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sw#1//C/kash/kabhi/sj/zaya/sidpari updt part 1- 90. (Page 36)

Myra. Goldie

Joined: 14 May 2012
Posts: 1764

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 8:36am | IP Logged
yeyy! mere liye seperately reply kiya! balley balley! =P

pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
Posts: 7911

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
OMG, i really loved all your work.

I was a AR fan once back, but the connection totally broke after DMG ended but you made them so beautiful in your GIF that i fell in love again. Loved all the coloring and texture you have used. Approve

PM me from now on, please?


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-Mrinalini- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 August 2010
Posts: 28669

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 2:07pm | IP Logged

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momentsofme. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 February 2010
Posts: 4482

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
So what do you feel like after coming to one of the finest places on I-F? You feel like commenting, right? And so do I. NIDS! Finallly! LOL I love you and I love your stuff and I love your shop ad I love I-F for making us meet. OMG; I love so many things, hehe. 

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-vaishnavite- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 November 2012
Posts: 4427

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
OMG this is the first time I've stumbled across this CG and your work is BEAUTIFUL HeartDay Dreaming 

RESERVED Embarrassed Gosh, it's amazing <333333

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momentsofme. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 February 2010
Posts: 4482

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
ROCKSTAR! I love this place, you know, right? You, my favorite. 

Edited by momentsofme. - 21 August 2013 at 11:47pm

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momentsofme. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 February 2010
Posts: 4482

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
I've stared at your update for about half an hour now and have finally gathered some courage to comment on the work of probably the best editor that exists in this entire universe of I-F which I feel absolutely proud of *pops her collar*. Day Dreaming I really do not know how I'm going to accomplish this task of commenting on stuff that has drove me insane at the first look only, I'm so confused about what to type when I've not even started, but I'm no way going to lose this chance of crowning this special girl with a few crap words from my ocean of mind, please ignore because I suck at expressing myself. LOL But you should know this before I start typing anything further, I love your stuff more than I love anything here. And forgive me if I won't do any justice to your work, because even the dictionary people will be unsuccessful in describing the flawless stuff. Stern Smile

Parineeti Chopra

Those textures on the GIF's are such an eye candy. They beautifully match up her face and so does the colouring. AHH! I love these GIF's. I've always found Parineeti such an adorable girl, but believe me, your stuff always makes me fall for her even more! Great work with the length of the GIF's, btw. Love how they have come out to be. 

Arnav Khushi


You know what? It's blissful to see you work on one of my favourite scenes too! *same pinch* The coloring is heavenly, Nids. And thanks for capturing the optimum and the perfect amount of captures for the icons. Tell me, from where on this Earth do you get those absolutely delicious sense of colorings from? If I ever get the power of getting any of your talents? I'll surely beg you to share some of your siggy+gif making skills with me. Afterall, even I want to become one of those awesome and creative persons on I-F. Silly 

This was one capture I was dying for someone to include in an icon and color. What more better could this update get for me?

Deeeadly, is the word. 

OHMERAGOD! I love this damnit. Nids, kya kahoon mai tujhe? You do things that I want you to work on without even asking by me. Iloveyou.

THE INTENSE LOOOK. *fans herself*

Why do I feel like leaving all my entire comments on your shop entirely blank? You make me go so speechless. ROFL

Again a shout out to the COLOURINGSSS! 

THIS. IS. TERRIFIC. EXTRAORDINARY. AND. UNMATCHABLE. Period. I looove looovee loooveee those incredibly done blendings. And then how beautiful does the splatter of bokeh loooks. Blushing That standing text? How can you always come up with these dangerously pretty ideas? I guess nothing better could be made out of these pictures. NOTHING BETTER!


You call that a crappy colouring; eh? I guess then I should just find out a corner where I find some water and get drowned into it. LOL When are you going to come in terms with the fact that anything and everything you create becomes superb in itself, when? 

Okay, so my favourites here, are, umm

The colouring goes so well with her expression, hehe. 

Then this, for how amazing does our Hot-va look.

And this, for the eye-opening capture.

Also this, for how simple yet gorgeous does Khushi's mehendi look because of your colouring. 

OHH! I've seen that flowery texture around so any times and everytime do I get the feels to download it from somewhere atleast and then eventually I fail at getting this, do send me if you've it. Although I know this texture is as common as the "Times New Roman" font it. ROFL So yeah, you can call me stupid, here. But those textures look aweeesome with these pictures. So hats off and hands down for the very smart design used here at the appropriate place. The top right picture of those red bangles. KHUSHI looked amazing with them. And all those other pictures have been blended with such perfection that even if I wish to find out I won't be able to look for any flaws in this pretty thing. THOSE BOKEH LOOK SO PRETTY! Seems like somebody just sprinkled a full pack of glitters on one of the stunning things, and the outcome in something magical. The font is just perfect for this and so is the yellow and brown colours used for the text! And I'm quite sure of how no better colorings could've been worked out with this scene. Where were you from these last years, tell me, Nids? Where was this immensely talented girl? Shocked Whereee?

Sukriti Kandpal

Ohteriii. I am half dead seeing this. Not 'cause there's Sukriti in it. Frankly I do not like her, AT ALL. LOL But because of the lovely scene you've captured within a few seconds. The font behind 'jannat ka'; oyyeee hoyyee hai yaar! And then the dotted font behind 'noor'; why do I think I'll be officially dead as I leave this place after commenting? Urrm, 'cause I am at Nidhi's shop, and she's a sweetheart when it come to creativity. And the textures? *bows down*


Somebody pleease mail this to Sonam, somebody please show this to her, somebody, pleeease? She might probably feel so blessed to have fans and editors like Nids for making stuff for her. I haven't ever seen such varied shades of Sonam compiled into one picture. Never in my lifetime. I don't even think saying a word more will stand in substitute of this nothing-but-fabulous siggy. I don't feel like ending my comment here for this siggy but neither do I know what to say about this any further nor do I want to overshadow this pretty thing by any of my words. All I would say is. YOU. MY. GIRL. ARE. A. GENIUS.


Do you even know what way you're going? NO, you don't. You've already crossed all limits of perfection and beauty. This is so i n t e n s e. I could feel myself go through a roller coaster of emotions while seeing this. Now, this is something impressive. And there's no doubt in it that you love it, because it's such a thing to be loved. Embarrassed The pictures have been used so smartly, I really had a small tear at the corner of my eye, you now see what you do to people when you work? Although I love KSG's two pics moree than Zoya's pictures. LOL But really the all over outcome is magnificent!

You're a texture queen you know? ROFL I did't like this much. Maybe 'cause I know you've the potential to creat things of this kind FAAAR better than this, so yeah not quite happy with this. But the textures are truly stuning, and the tint they're giving the pictures is something that in unexplainable. Wink So yeah, keep up the good work! And kudos to the innocent effort. Next time? I want you to use this same style, in your way. K? 


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momentsofme. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 February 2010
Posts: 4482

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 11:15pm | IP Logged



I feel like screaming out to the whole world, no matter anyone may listen to me or not; I am simply going to shout out, here. NIDHIII! YOU ARE APART FROM THE REST AND YOU ARE SIMPLY MY VERY BEST. Heart 

These icons are outrageously brilliant. The colourings are so refreshing and vibrant and lively to stare at. 

They were so close, they would've even felt each other's breaths. I am enchanted by this particular icon. And hayyee, their faces are so pretty. 

Amazing how this guy has made every Ridhima look so perfect with him, my all rounder, mr. perfect. Day Dreaming And he looks so ASDFQWGHWFEYFJH! 

Shilpa looks like an angel who just dropped from the heaven! And I'm sorry for making it sound so mushy. LOL But that's what I thought when I first saw it. 

Yellow suit, white hot shirt (mostly open), and the blue background of the BB court. What more passionate can a couple get? Which colourigs have you used damnit? They so prettay.

Please send this PSD file to me, also, if possible, I want the PSD file to the colourings of the next Aur Paas scene too, and that jhoola scene also. I find three of the colourings so mind-blowing, you created them just the perfect way! And I'll credit you pakka. LOL

My heartbeats, here, are racing so fast! I wonder what would've happened to you while working on this scene. Brave girl. Stern Smile

Shilpa's face her hair strands, Armaan's hand, hotness overloaded. 

SHITTT! They were so closeee. I am crying seeing this now, GO BLAME YOURSELF, I miss DMG, it's been 6 years that we've seen this show. I miss it. I miss DMG. I miss Armaan Riddhima. I miss Atul-Anji. I miss Rahul-Muski. I miss Keerti-Shubhankar. I miss them all. I miss my DMG. *sits in a cornes and cries*

Already using; the smirk on KSG's face and that b'ful smile on Shilpa's face. This is my KaSh magic and this is my KaSh. Day Dreaming Nids; beautiful colourings, man!


My hands are shivering, this is SOOO SOOO SOOO HOT! Silly I love this guy. And the coloring goes so well with this smirk, great work!

Yet another epic capture. KaSh looked probably there best here! Day Dreaming Every second they were just getting better here, haaayye.

That mole on his face. Me deadsta.

I guess I am having a girl crush on her, haha. ROFL Red looks brilliant on her, and so does white suit KSG like anything. Perfect combination!

Those eyes speak volumes.

Even the hand posture of Shilpa was miraculous, in its own way! Heart And then the choodidaar she was wearing.

My favourite picture of Shilpa! The gloss, eye shadow and everything was just in the absolutely correct amount. She is so sundaaar damnit.

The reason why I love this guy. He is just so amazing! Embarrassed It felt so real, as if he just felt Shilpa and wants more of her.

The closeness! I'm sweating here even when the AC is on. 

I wish, I wish you had applied black stroke (outlining the red text to it) It would've turned out to be something outstanding, but it's okay that you didn't. Because this simplicity makes this siggy a masterpiece. Just like every siggy by you is! I really want you to give me classes for creating such a phenomenal thing! Shocked The blendings are *mamamiyyyaaa*, I tell youu. I really like how you've taken care of every little thing! Even the tiniest of corner of this siggy is very finely done.

Magnetic is the word for this. Even if any exceptional person doesn't like this couple, he/she will hopelessly fall for them after seeing this creation! Those bokeh? The blurry white bokeh? O H M Y G O D hai yeh toh. Overwhelming work with how the pictures have been arranged. I can make out how tough and well, panicking it is to arrange pictures in a siggy where more than some 6-7 pictures are involved! You've left no loophole here. The dark blue and light blue colour schemes go amazingly and I love that! This is one of my favourite works on KaSh, out of all! I have seen millions other work on this scene in their ways, and they were all overwhelming in their own way. But this takes away all!
This is mind-boggling and everything about it makes it a symbol for what a perfect siggy should look like. I don't even want to stress my mind anymore for words to find out for this classic gem. I would just end it on a note saying, the dreamy effect you create in your stuff will surely take you a long way, mark my words. I love this so much rey, Nids. Embarrassed I L O V E T H I S S O M U C H . 

Raghu Antara

There are no blendings, no text, no much. Just a texture and playing around with colourings of an absolutely beautiful picture! Youre over and over again proving how majestic you're at your work. And this is nothing but a proof of why you're so famous and always so loved by all. The texture is used at just the right place, and with the right picture. I guess nothing would've looked better with this picture than this style. Also amazing choice of the picture. Antara looks drop-dead pretty here and her flicks were momentary here. I guess there's another favourite on my list is siggies. ROFL Great work.

I used to watch this show for this couple. I followed it for about a week and then couldn't catch up with the further episodes. The pictures have been mixed up so well that I can hardly differentiate between the two pictures. And you know? Your colourings are epic. You really bring out the best out of anything! And I'm really loving your particular choice of pictures. From the start of Arnav khushi icons/ KaSh icons to here. A very less amount of pictures, used in just the appropriate way. Embarrassed So happy with this.

I guess I should just go and uninstall my PS! ROFL After seeing this I really do not think I should continue with my crap. Beautiful blending hai yaar! I am tired of typing this again, again and again. And you also might be tired of reading it. But excuse me here, I'm so excited and charged up with this update that I've no words on my mind but just a smile on my face that's just getting wider and wider with each siggy. Every picture has been given its calculated space. The opacitied text goes really nice here. And then the jhumka scene! T o o  G o o d  Nidhi. T O O  G O O D!

Abhay Piya

Best for last, haina? All I will say here is; t h i s  i s  i t. The bokeh usage is so well calculated and then used! You're like my guru in this creative arena. Take my wishes! You're a firework baby.

Edited by momentsofme. - 22 August 2013 at 12:57am

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