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It's been almost 2 years since she saw her chawl and her people. Today she was back where she believed she truly belonged, back to her Baba, back to her chawl. But something looked different, something felt different. There was a strange air in the place which almost made it unrecognizable. She felt something wrong is going to happen. She was carrying her suitcase in her right hand and the MBA degree in her left. Though a lot has happened over the last two years, nothing can stop her from feeling proud and happy of the fact that a girl like her went from a chawl to London to pursue higher studies. Then it happened!! Some strange Men and Women dressed in Maroon Uniforms marched out of her kholi( house). She panicked! Where was her Baba?? What is happening?? She didn't do anything wrong!! What happened after that was a blur.

There was police.

Her Baba was taken away!

She was forced to go with the Maroon brigade!

Why??Why?? Is this happening because of him, because of what she told him back in college? This was all she could reckon!

But then her thoughts were halted when one from the Maroon clan said something on her phone. Something which sounded like.

"We found her! We found Rajkumari Manayata!"




The room was elegant all done with the finest wallpaper, curtains and cushions, all in purple the royal color! And the bed was exquisite with a gold canopy but if there was something which couldn't be changed is the air. It smelled of insecticide!

"GOD!! When will these royals realized that the insecticide they use to keep the insects away are more disguising than the insects themselves"

"Seema Ji!! Seema Ji"

"Ji Rajkumari Manyata" Seema ji surfaced within seconds like always

Yes! She was Rajkumari Manyata indeed! She was dragged away from her chawl around a year ago. It took them months to convince her that she was indeed their lost princess but she still doubts that fact sometimes. For Manyata it was more unrealistic than even a dream. Everything happened so fast! Well not technically because the transformation took a year and even now she finds it difficult to live according to their lifestyle. She calls it theirs because it was never hers' and won't be hers' ever if given a choice.


"Seema Ji I told many times not to shower my room with insecticides! I hate the smell more than I hate the cockroaches! In fact I don't even hate the cockroaches they are quite harmless you see" Manyata spoke all of these in one single breath


"Rajkumari Ji I will spray a nice room freshener to remove the smell" Seema Ji added suppressing a smile


Manyata was different. She was a darling for the servants, they grew to totally adore her in this one year something they couldn't do for Rajkumari Jaynandini even after all these years. She is a pure soul who was never raised as a Royal. 


Manyata stared at her reflecting in the mirror. She had to admit she looked beautiful even though she tried to look her worst for the evening. Reason being Dadisa is trying to hook her up with some Yuvraj. She tried all ways to get out of this clown fest but nothing worked and she had to give in after Dadisa ensured her that it's just a meeting she won't be forced for a commitment.


"I will just say hi and get out of the hell" Manyata self assured herself before stepping out of her room

Dadisa and Maharani Komal couldn't stop gushing to each other about how pretty Manyata looked. This made Manyata even more nervous because it seems like all her efforts to make herself look bad failed miserably.


"Beta you are looking so pale. Are you ok? " Komal asked with concern in her voice

"Maa Sahib I think we are rushing in this matter" Komal turned to Dadisab with concern


Manyata tried hard to not to smile. Maybe this will be stop. But her joy was short lived because Dadisa like always convinced Komal within seconds. She is an expert with the use of words!


Finally they arrived at the venue. It was some grand hotel instead of a Rajmahal. Her could be in-laws are into hotel business like many of the royals in independent India. They were guided towards a suite. There were maids who made them comfortable and also apologized for the absence of the Yuvraj, who according to them will be with them shortly. Manyata found it perfect to excuse herself to the washroom

"Hey Bhagwan!! Please don't let him make it to this meeting!!! Please !! Please!.I mean don't kill him in an accident or anything bas make him busy with some work" Manyata prayed loudly in front of the washroom mirror


She could hear some conversations in the room now seems like her prayers went unanswered. She walked out of the washroom, went and sat in the couch without even looking up for once.


"Manyata this is Yuvraj Udayveer Singh" Dadisa announced soon after her arrival


Manyata looked up to say hello but nothing escaped her mouth except. Shocked was not even a right word to describe her situation. She was petrified! It was HIM!!! Him again!! This can't be happening!! How can it be true? She tried to study his expression

It went from shocked... to happy?!

He even tried to smile at her?! Or was it a smirk his famous ruthless smirk!

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Prologue, Chapter 1  Page 1

Chapter 2 Page 1

Chapter 3  Page 1

Chapter 4  Page 1

Chapter 5 Page 5

Chapter 6 Page 10

Chapter 7  Page 11

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Chapter 2

His eyes have been glued to her since she came out of the washroom. At first he couldn't believe it was her. Maybe he was hallucinating like many past incidences but her reaction confirmed his doubts. It was definitely her. He was not really sure how he should react to this coincidence that his father was forcefully trying to hook him up with a girl who meant so much to him…a long time ago!

While she sat there like a zombie trying to digest his presence in the room he observed her from top to toe. His intense gaze could make any girl uncomfortable but her she was too busy trying to convince herself that he was just an illusion to notice how he was looking at her. She has changed a lot, her clothes, her hair, her eyes…specially her eyes they look so different!

"This is my granddaughter Rajkumari Manyata Kumari" Dadisa voice snapped Uday out of his thoughts

Rajkumari!! Manyata!! WOW!! So this is what happened to her. Uday was again back to his analysis. And will she stop looking at me like I m a ghost! It is freaking me out!

"Dadisa , can I speak with Rajkumari Ji for some time. We can move to the study that is if it's ok with you" Uday asked Dadisa in the most polite way

Manyata flipped out at this point!! How the hell can he even propose such a thing? She should just get up and march out of the room. She will wear one of Jay's micro mini dresses and dance in front of a stadium full of people but never ever spend another minute with this douchebag…

BUT Alas!! She is Princess Manyata now she can never do such a thing now. She is supposed to be a poised person. All she could do was walk along with Uday to the study like an obedient daughter.

And then came the famous silence. Both of them stood there in the room for almost 10 minutes looking at the floor, the walls and the dcor of the room. Finally Manyata had enough of this perfect princess act

"What the hell is all this??" Manyata shouted at Uday

"I m trying to strike a conversation with my could be wife" Uday replied calmly with a smirk

This only made her angrier. "Cut the crap out! Ok!! I m sure you already knew it was me" 

"If I did I would have said yes without even meeting you once" He just winked at her and took a step toward her

She back off immediately and the anger in her eyes was replaced by sadness. Uday saw the sudden change in her…her eyes…they were a mirror to her soul like always. He knew he went a bit too far with his playful attitude. He was trying to break the ice but she was genuinely not at all interested in him. She infact detested his presence and was feeling suffocated in the room.

Her voice sounded so distanced and sad when she almost pleaded in a soft voice

"Please don't do this….Please don't do this again"

"Manyata I was just trying to lighten up the atmosphere. You know make you comfortable. You were behaving as if you saw a ghost" Uday tried to explain 

"Yes! You are right I saw a ghost! A ghost from my past! And wait a second are you calling me Manyata" 

"That's because that is what you are now"

"Or because you don't want people to know that once upon a time the rich and famous Yuvraj Udayveer Singh knew someone called Maina Sharma…to be precise you don't want Dadisab to know that??  Isn't it UV?"

"Maina you are just drawing hasty conclusions"

"Don't call me that now Yuvraj! Never call me that! That girl is death long ago atleast you should know this or maybe you never cared"

"Manyata please give me a chance to explain" 

"You got your chance Yuvraj…You got your chance two years ago…and I remember every single word of the explanation you gave me then…every SINGLE WORD"

Manyata walked out of the room with her final words. But once outside she was totally in control of her emotions while Uday was in turmoil. She has changed, she is no longer the innocent vulnerable girl and maybe it was him who changed her more than the royal training. 

She smiled at Uday thanked for the evening and left with Dadisa and Komal Aunty. It all seemed liked any other meeting with the royal the only difference being she did let him glance into her heart when they were alone in the study. He even forgot why they were meeting in the first place.

"I can marry her" Uday said this to calm his racing heart but it only made his heart race even faster…

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It was not just one heart which was racing at a fatal pace even Manyata was trying to cope with the same problem. Seeing him again after 2 years was the most unexpected thing that has happened in her life maybe even more unexpected than discovering her being a lost princess. There were times when she had wished for wealth and power but never ever did she wish to see him again. But whom was she lying to her heart knew she never really forgot his face. How could one forget that beautiful face with such perfect features? The ride back home was one hell of a ride for her. Her Dadisa and Mom looked worried because Manyata looked so lost. They didn't even dare to ask her what the problem was. Just when they reached home Komal gathered some courage and asked her.

"Manyata bte are you ok?"

"You won't ask me to marry him na?" Manyata spoke absent mindedly realizing it later that those were absolutely the wrong words

"What happened beta?"   Komal asked with worry

"Komal she is just nervous because it was her first meeting. She will be fine" Dadisa tried to downplay the whole thing and for once Manyata was grateful she doesn't want another melodrama as of now

"Mom I m fine I will go and take some rest in my room" 

Once inside the comfort of her room the events of the day started playing again in her mind. What shall she do now? What does he want? Did he say he wants to marry me? But why? 

"Maybe because I m the princess of Devgarh now" 

"He is still the same maybe even worse. I have to get out of this so called union. I can't even think of marrying someone like him"

She slammed into her soft bed and closed her eyes for some peace. But all she could see was something which she has been trying to forget for the last 2 years. Everything came back to her mind crystal clear


Today was the first day of her college. She still can't believe she is the only one from the state who was selected on merit basis to do her MBA in London. The entire chawl had celebrated it, her Baba was so proud but she knew he was scared to let her go alone all the way to London. She had promised herself that she won't do anything which would, in any way upset him. 

The last few days in Mumbai were completely devoted to shopping. She picked out some beautiful Salwar suits in different colors and fabrics and even jeans and few T-shirts as Soni and Chikki insisted. According to them she will look like a bhenji if she wears only Salwar suits to college in London. She was least bothered about how she will look all she wanted to do is study hard and get a good job after that. She wanted her Baba to retire he has worked so hard all his life.

But now after having a glance at the university campus here she was so self conscious about her clothes. She was sitting on a pile of clothes deciding what to wear for her first day. Everyone here was so fashion conscious it looked like they walked straight out of some ramp show. Finally she settled upon a sleeveless baby pink salwar suit.
It took her almost half an hour to realize that she was lost in the university campus. She never thought making it to the class room would take so much effort seems like she was all set to miss her very first lecture.

"Are you lost" Someone called out to her from nowhere

"I m right behind you" The voice said again

There he was standing right behind her. He was wearing a simple back shirt with blue jeans and looking at her intensely.

"You are from India?"

"Yes…Hey! I m Maina Sharma"

" UV!" 


"UV! That's my name" and he smiled or smirked can't really make the difference

"I m actually new here I just lost my way….umm…can you please help me" 

"Yes Offcourse!! Hop into my bike" 

"Ermm…Can we walk instead" 

"Why do you want to walk when we have a vehicle here?" 

"I m not comforta…." 

"Just hop in" he cut her off even before she could complete

Manyata was kicking herself in her head for accepting the offer of a bike ride…on her first day…that too with a stranger. But now the damage is done. As they drove through the campus she was feeling more and more conscious. This was the first time she was sitting on a bike actually. She was clinging on to his shirt consciously which made UV smile. Suddenly he stopped the bike. 

"Did we reach? This place looks…." Manyata quickly got off the bike

"What is this place?" Manyata was worried now it was so secluded definitely not her classroom

Suddenly a gang of UV's friends arrived on their bikes too. All of them were giving hi-fives to each other while a terrified Manyata stood there looking at them.

"So UV you won the bet! Like always..." One of his friends announced loudly 

"WHAT BET?" Manyata had to scream at them to get their attention

"Look Maina we just had a bet. They wanted me to make a girl willingly get into my bike…and I won" he added with a smirk

"Do you realize I missed my first lecture only because of you? It might not be a big deal for you all because none of you got into this university to study…bade baap ke bigre aulaad"

"There is no need to get so personal!" UV looked at her angrily 

"Why not?! You might not value what you have…I have worked hard for…"

"STOP!! OK!! I m not in a mood to listen to your lecture" UV was furious now who was she to speak to him like this that too just for the sake of a harmless bet

"I know you can't!! That's why I will do something to get back at you" Manyata added spitefully while UV just laughed heartily at her threat.

Manyata's phone beeped which broke her chain of thoughts. It was a text message from an unknown number. 

Unknown no: Hey!! How r u?

Manyata: Who's this?

Unknown no: Who else! d ghost u met a while ago :-)

Manyata : UV!

Uday: U still call me dat ;-)

Manyata: Where did u get my no? Forget that why r u texting me?!

Uday: Coz I got ur no and I already miss u ;-)

Manyata: GOODBYE!!!

Uday: Wait! I wanted to meet u again

Manyata: In ur dreams!

Uday: U can do that:-P... U know meet me in ur dreams! I want to meet in person 

Manyata: No thanks! GOODBYE!

Uday: Ok will ask Dadisa ;-)

Manyata: Do whatever u want. STOP texting me! GOODBYE!

Uday: U stop replying :-P...have u counted the no of times you have said goodbye till now haha

Manyata: Go to hell!

Uday: Will u come and met me there ;-)

Manyata : I m changing my no. the first thing in morning

Uday: Thanks for letting me know:-D

He can still get on her nerves. Such an impossible creature he is. She stopped replying and went back to read the old text messages. He still uses those Smileys every now and then. She needs to stop this! Stop this immediately. Thinking about him will do her no good. She should have realized it the very first time she met him that he is and always be wrong for her. But didn't he just say that he will fix another meeting with her, as if one was not enough. He is such a thick skinned guy nothing she says effects him once he makes up his mind. It never did, not then and not even now…

She is still that stubborn girl who threatened me on our first meeting itself. Uday was flipping through channels on his huge LCD Television to distract himself but when it didn't help he thought of texting her. Which was quite entertaining and brought back more memories.

He still remembers she was dressed in a pink colored suit that day, their first meeting. There were many girls who would have willingly and happily agreed to ride on his bike but something pulled him towards her. She stood out amongst all even in that painfully plain Salwar suit. She was lost he could make out and it didn't take him much efforts to manipulate her. He even remembers how she smelled that day. That might sound insane but he does to this very day, she smelled of Strawberries and Jasmine when the wind blew against her hair. Sweet and simple girl was his first impression of her.

But he was all wrong. She was furious when she came to know about the bet and she even went ahead and threatened him that too infront of his entire gang! That girl had guts and she even got back at him. She was one hell of a girl no one could predict or underestimated her. Maybe that's why he was attracted towards her and still is…

"You were always like a drug to me…INTOXICATING" 

It was just then he got a reply for his last message. Which surprisingly read:

Come to the Rajmahal tomorrow for lunch

He had to read it twice to make sure it was what he thought it was. She is one unpredictable person and definitely not as innocent as she seems like…

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A/N Text is italics is Uday's and Manyata's thoughts

Morning came early or maybe Manyata didn't even sleep properly after inviting trouble herself for lunch last night. It was her last text message to him...impulsive, stupid and extremely foolish on her part but then she knew him if he wanted to meet her he will get his way no matter how much she resisted. It was better to have things her way, atleast she can be the one in control, Maybe...

 She picked up an oversized plain off-white kurta and teamed it up with blue jeans. Her hair was open with soft natural curls, she didn't even bothered to use a comb just ran her fingers through them to make them look decent enough. He should never get the idea that she had even a tiny bit of interest in meeting him. While her plan was simple, invite him for lunch with family and get over with it ASAP! He can't pull off any of his fancy stunts in presence of her family members.

Uday on the other hand was excited to see her again but then he knew why she opted for this lunch. It was an easy way to avoid any one to one interaction with him. He is not a fool to fall for such an obvious trick! 

"Well Manyata let's hope you give me a chance to surprise you"


DS was elated to know that Manyata herself invited Uday over for lunch and Komal was also much relived after this. They were convinced even though Uday and Manyata's first meeting ended abruptly there is still a chance for this alliance. Manyata came downstairs to have a look at the preparations.

"Manyata beta you have still not changed"

"Dadisab I m all set for lunch! Now don't tell me I have to dress up like a bride for lunch" Manyata snapped at her and regretted it immediately. Uday is surely messing up her head

"I'm sorry Dadisab. I was not feeling that well and wanted to be in some relaxing clothes. I m sure Uday will be cool with it" 

"It's ok Manyata beta as you wish" 

Just then Uday arrived at the entrance. His eyes fell on Manyata instantly. She was dressed so casually and it was quite evident that she didn't invest even a second to dress up for him. Just as he expected this won't be a very welcoming and warm lunch for him. He went to take blessings from Dadisab and then turned toward Manyata with a bright smile.

"So how are you?" Uday asked Manyata in the most civil way

"Alive!" Manyata replied in the most sarcastic way

"So did you make my favorite Chicken Biryani" Uday asked her to annoy her more

"No.Today we are having a completely Vegetarian lunch" Manyata replied with fake smile knowing very well he hated Vegetarian food

"Oh! Nevermind I will survive as I have you for company. Manyata I must say the way you are dressed makes me feel at home. Thank god you are not dressed for a formal lunch" 

Manyata was clearly regretting her attire now. He interpreted it in a completely different way. But Uday said that just to annoy her. He knew the reason behind her laidback attire and no makeup look.

Lunch was boring and uneventful. Manyata had a smug look on her face throughout the lunch seeing Uday struggle with the pure vegetarian food. She knew if there was something he hated most was meals without Chicken, and pure Veg was a complete disaster. While deserts were being served Uday dropped a bomb on Manyata's head and everything she thought she had accomplished disappeared in a puff. 

"Dadisab I would like to invite Manyata for tea tomorrow at my hotel...I mean so that we can get to know each other"

Manyata's head shot up in utter shock. She was not expecting him to ask Dadisab so bluntly for a date with her. He has no shame for sure. But Dadisab's reaction shocked her even more. She seemed so happy with the proposal and agreed immediately. Komal and Brijraj also smile in approval.

"If I don't do something concrete they will even get me married tomorrow if Uday proposed the idea" Manyata thought to herself

"Did you say anything beta? "

"Nahi Dadisab...but I had some work..."

"Beta work can wait you need to relax"

 "She will definitely come Uday beta"

WOW!! Noone even bothers for my opinion here are they running an UdayVeer Fanclub in my own home!! I m so DOOMED!!


 Then she was asked to escort Uday to the front entrance and see him off, like he would get lost if she doesn't do that. Suddenly Uday is everyone's favorite even more then their long lost daughter. 

"What are you wondering about princess" Uday called her softly only to get a deadly stare from her

"DON'T ever call me PRINCESS!!!" She replied acidly 

"Uff!! Manyata don't be so been so long let's just..."

"NO!! I m happy the way I m. I don't need your suggestion and YOU in life"

"But baby see we are destined to be"

"WE ARE NOT!!!" She Snapped backed furiously.

"Ok fine! I won't start that topic but can I atleast ask how are you? And please give a genuine answer instead of snapping back at me" He almost pleaded

Did Manyata's heart melt at that? No it didn't! As she still choose to remain silent and keep walking. It annoyed the hell out of Uday. He knew he hurt her years ago and she knew he was repenting but still she wanted to continue with her Ice princess act. 

"Ok then...we reached my car and congratulations Manayta you survived my company and now you can enjoy the remaining of you day" He smiled at her mockingly

That was a first since they met. He was nice to her always till now. Manyata was not surprised she knew how much patience he had. 

GOOD RIDANCE!!Atleast now I don't have to hear his sugar coated words

But her relief was short lived as he quickly bend towards her and placed a quick peck on her lips! 

"Thank you for the lunch!" He said in a whisper and rushed off even before her head could process what happened

Her hands moved on its own account and touched her lips...right there where he kissed her

His last words were acid laced but his kiss was not. It was very quick but warm. His lips probably touched her lips for just a microsecond but she could still feel his warmth and smell his breath!!

WTH!! Did he just make a move on me while I stood there like an idiot allowing him to do whatever he wished? I could have slapped him for that!! HOW DARE HE!!!


Uday was smiling from ear to ear after that quickie kiss. It was so spontaneous he was not even planning to do something that bold. 

HELL!! She would kill me !! Who cares!! Well I do but then it was so good!! Her lips are so soft wish I could do that again soon...Maybe for longer...maybe I can go a bit deeper too and taste...

"HOLD YOUR THOUGHTS UDAY!!" He said that out loud. He was clearly behaving like a hormonal teenager now without thinking of the consequences of this bold act. But then strangely his mind drifted off to a memory...


It was in a library. Two lovers were trying to hide their fits of laughter while dodging the librarian who was searching for them in between the racks of books while they were hiding under a small old table. The Librarian gave up the chase in some time. 

"That was close" The guy said with relief while helping the girl from under the table

"Yes!! very close" She smiled at him and his heart skipped a always, it was strange how it happened to him every time

"You know what...I always want to kiss you when you give me that smile" He winked at her

"No not here!!" the Girl added quickly before he made any move

"Please! It so much fun to do it behind the one of these rack" He suggested again

"Stop being such a pervert" She tried to escape again and he held her back

"Pervert! Don't you see the chick flicks where they show such scenes? I thought you worshiped those flicks" 

She smiled at him. It was again the same smile. That meant it was a green signal for him. He couldn't be happier. He caught hold of her hand and took her to one of the dark corners of the library, pushed her against one of the racks with old books. He looked at her eyes again just to make sure she was ok with it. Her eyes had a naughty glint in them. He slowly descended his lips toward her face, kissed her eyes first and slowly slided his lips toward her lips. He gave her a quick peck and looked up again to see her reaction, her eyes were closed, she was anticipating the kiss. He didn't keep her waiting for long as he placed his lips again over hers and this time it was longer...deeper...

They broke off after both of them were breathless. She was breathing heavily and her face was a deep shade of pink. He chuckled at her and pinched her nose.

"You know there was a scene like this in a chick flick called Prince and Me" She informed him excitingly. It only made him laugh harder, she was a specimen.

"I know Baby...But that scene was a lot hotter as the girl even pulled out the guys Tshirt. Maybe we can try that again" He winked at her naughtily 

"Can't you move beyond your perverted thoughts" She replied faking anger

"There was one more difference in that movie the guy was a Prince. A real Prince but here you are just a pervert" She added 

"Prince haan! Interesting" He added amusingly 


Unanti's voice pulled Uday out of the memory. He was sweating even when the room was perfectly cool.

"Dada! You ok?" Unnati asked with concern

"Yes Choti I m fine" Uday replied 

Uday knew in his head that he was not fine. After years he was feeling out of control. He suddenly had no control over his actions and emotions. And it was only because of her...

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hey update was am good
manveer were as rocking as they are
waiting for suspence to unfold

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Originally posted by ...anju...








No problem Anju I should have reposted it before only instead of waiting for my old accounts reactivation. Glad that you enjoy the chapter keep the comments coming :)

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