Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

New ss: Is love all u need???? | new update-pg16-will pm later (Page 6)

..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
Wow yaar...
Loved it baby...
The starting is fab...arjuhi meeting...
Aru a hard working girl n arjun a successful businessman...
Jai n tania are awesome...
So happy to see a fun loving arohi here...arjun is too not sariyal ;)
Oops...arjun lost his memory...
Arohi's breaking down sene outside the room was superb...
Loved there awkwardness when they were alone...
The best thing is that arjun's character n behavior didnt after loosing his memory...
He was a gentle person before n after too...
Looking up to see arjuhi's coochi coo scenes...
Cont soon dear...

Thanku sheikhu for sharing it...
Luv u...

mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
I should be sad as Arjun doesn't remember anything??? But I was smiling while reading Arohi interaction... is something wrong with me???
Who's the shy baby Madhu??? More than the story (I am very very excited about the story!!) I am interested in knowing the shy baby!!! Actually no!!! I am more interested in the story!!! But the shy baby!!! Hhumph!!!
Update soonish!!!!
moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
shy baby is writing the update...hope to post it asap

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-pranjal- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by moonkmh

shy baby is writing the update...hope to post it asap

Yipppeee Will be waiting Smile
Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
great update madhu
who is this shybaby yaar -
lovely madhu - I want to know more - pls ask her to write the next part soon - I would love to know more about the writer (ofcourse, only if she is willing to disclose her identity)
moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Note from 'shy baby' n update!!!!! Hie every sorry for being late. I am studying plus my dad just got back after a month long business trip so I had to have a daddy spoiling me time. I have written somethin. Its not that good.sorry for being late and I think its a little short. I'll make it longer next time promises. NOT EDITED. Ignore the mistakes. Plus I'll each one of u soon :) ******** Living life with your loved Ones matters.not how or where ! *recap* Arjun woke up with a start. And found Arohi sleeping next to his bed. He didn't remember her but there was a feeling in his heart that made him wana see her smile wana see her happy. She shifted in her sleep and he became alert. "good morning" Arjun said and Arohi just smiled at him. Arohi felt a pang in her heart. She was sad that 3 year's of beautiful memory 2 years of being together was all forgotten on h is part when each and ever second was still fresh in her mind and her heart. But she was determined of two thing. She wasgoing to do everything in her reach tomake arjun get his memory back and she wil always be strong for him. ***over*** Present Later that afternoon arohi sat in the armchair along the side of the bed as arjun slept. Her mind drifted to their first date And how he asked her out. He had been soo nervous. They has been working together for a year now. Arohi had got a permanent transfer courtesy "Arjun singhania" * Flashback "Arohi" arjun called out knocking on her office door. It had officially been a year they had been working together. They both liked each other. Too nervous to say it out loud arjun had decided it was going to be him to be the one to ask after all he was the guy. They got on like a house on fire. To the world they were already dating. But to them they were always friends. They had coffee together everyday. Went on "casual" dinners every Friday night, Partied together. They practically acted like married couple if we leave out living together or the expressing love part. Their infatuation towards each other started when one day they kissed. /(Well that all together is other story will be told later :-P) As arjun entered the cabin he found her going through her plans and projects. "can I talk to you for a minute arohi ?" arjun asked. "ya sure,grab a seat" she replied. Arjun looked at her. He took in her sight. She was beautiful. A tendernil fell on her face. She pushed is back but it kept coming back. She frowned as Arjun took a seat. "had some work?" Arohi asked pulling Arjun out of his trance. "Arohi have dinner with me " He asked. Arohi sensed the tone but she wanted to tease him. She knew hewasn't asking like everyday. This was not casual but still she loved messing around with him. "Arjun we have dinner together almost everyday, you dont need to ask me" "Arohi not that kind of dinner" "what kind of dinner is this then ?" she asked teasing him further. "Arohi don't make it more hard then it is" he said. "Arjun what am I making,more hard ?" Arjun just stud up and stalkedtowards her chair "what are you doing Arjun?" arohi asked starting to get up. Arjun just pushed her down softly resting his arm's on the arm rest blocking arohi. He leaned so that their faces were close. Arohi stared in his eyes. His eyes were smoothing and dark. She saw something that shecouldn't define. Arjun was staring right back at her. She was smiling,nervous and happy. Her eyes said she was smiling. "Arohi be ready at 8 tonight im picking you up. We aregoing on a date." he finished kissing her on her forehead. Arjun desperately wanted to grab her and kiss her. Being impossibly close to her didnt help but she was making it impossible for him. He was already nervous. She just noded at him and he move slightly. Arohi didnt know what happened but her joke turned bad. But she got herself a date with arjun. She was waiting for him to ask every time theyate together she wonderd wether he would actually ask him. *Evening that day* Arjun was dressed in a charcoal grey suit. He checkd himself in mirror for the 10th time. He wanted everything to be perfect. She changed her dress umpteenth time. She was having a hard time to decide what to wear. Her hair was done. Her make up was done. Only the dress was left. Her walk in closet was shattered with clothes spread all over. That's when her eyes fell on a pretty deep purple and lavender coloured dress. It was a.corset top a black belt sat just under her chest andruffled up to her mid thigh. She paired it with black pumps. Just on the que the Bell rang. * Present Arohi felt arjun stir in his sleep as shesnapped out of her dream. She was sad arjun didn't remember a perfect day. But she was determined to make him remember. Arohi grabbed a glass of water and made arjun drink it as he sat up. Arjun lookd at Arohi with gratitude in his eyes. He saw love shone in her eyes. He felt useless. He wanted to think and think till he remembered everything but the doctor had told him not to do so. Bloody doctor he thought. Arjun and arohi were both in their thoughts when the doctor came in with the reports. "Arjun, called out " asking for their attention. Arjun and arohi looked at him. Arohi smiled andasked about his unexpected visit. Worrying wether everything was all rite. "Arjun is fine according to the test that came in today. We need to keep for for other 2 days before we discharge him. He won't be allowed to walk for 4 weeks. And will be con.crutches till his plaster comes off.His broken ribs seem to be healing fine. " he said as he checked his vitials. "thank you " they both said simultaneously. Arohi was sitting by arjuns side after finishing off their lunch. Jai and Tanyahad bought them lunch. Chatted a little while made baseless jokes and left for the day. Apparently Mollie andjack were missing arjun and arohi toomuch and they had sent him a get well card with their hand prints on it and Jack's shabby handwriting saying they loved him and missed him. Arjunhad almost cried then. He loved them like his own children. He looked at arohi he thought about things trying to remember again but nothing was coming to him. Frustrated he threw a glass of water on floor. The glass shattered scaring arohi. "Arjun what'swrong.?" she asked. "Arohi why can't Iremember 3 years of my life. I can't even remember Mollie. Arohi what have I done wrong that I am getting punished like this ?" he asked crying. Arohi pulled him in a hug. Her standing besides the bed she held him close."sushh" she whispered repeatedly in his ears soothingly. She kissed his forehead once he was a little calm and his breathing was almost Normal. "Arjun I promise you wil remember everything. But please take it easy for me. I dont wana loose you. Too much stress can cause your brain permanent damage. " she said as she kissed his forehead. Arjun hugged her around her waist and buried his head in her chest. He felt a connection with Arohi. He knew something between them was not normal. Not sumthing everyone one had. He would try for her sake. He silently pledged. The day passed quickly and after the outburst everything had turned calmer. Arjun and arohi decided they would start once arjun was home. For the rest of the week Arjun arohi eat togather talked laughed. It was like they were meeting for the first time. It was a new feeling for arjun and a return of how she felt when Arjun and her first met, first dated,first kissed. Here there was no kissing or dating but the talking was enough. Arjun arohi kept themselves entertained. Today was the last day at hospital. Arjun was excited to go home. He hated the simple rice and curd they served. Though arohi snuck him food most of they days but nurse bertha had caught them once. Arjun had ofcourse laughed at arohis pathetic attempts to deny it and earned himself a smack on his "good" arm and nurse bertha had twisted his ear. Bertha had fallen in love with arjun And arohi. The pair of them were soo humble and down to earth that it wassurprising for her. This was one of thebest hospitals in town. All the celebrities came here but none had been as humble at the tow of them. They didnt show they owned millions and millions of dollars. Someone knocked on the door and when the door opened arjun heard someone squeal. This earned arohis attention too. Arohi and arjun were watching tom and jerry to pass time . They had learned to love Tom and Jerry once again. And fallen in love they had. Mollie and jack and come to visit their arjuns uncle and arohi aunty. They loved the both of them to death and vice versa ! Mollie ran to arjuns bed trying to jump on the bed to hug her ucle. She was 3 year old beautiful girl. Behind her was jack who was trying to stop Mollie to go on bed. Apparently he was "res...reponsibl" for her. That's when jai and Tanya entered . Tanya shouting at Mollie and jack for running to the room without them. Arjun smiled at the family. He loved these people to death. He didn't remember Mollie but he did remember Tanya being 6 months pregnant. So the her birthday was definitely after may her thought. "Both of you dont make noise this is ahospital" Tanya said "mama whot is a hos ...hos... Hospital? Mollie asked sucking on her thumb. Arjun instantlyfell in love with the little princess. Arohi watchd the play of emotions onarjuns face. She knew he was admiring the little family. They had talked about starting one recently. They wanted to have dosens of kids to love and to spoil. But the time never came ! "soon" she thought And picked Mollie up swinging her from side to side and she giggled. She put Mollie down and crouched down to jacks level. "how are you young man?" arohi asked jack. "I good" "I love school" he said winking "young man ? You like a girl " Arjun said and Jack blushed and laughed. Arjun put is non hurtes arm down so jack could hi5 it. The 6 of them had soo Much fun. It was time to leave. Bertha came and visited Arjun before they left the hospital. Arjun couldn't walk for 2 weeks and had to use crutches for 2 weeks ! Arohi drove arjun and her to their how. A lot on her mind. She glanced at arjun she saw he was thinkin hard too. He looked just as nervous for their future ! She hoped everything togo well form now on. Tomorrow was going to be a new day she thought

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
This was so beautiful...
I seriously need to find a word other than beautiful!!! I am using it everywhere!!!
Arjun Arohi is gonna start on a fresh note... they already did
N I loved that flashback scene... Arjun was so nervous n loved Arohi teasing him...
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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 12:52am | IP Logged
I so love dis SS<3 its so refreshing! I love this arjuhi...even though arjun has lost his memory...i can feel the love between them. The flashback part was so cute...nervous arjun n teasing arohi..hehehe jay n family are adorable! Shy baby...its a Request...plzzz cont it soon...waiting for arjuhi's new begining of thier life:)

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