Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

New ss: Is love all u need???? | new update-pg16-will pm later (Page 12)

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Posted: 01 August 2013 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
So finally u update !!!
Oh arohi remind how she went cream n than Arjun push her n lost his memory
Thts so sad
But Arjun situation is different
At least arohi remember everything but he didn't
I really want to know Wht happen next ?
Plz shy girl update next ASAP

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shy baby is busy with studies.. Cry
..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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shy baby...
i m so in love with this story...
day by day, i m getting mesmerized by this writing
totally loved arohi in here and arjun, i love how he is pushing himself to remember somthing...
haha...that movies names were hilarious...and arjun comment, so like me.. :P
arjun on the tree...must be a scene to watch...
oh oh oh...arjun getting nightmares
loved how arohi consoled him and stay with him throughout night...
but yeah true...she is bearing too much...
cursing herself for her recklessness...that made her arjun go away from her...
awee...waiting for more flashback scenes and to see how arjun cope up with his memory loss...
a very interesting and gripping story...
cont soon...
loving it <3
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Cn u updt ds one??
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she is writing
aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Ohh i frgt it madhhuu... Hehe sowiiee
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updt !!!!Tongue
moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Guys remember how the accident happend ?? The car was coming at arohi and Arjun lunged forward and pushed arohi out of the way. Hence arohi thinks it was her falt. Hence she is blaming herself.
The mystery of dream will be solve in update.
Until next time.
Ps- Please comment. I feel it's not going good.
Tell me anything. Criticism is most welcomed.

Arjun heard something shattering. He couldn't move , his wheelchair was far form his reach. "arohi are you all right ?" he asked in a voice high as he could shout. No reply form inside. That moment , He was helpless . He tried but he couldn't move with factured legs. He cursed till he heard the door open. "arohi are you alright?" he asked. He looked at arohi. She looked like she had been crying . "Arohi whats wrong ?" arjun asked. "nothing" she finally replied after a few times he had asked her. "that's juts a load of bull arohi , do you expect me to believe it ?" he asked. "you better believe it Arjun" she snapped at him. " why are you angry ?" he asked. Not knowing what had come over arohi that she was in such bad mood "arjun I dont have to tell you everything" she replied walking to the front door. "well you do " he replied " and dont you dare walk out while we are talking " he said sternly "oh And why should I listen to you ?" she asked angrily. She had been calm but there was a limit to testing one's patience. It wasn't arjun that was doing that to arohi it was the time. She never wanted this to happen. As strong she had been she needed to let it out . And all the pent up emotions were flowing through her anger. And arjuns 50 questions weren't helping her at the moment. "because I'm your god-dammed husband" he repelied angrily. She just was to taken aback with his tone. Hell Arjun himself didn't know where that came form. "oh you don't even remember me " she replied without thinking and regretting the words as soon as they came out of her mouth. "so all this is about me not remembering you? Well geuss what arohi I'm not having fun, missing 3 years of life isn't fun okay ? my legs and ribs are broken but the first thing that comes to my mind is that are you okay? Even in this state I wanted to know if you were all right ." he replied angrily. "I should have known you would want away form me at some point. I was a fool to believe that I would be back to normal with your help" he completed. Arohi was stunned and angry . How dare he think she wanted away form him "you listen to me Mr.singhania , I dont want away form you and this is not about what you think so , please rest. I wouldn't want to take any more of your time. " she replied coldly.
" what is this about then ?" Arjun asked with a stern voice. Arohi lost it then. " you want to know what this is about ? Its about the accident , it was me who was supposed to be hit by the car , because of me you lost your memory and now you are here and you dont remember me " she replied through her tears, as she wiped her eyes furiously cautioning the tears not to fall anymore. She didnt want to cry anymore. The look in Arjun's softened. "Arohi come here " he said as he pattted the space on the bed besides him. Arohi shook her head no. "Arohi dont be stubborn just come here " the tone in his voice told him not to mess with him. She was about to sit as far as possible but arjun grabbed her hand and made her Sit besides him. "cry" he said. She looked at him like he had grown a second head. "Arohi you dont have to be strong always you can cry, its good to let it out" that's when arohi broke and cried her heart out. Arjun ran a soothing hand over her head and he whisperd a series of sorry And apologised for all he said. "I'm sorry to " she said hiccuping. Arjun kissed her forehead and pulled her close. Close but arohi moved just in time making distance not to hurt him
It was arjun's first appointment with the therapist. Arjun and arohi walked into the office and waited for arjun's turn. He was going to do this alone. "Mr.singhania?" doctors assistant called as arjun wheeled himself in in his new electronic wheelchair. It wasn't wheeling himself it was juts pushing a button. Arjun was rather haveing fun on that ,it was like a swegway but with the comforts of sitting. Oh Boy and their toys !
Arjun was greeted by an elderly man. His persona powerful and he was elegantly dressed. "Mr. Singhania im Dr.Richard green. I'll be after your life for next 2 months. " he joked. Arjuns lips twitchd stretching into a small smile. He liked him. "so arjun I understand you have been in accident saving your wife ?" Arjun shifted uncomfortablely in his chair. "actually I dont know what happened like in detail , you might know I don't remember the past 3 years of my life. And every time I wanted to ask arohi she would start crying saying it was all her fault . I dont want to see her cry anymore. So, I thought you could tell me , perhaps" arjun replied. "I would most definitely tell you that and we could then talk about your dream Mr. Singhania?" replied. "Arjun,please and how do you know about the dream?" arjun asked now very interested. But the doctor choose to ignore the question all together.
"we could call your wife in we all need to talk , if you are comfortable?" it's necessary for your wife to face the truth to move on in life arjun" he asked. "sure doctor , I dont mind " arjun replied with a frown thinking what was there for arohi to help with. Dr.Green made a call to his assistant and Arohi walked in a few moments later. "MRS. Singhania, I'm Dr. Richard Greene" "Arohi, please " Arohi said shaking hands with the doctor as she grabbed a seat on the sofa besides arjuns wheelchair. "so arohi would you like to tell arjun what happened , the accident" the doctor asked straight to the point. "um" arohi shifted uncomfortablely. She didnt want to talk about this. She blamed herself. She couldn't bring herself to tell arjun in a fear he might leave her for his condition today.

"Dr. Would you mind telling him, I'm not entirely comfortable"
"sure" that's when doctor launched into the tale of his accident. Arjun throughout the narration was looking at arohi. All arjun saw was regret and the tears that threatend to fall out of her eyes..!
As the doctor completed the narration of the and indecent arjun spoke up "arohi non of this was your fault" "I saved you, becAuse I loved you, I would have done that anytime, and deep down you know it , you want someone to blame for it and you are blaming yourself for your satisfaction " Arohi just stared at him. Every word came out of arjuns mouth was true. She wanted to blame everything on some one and hence she decided she was the one to blame.
"so arjun about these dreams as Arohi informed me today morning on the phone ,they are normal. You wil get vivid dreams. And for a solution , make a memory jar. Every dream you have within one week you write it Down and the following week on Wednesday when you come to me , you arohi and I will talk it through, and tell you about the dream in detail and their significance. Some of the dreams will be scary some nice and pleasant, I need you to write each down the way they are. " Dr Greene completed.
"okay that would be good I think , so we will see you next week?" Arjun asked "sure Mr. Singhania , Mrs.singhania see you next week "
"Dr" arjun continued "can I work form home.? I'll get bored sitting all day long " arjun asked with a hope the answer was positive. "well if you promise not to stress, then daily 2 hours not more than that.." the doctor completed. He then walked them to the door.
Arjun and arohi slid into the backseat of their BMW SUV as Mike started driving the car. Arohi sighed. 1 & 1/2 hour drive. They lived in hamptons and Dr.Greene's office was at new York. She like long drives but the ones that were with arjun driving and romancing her.
Arohi stared out at the rain pored. She loved the rains. Her and arjun had pretty beautiful memories of the rains. She blushed at that thought. Arjuns hand slipped in her's shocking Arohi and pulling her out of her thoughts.
"what are you thinking?" arjun asked in a low voice which sounded almost sexy. She stared at the hand and then at Arjun. Arjun realized she wasn't comfortable with holding hands just yet. He wasn't too, but he was trying to make everything normal for her. He knew she would blame herself for the accident even after talking about that. He wanted to kown what was going on in his life.

"I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable" arjun said moving to pull his hand out "no" arohi said quickly tightening the grip on his hands "it feels good " she said with a smile. Arjun smiled to. She was beautiful she thought. He didnt love her at the moment but he could alway start it again. His amnesia body didnt love her but his normal one did. He knew it because of the reactions each time they were close, the sensation when the touched indicated something very different,something he hadn't experienced. Or experienced and forgot.
"tell me your thoughts arohi." arjun said. "oh I was thinking of the time in India in rains..." she said without thinking and caught herself before she let it slip. She blushed the colour of tomato abd turned her face to the window again. arjun asked her again "arohi tell me " arjun said with amusement. He now definitely wanted to know what happened in India. He had never been to India in hai life. Didnt know Hindi . Now she was telling the had been there. Maybe in 3 years he had forgotten they went there for a visit. "Arjun n...n..." she stammered "I mean no" she said blushing even harder , if that was possible. Arohi tried to take her hand out wanting to cover her face but Arjun held it tight. It made him feel good. "arohi I'll bug you till you tell me what happened " arjun said with a smirk. Arohi looked at him he was the same arjun. The one who remembered her. But she wouldn't say it and let that thought spoil their mood. "arjun I can't speak It out , please " she looked like she would bust open if she blushed anymore. But arjun wasn't letting it go.
"Arohi you will tell me before we reach home we have aprox 1 hr 15 mins left. So your choice or I could make you speak or try to make you anyways" he said. She knew he would tickle her. It was the look he gave when he tickled her. It was full of mischief and amusement. He didn't know how ticklish, which she was but she knew his logic he had once told her, even before they started dating. "arohi everyone is ticklish , some can control better then others , and some just work out and make muscle of the flesh present and can't be tickled"he had said with a smirk. she made up her mind she would tease a little before giving out the information. "no I can't arjun" " oh but you wil arohi" he said "arjunnn." she whined.

Arjun just put and arm around her careful not to hurt himself or her he started trickling her sides. She started to squirm and giggle. After a little while of being tickled she decided she couldn't take it anymore. "stop...please stop I'll say... " she said breathless . She caught up with her breath and after composing herself she stole a look at arjun. She knew she didnt have out of this "arjun when we went to India to get married, you took me out like on a date because then we wouldn't be able to meet for 3 days , because of all the rituals we had to follow, so .." arjun stopped her in the middle and asked "we go married kn inDia why ?" arjun asked curiously. He had never been to india ever. Even if his grand mom stayed there. He would send jet to pick her up but he would never go there. He just felt like he didnt want to "well because Dj had gotten knee replacement and the doctors wouldn't allow her to travel and hence we got married there. " "I grew up in India till I was 15 arjun we had a house in chandighar a street away form your house. So my parents were ecstatic that we were getting married there and you were happy that we would have Dj in wedding too and ofcourse I was getting to shop for pretty Indian clothes and jewellery" she said with a smile." so we had and wedding in India. Ofcourse he wanted Dj there." She was The only family left with him and rashi.
He then asked arohi to continue her thoughts. Just when arohi was happy he forgot about her blush and story. She thought as she started a way to tell him.
**Flashback **
Arjun knocked on Gupta residence furiously. Dj had given him the worst news ever. He wouldn't be able yo see arohi after tomorrow's haldi rasam. He had protested but in answer Dj pulled his ears and scolded him. She told him it was bad luck and something bad would happen to bride if the groom sees her after the haldi. This had set arjun back so with the plan of spending the last day with her he was standing outside her house.

Arohi's dad opeded the door And were surprised to find arjun there. There were no festivities today so every one was just relaxing and lounging around the house. But arjun look distraughted. "are you okay son?" arohi's dad asked arjun. As they entered the house and seated themselves in the family room.They had great respect for each other. He was closest to the father figurearjun had. "um dad I was hoping to take arohi out on a date as Dadi told me we couldn't meet form tomorrow to the wedding day." he completed with a pout. By now arohi, her mom and the clan of Gupta cousins was out. Every one smiling as an aww and arohi blushed like a mad women. Arjun was quickly welcomed while people offered him variety of dishes to eat. But he wasn't in mood to eat. He wanted arohi alone and he was desperate. He textd arohi to wear something nice when she went to change to.go out. Arohi in her room was smiling to the fullest. She was depressed that they couldn't see the other for 3 days. They had never gone that long without seeing one other. She quickly grabbed a black coloured dress it came upto her knees. It was completed fitted and had a skirt form waist till the mid thigh,the part above her bosom was of net and selves made of net too. She had straightned her hair in morning so she just brush her hair applying lip glos. Her make up kept minimal and natural. She slipped into her cherry red pumps and grabbed her red sling bag putting her wallet ,phone,glos,a comb in the bag she went downstairs. Every eye turned to her as she descended the steps and Arjuns eyes fixed on arohi. Arohis hand slipped in arjuns outstretchd hand. Arjun and arohi bid goodbyes and left. As soon as the doors closed and they walked to his BMW 2 seater sports car which he had hired to drive in India ,arjun pulled arohi into his arms and gently pushed her again the door of the cars and leaned down and kissed her. It all happened so fast that arohi was startled. As soon as she got over her shock she kissed him back. "I love you to-be Mrs.singhania" he said. "I love you too Mr of to be Mrs.singhania"she smirked. Arjun laughed and pulled her into a hug, burrowing his head in her hair,inhaling her scent. As they pulled away she kissed his cheeks and arjun opened the passenger side door for arohi and quickly jogged over to drivers side and pulled out of the drive way. Soft song came up and arjun commented "you look mighty fine rohi" arjun said as he grasped her hand in his and kissed the back of her hand. "you dont look bad yourself"she replied. Later they fell in comfortable silence as arjun drove. Arjun woundn't tell Arohi where they were going, so after a few minutes of trying to get information out of him she stopped asked him.

Arjun pulled into the driveway of an classic looking hotel.faint music could be heard. Arohi's eyes lit up and arjun explained "well since you like dancing ! This hotel has the best salsa dancers"arjun said and Arohis eyes lit up like a kid in Christmas again.
Arjun grabbed arohi's hand and pulled them into the lobby where they were led to the dining area. There were lots of people dining and dancing,mostly couples. Arjun smiled as he saw arohi smile. A glitter in her eyes which shone with happiness. Arohi hugged arjun tightly taking arjun by surprise. He steadid himself by supporting a Hand on the table besides and then hugged her back. "woh" arjun said taken back by the surprise. Arjun pulled chair out for her and the seated himself. "this is all so lovely , thank you arjun ! Thank you so much " she said. Her smile generating 360 wats of energy,infectious, made arjun smile to. "sir would you like to order ?" the waitresses asked completly ignoring arohi. Her eyes not leaving arjun. Arjun didnt notice this but arohi did.

Arohi cleared her throat . The waitress turned to her and scrawled. Arjun looked up to see arohi dart daggers at the waitress. She walked away from there and a moment later a waiter arrived "I'll be your server for the lunch, sir ,madam what would both of you like to have ?" he asked. Arohi relaxed " arohi would you like white whine or red whine ?" arjun asked "white whine and garlic bread with pesto sauce and lasagna " she smile. Arjun order stuffed chicken and white wine for himself. "will that be all sir ?" the waiter asked "yes " arjun replied dismissing him. As soon as waiter walked away Arjun spoke up "Arohi you don't need to be jealous of a silly waitress , I'm marrying you not her " arjun said taking her hand in his. "I know , but I dont like people eying whats mine , and you are mine , okay ?" she said authoritatively
Arjun smile and replied "just like you are mine "
Arjun leaned forward and quickly kissed her. Their wine was pored and they enjoyed talking and flirting with each other. Suddenly arohi got up "I want to dance " she said smiling
"go ahead rohi " arjun said "Mr. What do you mean by go ahead ? , you my darling are coming with me !" she said sweetly battling her eyelashes."Arohi I cant dance " "arjun yes you can , I know !" she said as she pulled at arjuns hand. He didn't budge an inch. "you're heave " she said as she pulled again. He laughed. "fine , if I make a fool out of myself it's on you then "he said as he got up and placed a hand in her's.

The rest of the lunch was passed with lots of dance food and wine , lots of it.
Arohi was a little tipsy by the time they were back in the car. "arohi , we are going for a picnic please drink the water with ice, I dont want you sleeping out on me !" she giggled and drank the whole bottle of water at once. As the car started she drifted off to sleep. Arjun wanted to talk to her. Hear her laugh but he didn't have the heart to wake her up. It was an hour drive so he let her sleep And thought she would be back to normal and not tipsy anymore was more appealing to him. He wanted her by his side all day. He might be silly to think that three days was to much, but he loved arohi too much to let her go for a day and three days in his dictionary was as long as three years. True to arjun's thoughts when she woke up she was refreshed. Arjun arohi went to rock garden for picnic. They fooled arohi throwing grapes at each other. By the time they packed up dinner , it was getting late. Arjun pulled arohi briefly into a hug. Mostly the whole garden was empty other than one or two couples here and there. Arjun leaned in and kissed her. It started of slowly but as arjun deepened the kiss it was anything but slow and gentle. Arohi's hand would around arjuns neck and he pulled her impossibly close. Arjun pulled back for air "I can't wait to get married ,almost Mrs. Arjun singhania " he said in a husky voice as he rested his forehead to her's. "I can't wait to be fully ,truely and completely yours" she said out of breath. Her voice husky as his.

It started to rain out of the blue , and that to heavily as they set out. Going back was a long journey then coming to the park was, because they had covered the distance form house to restaurant. That made their journey of 1 and 1/2 hr. Arjun and arohi both happy about that fact and that, they get more time together.
The rain started to pour more heavily. Arohi switched on the radio.
The radio signals werent thay good but form what arohi could hear the way to their home was blocked due to the excess rain as 2 trees had fallen. "arjun it says the road is blocked, we cant go directly to the house, we wil have to wait til tomorrow " arjun stopped the car racking his brain what to do. He was happy that he was getting more time with arohi but her family and Dj and rashi Di would get worried . "Arohi , call your father, I'll call Dj and let them know we are fine and will return once the road is clear. " As arohi fished her phone out of her bag she saw 15 missed calls . She called her parents and told she was with arjun and safe. Her dad instantly relaxed hearing she was with arjun. Arjun told that her and arohi were safe and would return once the situation was controlled. "Arohi there is a good hotel near by Dadi told we wil go there for the night " he said. Arohi nodded, suddenly conscious about sharing a bed with arjun. They had been together for a year now. But arohi was shy as always about sharing a bed. Arjun smiled seeing her blush and grabbed her hand and put the car to drive again. As soon as the hotel came into view the car gave out. Due to too much rain the engine had cooled down and woundnt start Arjun tried to restart it but it wouldn't budge. They decide to walk the distance. But unfortunately they didnt have any rain protection with them, so by the time they got there they both were completely soaked. Arjuns arms around arohis waist, as her face was burried in his chest. Arohi checked out the hotel as arjun got them a room. It was a classy five star hotel. Arohi thanked god that it wasn't one of those creepy hotels where people came to spend the night. Arohi walked to the reception where arjun was standing

"I want a room for the night with 2 bedrooms " arjun said. Arohis heart swelled with pride as she heard that. He knew she would be shy sharing a bed with him. "sir but we have only one room available , which is a dulex suite with one bedroom" "by any chance you have tow rooms, the price dosnt matter " "sir due to the blockage, the rooms are full." "arjun it's fine, take that One, I dont mind " she said. Arjun looked at her. She smiled reassuringly. Arjun checkd them in and told the valet that get their car repaired. He gave the valet tip and they headed to the room. Arohi was shivering but the time they reachd their room. "arohi have a warm bath and change into the bathrobe, I'll get the dress laundered " "arjun but " she started but he cut her off sternly "arohi you wil fall Ill if you wear wet clothes, so go change now " he ordered. Arohi went into the bathroom to have a warm shower. Once she was done she realised the bathrobes were in the bedroom. She would have to walk out in a towel. She hoped for both of their sanity's sake he would have gone off to the living area. She tied a towel around her underarms and other towel in her hair. She stepped out still hoping , but the moment she put a foot out she saw arjun , dressed down to his boxers which where somehow by some miracle dried. They were cute too, black with white stars all over them.

Arjun looked up to see Arohi standing looking Devine in white as she blushed Scarlett. He wanted to grab her and make love to her but it was her wish to wait until after marriage. He could wait for 3 more day's. As much as it pained he knew he would wait more importantly she knew he would respect her wishes. "arjun please go out while I change " she said. Arjun was too lost to think straight at the moment. "not on my life arohi" he answered as he advanced towards her. She moved backwards with his each step forward. She came to a stop as her back hit the cupboards. She had no where to go. Wait till the wedding arjun reminded himself. But his heart wasn't ready to list to his mind. Shaking his head he trapped her in his arms. Arohi's blush grew. They mad out many times, they had close call couple of times but it was never this intensified and they were never practically naked like this time. Arohi looked at him, his eyes shining with love and lust. Arjun leaned down and kissed her. This day was turning into an adventure, an boy and awesome one. The kiss was deep and passionate and arohi's hands snaked around arjuns waist. Arjun pulled her forward grabbing her bare shoulders. As they pulled back for air he traililed kisses form the chin to neck, the base and trailing back up and bit her ear lobe. He moved downwards back to her neck,this time he didnt stop there he went further down to her partly exposed cleavage. Arohis breath hitched. She was having a hard time remembering why she wanted to wait. She fisted her hands in his hair and pulled him impossibly close. He trailed back to her lips and claiming them once again. He gently bit her lip , thats when her sanity returned. She pulled back and shook her head. Finding it difficult to speak. Arjun's hooded eyes didn't want to listen but he respected her wishes. He kissed her lightly on her lips and stepped back and walked into the bathroom. Arohi composed her self and tugged on her bathrobe and tied it as tight as possible. A few minutes late arjun came back freshly showered again in his boxers. Arohi stared at the man she loved. He was beautiful she thought. He walked towards her and pulled her into his arms in a warm embrace. Arohi hid herself in him. Soon for arohis liking he pulled away. Arohi was about to kiss him but he stopped her. "arohi there's only a little man can take, my quota is filled for the day, one more kiss I wouldn't want to stop "Arohi flushed at the blunt confession and noded her head. "you know I'm glad it decided to rain today " arjun said with humor in his voice. Arohi gaspd and grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. He caught it with ease. "so this is how it's going to be ?" arjun asked "oh yes Mr. Singhania this is it " she said laughing as she ran out of his reach as he tried to grab her. They played cat and mouse for next 20 mins. Tried and panting Arjun pulled both of them on the bed. Facing each other , their legs hanging of the end of the bed. "I love you" they said together. They both smiled as arjun pulled them back and wrapped a protective arm around her as they both fell asleep.
**flashback over**

Arohi blushed as she told arjun what happened. She.ofcourse didnt went into the graphic details but then arjun could geuss it. Arjun didn't know how to respond. When he actually urged her to say he wasn't expecting it to be this intense . Now they both traveled back home in silence. Love in arohis heart. And some again developing feelings in arjuns. Unconsciously arjuns hand slipped in arohis hand again and they held onto each other tight

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