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TaaRey OS : Hum Mar Jayenge.. (Dare Complete )

Karan_TaaRey Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2013
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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Hello Smile so, Here i m with my another OS LOL ,..i got this as dare from my dear sister Soumi, (Shanaya_TaaRey) 
from our favourite game "Euphonies of TaaRey "... i Hope u people will like it Big smile This is written in hurry ! :D so 
please avoid the mistakes -_- ,. :( nd dear saumi, i hope it will meet ur expectations !! Smile Here u go,...

Scenario : Taani is going to her home,..its 10:30 pm...its 5th month after their break-up..she just finished her assignments nd G.S work..nd going back to her 

she is walking quitely in the silent street..thinking about all the things happened today...The Barking Dogs,The off-street lights,..making her more depressed..!!
suddenly she saw coming on their respective bikes...she stepped a lil backward seeing them,..

With ReYam :
Rey calls swayam..!!
Sw : Hello !
R : swayam ! achha hua tu jag rha h...muje laga tu so gya hoga..!!
Sw : Nhi..yr ab tak taani ghar nhi aayi me call kiya to bola wahan se abhi nikli h.>!! so waiting for her to come !!.>
R : what ? Taani ab tak nhi aayi ? Shocked
Sw : Hey, Chill dude ! wo daily isi time aati h..per aaj thodi zyada der ho gyi h ./ Stern Smile but not to worry,..she will be here, very sooN !
R : Ok,..achha sun,..kal tu college 1 hr pehle milna ok ?
Sw : Kyu ?
R : zyada sawaal mat kr,..bas  1 hr pehle milna k ?
Sw : Ok..!!
R : Chal Bye..!! 
Sw : Bye !..

R (to himself ) : its 10:45 its really late...Taani ab tak ghr kyu nhi aayi ? Unhappy i think i should go college..i will find her in way..nhi to 
muje raat ko neend nhi ayegi LOL ...

(He Take Out his Bike...nd drove to the way 2 college..)

With Taani : 
She is a bit tensed..nd scared..seeing that cheapos coming towards her...she walk further silently,..keeping her eyes down from sideway.. !! 
"Ayee Item,..Chalti Kya ? " 1 of the man spoke from bike,..nd stopped the bike in front of her...
The 2nd guy blocked her way from other side...nd started touching her shoulders nd neck..!!
"Aaahh chhodo mujhe " she screamed, disbelief,..she ran, rescue herself,...she ran to save her ..but the guys blocked her way again !! 
"JaaneMan,..itna bhi kya sharmati ho.. aaja gale lag jaa " ...The Guy spoke coming close to her..holding her hand..nd pulling her towards him !! 

"AHHH" The guy spoke when he felt some tight grip on his collar !..from behind..!! 
"THAKAP" A powerful punch made its way to his face..nd bloodfall started...
"Chhekch " a strong kick came on other guy's Bum ROFL ...nd he screeched ,...roughly.
Soon,..all of the guys were down to they were really badly hiitted by rey B) 
But one of the guy stood up..nd came to taani from behind..with knife in his hand..!! Shocked he was about pierce it in her body..! when rey held taani's arm nd 
pulled her towards him,..he kicked the guy..nd the knife fell from his hand Wink But By Then,..The other injured guys stood up,..nd started coming towards them..
Rey,The knight in armour fought bravely with them,..while she is busy seeing his care for her,..she is looking staright on his face,..that how is he saving her Day Dreaming

"Aaauhh" Rey's scream,.made her come to the real world again,..a cut made its way to rey's arm,..nd blood started flowing a lil !...soon all the guys ran away !..
nd now only TaaRey r there. Embarrassed ( u naughty people,.don't think so much LOL )

"Thank u " she replied awkwardly to him,..nd kept her eyes down..
"Hmm..." he also replied awkwardly !... "Tumhe zyada chot to nhi aayi na " he asked in serious tone..!! 
"Aayi bhi ho to usse apko kya ? " she repiled taunting him !! Stern Smile 
"Tum seedhi tarah se jawab nhi de sakti na " he said hopelessly...
"de sakti hu..per apko dena zaroori nhi samajti ! " she showed her attitude nd replied to him..!! 

"TAAANNNIII" He screamed..nd held her nd pulled her to him..for saving her from the superfast car that was going to attack her..!! 
Now they both fell down..she is above him..they r lost in their that twinkling torrentious night Day Dreaming But soon the eyelock broken..nd she stood up !!
"ahh " he screamed..indicating that he is injured...!
"Kya hua ? " she aksed ..
"yahan bahut dard ho rha h ".. he showed his arm,...which was full of wound nd cuts nd blood,..!! 
"Ohh My God ! Reyy " she ran, nd bent down..."Humein apke ghr chalna hoga jaldi "..

Soon she hired a taxi...nd locking his bike at sideway..she supported him to come...nd both reached at rey's house..!! 
she switched on the lights..nd made him sit properly..he was smiling seeing her care ...nd that too after break-up !  Day Dreaming
she searched out for the first-aid box...nd started ..covering his wound..with bandages nd ointments !.. 

Apni Aankhein Khali Kr de...!!!! 
Kaaassshh...tu meri ankhein baar de.. :')
Kassshh...tu meri ankhein baar de.. !! 

"Its ok ! " agar tum jaana chaho to me tumhe ghr drop kr dunga.. !! 

"mere yaara ,tere gham agar payenge..
.humein teri h kasam 
hum sawar jayenge ..!! (x2) .."

She Looked straight in his eyes...showing him the pain she got from loosing him...she want to make him feel guilty !!..
"Apko meri wajah se ye chot aayi main aise apko chhod k nhi jaa sakti " she replied ..simply !! ..

"Do ye saugat tum...
To zamaane ki hum..
har khushi se mukar jayenge .."
ohh hooo hooo hoo .."Hum mar jayenge " ...

she was healing the wound...while he smiled at her care..but in order to apply ointment..she came closer to him now...which really made him go mad ..! so he stepped
a lil backward...but she came more closer..nd now he looked at her eyes...she replied back with an painful look.. both were only inches apart...
the heavy breath's of each other..were making them...feel quite relaxed...she steeped her leg on the couch on which rey was sitting...she had no intesions for him..
she just wanted to heal his wound.. !!  but now she came really apply cotton on his was unable for him to control his hormones Confused

"mere yaara ,tere gham agar payenge..
.humein teri h kasam 
hum sawar jayenge ..!!  "

"Tere kandhe se hi lagti...yara beeti ummar saari..
socho kaisi hogi kismat,..hua yun to fir humari..
saare aansu, ho tere,..or Aankhein ho humari .. "

"Tere Dard humein, mile pyar mein.. (x2)
Humein khushi se yun bhar jayenge.."

Tears made their way from her eyes..remembering how much she loved him...she was the most cursed girl of the world..he was able to see the lil tears which were
 flowing from the corner of her eyes..he felt so much guilty...but he is doing all this for her well-being only !!...


(She loved him so much...nd she still loves him..nd will love him 4ever nd ever..but the pain she had was...that she didn't got that much love as a reply from him..!! )
she continued..healing his wound...she was very close to him..he was all cold nd shivered...he badly wanted to grab her..but he cant Cry while she...she was lost
in her own thoughts...coming near to him..made her shivered...nd Teary...reminding her all the past memories..!! 

"mere yaara ,tere gham agar payenge..
.humein teri h kasam 
hum sawar jayenge ..!! "

she wiped the lone tears from her eyes..nd carefully applied all the cottons, nd band-ages to his wounds..!! he felt so relieved..

"Chahe dukh ho...
chahe sukh ho..
dil ne tuj ko hi pukara..tumhe humko h banaya...Tune humko h sawara..
jahan ko to raab ka h..humein tera h sahara.."

"Bas Tera sath ho.chahe jo baat ho.."
Bas tera sath ho,..chahe jo baat ho.."
Tere kehne se kaar jayenge...
Hum mar jayenge...ohh hoo hoo hum mar jayenge "..

"Ahhh " he screamed with pain..when taani by-mistakenly touched his wound by finger..!! his light scream made her shivered..
"I m sorry "..she replied..

(He kept his palm above hers...nd she looked in his eyes...asking him so much questions..but she was so engrossed in his eye balls..that she forgot what she was upto.
he moved give her ample of space to sir properly...she was all in his eyes...she slowly lied down her head on his shoulders...he kissed her forehead..!! 
but she came to her senses.. nd stood up from the couch..!! )
"What r u doing rey ?? " she shouted...with tears..!! 
"wo taani,.. main." he said..applying brakes to his voice..!! LOL
"Shut up "/she gave him a slap...
"Maine apse bahut kuchh expect kiya tha rey..per wo meri sabse badi galti thi..jab apne break-up ka decision liya ab mere or close mat aaiye "..she ran from there..
with full tears in her eyes.. !

"Mere Yaara tere gum agar payenge..
Humein teri h kasam ,..hum sawar jayenge."

"Hum Mar Jayenge..Hum Mar Jayenge ".. </3 </3


Sorry saumi,..i know its fully a time-waste nd boring Cry nd moreover, u told me to add gang nd swaron in this Cry but it wasn't possible i think o.O 

i m so sorry Cry i know u all people.r there with angry glares..nd juta,chapals on me.!!  but what to do dare tha na krna pada Unhappy i enjoyed writing it .. but i m 
sure u people didn't enjoyed reading it LOL m so sorry Unhappy

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chinudolly IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 December 2012
Posts: 3292

Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:40am | IP Logged
 yeahhh  i  m  first  ,  love  u  a   lot  my  cutu   bhai  ,
now  coming  2 your  story  ,  
trust  me  it  was   not at  all   boring or  time  waste  ,  instead dam  interesting   ,  amazing  ,  beautiful  and  a   little   emotional  as   well  ,  and  u know  i  laughed  while  reading   d  dishum  dishum            (  beating  )  of   d jerks    by  our  superhero  rey  ,LOL    very  good  they  deserve  it   LOLLOL  

and  after  that  ,  4  a  second  , i  thought  that   rey   will  met  with  accident but  thank  god  ,   that  he  and  taani   were safe  ,TongueTongue  and  after  that   their cute  little   romance  ,  although   unintentionally  ,  but  still  its  so   lovely    Embarrassed
but  then  taani   slapped  rey  so  shocking  ShockedShocked   ,  didn't  expect  that  at  all 
 CryCryCry  but  i  seriously   wish  if  it  would  have  a  happy  ending  
still  i  loved  it  
great   work  bhai  as  always  

and   keep  writing  more  ,   Thumbs Up
love  u  a  lot  bhai  ,  Hug
take  care  and  keep  smiling  SmileSmile

Edited by chinudolly - 22 June 2013 at 12:14pm

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Reytanni4ever Senior Member

Joined: 06 November 2012
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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Hey dear
It was totally beautiful
We loved it :D

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Karan_TaaRey Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2013
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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tbp4ever

Hey dear
It was totally beautiful
We loved it :D

Really ? Big smile Thank u so very much Big smile
Breezy. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 April 2013
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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Wow,loved it!!Heart It was not at all boaring, It was niceTongue

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dh19 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2012
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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:57am | IP Logged
emotional and awesome

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Karan_TaaRey Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2013
Posts: 2257

Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -upama-

Wow,loved it!!Heart It was not at all boaring, It was niceTongue

Really ? Tongue Thank u so much then.. Big smile LOL Wink

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Karan_TaaRey Goldie

Joined: 22 February 2013
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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dh19

emotional and awesome

Thank u dear Smile

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