Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

New ss: Is love all u need???? | new update-pg16-will pm later (Page 10)

MyshaAlvi007 Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 4:41am | IP Logged
ossom update
i rely lyk d way arjun proposed her...luv thier date its lovely
do pm me wheneva u update maddy
nd plz disclose d "shy baby" name ;)

Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 May 2011
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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
beautiful update
flashback is tooo good
present is painful for arjuhi - but soon all will be well I guess
great update
loved it
continue soon
pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
Superb absolutely brilliant
-pranjal- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2013 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Clap Star Clap Star Clap Star Clap Star Clap Star Clap Star  Clap Star Clap Star

Amazingly Beautiful Update ...This one was heart touching truly. Clap  Can't even express how amazingly you have described the emotions and situations. Big smile  The perfect balance was Their first date  their first intimate moment with each other.  Blushing Can't tell you how happy i get whenever i get to read your updates, you are Mind blowing.  Clap Clap

My heart went out for Arohi. Cry  i salute to the girl for handling everything with smile inspite of being so disturbed from inside. Clap Arjun come home but he doesn't remember his own place their paradise. and Arohi is showing him every room and the place which holds uncountable memories of theirs which unfortunately he has forgotten Cry its so difficult for any person but she is behaving so bravely for his sake Smile Arjun senses  her heavy voice but she covered up Smile  Arohi shifted Arjun to ground floor so he doesn't have to stress but loved Arjun here when he cutely Asked her about their room and that tug and kiss Blushing Blushing it was supremely romantic Smile "yeah I mean I need to look around n sleep too...! this much adventure for the day is good for me I don't want any more" Wink Wink he is super naughty and i love him Smile

the description of their first date and moments shared by both of them  was fabulous. Clap Arjun and arohi both had feelings for each others but was waiting for correct time to confess it. Smile  and i just loved the way he confessed it it was superb Clap Clap Clap Arjun made their first date super memorable. the cutest thing was he danced because she loves it Smile loved the beauty you hold while writing their deep emotions and expressions. 

waiting for next part impatiently ...My Shy cutie pie dont take much time Big smile

Bablylovely20 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Read every part it was a superb story pls post the next part soon :-)
cherry227 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 3:31pm | IP Logged

poor arohi... it must be killing her that arjun doesnt remember her or her love :(((

but i loved the way arjun is attempting to keep things as normal as possible :)))

their date was beautiful :D
moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone. I love how you guys reply to my write UP's I love each And every comment. I love you all. Thanks for the motivation. Here is the 5th part. It isn't edited and sorry for being late. I'll update once in a week every week promise. I'm studying and traveling around a lot too. And hence multiple updates wont ve possible. Do tell me if u like how its going. Note:-The story is in 3rd person only when arjun wil get bits of his memoryback or he is dreaming it's HIS POV. I'll mention that though. * Arohi looked at her watch as she strolled down the stairs . It had been 1 and half hour. She thought. She hadbeen soo lost in dream of their date that she forgot she had told Arjun they would start talking after he was up form his nap. Arohi went to their new room only to see arjun sitting up staring at the tv. He was watching soccer, she guessd without looking and She was right she thought as she moved to see what was on the screen.He always had that in him. From the first time she had come to know about his hobby she also came to know he was really passionate about it. He even played for charity events sometimes. His eyes flicked from the tv to her andhe smiled sheepishly. "did you know van pierce switched to ManU ??? " he asked . Arohi just smiled and noded her head. Ofcourse she knew he had told her hundreds of times. Realization spread through arjun as he realised that he was the one with memory loss not him. " um you calledme?" arohi askd breaking the silence."no I wanted to tell someone this " he said looking back at the TV. Arohi stared at arjun in disbelief. Arjun had done the same thing when it had actually happend. He just called her to tell about the switch and she was working then. She had been angry then but one look at arjuns face and she meltd. She really thought he was cute. She had pinched his cheek and called him sweet and cute. Arjun had sulked all day. He hated being called sweet apparently it wasn't "manly". Arohi laughed as she rememberd how she had made his favorite cake and "manofyed " him. Eventually theyended up having a cake fight with lotsof stolen kisses. Arjun look as a smiling arohi. His mouth automatically stretched into a smile too. Her smile was contagious"What are you thinking about? " he asked her breaking arohi's trance. "nothing! " she replied quickly and they added "so lets go we wil eat and then I'll start telling you about stuff you wanna know" . Arjun just nodded. Arjun shifted to his wheelchair and they maneuvered to the dining room. It was a room with warmth and simplicity. Again the wall were white like all other rooms but again a different colouring. The fabricand the table clothes were lemon yellow coloured with white walls. Arjun had found one thing here. The walls were all white and each room had it's specific colour. The family room was royal blue and white dinning room was white and yellow. His current room was grey and white. He liked it he thought. The idea was very innovative. After a light snack arohi showed him the house ,their room, their office, their tv room,game room every where and any where in the whole house.They were just going to the patio when they came across a room. It looked like a dark room to him. And arohi didnt stop infront of it just rambel about it which was hard to understand for him because she spoke too swiftly. Henow really wanted to know what was in there."hey what's that ?" arjun asked. She didnt answer the question just wheeled him into the room. "this is the room where you store all you tapes"she answered. He raised an eyebrow questioingly. "you developed this new crazyness 2 1/2 years ago when u bough a video recorder for yourself! Again! But you use this one too much unlike the other unfortunate camcoders you possess. Anyways you liked recording stuff important to you. And made it a habit to carry it every where. Some home videos and some completely random. You have made many with us in it with jai and Tanya with the babies, every one you care about is there. So on you birthday when we started dating I gifted you this studio. I made this room into one when you were on a trip and we're due back on your birthday. You use this room the most ,ofcourse after our bedroom that is" she said ane then realising what she said in the end she blushed."That was ment to be a thought" she thought out loud ! AGAIN! Arjun chuckled as he saw arohi turning more red then he thought was humanly possible. "so can we watch these videos ? Like they might help" he asked hopping she wouldn't feel awkward seeing something personal with him. He really wanted to see if he could remember something using these videos cause he really wanted to remember his past.Ofcourse there was nothing "that" personal between them but things changed after the accident and till his memory was backor he did remember her a little. He felt bad for forgetting the memories that were supposed to be the best in his life. He was mad at himself for letting Arohi go through this. He was not sure why that was happening but it definitely bothered him. He didnt even know her rather didnt remember her. He has this urgency toremember her ,to know her because some where deep down in his heart he knew was very close to the person infront of him but his mind wouldn't let me remember that. But he vowed to remember her and fall in love with her over again. And do that, he would. Arjun suggested they watch some videos that he picked randomly. So they picked out 6 homevideos randomly. Grabbing those they went to family room. Arjun shifted to sofa stretchinghis leg out as Arohi sat down on the armchair besides. "so which one to start with ?" arohi asked. "you might know right ? Which one is which ?"he answered a little lost "no no no did you not see how many of these tapes you have ?? You even name them wired. Some times the titles dont match the content" shesaid frowning. " sounds like me " arjun answered absent mindedly. They both looked at the each other and started laughing. "okay how about the one named little one ?" arjun asked. That seemed the safest to him. While picking up videoshe hadn't seen the names. They were indeed wired like little one, finally, over the top, only one way " wow he thought. Those were stupid names really stupid. Arohi inseted the one and sat back, anticipating what was there. She was serious when she said she didn't know about what DVD is where. * Arjun smiled as he laid back on his bed. Arohi asleep on the pull out bed.He had managed to convince her to stay in the same room but she was determined that till he wasn't healed properly they wouldn't share a bed. She was scared to hurt him. Atlest he knew the reason not to share a bed wasn't awkwardness. Arjun thought of those videos and he was laying down on his bed. Sleep was the last thought on his mind. He felt so awkward but nice seeing how things had been. He didn't even remember himself. It was like the complete different feeling. Like he didnt belong anywhere. The video named "little one" hilariousactually. It was arohi that had recorded that one ,with arjun chasing Mollie around . Arjun had a tiara on and Mollie was giggling. This was one of the most recent videos. Mollie had started speaking since she was 1 1/2 years and her uncle "ajun" was the first word and since she started walking around they would chase each other all round the house. Arjunlike that little one a lot. The next one was over the top. When that title came up he thought it was some hiking trip or someting but turns out he had climbed on a tree in their backyard and was doing crazy antics with jack. He wasn't that childish thrillthree years back he remembered. He was forced to become and adult earlythen needed since his parents died. He had responsibility of his sister on him. They had a trust fun that didnt mean he could sit back and relax. He had never enjoyed his life. It was all about work for him. But lookingb at all the tapes he realized that he had turned to his actual self and not the arjun that had to grow up fast but thearjun that his parents and friends recognized him as. The one he recognises himself as. The last thought on arjuns mind was arohi as he fell asleep. Arjun was smiling as hedrifted off to sleep. * *Arjun's dream.* "no" a girl shouted "yes" was a response by a guy. "no no , please no" pleased the giggleing girl as they chased each other around. The guy caught the girl and twirled her around. He put her down and she escaped form his grip. They were standing at the top of the stairs. They girl unknowingly moved backwards and the guy shouted for her to stop but it was too late. The girl already fellform top of the stairs. * Arjun woke up sweating as he looked around. Arohi was standing near him with a glass of water. She switched onthe lights. Arjun looked at her. She just comforted him softly running a hand on his back. Arjun was to shocked. He didnt know who was in the dream and what happened to the girl. He looked at arohi perfectly calm.Looking into her eyes he found the calm his mind had been searching. His ragged breath calmer now and hisheart beat slowing its way back to normal. "how did u get up?" "arjun you were speaking in your dream " "oh...arohi Idont know what that some...some one falling and talking and she was chasing and going I dont know ...and Icouldn't make it better" he said as his anxiety started to return. Arohi rubbed his back vigorously. She was scared but she didn't show it.After a few minutes when he became normal again she spoke up "arjun dont think about anything we are going to your therapist tomorrow maybe you can speak to her there. Right now think of um..." she was thinking nothing coming to her mind when she said " gummy bears" suddenly "what ?" Arjun exclaimd spraying the water he was drinking in all directions. "think of gummy bears ,they are really cute " arjun laughed at her childish antics. Arohi joined his laughter too. They talked for a little while arohi asked him again but he had an anxiety attackd again and arohi thought it wouldn't be safe to think or talk of it again. Arjun fell asleep catching arohis hand in his and that is how she woke up besides him. He looked so cute sleeping. He was frowning in his sleep. She pinched his cheek and got up to freshen up. That's when the fact dawn on her. Last night she didnt know what his dream was but it scared him. She hadnever see someone look so helpless and scared. She tried asking him again but he just hypervalited. Arohi was feeling like her world had come crashing down. She didnt know what to do. She had put on a brave face for last 8 days but she couldn't do it anymore. She wanted her arjun back. They one that loved her . Grabbed her randomly and twirled her. Joked with her. Tickled her. Ran his hand through her hair. He wantedal of that back. She knew it wasn't his fault   that his memory was lost. It was that accident that took her arjun away form her. And the realization struck her the second time. It was because of her he was in an accident. That's When sobs broke out and she cried for the first time in 8 days, she let her heard take over her mind and instead of dealing with her problems she wanted to run aways. She was feeling guilty she was feeling like a criminal . She was the reason arjun was in bed and hadlost his memory. If he hadn't come to save her she would have been in his place. That would have been much better than making Her arjun suffer. She picked up the soap container and threw it at the wall so hard that it shattered into pieces.

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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my shy girl..m madly in love with this arjuhi...n this suspense killing me..

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