Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

New ss: Is love all u need???? | new update-pg16-will pm later (Page 8)

cherry227 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
beautiful concept... loving the simplicity :)))

who is this shy baby???

Rimpi_kmh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 July 2013 at 6:14am | IP Logged
nice update...Thumbs Up

jay's family was cute Smile

 how arjun try to remember the days he has spend with arohi...feeling bad for him Broken Heart

flashback scene was awesome...Heart
-pranjal- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
Hope Daddy's Darling Daughter is Having Blast Big smile  Big smile

Do continue whenever you get time ...Will be waiting 
moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 July 2013 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Everday is a new day ! Live it like there is no tomorrow !
"home" Arjun thought. He didnt know what home looked like. Sure her knew how his house looked like but he didn't know how their house looked like. He wanted to know. Know everything but he still felt nothing. A part of him was empty he could feel it. He just couldn't find a way how to fill it. He looked at Arohi she was smiling. "Probably thinking about something" he thought. They stopped at front of a huge house with huge gate. Arohi bused in and the guards opened the gate. "that is our home" arohi said. Arjun smiled. He was thinking house but she said home. There was a difference in house and home he felt It rite after she said it. Arohi quickly explained "when we got married you gave me this house as our wedding gift. It was a dream home for both of us. U incorporated things we both wanted." she said. Arjun was quite he was just thinking about why was god unfaithful to him and what had he done for him to forget the who is supposed to be the most important person in his life. Arohi moved in leading the way, he was pushed Into the house buy one of the guards. It was a beautiful home he thought. He saw the stairs that lead upto another level of the house. He was enchanted was not enough to describe how peaceful the place felt. The walls n furniture was with with a hint of royal blue in it like the cushion or the rug. It was very elegant. Arohi pointed out towards a pair of glass doors and told it was kitchen. SHe pointed out to guest rooms and couple more stuff. At one point arjun realized how arohi's voice was becoming heavier and heavier by the moment like she was about to cry. He was standing behind her and hence he couldn't see if his assumption was true or not. He motioned for the guard to push his wheelchair infront of her. Arohi didnt register the quick moment and she saw arjun infront of her before she could check her emotions. "why are you crying arohi ?" Arjun asked
"I'm not crying" she answered as she sniffed lightly. Arjun stretched his hand caught a tear drop on his finger and asked "okay then its raining form ur eyes?" he joked in pathetic attempt to make her smile. He knew she was upset because of him. Because of him she had to explain him "their" dream home. But smile she did. He pulled her onto his lap hugged her tightly. He didn't know why he did that but it felt right. It felt that is was the right thing to do at the moment. Arohi was too shocked to react. Sure they hugged before but this was different. She had caught his hand during the last week in hospital but this hug made her forget everything and let her believe like nothing had happened. Arjun groaned form pain and arohi quickly stood up realising that her sitting on his lap must have hurt his already factured legs and rib cages. "sorry" she Said sheepishly as she smiled. Arjun just shrugged. "so our bedroom is on the 2 floor but till everything is okay with you and we are sure of ur legs I told Lauren to shift your stuff to one of the room on the ground floor." "wait you said your not our"he asked frowning. "um Arjun do you think we should sleep in same bed it's not like I dont trust you or anything but I mean you dont even remember me I thought you wouldn't want to share a room and a bed "she replied staring at her shoes suddenly feeling very interested how he shoes look. "arohi you need to stop acting awkward I know you must be used to US being us. Like being together but that dosnt mean it will change things. I know u love me and I know that I loved you I just can't remember it. " Arjun replied. Arohi stood there tears streaming down her face. She was smiling and crying together. "why are you crying ? Did I say something wrong ?" arjun asked. Even though he saw she was smiling and crying he wanted to be sure. "Arjun you are soo sweet " she said as she sat down and leaned in and kissed his full lips. She had missed it. She didnt know why it was only.that speech made her emotional. As she kissed him, Arjun's hand went behind the back of her head threading his fingers through her hair. She gasped as arjun pulled her closer. She had no.idea how they were managing. Arjun took that opportunity to deepen the kiss. They both didnt know how long they sat there kissing. A loud clearing of throat bought them back to reality. They both pulled away. Lauren who had come just to ask Madame about their dinner had ended up seeing the little exchange between sir and madam. " I'll just come back later " she whisperd and practically fleed off. Arjun and Arohi stared at nothing particular. "I um we umm" Arohi stammered. "how about we go to the room ?" arjun asked "the room?" the effects of the kiss still lingered on her . She wasnt thinking straight. "yeah I mean I need to look around n sleep too...! this much adventure for the day is good for me I dont want any more" he said winking clearly stating the kiss they shared. Arohi just blushed and swatted his arm.
For the second time that day she felt that every thing was back to NORMAL. Like nothing had changed
"arohi I dont know th way around. Can you um " Arjun didnt complete the sentence as Arohi just noded.
Arjun fell asleep as soon as he was on bed. They had a full time male nurse with arjun to help him till he was on crutches.
Arohi went to their old room. Soo many memories she thought. She was going through her closet to take some things down to their new room when she came across a deep purple dress. She clutched to that dress. That day had soo many memories. Memories that will never fade In her heart and mind. The dress she wore on their first date. She had acted like a teenager going on her first date,she thought smiling.
Arohi panicked when she heard the bell ring. She paced the family room frantically trying to calm herself down. She was acting like a teenager she thought. This wasn't her first date but definitely the first time with the person she had fell in love with.
She finally after a lot of self convincing opend the door to find arjun leaning against the doorframe with his jacket in his hand. He looked handsome Arohi thought as she licked her lips in appreciation. She had seen him in suite hundreds of time but some how today was different.
Arjun stood outside her door for 10 mins before he actually convinced himself to ring the door bell. And when the door opened his eyes fell on a beautiful angel. He saw her wearing a purple dress with beautiful pumps which made her legs looking like they went on and on. They kept staring at each other before arjun broke the eye contact. "um" Arjun said which bought them out of trance. "can I come in?" he asked. "um yeah yeah" she mumbled as she stepped aside.
"these are for you" arjun handed arohi a bouquet of beautiful pink roses . Arohi had mentioned her favorite flowers were pink roses once and when arjun had stopped at florists before coming here he had red roses in mind but his eyes fell on beautiful pink roses and when he had seen those he instantly thought of her. "I'll put them in a vase they are beautiful " arohi said. Arjun followd her to the kitchen as the made small talk. Arjun's mind was on one thing. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to hold her. But he wasn't sure if he should do it or not. Arohi filled the vase and went to leave the kitchen and arjun followd her. As soon as arohi put the flowers on coffee table arjun had enough. He grabbed arohi and placed his lips on hers. He prayed she didn't push him aways. But thankfully no such thing happened. Arohi was shocked at first but after a few moments she kissed him back. The passion that went in that kiss shoook the both of them. Arjun pulled arohi as close as possible leaving a no gap between them. As they pulled back for breath arjun looked at arohi saw the same love in her eyes for him that he felt for her. " We should go "arjun said. He had to stop himself before he couldn't stop. "yes just let me grab my purse" she said as she tried to control her breathing. A permanent blush plasterd on face. Arjun thought she looked beautiful with a blush on. As Arohi went to grab her purse arjun called her "Arohi?" "um yes? " she said and she turned around to see him "you look beautiful " he said smiling "thank you !" she replied as she quickly went in her room to grab her purse. "let's go " she said . Arjun grabbed her hand in his and opened the door for her . Arohi didnt comment or even mention the fact. Arjun opened the passenger side door for her and helped herclimbed in and went to sit in the drivers seat. Arohi turned on the radio as he pulled out of her drive way. She did this every time they went out but only today was special.
She stopped changing the stations
When she came across "leggo house" by ed shreen
The song was beautiful arohi thought. They both maintaind a steady conversation. Arjun laughed at things Arohi said. They shared laughs and talks as they enjoyedtheir drive. 30 minutes later they stopped at a beautiful restaurant. Arjun opened the door for her grabbing her hand he lead her through the door or the restaurant.
Arjun was greeted buy the manager of the restaurant who led them to a beautiful decorated place. "sir this is what you requested, my staff will be here in 15 mins". Arjun led Arohi in looking at her seeing her reaction. "so how did you find it ?" arjun asked. "wow" "I mean wow this is beautiful !" arohi said as she threw her arms around arjun to give him a hug. A tight hug. It was indeed beautiful. A path of roses lead to the table and candles lit everywhere. Soft music playing and the window overlooked the beautiful oacen. The sat there talking ordering dinner desert wine and everything. Arjun took a look at his watch when he realized they had spent a total of 3 and 1/2 hours at the restaurant. Time just passed "I think we should leave,I have one last place to show you. That is if you dont mind" Arjun asked "no I'll be happy " arohi said. she looked at her watch herself it was almost 9:30 pm. Wow she thought. She didnt realize it had been that long. Arjun paid the bill and they left. This time they sat in confortable silence as arjun held her hand as they drove by. Arohi was looking out of the window and didnt realise they had come to a stop. Arjun again led the way as they stopped on what looked like a dance floor where couples danced in each others arms laughing and singing in each other's ears. Arjun got them in and asked if she wanted a drink. Quickly bringing their drinks he came back to her. "Arohi I can't dance . Atlest not that good like those people dance. But I do know you like to so will you give me this dance.?" he asked. "yes" she said . Their drinks forgotten as they went to the dance floor. Arohi realized how wonderful and thoughtful arjun was. He didnt like dancing but bought her there cause she liked it. Arjun's arms went around her waist as Arohi slipped her arms around his neck. Arjun pulled Arohi into one of those passionate kiss second time that day. "arohi I love you" he said in her ear as he pulled back. "I have been with you for last 2 months. It was driving me crazy to stay away form you. I have liked you form past 6 months and realized it was not "like" but something more then that 3 months before and finally came to terms with my feeling 2 months before. I have never said these words to anyone before. And let me tell you nu insides are shaking with nervousness. And I might not be the perfect one for you. But I'll try everything in My power to make you happy and become THE ONE for you. If you promise to please give me a chance" he said all this in her ears while they danced around the dance floor. Arohi was shocked but never the less pulled arjun in a kiss. Pulling back she whispered " you to" "I love you too arjun...I can't believe how good it feels to say it out loud. Its been a while since I realised that quiet a while back but didn't want to say it first" Arjun didnt let her complete he just kissed her again. Hr couldn't believe that the girl he loved , loved her back. They danced around a couple more hours until they both decided arohi was a little to tipsy And had to be taken home.
"arjun you know" she said as she giggled and then hiccupd "no arohi I dont know " "I love you" she said as she came to a sudden stop. She looked at him with soo much love innocent love that he wanted to make love to her there and there but they had just stared dating and he wouldn't take advantage of a girl hejust wasn't that kind of man.
Arjun carried arohi to her home in his arms. Arjun was about to leave arohi caught his hands and pulled him on the bed with him. Arjun tried to wiggle but nothing seemed to work to he got into the bed with her and arohi as a reflex snuggled closer to him and they both fell asleep.
Flashback over
Arohi came out of her dream as she heard arjun call her. She smiled as she went downstairs.

Soo here it is. Soory if it sucked I struggled with this one. People asked me to write about the 1st date so here it is. Tell me how it is!
I hope it's not immature and sucky ..!
I'll wait for your replies ! Ps- it is not editd again. Ill re-edit once I have time ! Sorry once again.!

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serat Goldie

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Posted: 10 July 2013 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
awesome update
really good
but sad for arjun
jaldi se theek ho jaye :)
mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 July 2013 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
This was certainly absolutely perfect!!!
I was listening to 'Be Intehaan' from 'Race 2' while reading this update... n I feel like that song is for Arjuhi only!!
Arjun may not remember his love for Arohi but he himself knows how he loves her through the way he reacts to her tears, smile n kiss!!!
N their first date... first kiss... first dance!! Only one word... PERFECT!!
deelax18 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 July 2013 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
it was sooo lovely n romatic ur story..n tnk u sooo much for writing it in english...waiting for the next update..Clap
kritz4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2013 at 1:01am | IP Logged
awesome update 
feeling sorry for arjun that he forgot all those beautiful moments of his life n how he is trying to recollect them n all his efforts not helping him n arohi at her best helping him loved the love between them tough he dont remember anything but he cant see her cry he can feel her pain

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