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Episode 305 Discussion: 22nd June 2013 (Page 8)

cardio21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 7:41am | IP Logged
I came across many posts bashing Madhu for prioritizing her social misadventures over RK, and RK using Madhu as a bait to get Sultan!! To each it's own! But from what I see, I have altogether a different pictureMadhu's perspective:A few hours ago a gangster threatened her husband about burning his pyre.  And this was not a random threat! She has witnessed earlier that  the same gangster shot people mercilessly and twisted necks at the drop of a hat. This is the same husband for whom she left her mom n family out of her wedding celebrations, the husband for whom she cut all ties with her father, the same husband for whose love she kept her past behind about how she was humiliated in public. Why do we think that she should care for her dead FIL's reputation and not her husband's life? Why do u think a wife would let her husband get into a brawl with a cold blooded murderer??She was feeling so guilty of introducing the gangster in their lives as she saw how this man hurt the love of her life! Did she for once mention that he is a gold hearted guy, wouldn't lie, or RK should talk to him as he may be speaking truth!! NO!  She just wanted cease fire between the two.. She thinks that she can be a peacemaker as Goldie has demonstrated a soft corner for her in the past. (She is too naive to understand the real intentions of the sleazebag!) Both RK n Madhu can't see each other in physical pain. She can't see his inner pain because she is shit scared about his life. I never saw him sympathizing with gangster! She doesn't care for him at all. I have given many instances. And yes, there is no growth in her character because other than the 4 months in her life, she has led a highly protected life. First it was Malik n Pads! When she got married to RK, she found a close confidant in RJ. Then RK pampered her! After the unwedding her MIL n bittuji continued to side with her. And now she has a shrewd n indulgent husband, who loves her insanely and kinda enjoys her stupidity. I am not denying that she has a reputation of going on useless tirades and her life is a assemblage of social misadventures from whatever shown thus far. I have been annoyed wth them but its a known fact tat she is naively stupid. This is not a surprise for RK. He knew it beforehand that his wife is innocent to the point of being stupid, and he has no qualms about it as he is confident tat he can make up for it. Did he for once voice out to her that he needs her to be more sharp?  He loves her for watever she is. Did u see when both RK n Madhu were sitting around RJ? I love the three together!   The concern she had for RJ was visible, she was constantly caressing her forehead. She does care for her MIL! But she cares more for her physical health tan the emotional trauma caused by her dead husband. So now her priority is to get her family out of this. she is incapable of doing it. So she came up with whatever her innocent n simple mind can think of. It's out of her love, not her social stance or sympathy for the Raymonds!RK's perspective:RK! RK! I love RK!! This is how an ideal man should be!  Caring son, doting husband, rock for his family, protector of the house, ruthless for the world!! Especially, when his mom n wife are the two most gullible women in the world. His first goal is to protect his mom from the emotional trauma n then his father's pride! That's what an ideal son is supposed to do, rather than having round table conferences with a man who claims himself to be the real son and calls him illegitimate in front of his mom. I dont see him using Madhu as a bait, i would look at it this way if he would send her to meet him at his house or elsewhere and then follow her. There is difference between Goldie n RK!  he will never ever put Madhu's life in danger! He is the one who plans to go to meet him. He never even asked her to call bhai! In fact he is fiercely protective of Madhu n RJ! He was talking to Bittuji to look for him. Madhu volunteered to call bhai n arrange a meeting between the two. he never led her on till she asked if he will be ready to talk to him. In fact he was aggressed that she expects him to talk to Bhai as he doesnt care two hoots about Bhai's empty threats.. BTW since when is sending a criminal to jail considered immoral. I think it's being a good citizen!  OK! Madhu might be hurt initially but RK has to get his priorities straight. He knows he can deal with her later.  It would be stupid of him to let him roam free and put his mom's health at risk.He was so angry at Goldie when he broke his dad's pic but Madhu stopped him, he didnt push her away to jump on Gangu. He asked Madhu softly to not interfere in Friday's episode. The moment he saw his mom faint, his expression changed from anger to concern, made her laugh even though he was simmering in anger.  When Madhu was crying and apologizing to him, he was so gentle with her, lovingly asked her to get rid of her guilt as  it was not her fault. i m not sure how it is equated to treating his wife as a punching bag.  Nonetheless, I don't expect him to show any humanity to a gangster who was trying his best to stop his marriage, was lusting at his wife, and then insulted his parents.  None of them is wrong!! both are trying to protect their loved ones! Rk his mom n his wife,, madhu her husband!!The two love each other with all their flaws and are frustrated with each other at times like any normal couple.. They will continue to have differences but that will not break the strong bond they share. And CVs have to favor the poster boy so all this butchering of leads might start again! But if they are stubborn, MEIEJ fans are no less! For us it will always be about Rishbala!! 

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Originally posted by Soundarya22

Originally posted by anastasia21

 I can never discard Madhu, cause she forms the other half of what I love about this show, RK as a character works for me because the character Madhu is there to make it work. But in its entirety, the character is not flawed but is consistent in its inconsistency...

Very true Anastasia. Fully agree. I have always always loved both RK and Madhu. And loved Madhu's character equally, I cannot 'discard' her character like you said. The serial exists because of the two of them. Last night, I tried to remember the first episode I was the one where Madhu threatens RK with publishing those photos. And the wait that night...tense, taut. Uff, I was hooked to both the characters. 

Which is why it is so difficult for me to disconnect from the serial because i got so emotionally invested in both of them. Over time, hell, i am even invested in Dips and Sikky. 
But beyond a point, I refuse to subscribe to this kind of nonsense. It is so clear  what they are trying to do.  Even in terms of creativity, how can a creative house keep on re hashing the same thing again and again. 
madhu's reactions towards Sultan are not even natural...not even instinctive. Because instinctively, any individual tries to protect family, even animals have that instinct. And here Sultan has openly caused harm to her family...hurt her husband physically and emotionally. It is not even a threat, the damage is already done. 
I am not  interested in seeing madhu learn a lesson. Because the other character is spotless and blemishless, there is no chance for her to learn a lesson...that has been pre-decided by the channel and the PH...

Second both the opinions above very strongly.  

Where do I even begin today?  I am truly at a loss who to blame for the dismal attempts shown recently - creators or the channel?  

Shri in an earlier EDT had stated Sultan was a COPYCAT.  Building on that concept, I feel that investing Sultan with RK characteristics is not going to help.  I have noticed the CVs attempt to give Sultan, RK like characteristics on numerous occasions but making Sultan do drama instead of simple talk (RK trait) is not going to make me like him.  Infact, Sultan comes across loathsome, the more he exhibits RK qualities.  Period, paragraph, end of story.

Now, I am not expecting any logic from Sultan track but making him stroll into the room after the doctor has examined his mother was Shocked.  As a dutiful son, should he not be present the entire time?  In contrast was RK, who stayed put in the room while the doctor was examining his Mom.  Notice the contrast between the two sons - RK gives comfort to his mom, orders the unwanted characters out of the room and cracks a joke to bring about a semblance of normalcy.  Sultan, on the other hand, seeks comfort from Meera.  Now, Meera has not been of rational mind for the past 30 years and has had a minor improvement very recently according to the doctor in Saturday's episode.  Sultan is to continue his revenge/avenge plan based on a conversation he has had with a not so sane mind?  Don't bother to answer bcoz I know uskee akal ghas charney gayi haiAngry.

Maybe my tolerance level is high, so will heed the advice given by AA and Cardio in their posts and wait for some more time before giving up.  2 or so more months, 6 days of the week will be stretching my patience but will try to give it my best shot.

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shazzie

Verdict of today's epi - Painfully Disappointing!!

I honestly tried to see madhu from a wife's point of view. Her hubby had a most severe attack on his honour & she is asking is all fine? She is suggesting to talk to the guy who spoilt the pooja, hit her hubby, attacked her husband's father, broke her late father-in-law's pic. Call me conservative, but this part is totally unacceptable to me. Leave aside all this- sultan threatened to RK - agar badle ki aag hoti toh us aag main teri chita jal rahi hoti". He said to madhu's husband this & she is still talking normally to that guy. Forget about a friend, ANY person says such thing to husband, then What is a wife's reaction?? Would any wife think of calling the guy & speaking nicely or in normal tone??

What will be a normal reaction of any TRP audience who luv serials like DABH. sathiya & YRKKH - DIsgust & change channel!

In their conquest to promote their fav person, They are destroying the show. If this is the current track, I ll be joining you in leave MEIEJ! What they show is decided by channel/PH! What we see is decided by remote in our hands!

RIP MEIEJ! You were good while it lasted!

I too keep comparing MB content with other saas Bahu content. Infact, I have seen that sometimes I get soothened by watching Sanskaar after watching MEIEJ.  As the girls in DABH, PKDHMMPP and Sanskaar ; through application of their logical mind help their families and husbands.  At any point of time, I am like those girls. So I relate to them.  Just that the rest of the crap other than their husbands and MILs is abhorrable and I am unable to sit through.  

After I read your review,  I said to myself...why not watch DABH and PKDH and get over the bad feeling.  And I did see the two...drama is going on full.  But as usual, Sandhya and Pankhudi are acting the way they should. Normal.

Sandhya though she stands by her husband is always ready to go against his wishes for her and take the side of her MIL so that he never gets to become the hurting son in the mother's eyes.  This allows Suraj to yet again apply his sweet voice of reason to his mother and then together the man and wife set themselves on the path they decided to walk.  This is how a wife should support her husband, by refusing to become a baggage and instead instil the confidence that she is worth all that support for her.  She was doing the same yesterday, apalled at how the events turned out and how everyone was pouncing on him.  So in the precap, she was going to do the expected of telling Suraj...I don't want to go after my dreams.  Come to think of it, this is the same Sandhya, who couldn't see Suraj eye to eye for becoming the reason of End of Her Dream and Ambition.   But the day she realizes, her husband is higher than all her dreams and Ambitions and in his hard work and sensible mind is the seed of all knowledge and conviction that she ever aspired of, the books become secondary to her.  And in here when Suraj sees a woman, so calm and quiet and un-influenced by anyone and always believes in doing the right thing without depending on him and yet with so much full of self-respect and fire when occasion calls for it;  he knows what he has to do for her.  Sandhya and Suraj are really a Diya aur Baati for themselves. They never pull each other down and instead push each other to tread the difficult path as the result is worth it.  I think the TRP audience has always this faith on the couple that they are able to sit through the ugly drama of the parasites around them.

I left the show at that preposterous torture of Bhabho and Meenakshi and all other scumbags of the show, but I never miss the essence that DABH of Sandhya and Suraj. It is always there.

And in PKDHMMPP, Pankhudi at the other extreme of being a Bahu of a affluent house, she has now become the right hand for her MIL and her husband. And just like them, I am totally sold out that Pankhudi needs to stay in the house and keep an eye on everything.  Sometimes I feel Pankhudi is doing salary-less job at that difficult work of keeping a watch on the house like the watch-dog. If she was in UK she would have got the salary.  But still ...the way her immediate family counts on her is sometimes very scary like a huge responsibility.  But that's the beauty of gets difficult for her like normal human beings and then things blow up as somethings do not make sense and then everyone applies their brain, and the clouds move away and sense is seen.  Even this soap is soothing to see that people whom we can trust are behaving normally.

So thanks Shazzie.  I tasted normality of those soap heroines, watched Dance shows of JDJ and DID Super Moms and stabilized myself. My pain is obviously a deeper one as I started with a laugh only to know it got embedded like a stab.

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Shazzie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 0-SD-0

[QUOTE=Shazzie]<font color="#3300ff"> So thanks Shazzie. I tasted normality of those soap heroines, watched Dance shows of JDJ and DID Super Moms and stabilized myself. My pain is obviously a deeper one as I started with a laugh only to know it got embedded like a stab.</font>

SD Hug   What a beautiful analysis of couples of leading shows DABH & Pyaar ka dard.

Fact is that everyone likes to see bahu helping & supporting her family at times of issues. This is our culture! At time of issues, it's DIL who becomes the backbone of the family. MEIEJ has not conformed to daily soap routines & have banked on flawed characters. RK & his ego, his attitude, his imperfections - nobody can beat that! Madhu is someone who always listens to her heart (as she had said in her wedding). Now they are shifting focus from intense love story to family drama - MB style. I dnt expect nor I want madhu to behave like a goody DIL but I certainly expect her to still do actions listening to her heart - Now we know where her heart lies - RK! But as of now, she is not listening to what her 'heart' , her love is saying. I hope that makers explore this angle. What works for the show is Rk-Madhu! Even RS had openly admitted that! So hopefully they focus on what works & not on what doesnot work (goldie)

Sorry, I diverted your convo & mind to MB back! Hope All the better mood accomplished by watching JDJ/DID etc doesnot go 'kaboom' by this post!

I love RK & Madhu both! As Kashish said - I m trying to cut some slack to our crazies! After investing so many emotions, time & efforts on a show, its sad to see it go down! Its like a cart running down speedily downhill, one is watching it, following it, but cant control it or stop it! Ouch

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river123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shazzie

Originally posted by 0-SD-0

[QUOTE=Shazzie]<font color="#3300ff"> So thanks Shazzie. I tasted normality of those soap heroines, watched Dance shows of JDJ and DID Super Moms and stabilized myself. My pain is obviously a deeper one as I started with a laugh only to know it got embedded like a stab.</font>

SD Hug   What a beautiful analysis of couples of leading shows DABH & Pyaar ka dard.
I love RK & Madhu both! As Kashish said - I m trying to cut some slack to our crazies! After investing so many emotions, time & efforts on a show, its sad to see it go down! Its like a cart running down speedily downhill, one is watching it, following it, but cant control it or stop it! Ouch

@bold, second that!   

I know MB is not a regular saas-bahu show, but there are general universal core values of love, honor, respect, duty that resonate with all of us.  And I don't think it would be incompatible with the show's values to show these values blended in.  I think they have done that with RK - he's someone who right now you would think is unambiguously the rock for his wife and mother. It isn't clear to me that Madhu is demonstrating the same solidity at this stage. She'll get there - hopefully not after a painfully long time (since we seemed to have moved to longer term tracks.)  For me personally, it is much easier to enjoy twists and turns when is transparent that the couple is rock-solid, facing adversities together.   GHGs, gnats, and other random grey or otherwise, sane or insane characters introduced will then have less of an irritating impact, and I can then enjoy them also.  

And now, going even further off episode topic - today on JDJ for some reason, it really touched me - the song MD sang to her husband who was standing very sweetly next to her.   
Tumse milke aisa laga tumse milke
Armaan hue poore dil ke
Ae meri jaan-e-wafa
Teri meri mere teri ek jaan hai
Saath tere rahenge sada
Tumse na honge juda

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:22pm | IP Logged
EOD summary for Saturday June 22nd 2013 episode is now updated. 

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dramacrazy12 Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
After 8 pages of discussion...I think everything worth saying and analyzed has already been said but could not resist adding my 2 cents. Like everybody else my feeling for the episode is generally "disappointed" however in all honesty, I am more confused than disappointed. My stars of the episode were RK and Radha because only their actions and reactions made any sense closely followed by Bittuji and Madhu, I was lost on almost everybody else. I will get to that in a minute but first a few thoughts on current storyline.
I have been disappointed ever since they introduced MK's first marriage track partly because the illegitimate angle has been done to death in all the shows and introducing it in a show where the sky was the limit in terms of acceptability showed lack of creativity. The other problem is that the issue of two marriages is tricky and it is very rare to find an amicable solution to the problem. Any solution almost invariable ends up needing one or more characters butchered beyond recognition...I keep wondering who will be butchered here eventually. I have tried to run all possible scenarios in my mind...from the accusation being true to there being more to the story to the accusation being proved false...In neither of the scenario does Sultan/Meera gain anything ...and in almost all the scenarios RK/Madhu lose something or the other.
I know that them most common opinion is that the track is introduced to establish Sultan's character and a certain actor is channel boy...I am not so sure about that because if that was true then they are going about it the wrong way. I actually feel that this is the first time I have see a channel so blatant about favoritism...It almost seems that the channel, the CVs and the writers all are sabotaging Sultan's character...they are not doing AR any favors is just the opposite. His character stands out like a sore thumb...nothing ties to any logic ...his actions are very abrupt...unless the idea is to pitch him as  psychotic, we have a problem on hand.  I do however believe that Channel is interfering and they have failed to grasp the viewer expectations. They seem to be wanting to tread the familiar road to popularity with family plots from SSK and BVs...and at the same time hedge their risk of having a over-popular actor who can hold their show hostage.  Meiej was pitched as lovestory...and lovestories have epic heroes , epic heroines and epic villians ...all the family drama is pushed to background. who remembers montagues and capulets in Romeo and Juliet ! is all about Romeo and Juliet. Similarly  MEIEJ is all about Rishbala...It is too late to change the perception or genre so their strategy is bound to end in failure and actually result in disconnected viewers even before its natural time.
Now back to review...
I will not talk much about RK and Madhu since everybody has already talk about it but there were few things that stood out.
Madhu did not seem shocked at Sultan's vandalism...this surprised me even more given that this is the first time she had seen Sultan in this mode and there seemed to be no genuine reason for his actions...there was no sign of the usually constrained Sultan. Not once did she jump to the front and ask him why he was here and what he was doing. I do not blame her for suggesting RK to talk to Sultan...someone has to take initiative and resolve the problem with cool head...Rk is a good start but I was surprised when she told RK that she had assumed he had forgotten about it can someone forget something like this?Dead
RK was appropriate in all his reactions...I felt he would have genuinely given Sultan a chance to say his piece, had Sultan approached him decently...He was angry not because Madhu suggested a meet with Sultan but because he saw that his wife still trusted Sultan and she believed that she had that much clout on Sultan that he would come for the meet... that must have hit him hard given that it came in wake of what he saw in Sultan's eyes during the rod incident.
Now for Sultan...I think as Sultan came out of RK mansion...he was railing at fate for being unfair to him...he felt like a fool for being so poorly used by Paddy...He felt humiliated by the way Madhu acted more so because he had been dreaming of a life with her...he needed someone to blame for all his pain and he zeroed in on RK. What Sultan wants one can give him much less RK...he wants recompense for last thirty odd years?...he wants a second chance at life with all the privileges, he believes RK had...he believes he should have been RK and Radha/RK have stolen that fate from him. Meera is just an excuse. There were angry tears in his eyes when he smashes MK's portrait...something I could not understand...for that matter...I could not understand his vandalism and aggression. It would be justified if he had tried talking to RK and RK would have denied him but in current circumstances it seemed odd. He goes back and complains to Meera that no one believes him...again I was surprised that he thought everyone would just believe him because he said so...He made a very serious accusation  that too without any tangible proof...he vandalized the place and disrespected the man,whom he claimed to be his father by spoiling the puja and smashing his portrait...nothing about his actions lend any credence to his claim. As I said ...they are sabotaging the character.
Meera is not really crazy...she talks immense sense when she needs to push Sultan...It honestly seems like an emotional blackmail that is very well done...she says all the right things at the right time. Yesterday she did not believe that Sultan was her she is being all motherly . Yesterday when she started playing with pink rattle after her advice to Sultan...there seemed to be a brief moment when she had a calculative look in her eyes.
I am disappointed with did she miss the chance to comment on Madhu's once closeness with an apparent vandal? More so she did once love RK and seemed to get along with Radha...instead of feeling enraged on their behalf (even for a single fleeting moment)...she was overjoyed with what this meant for Madhu ...Confused. How could she miss out on what this could  mean for her? And Sikky...I agree he is spineless...but not a second of care for mother who just gave him 20 lakhs and just a night before...he is not that he?
As I said before my biggest problem with the show is lack of growth in characters and absolutely no conflict in them.

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