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Would it have been different if...?

SiyapaaQueen IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:43am | IP Logged
So after having witnessed MANY opinions .. some valid some questionable ROFL on the forum, I think its about time I come back with my own posts with my own perspectives on the current show happenings. Ermm 

Comments and Likes are much appreciated Approve

1. The topics about whether Billi and Asad had a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 

My POV: NO. Stern Smile

Come on now guys, we can all use our own IMAGINATIONS and GENERAL KNOWLEDGE and YEARS of HEALTH CLASS CURRICULUM to know that NOTHING happened! ROFL Opening up a dudes SHIRT, tearing your own clothing and putting your HEAD on someone's chest DOES NOT equal .. well... you know. LOL
Its just not possible. AND, if there is any DOUBT that something did, than can we please remember that all MSK (Tanveer) is concerned with is SHAKING Zoya's TRUST. She said in very beginning that she has NO interest in him, and ONLY his money and wealth. PLUS she is PREGNANT. now Granted even in pregnancy, the act in question can happen, but this is INDIAN television. LOL lets not forget. I doubt they would show a PREGNANT woman, doing the dirty with someone. Ermm Gul is simply concerned with throwing the AUDIENCE in twists and turns. As much as I have concerns at times with her story-telling, i do have ULTIMATE faith that she would NEVER show the lead having intimate relations with a woman OTHER than the female main lead. Ermm 

The reason Im bringing this up again is only because I know many members were giving Asad beef for all this and bringing up RAPE and this and that.. YES it was sexual harassment.. but it wasn't rape. Ouch NOTHING HAPPENED and even if we did, unless we know for sure something DEFINITELY happened, i dont think we should title it something LOL and I think most of us are sure that Asad is still PURE. LOL BIGGEST symbolism of that was his WHITE outfit. Wink WHITE=PURITY. Gul could have gone with ANY OTHER color option for Asad's sherwani.. but she CHOSE WHITE. Im sure thats the BIGGEST clue to us from the CV's. Wink Tanveer's main intention was to SHAKE Zoe's trust, and make ASAD believe he did something he shouldn't have ONLY so she can come back and say that he is her BABY DADDY. Ouch

2. Zoya's TRUST

Okay, so as much as I UNDERSTAND that Zoe's reaction to the whole Sleeping fiasco was VALID and JUSTIFIED, because ANY WOMAN who sees her man with another woman in such a compromising position would FEEL betrayed and hurt. So I GET IT. 

However, here is what I just don't get at all:

Zoe knew Billi's plan right? She was well aware that MSK was planning a SR with Asad. So taking into consideration THIS fact and also the FACT that she and Asad have also had some close encounters, but HE NEVER took advantage of her or NEVER crossed a line with HER .. I kind of expected Zoe to Give Asad a Chance to SPEAK at the least. I mean, I get it that he does deserve the same treatment as he has given her at times when he doubted her and misunderstood her, but Asad has ALWAYS been that way. Thats his CHARACTER. Zoe's character is more UNDERSTANDING and someone who would give others a chance to justify right? Ermm So considering the facts, I really expected her OUT OF CHARACTER to give Asad a chance to speak. 

Now, Here is where the title of my post comes into play:
Would it have been different if..?

Guys, if Asad had SAID "I LOVE YOU.", would Zoe have given him a chance to justify himself? Ermm I feel like Dilshaad's convo's with Asad FORCING him to confess to her.. and him not being able to was PURPOSELY there for this moment. If Asad had made it clear to Zoe that he LOVES HER, then maybe Zoe would have had the extra confidance and trust in him to hear him out? Ermm I mean it is a BIT far-fetched.. but i can't help but wonder what the purpose of all those ATTEMPTED AND FAILED I love you's were for. Ouch 

3. Why I think AsYa SHOULD marry in Ajmer. 

Not only because i really want them to Blushing but I feel like it is the RIGHT time. Ouch Yes granted they need to build trust in each other but I feel like that is WHAT this whole fiasco was for. To get the trist thing SETTLED. Once that is settled, I feel Asad and Zoe should really MARRY in Ajmer. So MANY different things are still YET to happen, and frankly, I don't think the TRUTHS that still need to be revealed will have AS MUCH AFFECT as they SHOULD unless AsYa tie the knot. Because, Asad and Zoe need to be shown DEALING with the upcoming revelations A COUPLE. And this is just my opinion. Embarrassed

4. AyRa Got Engaged

But Why? And by that I mean.. AFTER all the FAILED attempts in their engagement.. i find it a Bit WIERD that they got engaged so easily. Ouch Or is just : Third times a charm? (it was the 3rd time right? LOL). Im MORE THAN happy that they did! God I LOVE THEM and i think many people know that ROFL.. i just fnid it a Bit FUNNY and ODD at the same time that:

When AyRa relationship was BUILT: Engagement,
AsYa relationship BROKE. Ouch

Knowing that these two couples have such huge PARALLELS Im just not understanding the contradictions in their storylines. Ouch

I STILL expect: AS ANKIE (MisHumptyDumpty) has repeatedly pointed out in her posts as well, that BOTH couples will MARRY at the same time. BUT, if that is the case, then WHY the stretching? Ouch Why did AyRa engagement break twice before the 3rd time? 

5. Humz and Zoe

WHAT THE HECK was the purpose of showing humz not seeing Zoe's face is she was to EASILY see it at the wedding? Ouch I mean I am thinking about it and Humz hasn't seen the FACE of her WELL WISHER. She has merely seen the fact and now knows the name of her future HUBBY's Bhabhi. Ermm BUt still.. i find it was WIERD and RUSHED. Ermm

6. Raazia's Mr. India's

How the HECk did Raazia get out of that MENTAL asylum? How the HECK did BILLI get IN without the doc's not telling DADI? How did Raaz Get out without docs telling Daadi? How the HECK did Billi know Raaz was there?  Did Raaz CALL tanveer? And if she did HOW DID Raaz have a PHONE on her? Ouch 

Come on now Gul. REALLY? Ouch


anyways thats all my ramblings for now. LOL I just had SO MUCH to say for days. LOL And these arent even all the points. LOL Just some of them. Ouch ANyways, I really am hoping for the healthy responses I used to get WAY back when Embarrassed So please guys do share! Embarrassed 

Before I go, I have one TRAIN of thought for everyone:

 WHOSE FAULT is the SUHAAG Raat Fiasco Anyways?

BILLI "slept" with Asad, why? Because she wants his money and property and to piss Zoe off. 

Would she have done this if Imran excepted her child? PROBABLY NOT. 

So is it Imran's fault? Ouch

I think Imran is just a WEAK character and frankly I don't blame him. Billi Entered asYa's life because of ONE woman. RAAZIA. Imran DENIED Tanveer because he is in a relationship with Nikhat and because she left him. But If Imran and Nikhat WERE NOT in an engagment (an engagment fixed by RAAZIA) and if Billi was never called by Raazia, would Imran and Billi have sorted out their issues? Billi may never have targeted Asad or THOUGHT of targetting Asad otherwise. 

So is this RAAZIA"S fault?

OR is it Gauffurs fault whose DECIET made Raazia into a CONNIVING woman that she is? Ouch OR has raazia ALWAYS been coniving because of which Gaffu FELT the need to cheat on her. Ermm

IDK whose fault it was really.. but trying to work backwards I feel like the whole Suhaag Raat fiasco and billi in Asad's life would not even be the CASE if it werent for Raazia and Gaffur. 

Its all the Siddiqui's fault. Approve

Minus their PRECIOUS and DARLING daughter Humz and Daughter/Step-daughter: Zoe. LOL

Okay.. wow this post got UTTERLY long. Ouch

Happy Thinking. Big smile

---Rosh Out Cool---

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rakhiankita Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
 amazing post rosh hats off to u yaar for writing this awwsome post yaarClap i completely agree with u yaar...and me to want asya should get married in ajmerEmbarrassed

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SiyapaaQueen IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
^ Thanks Sweetz!!!

I know.. i just feel like they should get married for the rest of the story to make sense.. the biggest hurdle was the TRUST thing and I think that will be sorted after the suhaag raat thing... so I dont understand why they shouldnt... Ermm Plus Ajmer is IDEAL. 

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-EvilDesires- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Rosh u r backHug
Long PostLOL
1) Even I dun think that anything happened between Asad n Tanveer...she wil just try to frame Asad so that he believes that something haooened n later she can make him her Baby DaddyLOL
2)  Zoya's outburst was very much justified n requred...any girl, in her place wud hav reacted the same way!
U say that even AsYa got intimate so many times but Asad never crossed his limits so Zoya shud trust him, but the point is, he was never lying shirtless with Zoya with all those lipstick marks all over himDead
 Zoya's outburst was due to wat she saw...she saw her fiance in bed with another woman on her wedding day!Shocked
Zoya knew wat Tanveer said, but she trust Asad's words more than Tanveer's...Asad had assured her that no one can come betweenthem now, not even KISMAT! Asad had blind trust in Tanveer n Zoya had BLIND FAITH in Asad!Big smile
I think CVs never let Asad confess n all his attempts failed so that wen such a situation comes like now, a big MU can be created!   n it was Tanveer bcoz of whom each time Asad cud not confess!
3) Even I believe that AsYa shud marry in Ajmer...thats a Holy Place...their Fate brought them together at a Dargah where he saw her for the first time, so I think they shud marry at a Dargah, so that their Marriage gets those Divine Blessings...God wil always b with them and bring them together no matter wat Heart
4) AyRa engagement, well, this time Razia with Ayan exactly wat she did wuth Rashid, History repeated!
I dun think AsYa n AyRa stories are gonna go Parallel!
AsYa got engaged twice, whereas AyRa engagement broke thrice! Thats the biggest hint that its not Parallel!
5) & 6)   That was a blooper by CVs, nothing special on Humz n Zoya encouner n how Tanveer reached Razia, how she brought her out of Asylum, why Razia looked extremely normal after all that shock treatment was all a blooper n CVs let it go without much details!
Whose Fault...I think Razia n Tanveer for now!
n in  the long Run its Gaffur Siddique!
Great post Rosh...loved the symbolism of white!
U r finally back, we missed u so muchHug
Keep bringing more of uch sensible posts Heart

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abditory. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Can I unreserve it late at night like after 3-4 hrs?Embarrassed err I will do it now I guess wait
First of all I seriously dnt think any show unlike QH has bought such a heart-wrenching way to break a marriage. It has got so intense and on such a high point that its making us crazy!!
Asad - He is a man of his principles. He belives in himself and always has his own point. He knows how to handle a situation perfectly without any fuss. But this time tables has turned. He doesn't have anyone and he never had. He was always self-dependent. He needs to prove his mother, lover and himself that he is not Rashid.
They didn't consume. She just opened his shirt and slept beside him to make it look like that SLEPT but they did not. But she was successful in making people believe specially Zoya. Yes the position in which she saw her lover was too hard but urghh!! She shud have just given a damn thinking abt suhagraat thingy. She shud have given a chance to speak. No offence but I m with ASAD AHMED KHAN!! Dilshad man!! Ek to chance dena chahiya tha bte ko. 17 years he has handled you and took up the responsibility. U think he is like his father?! 
I m pretty hopeful for Ajmer track. It better be our savior. I want a dard bhara segment and a passionate confession PHLEASEE no over lighting and blah blah.
I m sure the team has something in their kitty for viewers. And yeesss KSG taking center stage and has full limelight with emotional scenes, its gonna be worth it^^
Ignore mistakes lol LOL

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Cup-Of-Chai IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 12:04pm | IP Logged

First of all Rosh welcome back! We all missed you. Embarrassed

About the post Amazing and a positive post. Seems like you wrote down all the things that you couldn't say since so many days. LOL and i agree with all that you have written.

Some of my thoughts:

I don't think anything happened between Asad and Tanveer too. I mean first of all she is pregnant. Then he was unconscious, and he had his Dhoti or whatever it was he was wearing on. LOL so i can say his "IZAT" is very much still with him.

And i think Zoya saying "I love you" to Asad first was so uncalled for. I think Asad should have confessed first. Ouch but oh well, at least somebody confessed now i just want a really FILMY confession from Asad. He needs to shout on top of his lungs "I LOVE YOU ZOYA". I am keeping my hopes up high that they will end up marrying in Ajmer And all will be well.

Humeira and Zoya's face off even i made a post about it that what was the point of not showing their faces before if she had to just see her at the wedding so easily? I still don't get it. I was hoping for a really big face-off between Zoya and Humz.

And Razia coming out of the asylum i guess anything is possible in Gul Khan Land. ROFL

Overall nobody is to be blamed. Nobody and i mean NOBODY was at fault except Tanveer. It was all her plan because of her all the lives are a mess now so i hope in Ajmer everyone gets justice. Thats all i have to say for now. Embarrassed again glad to have you back!

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SiyapaaQueen IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
^ Of course ROFL You guys don't need permission to reserve. ROFL will wait for your thoughts!

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-Nightingale- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
1. The topics about whether Billi and Asad had a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 

Obviously Tanveer wants to label Asad as junior Billis Daddy so is the drama...I still didnt get the point in the drug thing...in which Asad had Zoyas visuals...

jab kuch karna hi nahi toh uske saath toh drug wala drama kyun...

and can they give the chemist's number from which she gets all these drugs..,..

2. Zoya's TRUST

valid n invalid gone for toss...I am loving it...Mr. Khan has never trusted the poor girl n it ws blind trust over Billo Rani .he and his whole family along wtih Zoya is suffering...so its his turn to pay for it..

3. Why I think AsYa SHOULD marry in Ajmer. 

I just hope they dont drag it much...it would sound good if they stretch it more..

4. AyRa Got Engaged

Ayaan is another fool...like Dilshad said..all three are same...dumb n foolish...may be good at heart...He could have hinted Humaira but he never did it...but if he backs of now...I would hate him to core..

5. Humz and Zoe

didnt concentrate much on it..

6. Raazia's Mr. India's

they might have got disappearing drug u c..LOL

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