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||Lo Agai ChhanChhan #1 - Jodi Aasmani Ho Gayi..||

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:50am | IP Logged


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Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:51am | IP Logged

 The week started with the newlyweds forced to attend a jaagran with the entire family on the wedding night, organized by Umaben for the express purpose of not letting ChhanMan spend time with each other. But Manav is more resourceful than his mother thinks, so with Kaumudi's accidental help, he calls Chhanchhan into the garden for some romance, and the couple share some tender moments, before Ranjana interrupts them. And the new ChanMan Jodi is rocking!

Umaben tries to disrupt them again by giving them different duties after the jaagran, and when Manav finally gets away, and tries to go to a tired Chhanchhan, Umaben informs him he has to leave for the village early morning, to do a pooja. Chhanchhan will stay behind because she is 'too tired'. Manav kisses his sleeping wife and leaves without telling her he is going.

Next morning, Ranjana Sanjana get breakfast ready, and Umaben comes downstairs and asks for Chhanchhan. Chhanchhan is still sleeping.

Chhanchhan's first day in her sasuraal begins with a bang. She wakes up late, finds Manav missing and runs downstairs to look for him ' and causes a major earthquake in the Borisagar household. Apparently daughters-in-law of the house have to sleep, eat and live in sarees 24 hours of the day, and dare not step out of their rooms without their heads covered with their pallu. Since Chhanchhan didn't know any of this, she is very confused when the whole family stares at her as though she just escaped from a zoo ' or came in from outer space. Ranjana Sanjana hustle her back to her room, while she's still trying to figure out where Manav is. They try to explain to her the magnitude of her sin, Umaben enters and embellishes the story by adding the account of her own punishments from her MIL ' Chhanchhan wonders what the fuss is all about.

Since Umaben has to maintain her facade of being sugar-sweet MIL, she forgives Chhanchhan for her mistake, but blames Ranjana Sanjana for not telling her the rules. Chhanchhan is horrified that they get punished for her mistake. Since Chhanchhan is not terrified by the sound of Umaben's MIL, and instead sympathises with Umaben for got an undeserved punishment for such a small mistake, Umaben has to change tactics, and she agrees the mistake is not that big, she is very broad-minded herself and doesn't mind all this, but it is Babuji who pronounces these rules, she merely administers them.  And she regretfully pronounces the punishment ' or repentance - for Ranjana Sanjana ' they have to make 300 rotis every day for three days to feed the cows.

Chhanchhan is even more shocked, and Umaben leaves feeling satisfied that Chhanchhan will run away herself soon enough, she cannot stand these rules for too long.

Chhanchhan gets a phone call from her family, which cheers her up somewhat, but she is missing Manav terribly and wondering where he went.

Chhanchhan discovers the letter and rose left by Manav for his sleeping wife ' aww, such a sweet letter to his "jaan" ' It cheers her up enough to give her the confidence to get ready ' in saree and pallu as instructed ' and hunt down Ranjana Sanjana in the kitchen where they are carrying out their punishment. She offers to help them. Sanjana is excited, Ranjana is skeptical, especially when Chhanchhan admits she doesn't know how to make rotlas.

After a couple of interruptions by Manav's frequent phone calls, Chhanchhan figures out what is needed, and immediately goes off to organize things. The rest is easy ' after she manages more phone calls from her lovey dovey husband, and one conversation with Simple, which was less lovey dovey, but in the current scheme of things much more important.

Simple to the rescue with two rotimakers ' much to Umaben's disgust, Simple is very much like Himanshu, she takes no notice f the broad hints dropped by Umaben that she is not exactly welcome. Neither does Chhanchhan. Simple hands over the rotimakers, and Chhanchhan explains to RS duo how they can proceed with their job. Much to their combined delight, the rotis are ready within a couple of hours, instead of taking up the whole day.

So that round went to Chhanchhan ' but in the middle, Umaben figured out that Chhanchhan was wearing a ready-made saree as she doesn't know how to wear the traditional one. And the next scheme starts hatching in Umaben's devious mind.

 Umaben is nonplussed that RS duo completed their task so quickly, that Chhanchhan helped them ' and annoyed that her plan for creating friction between them didn't work too well at all. To add insult to injury, Manek starts changing his mind about Chhanchhan ' her mistake of the morning is forgotten, as she obviously has the good of the family at heart ' her initiative to buy gur to feed the cows with the rotlas is strongly appreciated. Apparently all the really high class cows prefer their bajra ka rotlas with a little gur on the side ... the blessings come easier that way. LOL

Further adding to Umaben's annoyance, Manav calls Chhanchhan for the third (or was it fourth? I'm losing count LOL) time in the day.

So Umaben puts her next plan into action ' the saree debacle. Umaben is a horrible woman. Angry

In the meantime, Manav calls again ' I have stopped counting now Wink' and finally gets to chat with his loving wife and exchange some sweet nothings. He is puzzled why she is so busy on her very first day, but Chhanchhan decides not to go into details for the moment. They are interrupted yet again by Umaben, who putting her plan into action, has brought Chhanchhan a very pretty, and very heavy saree to wear. All her friends are coming for munh dikhayi of the new bride.

Chhanchhan is worried and nervous. But not for long ' internet and Google to the rescue ' and a saree making tutorial online is the answer to her troubles. Big smile

On the other side, in the Sarabhai household, CC's dad is going crazy with worry as to why his daughter needed two rotimakers on her very first day in her sasuraal. He suspects Umaben is up to no good ' a father's instincts are never wrong! Dadi and Maithili calm him down, but he only reassured when he speaks to CC herself and finds her in good spirits. The Sarabhai family is such a lovely family!

Chhanchhan gets ready in the saree given by Umaben, but has no time to pin it up safely, as a very nervous Sanjana hustles her off downstairs to the waiting guests. As a result, in the confusion of managing her pallu over her head, the heavy saree, and trying to touch the feet of all the guests, Chhanchhan's feet get entangled in her saree and the pleats come out. The guests start muttering among themselves and passing comments, leaving poor Chhanchhan deeply embarrassed and almost in tears.

The  WEEK started with the hot & cool combo of ChhanMan 
Hot in terms of their ultimate chemistryBlushing which is  ultimately rocking since Anuj has arrived & cool *look at their ultra aqua blue  attire*Day Dreaming  
Don't they seem like a fresh air ?
after so much struggling for their SR & kisses attempts Manav was finally able to gift her their First *Pyaar ki Nishaani* after their marriage BlushingBlushing Extremly hot scenes which came as a surprise ! Extremly unique for the delicate waist of our angel Chhanchhan / Sanuj rocked this sceneEmbarrassed

Well the most Dhamakedar scene of the week was when Uma Ben comes to know how her choti bahu Chhanchhan made 300 rotis in record time with roti maker. Chhanchaan not only did the work but also helped to cuttle down the punishment given to her Jethani's by her Mother-in-Lawn. She kept Uma Ben's words and made the roti's at the same time she made it easy for her jhetani's too. A particular scene which was remarkable was when Uma Ben comes to know about the roti maker and was shocked to experience her modern bahu's intelligence level.

When Uma Ben goes and gives a saree to chhanchhan and asks her to drap it as she had arranged for her Muh Dikhayi. Uma Ben's intent was to humiliate ChhanChhan in front of the society as she got to know that ChhanChhan cannot drape a saree by herself and the saree, which she was wearing was a readymade one. But ChhanChhan cleverly searched the net and found out how to drape saree and she wore it all by herself. Though she was not successful pinning it. but she did drape it properly. But unfortunately it slipped it front of the entire malina mandal who was called and she became a laughing stock.


Well I hope I got this one right lol. When UB had forgotten all about the punishment to be given to Chhanchhan and was about to go and Ranjana reminds it to her only to get landed with the punishment herself!

I have just one single scene! The last one the muh dikhai! nothing competes with this! Angry
Chhanchhan is walking down and trips and that b-woman in blue says 'why is she walking like that, is one of her legs shorter?' very bad taste! Dead
And then when she trips and the ghunghat is off her face they stare as if they have never seen a girl before and throw such barbs at her!

Do women actually come for a muh dikhai rasam to come and insult the new bride? is it the purpose of it? I swear to god I am yet to see a serial with women who have anything less than vitriolic tongues in one of these functions!

It is a tradition to shower blessings on the new young bride! to give her gifts with love, why cannot it be allowed to be that instead of an examination where her every aspect is checked and commented and demeaned at? She is not a toy one has bought at a shop for a certain amount of money! She is a living breathing human being with feelings that will be hurt after those cruel judgements! In TV serials unless the reason for this rasam is shown to be to shower love and blessings for a happy marriage life ahead for the girl this is something that needs to be taken out cz it does nothing but break the spirit of a young bride! Ouch

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Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:52am | IP Logged

This week character of the week award goes to chanchan
loved chanchan  she acted well in her character

This goes undoubtedly to Sanjana! LOL As for why, on the morning after the wedding and jaagran she toils in the kitchen and prepares breakfast with Jigu the maid. And Ranjana tells her that whether elder sis made food or younger one did its the same thing. And Sanjana nicely nods her head and agrees. And Ranjana gets to take all the credit as she tells UB she made breakfast.

This week Bahu of the week taj goes to none other than Kaumudi bhabhi. She is the most sensible bahu who balances the Borisagar Family. I loved the scene where she understood that ChhanChaan must be tired of all the marriage rituals and jagaran. She took the prashad thal from chhanchhan's hand asked her to go and sleep otherwise she will fall sick. she also said she will handle everything from that point. This shows how caring and level headed she is. She is the perfect eldest Bahu of the Family.

Shatir dimaag of this week is been given to the person who has shown her shatir girri in entire week.
Its none other than Umaben the way she is planning and ploting,the way her tricks are against chhanchhan it clearly shows how shatir(clever)she is.
soo who else other than her can get this title... SHATIR DIMAAG OF THE WEEK
...for example we can take the scene where uma ben delebrately gave a heavy saree to chhanchhan beside knowing the fact that chhancchhan does not know how to drap a saree and made her embarrass in front of her friends

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Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged

The mehedi effect WinkLOL...  It supposed to be the first day after the wedding.. But we could see Sanaya's left hand doesn't have that much mehendi and where is the mehendi on the arms ..ConfusedShocked LOL

A minor blooper .. they should have decorated her hand with some artificial one atleast for the Muh dekhai .. D'oh

It was a fantastic, awww-worthy moment when he called her Jaan on the letter. I think it might be the word of the week!!! LOL

Dialogue of the week, however, are many. There are many memorable dialogues during the week.  

Aare, who letter ke saath mera dil bhi tha...mila nahi tumhe!!! 
Main tumhe apni dil ki halat bata raha hoon aur tumhe rotle ki padi hai? Pure ghar ke dil aur dimag mein sirf rotla chal raha hai. 

This week started with showing the mesmerizing BLUE Day Dreaming
.. Our AnaYa shimmers in beautiful blue attires
This week we got to see beautiful Sanaya with some pretty Saaris .. First that blue saari .. 

then the violet one .. then the green one .. .. Hands down .. Chanchan is the fashionable 

Person of the Week .. 

Uma Ben .. LOL  No I am not writing this just because she did not allow the SR Angry   but some 

saree she wore were just mehh... This particular one is total disaster for this week .. 

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Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged


Your Winner Siggy...Smile


Your Winner Siggy...Smile



Your Winner Siggy...Smile


Your Winner Siggy...Smile

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Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

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"Manav Aur ChhanChhan - Meri Susu Raat"

by OldieDezard

Your Winner Siggy...Smile

Active/Popular Member of this Week is 


Your Winner Siggy...Smile

Active/Popular/Effective Thread of this Week is



Your Winner Siggy...Smile

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Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:56am | IP Logged

There are 3 things I would like them to pay attention to.
1st being Uma Ben and her characterization. See the thing is we see that she hates CC. She wants to get rid of the girl. But there is no ethical side spared with her character. She is just too black. Too one dimensional because at the start they showed that she was good to her grand kids and nice to her son. But right now she does not care that she will hurt her son even as long as she manages to get rid of the girl! Is this just her hurt ego she is going to balance out or is there anything more? there should be some explanation of her dislike for CC. Is it because CC showed her down once, and she is just vindictive, does she feel CC hurt her image, is it dowry that played a different role in her own life?... that should be more clear.  Basically she should have some dialogues as to why she hates CC so much.
Also traditions and her, does she really believe in them or is it just a show? Why is she like this. What makes her have free rein over every decision in the house? Why is everyone be it her useless husband or her sons so meek around her? What has she done to have that kind of say over all their lives? Would prefer a better explanation on this.

Then the background scores! Except for the sad music they play for CC or Manav they have everything messed up on that! Would seriously prefer if they can improve! Please decide on signature music that would be easily associated with the couple. A tune when we hear would remind us ONLY of them. This is mandatory! 

Final one, well there is a huge gap between the passionate relationship we see existing b/w ChanMan now and what was before marriage which was a damp squib. Yes I know the replacement is the reason. But we were all wondering what made Manav fight for CC and give up his family so readily. And seeing Manav's behavior with CC right now I can see why it was clearly, They r so passionately in love and so completely physically attracted to each other as well there is a depth in to the bond they share too. It would be really lovely if they can show some flashbacks of the courting period that would bridge the gap and allow us to see how they fell in love in a real sense now that we have this lovely jodi with us.

This week was overall a good week. this week had everything, romance,rituals,emotions,some plotting plans.
The week started with romantic scenes between Chhanchhan and Manav.
Then uma ben sent manav to village for some work.we saw Chhanchhan missing manav and having problems in drapping the saree.We also saw Chhanchhan helping to make 300 rotala's with the help of roti maker.
and lastly we saw uma ben succeding in making chhanchhan embares infront of her friends.
soo i would rate this week 

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Finally our most awaited NL is here Hug
As they say Team Work is the best...Our NL team really worked hard to bring it an awesome way in front of you all Embarrassed
Do read will enjoyy it for sure..Big smile
I hope this NL brought smile in ur faces and u enjoyyed it a lot Hug
Your feedbacks are most welcome...our whole NL team members will love it Big smile
Thank you all Hug

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