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Episode 305 Discussion: 22nd June 2013 (Page 5)

Hi2life Senior Member

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by war_is_peace

Rk is left with no option but, to use madhu...he hates it but, he cant help it! coz if he doesnt then, sultan will!! that will be worse for i dont see any wrong in rk's actions...i hope he manipulates a little more and makes madhu see the truth as well...ab ye bhi Rk ko hi karna padega D'oh

and madhu sultan talk was sooo crap!! kya thaa yeh! 
cant she yell at him for once?? 
what she shud have said "yeh kya tareeka hai puja mein aakar tamasha karneke?"
even better..she shud have said "tumhe humaari dosti ka khayaal nahi aaya?" LOL

yah actually RK should make sulthan talk and ask questions like
'kya tum madhu se pyaar nahin karthe aur use ready made mummy nahin banana chahte if not for her love for me"????

madhu should actually say " how dare u hit my hubby and threaten to harm him"

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white_lotus IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Story circles around Madhu and her character is the reason for all the twist n turns in the track.

Madhu thinks of righteous things due to her damn innocence n soft heart... do some actions...create mess.
Other characters have to handle the consequences and situation gets normalized in some time...story step.
Again..Madhu get involved in righteous some actions..create mess..
Again other characters have to handle Madhu n her actions..situation gets normalized ...story step.
Again ...Madhu...
Again ...other characters...

Basically story progresses with Madhu's actions n consequences...All tracks starts with Madhu...ends with Madhu.

In my opinion...from the starting of the show...

Madhu failed as daughter...first
Madhu failed as sister...second
Madhu failed as lover...third
Madhu failed as DIL...fourth
Madhu failed as wife...fifth.

I hope they will give some gyan to her so that she can 'pass' as mother in future.

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tanvismile IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by i-me-myself

Angry young man...RK is all set for action. RK's super active brain once again started to work with full speed.

I found big disappointment in RK's eyes when Madhu plead him to talk to Sultan on this matter...Madhu is RK's weak point..he loves her to the death and wanted to trust her blindly but her Sultan link is not allowing him to settle down. He knows..Madhu is very soft heart person who always see 'good' in every person she meet. He must have noticed the 'sympathy' in her talks and her eyes for Sultan.

I will a wife...Madhu failed today. as a DIL...Madhu failed today. She loves RK more than her life and she well knows how much RK trusted his father...loved his father and connected to his father's memories. And its obvious that when some random person come to RK and said some bullshit about his father...he must be angry...his emotions got hurt...he is in intense pain but Madhu here didn't realized the actual effect of Sultan's allegations on RK? She is behaving like nothing wrong happened...So one thing clear...that Madhu unable to to judge the demand of situations.

Beside RK..Radhaji always called Madhu her daughter...their bond is very beautiful n emotional..and at some points its greater than Madhu-Pado bonding but today she didn't tried to understand her 'sasuma's mind state and her pain... consoling and understanding missing.

Actually I want to see some positive growth in Madhu during this track supporting her husband in all possible ways...holding her family together in this disaster but seems her soft heart, innocence and righteous nature (in her own words...pagalpan) will play major part which will result in drift in RishBala relation. As per news...RK going to get Sultan arrested and we know...Madhu going get him out of jail...thats all.

RK is hoping that his wife...his love Madhu will support him at this time but seems RK will seen fighting all one end its Sultan and at other end its Madhu... the seed planting for RishBala MU is on the way and at the end of Sultan track there might be new twist RishBala drifting away.

I m sorry to disagree with you but i think rishibala fans only understand RK not madhu ,madhu knows how RK is connected to his father he is hurt and throughout episode she suported her hubby and sasuma ,but she also knows sultan very well,she knows he wont simply put an allegation against RK;so she wants to both settle isues.Its her nature to first give a chance to speak ;to let him atleast a chance.Even in court a judge would listen to both the parties then makes a judgement.So how is madhu wrong here just becoz she is a wife !

I m sorry but i feel you should feel disapointed by RK behaviour the way he used madhu to get sultan s information.

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minu_8 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Madhu never fails in disappointing me.. Why do I even bother with her and hope against hope that maybe this time she will react differently.. She thought rk forgot everything?? Why? Has she lost her mind..
When she appologised I liked what rk told her . But obviously she gave him a deaf ear.. I guess she was just talking about the physical chot sultan gave.. Rk said woh ek gunda hai and something like his household runs only when he gives chot to others.   I will probably never see madhu realize this fact that she has befriended a guy who has no qualms killing people.

Precap was even worse.. I just hate it how inspite of the wedding fiasco sultan knows that he can talk badly about rk to madhu.. When he said something rk is not somebody with whom u can talk or something why can't madhu say he has no right to talk like that about her husband in front of her? Instead her reaction is like we both know he is like that but I have convinced him to talk..

Her insensitivity towards rk and radhaji was unbelievable..

I hated sikky and dips.. And rk heard them talk that rubbish.. Why does he put up with them??? Those parasites living off him and not even little gratitude.. Sick.. Madhu may have forgiven rk and we were subjected to rk singing praises of how selfless and great she and her love is.. MF might laugh at me but I feel it's rk who is the more selfless one even if he himself doesn't think so and also incredibly kind..
Madhu's so called kindness sets my teeth on edge..
Whether he is at fault or not it wil always be him to bend.. When will madhu accept her faults? Will she ever???

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armummy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 2:13pm | IP Logged

actually if you think rk does not need to dupe madhu to get sultans whereabouts ...rk already knows where sultan does his business , he could have send police there ...all this is clunk of cvs...

I was expecting madhu to swtich sides after she sees meera  but madhu surprised me here by her insensitivity...

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
I don't care for Sultan anymore.

I only want Madhu to fall flat in the eyes of Radhaji and RK.

And RK keep gulping down the pain for having loved Madhu. I want him to fight alone.  He is better off alone.  I want him to win not for himself or his father, I want him to win for his mother and for his wife to fail. Because his wife will support Meera coz they have jodidaar bangles.  I also want RK win for the sake of his Sikky Brother because only Sikky is his Iklauta Sautela Bhai.

And I am okay with RK role getting finished, as I don't want to watch the vaahiyaat show of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon anymore where incredibly the heroine will always put her family and loved ones in danger. Aise Ladki se pyaar kaun kar sakta hai aur Shaadi kaun kar sakta hai ? Very impractical.

But I loved VD's performance today when he dealt with Bittuji -Madhu -Bittuji. In TV Soap its not continuous shot, but still to emote that expression and me seeing it was great, as much of MEIEJ story is analysed only through the dialogues and expressions of the actors.  Now I really want him to work along with other good actors such as Abhay Deol (I loved him in Shanghai) and with crew such as Tigmanshu Dhulia has. So that means yes, I want him to grow as an actor and work for different creative formats. Movies will be change of format for him. I wish him all success because he deserves to grow for his skill-sets and hardwork and masti on the sets and more importantly he needs to challenge himself. He needs to show his art at subtle characters now. Look at David Letterman. He is getting old and yet to keep the show running and keep himself competitive, he keeps challenging himself, he runs, he entertains.  Its a commitment.

If VD keeps friends like KVB and Gurmeet and others whose names I don't recall, then I know for sure, he is an honest person.  Because those other two men are also seriously hardworking and honest guys. 

I loved everyone's performance in today's episode, so we only narrow it down to the emotional hurt caused by the characters. And that could happen only because of the enactment from the actors. I wish success and happiness for the hard-working CREW of MEIEJ. Kudos to them, giving their attendence to work every day. My Salute.

DD will definitely get Bollywood offers but its upto her to take them or not.  All the best to her. She deserves success truly and she deserves better roles than Madhubala. I have liked her as Muskaan and as Geet and not liked her as Madhu.  I think she will make a wonderful heroine for YRF banner. She has that glam quotient. I am now off to watch JDJ Wink after this post.

I will not watch MEIEJ from now onwards.  But I have this craving to know the mother -son story of RK and Radhaji.  I have enjoyed them since February. And its getting sweeter day by day.  Is ka kya karoon main ?  Wish mujhe pata chale kahin se bhi ki woh theek hain.

Its really sad that I am murdering my own wishes like this. I love the actors, I love the sets, I love the chemistry between all characters, I love the ending of the tracks, but...its really time for me stop wasting my time around a Bala drama which has a plan to run for 1000 episodes where people advise me that Balas usually will remain flat throughout the soap. I should get a handle on my emotions. There is plenty of content floating around and all those CVs and actors and Prod Crew deserve my attention.

Like an addict, I may sneak in and watch MEIEJ, but definitely I need to cure myself. It hurts me to do this. I will take P's suggestion and sit besides her on the bench. That will be supportive for me. I will take it the way she guides me.

And MEIEJ CVs, you will hardly feel my loss. I am not even a TRP giving person like P or Sounds or Vaani. That is the saddest part that my decision to stop watching will not affect them at all. 

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armummy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Agree with you Shree... I am just waiting for the day VD to get out of this crappy show.I am even pissed that he is being used to get mileage to some one else
Today cvs put the last nail in the coffin  on  my hopes for meiej ...

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bcbs_srk Senior Member

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
Episode Summary - Disappointed


I think I expected more from this show. I better get out of this before I become a case study for my daughter who is doing her internship in Psychiatric Department,Pittsburgh hospital.

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