony and looking at the full moon. Jalal turned to face Jodha "Why are u staring at the moon like that? Its normal. I don't find any difference in it." "Because you don't have a heart. Cant I enjoy the sceneray." "Why are you snapping at me Jodha. I was just saying... Wait a minute, who told you I don't have a heart. I love my parents and It's like you have a heart. You hate everyone except for Suryabhan." Jodha "Oh no! ur starting again. Im sick of it! So what I don't hate Suryabhan. He did nothing to me that I will hate him. You know what I think you are jealous of him." "How dare you say that Jodha?" he grasped Jodha's hand. "I am The Shehensha. People dream of being me." "U r hurting me Shehensha! Leave me this instant."


Just then a maid entered the room "Shehensha please come! I have to show you something important" "Not now. Leave!" "Its really important." "okay fine Im coming."

Jalal quickly went to the destination.


Mahamanga was strangling Resham. "Now you can never say anything to Jalal. You cant tell him that I sent the fake letter to Suryabhan to kick Jodha out of this palace."


"BADI AMMI" said Jalal in an angry tone." How could you do this? I thought of u more tha my mother and u did this to me. You knew that Jodha was pregnant then why did you do this! Tell me!!" MA "Jalal wo Jalal" "Badi Ammi I don't want you here anymore. You will got to Mecca today itself. I don't want to hear any excuses." Jalal then left to Jodha's room. On the way to the room he told a maid to bring on the dinner in Jodha's room. Jalal entered the room and saw that Jodha was combing her long black hair. "Seriously Jodha, You are combing ur hair now.You just fainted a few hours ago. Whats  with girls and their hair?" Jodha, facing the mirror, " I don't know why you keep annoying me?  So what Im combing my hair. Its my hair I want to comb it. You have a problem with everything I do." Jalal "Jodha mind your tone. Don't forget that I am your husband. Lets just forget about all of this and have dinner." "Okay."



Dinner was brought in Jodha's room. Both of them were quietly having their dinner when suddenly Jalal spoke up "Im sorry Jodha" Jodha stopped eating and looked at Jalal. "Im sorry for whatever I did and said to you. I was wrong."


Jodha: Shehensha everyone does mistakes. I am even sorry for the harsh words. Lets start our relationship afresh.


Jalal smiled: Lets start with friendship. Friends?

Jodha: Friends...


This Friendship was beginning of love.



Chapter 10


Two weeks have gone by since the incident took place. Everything started to fall in place. Jalal and Jodha did not hate each other any more. Though they had fights all the time.


Jodha was sitting near the pool. A pleasant breeze was blowing which brought a smile across her face. "Everything is normal. Thank God!" She was enjoying the weather when she was interrupted by Ruqqaiya. "Wah! I am really worried for you Jodha. Because you are not taking good care of yourself. Anything can happen in these days u know." said Ruqqaiya with an evil smile. She was really jealous that Jodha being the new bride was pregnant. Where as Ruqqaiya was Jalal's first wife. She wasnted to give the heir of Jalal. Jodha rose up from her place and said "What I wrong with you? Why cant u talk properly? I don't want to talk to u Ruqqaiya begum. I want to be nice with you but this nature of yours irks me." Jodha then leaves. She shuts the door of her room. "Why are you so angry Begum Jodha?" Said Jalal in his husky voice. Hearing his voice Jodha's anger melted. Jalal just came out of shower and was wrapped in a towel. Jodha almost fainted when she saw Jalal's bare chest. His Musculine body and water dripping down it. Jodha was just staring at him "Are you like checking me out? I know I know I have a very hot body." This brought Jodha back to her senses. She was embarrassed. Then she spoke up "You dont have a hot body... why do you think so much of yourself... I am so much better then you and I desearve better." Jalal gave out a laugh "You and better? In your dreams Missy. I married you because I felt bad for you. The firsttime I saw you. you were hanging on a tree like a monkey. No one would marry you. And if someone did he would've brought that very day you got married. So be grateful that you got a hot shot husband." Jodha frowned and took step forward "Wait right there Jodha! I know you want my body but I am not in a mood..." Jodha now very pissed " Look in the mirror first.. You look like a Gorilla more to me.. When was I hanging on the tree??? That never happened. You are just making things up now. I was just admiring your body.." She bit her tongue as she realized what she had said. Now Jalal wont leave her. "Really Jodha?? I knew it!" Jodha turned her face around and went to the bed and covered her face with a blanket. Jalal just smirked. He went to the bed a nd lay down beside Jodha. Jodha could feel his prescence on the bed. Jalal slowly removed the blanket from Jodha's face. Jodha shut her eyes tightly. Jalal brought his face closer to Jodha's tummy. "Hey baby! How are you? Its me your Papa. You know I love this time of the day when I talk to you. You know your Mother adores my body.." Jalal was interrupted  by Jodha " What are you saying to our child?" Jalal thought to himself that it feels so good when Jodha says our child. "Jodha don't interrupt between baby father talk. Let me talk."Jodha shut her eyes again.. "Baby I am waiting for your arrival.  You know Your Mother is angry with me now. She looks beautiful when she is angry. You are very lucky to have a mother like Jodha.." Jodha then said "Really??!!" in an excited tone.Jalal then said "Really.. Now you rest and let the baby rest." Jalal kissed her forehead and made her lay down. Jodha thinking to herself "Why did he kiss me and why did I like it sooo much. God knows whats happening." Jodha then fell asleep. Jalal thinking "Jodha you must be wondering why I am behaving so strangely with you. I have the answer. I am in love with you Jodha. Yes Jalal is in love. The man who can never fall in love is in love. I know you love a lot. But you didn't realize it. I will make you realize it Jodha." Jalal then went to sleep.




"Did you call me?" said Adham. "Yes Adham Khan I called you." "Do you want Jodha?" Adham with a grin "Yes! You want Jalal right?" "What do you mean by I want Jalal. I already have Jalal. I just want him to forget Jodha. I am his first wife.He loves me!!" said Ruqqaiya. Ruqqaiya continued "But first we need to remove that baby. Then we can carry out the plan."Adham "That will be done. But whats the plan?" Ruqqaiya told him the whole plan and both of them laughed evily. Adham "JODHA UR MINE."




Precap: Jodha realizes love for Jalal

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Very beautifully written.
Thanks for the pm.
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finally an update and such a cute one...hopefully adham and ruku will be out of akdha's life soon.
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Beautifully written update dear.. Clap
wonder what vll addham do now.. Stern Smile
thanx for the pm.. Smile

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