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RisingSun A New Beginning N Breaking Prejudice Pg7 (Page 2)

basb IF-Rockerz

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Nice start..

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Hanuharshita Groupbie

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Chapter 2

Khushi was walking from the passage when she stopped at the Students notice board. Her school was not like any other school. It provided other programs also to students like singing, dancing, music, karate and other activities even outsiders could take classes as an after school programs. After giving the private tuitions to four girls she had headed towards her school at 10. Usually her classes started at 12 but today she had lot of things to be arranged in the class so she had arrived early. After the necessary adjustments in her classroom, Khushi had just entered the faculty's room when her ears picked up a conversation. "What are you saying Sharmaji? A man tried to kidnap a student?" whispered her fellow teacher Ratna Prabhakar not knowing her whispering was louder than the way other teachers used to talk normally.

"Yes Ratnaji. He tried to kidnap a student from the school across the streets. You know Vidhya Mandir Public School, the same. The kid was quick enough and he shouted causing the man to run away for his life." described Sharmaji with his hands motions stealing the attention of all the other staffs.

"What?" exclaimed Ratna making Khushi to hide her ears with hands.

"Yes. The kid said he was a fine looking man with good clothes on. These schools don't even know how to protect their students. We are better than these schools. I had a talk with the principal when I met her outside her room. She was disturbed too and asked me to tell all the faculties to write a note in children's diaries to alert their parents. Now please excuse me I am going to paste this notice on the teacher's board." said Sharmaji and stood up with a paper in his hand.

"Sharmaji wait!" Khushi followed and stopped him near the board after he had pasted the notice. "Is he the same who kidnapped those three kids from the Vidhya Mandir Public School two months ago?" She asked.

"I don't know Khushiji but people were saying he was the same. But nothing has been proved yet." He said and continued looking at his wrist watch. "Talk to you later Khushiji I am late for my class." He walked away while Khushi was still thinking about the horror that was just 200 meters away from her school. She prayed for the Kids in the two schools. "Hey Devi Maiyya. In bachcho ki raksha karna." She sat with a thump on her chair and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Reminded of something she gathered some papers from her desk drawer with the details of two new students and read them quickly.

She was entering her third class of the day when she heard loud voices from inside the class she was about to enter. She peeked in to find Rahul and Jitesh fighting each other using the karate techniques she had taught them the last day.

"Stop!!" She yelled at the top volume. All the students froze at their place and turned to look at the scowling face of their teacher.

"Is this what I had taught you?" She yelled again but with at the lower volume this time.

"Sorry Miss. I was just trying to teach him some techniques and then…" Rahul and Jitesh stepped ahead together and hung their heads apologizing.

"What had I told you yesterday? Never use this on the other except to help a person in need and never use it to show off to other people. It is for your self defense. Understood?" She proclaimed.

"Yes Miss." All the students spoke in unison.

"Now Rahul, Jitesh. Say sorry and shake hands and no fighting from now on. Okay?" She raised her eyebrows placing her hands on her waist. It had the desired effect and the two boys shook hands and apologized to each other.

"That's right. Now all of you sit down on the mats and I will call each one to repeat what we practiced yesterday." She looked at the papers in her hands and said. "I want to introduce two new students in out class. Tripti and Nikita please come out and let us the chance to know you both."

Two girls with chocolate brown eyes came out to stand beside Khushi.

"Hi I am Tripti."

"and I am Nikita."

They both shared details about their morning school and sat again on their seats while other students clapped. After the initial introduction Tripti & Nikita felt comfortable and Khushi called them out to teach what they had learned the last day.

"Okay Razia, Sheena come and show them the moves you learned yesterday." Khushi demanded while other students clapped to encourage them.

The class ended at 4 and Khushi blew whistle to let students know it was over. She was tired after the third and final class of the day and was coming out after grabbing her bag and water bottle from her drawer when she noticed the two new students from her third class were being dragged by a man in black suit.  "We don't wanna go." They kids were shouting. Her thoughts instantly stopped on the conversation happened this noon.

"Kidnapper?" She muttered and looked at the kids for confirmation and their faces said it all. "Kidnapper." Her eyes zeroed on the back of the man and she broke into a run.

"Stop!" She yelled.

"Leave them!!"

"I said just leave them!!" She shouted again and the man stopped on his track. He turned around and her breath stuck in her throat. Man he was handsome. But then her mind registered the next information. "The kid said he was a fine looking man with good clothes on."

"No!!" she roared as her mind reacted again. "Just leave them!"

"Any problem miss?" asked the man.

"I am warning you just leave them or you don't know what's going to happen to you." She warned firming her hold on her water bottle.

"Miss he is….." Tripti told but Khushi cut her off. "I know he is a kidnapper. Don't worry kids I'll help you out. Just don't panic okay?"

"I think you are mistaken miss. They are my…." He started but Khushi interrupted again. "Yeah you're ticket for money. Don't try to move and leave them or else?"

"Or else what?" he asked a little irritated.

"I will punch you right in your face." She threatened trying to not to get diverted by the man who was a god himself if someone asked her opinion.

"What? Just listen up Miss. They are…." He tried to move the kids a little and Khushi knew what that meant and she flung the bottle hitting him hard and it hit him on the left side of his head a little and he hissed.

"How is that huh? I will hit every part of your body if you lay a finger on a kid ever." She threatened again and took out her phone from her bag to call the police when she heard the kids shout who were standing frozen to their place a second ago.

"Papa!! Papa!!!"

"Papa?" muttered Khushi confusingly and that was when she understood who he was. He was their father who was just dragging their kids inside the car. It was as simple as it sounded. She muttered again pointing a shaking finger at the man confirming with the kids. "Papa." They nodded and she swallowed hard.

The man strengthened and he looked furious, like killing furious. "You hit me in the head with a bottle?" and Khushi knew she was dead now.

"I am Sorry Sir. I thought you were trying to kidnap them. At least I didn't use my karate moves, it would have hurt more." she tried to explain motioning towards the kids but the man was too furious to be calmed down.

"And you hit me without giving a chance to explain myself. Unbelievable." He shook his head and Khushi knew she acted stupid not bothering to give him a benefit of doubt. She glanced at his head and noticed it was swollen now.

"I know I am mistaken but please let me correct my mistake. You're head it's swollen. We have a first aid kit at the school and then we can take you to a hospital to check if you have a concussion….." She apologized but the man in front of her turned around with kids and got in the car.


"Who the hell was she?" He asked as soon as they got out of the school premises and looked at the girls who were trying hard to stifle their laughter. He momentarily forgot his anger watching them laugh. They had a fabulous Sunday yesterday. They had gone to all the places the kids would ever want to visit and had done a lot of shopping.  At last they ate at an Italian restaurant and came back home tried as hell. When they were shopping at the Cannad place, Nikki had seen the board of this school which offered karate classes in its summer camp and had immediately taken a fancy to it. Now, how can the other one then just back off? Tappu too insisted on joining the classes and at last he just agreed to their demands. As it was, they didn't ask for anything much as compared to the children of their age and he did not have the heart to deny them. So, he had immediately gotten their admission done but as it was Sunday , they didn't have the class yesterday. He was not able to come with them in the morning due to some important meeting but had promised to pick them up. And now he was here fulfilling his promise but they were being choosy about dining outside. He told them that it was not good to dine out this frequently but after all they were his daughter and who was he kidding?!  So he had to drag them out to the parking lot to his Suv. But as soon as he reached the parking lot, he heard a voice commanding him to stop. He turned to look who the voice belongs to and was surprised to find a beautiful lady standing there with her hands on her sides and breathing heavily as if she had run a marathon. Before he could register what was happening, he found himself being hit by a water bottle on the left side of his head. He hissed in pain and cursed the lady at hand. He turned his head and thought of giving a piece of mind to her when he heard his angels telling her that he was their father and watched as her mouth hung open in disbelief. She immediately apologized and offered to help but he was in no mood for forgiveness. He just pushed them inside and drove the car out of the premises.


"She is our karate teacher Papa" Tappu told him as a giggle burst out of her mouth. "Her name is Khushi Kumari Gupta" Nikki too chimed in.


"Whatever" was all he said.


"Don't be angry Papa, she thought you are the kidnapper who tried to kidnap a student on Saturday. She was just helping us out." Tappu replied as a full forced laughter busted from her mouth.  "You are lucky enough that she didn't try her karate moves on you or I wonder what would have happened to you!!"  Said Nikki giggling and cutting Tappu off.


They both ran inside the house  giggling, as soon as he stopped the car, and he was sure enough that the whole house would know about this till tomorrow. He followed them inside shaking his head and cursing his fate.


Hope you all like the update!!!!Waiting for your comments.Buddy me for pms.

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pup03 IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG Khushi kumari gupta a karate teacher and she almost was about to get arnav arrested for kidnapping if his daughters have not shouted papa.. first meeting of Arnav and Khushi was quite interesting she hit him with her water bottle.. poor arnav.. but his daughters had nice time laughing their lungs out.. following arnav and khushi's show at their karate class.. amazing chapter.. loved it..

thanks for pm Smile

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Hanuharshita Groupbie

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Originally posted by pup03

OMG Khushi kumari gupta a karate teacher and she almost was about to get arnav arrested for kidnapping if his daughters have not shouted papa.. first meeting of Arnav and Khushi was quite interesting she hit him with her water bottle.. poor arnav.. but his daughters had nice time laughing their lungs out.. following arnav and khushi's show at their karate class.. amazing chapter.. loved it..

thanks for pmSmile

LOL Yes Khushi kumari gupta is a karate teacher. Since I am learning karate I thought if writing something that included karate . Thanks for your thorough comment Smile

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ipkarshi Goldie

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Hahahahah! that was great!! Karate teacher and Khushi thats perfect LOL ! :D
Thanks for the PM! :)
venkata IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update. Loved it.
ASR6262 IF-Sizzlerz

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hahaha awesome update
honey-sweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Beautiful Update.

Goddd Kushi is a karate Teacher and she thinks ARnav is a kidnaper ROFL

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