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ManVeer SS ||Crossroads||NOTE Pg14 (Page 10)

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Chapter 6

Manyata was pacing all around her room waiting for Aashi. She was going numb at the thought of going to Uday's hotel for tea and spending time with him all alone in his own territory! She was still not sure why he wanted her so desperately, it's been so many years and he never ever tried to contact her then why now? The only reason she can point to was as she was the Princess of Devgarh now but then there was something different about him. The UV who could never tolerate anyone insulting him in college was smiling at all her abuses now. Was he planning something big for her? How could she forget the humiliation she faced when she pulled off a prank on him at college!  Was she in trouble again? 


She starred at that dress again and again wondering how on earth someone can wear that. It would barely cover anything and how on earth will she stand wearing that in front of UV! His intense gaze already made her uncomfortable now it would be like to stand naked in front of him! How she regretted the prank now. What was she even thinking picking up a fight with the most popular and powerful guy on campus within days of her arrival in London. She didn't have courage to even wear it in front of her mirror how will she go out wearing that handkerchief.  

She finally gathered up some courage to wear that dress but one look at the mirror horrified her to such an extent that she almost considered running away from London. But then there were loads of expectations from her, she had to go through this torture UV might spread rumors about her in college. Her Baba who had so much pride in her would die if he hears such rumors about his Manya. She covered herself with a huge coat and ventured out of her room making sure no one sees her.

When she reached the venue of the date her hands were cold as ice not because of the chilly weather but because of fear. The Venue looked like a duplex bungalow, quite an imposing structure with no other house nearby.


I m so gone!!!No one will hear me shout!!!

She was almost about to turn back and run when she heard him calling or rather screaming at her from the balcony


She was trapped now; dragging her feet to the main door she took her own sweet time to delay meeting her death! One knock and the door was opened instantly.

"What took you so long?" UV looked furious but her eyes went to the dcor of the house

It was lit with candles all sort of them, normal ones, aromatic ones, floating...there were red roses and white lilies all around the house. UV knew that the all these was freaking her out and it gave him immense pleasure to see her literally shivering with fear. 

"Not planning to come in?" UV asked again

"Ummm  I..I...I...I want to go...please" She pleaded 

"What are you wearing?" He totally ignored her pleading; he held her hand and pulled her inside 

"Ple..please" She was almost on verse of tears now

"Take off your coat!"  He ordered her again ignoring what she was saying

"TAKE IT OFFF!!! Or I can happily do that for you" 

"You don't have a choice!! You know that na?"

She knew but this was like stripping in front on him. The way the room was decorated made her feel even worse. He was standing a few meters away from her and when he took a few steps towards her she decided that it's better to get over with it. She opened her coat, dropped it on the floor and closed her eyes tightly waiting for his next move...

UV was not prepared for what he saw. She was standing motionless in front on him, the dress covered just a bit of her upper tights and rest was on full display, and her ample cleavage was squeezed too tightly into the dress. It was not like he has never seen someone in such clothes before but she managed to look like an angel even in such clothes.  He seriously got her size wrong, she was naturally well endowed. Her skin looked so fresh and soft, it was glowing in the dimly lit room. Clearly never been exposed to the sun till date all he wanted to do right then was to touch her. He has never seen someone who looked so pure and innocent. He could see tears streaming down her face while her eyes were tightly shut.

Manya could feel his eyes on her and even without looking at him she knew where he was looking at, his gaze burned her skin. She could feel him walking towards her and his eyes were fixed on her face now. She wanted to run away but all her senses were numbed, she felt so helpless that tears came naturally.

Once near her the desire to touch her was even more uncontrollable, he even forgot why he invited her here in first place. The idea of revenge went out of his mind the moment she dropped her coat. The only thing which was disturbing him was her tears, they just didn't fit in. His fingers touched her cheek and he gentle wiped off her tears. She could feel him touching her face which made her heart almost leap out of her chest. 

"Open your eyes!" he whispered ever so softly into her ear still caressing her face

She opened them on his order and starred directly into his deep dark eyes, they appeared darker than what they usually were. His hands moved towards her lips, he could see her eyes widen when he started caressing her lower lip. His other hand made its way towards her exposed arm; he gentle ran his finger down her arm. She was finding in increasing difficult to breathe, he smiled faintly as he also realized she was holding her breath. Once he was done with caressing her lips he used both his hands to grip her by her waist and pull her closer. She crashed into his hard chest; her mind was sending her signals to push him off her but her body was totally at his mercy now. He smelled her hair and again whispered something into her ears but she was so disoriented by now that her mind was unable to process what he said. 

"You were so cold...are you feeling better now?"  It finally registered in her brain, but she was unable to react or reply to that question.

There was a loud knock which brought her back to her sense and she pushed him off with whatever strength left in her. He stumbled on that light push as even he was not in his senses. There were some guys who were shouting out his name and asking him to open the door. They were also saying about some party. UV quickly made Manya wear the coat, dragged her to a nearby room and locked her into it. Manya hardly got time to understand what exactly was happening but once she caught hold of her senses she tried to hear the conversation going on in the other room

"Yaar UV!! Why you took so long to open the door?"

"Ricks I was sleeping"

"Sleeping?!! What about the party? Where is that Dhamaka you were talking about?"

"Samir  I was not feeling well so I canceled the party"

"Not happening!!  Yaar!! I hope you are not hiding that bombshell in your bedroom and planning to enjoy her all for yourself"

"Listen guys I seriously need to rest now. I promise I will give you a better party next weekend. For now please leave me alone"

She heard his friends leaving but she couldn't get their words out of her mind

Party!! Bombshell!! BEDROOM!! ENJOY!!!

She looked around the room there was no escape, she needs to protect herself!!! What to do!!!


She turned back instantly when he called her. Her eyes were blood shot red and she was looking like a mess. Clearly she heard what his friends were saying. She backed off and created as much distance as possible between them.

"Listen it's not like that...I will not hurt you" UV tried to calm her down

But it just had a reverse effect she was a bundle of nerves she moved clumsily and knocked out a glass showpiece breaking it into pieces. In an attempt to move away from UV she stepped right on the broken pieces of glass!!

"OUCH!!!" She screamed out in pain as a glass piece went inside her foot.

"Manya!!! Be careful!!"

But she ran straight to the living room with her injured foot leaving a trail of blood. UV knew he needs to stop her before she hurts herself more. He felt guilt flood his heart. He ran after her and caught hold of her within minutes and lifted her in his arms. She continued to struggle in his arms making things more difficult for him.

"STAY STILL!!" UV shouted 

"I promise I won't hurt you!! TRUST ME" He said that looking straight into her eyes

Somehow his commanding voice always had an effect on her and she let him carry her to the washroom. He made her sit on the marble platform besides the basin and went to get the first aid box. 

Why is he acting this way? Does he suffer from bipolar personality disorder?

He was back before she could analyze him more. He kneeled down in front of her and gentle held her foot to have a look at the wound. The glass piece had penetrated deep into her skin and the cut looked quite deep. 

"This is going to hurt a bit ok!" He said softly as he caught hold of the piece of glass and pulled it

"AAARGGGHHH!!!!!!!"  Manya screamed at top of her voice at the intense pain she felt


She was quite a sight swearing at UV in the most colorful way ever. He made a note of few of the words she said to just find out what they really meant. Suddenly the scared and timid Manya was a furious wild cat. He kept on looking at her quietly kneeling right in front of her. She realized the position they were in and also his eyes glued to her. Once she was silent he covered her wound with a bandage and cleaned up the blood spilled on the washroom tiles. With her foot bandaged she jumped down quickly from the marble platform hurting her already injured foot again and got a deadly glare from UV.

"I m not eating you today! So you can relax" He remarked sarcastically at her hurry

"Halkat Veda" She mumbled softly

He dropped her to her hostel and didn't speak a word about what all happened. But there was something wrong in him. The cool calm UV appeared to be in turmoil like he was fighting many emotions in his heart and trying hard to appear cool. She would never understand this man, in one instant he was so ruthless and in the next he was so caring. How can the same person exhibit so many different shades? It can mean only one thing...there was a real him and the other one was just a faade!



Aashi's scream brought Manyata back to present. Aashi ran to her and engulfed her into a tight hug. Manyata smiled at her behavior. Aashi adored her the way a sister should something she never got from her own sister Jay Nandini.

"OMG!! Manya you look so jhakas!! If I were a boy I would be full on lattu on you"

"Aashi  sweetheart  you look like a bomb too!!  Seems like Jiju's love is doing wonders to you"

"Waise don't call me Manya here. Everyone gets upset and feel I will leave them again" 

"As you wish Rajkumari Manyata"

"Aashi kuch socha?? About the problem I told you about? I have to met him by evening"

"Ummm!! Can't you call him here instead?"

"I already did that once"

"But now you have a better reason your dearest friend came down to meet you and don't do it yourself"

"Matlab" Manyata was totally confused

"Malab! Go request your dearest DS to change the plan and inform UV" Aashi added with a wink

"Ok fine!! And then what?"

"He will come meet me Manyata Ji. He will lose half of his confidence and charm once he sees me"

"But Aashi...that's just a temporary solution"

"I know I have a permanent one too...ab friend aayi hai toh boyfriend bhi toh aa sakta hai na?"


"We need a boyfriend for you Rajkumari ji"

"NNOOO!! AASHI!! Uday will kill this person"

"In front of everyone? DS and your family he can't even hurt him. And we are not announcing to anyone that he is your boyfriend it will be just UV"

"Aashi I don't like the sound of this but then I have no choice" Manyata added helplessly

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I m sorry I couldn't PM everyone as I-F allows me to send only a limited number on PMs in a day :(
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I love how you write part of the update in flashback and part of it in present... very nicely written and i have fallen in love with the concept fully. 

I wonder what is cooking in Aashi's brain... Manyata should just except that she is in love with UV... can't wait for that day but for now i am enjoying this nok jhoks between Manyata and UV.

Thank you for the PM and keep writing amazingly...

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Awesome update
Loved it
Manyta friend is back is awesome
But I wonder how they became best friends
Why manyta uday hate so much
Next chap update soon
Can't wait

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how are you?
the update was awesome
i am really growing very fond
of this ss
i mean the flash back is so romantic
now i can guess uday game
but i am sure he loves her now
thanks for the pm

Edited by annabh - 22 August 2013 at 9:49am

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woow the past was jstt suprbly romnticc,uday has a revngeful plan,bt he frgt aftr seeing mnyata ,itss soo rmnticc,he is reaalyy carng!!!!! loved mnayta's swearing wrds,all in all the past was jst prfct!!!!! oh no,aashi is brnging a bf fr manyta,ye kya ho raha hai!!!!!! cntinue soon!!!!!!SmileSmile

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Great update ,
flash-back was awesome!

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Itsss fantastic

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