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Arhi FF: Again we meet... New Note (Page 3)

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It's my first time writing so hopefully you guys like it! Please comment or like  to let me know if I should continue and if I get no feedback then I won't continue it! 
Prologue: Again, we meet

She wanted to rewind time once again to the very moment when she was seventeen and she had to make the choice between living in the pretend bubble she made for herself or let herself finally face reality. She hadn't realized that during that time maybe choosing the first option would have been a lot easier, and she had never thought that fate had other plans for her in life. As the sounds that were so distant away from her five minutes ago became more closer she realized that someone was calling out her name. Khushi! Khushi! KHUSHI, are you daydreaming AGAIN! How many times to I have to tell you, just try to let it go and whatever happened was for the best. And she knew at that moment it was for the best as she was walking with her friend Lavanya towards the hospital doors.

He on the other hand had control over his life and he knew absolutely nothing would interfere with his plans. Of course once again, fate had other plans for him as well. He had told his father plenty of times that he would never follow his footsteps into the medical world and that he wanted to become a fashion designer. His father had thought that he was being stubborn about not even thinking about the medical route at least ONCE. Arnav will you listen to me once, I don't know what has gone into that head of yours where you think that becoming a fashion designer will sustain your life, but I am telling you that following my footsteps will lead your life in the best direction you can possibly get to. Arnav thought that it was pointless in trying to make his father understand, so he just walked out of his father's office without a second glance at his father. 

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Character Sketch:

Khushi Kumari Gupta

A 21 year old that had her life turned upside down when she was just 17. She loves her family so much to the extent of doing absolutely anything in her power to make them happy. Also very independent, smart, and loves to take on challenges. She never planned on ever falling in love but fate changed her life course to a path she never dreamed of having.

Arnav Singh Raizada

A 28 year old who had stood his ground and never took "No" as an answer to anything. He lives with his family and cares for them very dearly. His dad wants him to have a career as a doctor, but Arnav as other plans such as becoming a successful fashion designer. He never believed in the words "love" or "marriage," so he tried avoiding those words as much as possible.

Payal Gupta

Khushi's older sister who is 26 years old and cares a lot for Khushi. She is very attached to Khushi and would do anything for her. Sometimes she is very oblivious to many things that go around her.

Akshay Singh Raizada

Arnav's younger brother who is 25 years old and loves to crack jokes. He always tries to cheer up people and loves taking pictures of course since he is a photographer. He is very attracted to the small things in life.

Lavanya Singhaniya

She is 21 years old and is best friends with Khushi. She has always been there for Khushi and helps her through her emotional journey.

***There will be more characters introduced throughout the story.

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Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

~Beginning of flashback~

In the small town of Lucknow, the seventeen year old who goes by the name of Khushi Kumari Gupta was just waking up from her annoying alarm clock'Payal Gupta. KHUSHI WAKE UP! WAAAKE UP! YOU DON'T WANT TO BE LATE FOR YOUR GRADUATION, shouted Payal at the top of her lungs. Khushi didn't know which of the two were more annoying, her sister or the fact that she had to wake up so early for her so-called graduation from high school. Okay I am up, no need to shout anymore. As I said that to Payal, I saw her just nodding her head with an evil smile which only meant one thing: she was about to pinch my cheeks. My little baby sister is growing up, how adorable! Therefore after Payal had pinched my cheeks, I ran into the bathroom to get dressed to leave and also so Payal doesn't do anything else to me. As I was done getting dressed and about to leave, my mother spotted me and demanded that I had to eat something for breakfast right before my big day. Of course Garima Gupta, who is my mother, will take care of anyone and everyone around her and that is why I love her so much; and then there is my father, Shashi Gupta, who was very late to work like always and just rushed off without saying a word. I told both Payal and my mother on my way out that I had to be there early and that they should leave the house around 10:00 AM to get good seats as the ceremony begins at 11:00 AM.

~End of flashback~

Khushi remembered that very day like it happened just yesterday and she kept on wondering what if she hadn't made the decision to leave it all behind. Khushi couldn't help but keep thinking back to that day and was confused on where she had all that confidence to leave her family, Lucknow, and absolutely everything. As she was waiting for her best friend Lavanya Singhaniya to park the car while she was standing in front of the best hospital in India, she didn't understand why she was so anxious and nervous all of a sudden. Khushi saw Lavanya walk towards her so instead of showing how scared she was, Khushi gave one her brightest smiles; but Lavanya knew Khushi all too well so she knew that Khushi must be scared and she also knew that Khushi should know how far along her condition was so that the decision she made did not go in vain. When Lavanya finally caught up to Khushi in front of the hospital she locked arms with her and smiled as well so as to let Khushi know that she is with her every step of the way.


Also at the Delhi Hospital, Arnav Singh Raizada was waiting for his father who had called him this morning saying that he needed to talk to Arnav about some urgent matters immediately.  Tick'Tock'Tick'Tock went Arnav's watch as he felt like he was waiting for a century now for his father to enter his office and everyone who knows Arnav knew that he HATES waiting even if it was his father. Arnav was already in a foul mood due to his fashion show failure from the previous night, his brother, Akshay, pestering him all this morning, and now this with his father. Arnav looked at the name plate: Dr. Amir Singh Raizada, and then he scoffed after saying it aloud because he knew exactly what his conversation with his father would be about. Finally you come, where the hell have you been? Do you know how long I have been waiting here in this goddamn office of yours?! Arnav said while Amir entered and was ready to sit down on his chair. Calm down Arnav, I am pretty sure it wasn't even that long. I hope you know I am a doctor and believe it or not I do have patients to attend to, Amir had said while chuckling at his son sitting in front of him. Arnav then asked nonchalantly, what do you want dad? I don't have all day, I have a business to run, you know! Amir just stared at his son and began, and that is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, why don't you  stop this entire fashion designing hobby you have going on and join me as a doctor; I mean you got a degree to practice so it will be good for you and your future. Arnav was now seething with anger especially because he felt as if every time he talks with his father it is always the same conversation. Therefore for the fiftieth time now, no dad I will not join you now or ever. Yes I got a degree to practice but I also have a degree in fashion designing and that is what I really want to do. At this point, Arnav knew his father would probably never understand why he wanted to do fashion designing, but that's not his problem because he never planned on quitting any time soon. After saying what he wanted, Arnav walked out of the office without giving a second glance at his father.

As Arnav walked out of his father's office, he called Aman to make sure the meeting that they had scheduled for today was at 12:00 PM. Let's go Khushi, Lavanya said loudly so Khushi knew that it was time to find out what she feared the most. Arnav was already rushing to get out of the hospital since he was getting late for his meeting so he didn't notice that two girls were entering the hospital from the same door. He bumped into one of them, Watch where the hell you're going, jeez! he basically yelled out and of course the person he bumped into was Khushi. After being bumped into by someone, Khushi was about to say sorry until the man basically yelled at her; and so she yelled back why don't you, mister! Arnav at the point was aggravated and needed to see the person who had the audacity to yell at him, but all he saw were the most expressive stormy hazel eyes that were staring right at him. After five seconds of staring at one another, Khushi was the first to walk away with Lavanya's urging.


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seems interesting...continue
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seems interesting...continue 
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Chapter 2: Realization

*****Khushi's thoughts

As Lavanya and I were about to walk in, I didn't realize how absorbed I was within my own thoughts until I bumped into another person. I was about to say sorry until I heard, watch where the hell you're going, jeez! And I knew then that not everyone is nice like in Lucknow, but just because I am going through the worst possible crisis ever does not mean I can be talked like that especially in that tone. I then shouted back why don't you mister!, and stared at the person'wait a man, a very handsome man'who  bumped into me. While he stared into my eyes, I felt as if I was being pulled into his chocolate orbs and it was very hard to look away. Come on Khushi, we have to get going. It's almost time for your appointment, Lavanya mentioned which I then realized I had no choice but to look away and walk forward. I walked away first without looking back at the man. Lavanya and Khushi were sitting in the waiting room just sitting patiently to be called by the doctor and Lavanya glanced at Khushi noticing how she kept on biting her nails and then oddly pulled out a jalebi right out of her purse, which meant she was extremely nervous. Therefore, Lavanya had an idea to distract Khushi; eh Khushi wasn't the man you bumped into so sexy?! Khushi seemed to not even hear Lavanya speak as she was already forming thoughts about the handsome man she ran into. Those dark chocolate orbs'I don't know why I was being pulled into them'it was like magic. Oh shit. Stop Khushi, don't think about him. It is pointless on thinking about him anymore just focus your thoughts on what's at hand. Eh Lavanya what did you say? Sorry I was lost in my own thoughts. Lavanya was about to repeat herself, but then the nurse called out Khushi Kumari Gupta, the doctor would like to see you now.

I knocked on the doctor's door with Lavanya right beside me and I heard a come in, so when I walked in I saw the doctor standing by his chair and desk smiling right at me. He extended his hand and said his name, Amir Singh Raizada, nice to meet you. I've heard so much about you from Dr. Malani and once I read over your file, I knew that I just had to meet you. I also extended my hand and said I am Khushi, nice to meet you too and this is Lavanya who will be with us during this whole appointment. Dr. Raizada then proceeded to shake Lavanya's hand and then we all sat down.

Dr. Raizada please just give it to me all at once, just the honest truth. What is exactly going on? Amir really had to give this young lady in front of him credit for being so straightforward with him. He could definitely tell that this girl is no ordinary girl, usually the girls he meets that are around her age with the condition she has are hysterical, but this girl is very strong and did not expect this reaction at all. Lavanya also looked at Khushi and was stunned to hear Khushi utter those words, but then again ever since she has known Khushi; Lavanya has always seen Khushi stay strong not only for herself but everyone around her as well. Damn, where did this confidence come from AND where was this twenty minutes ago'but then again I cannot break down'not now or ever'gotta stay strong! Amir coughed a few times to gain the attention of Khushi who seemed to have been lost in her own thoughts. Well Khushi, I'm not going to lie and say it will be alright, with your condition it will be a long process. And at the end of the day, there may be a point where there are no options left and you'll just have to accept that' Khushi then cut off him With all due respect Dr. Raizada but I don't think you understood what I was trying to say. I have already been told that the condition I have is rare and there is only a slight chance that I will live. The likelihood of living is less than five percent and I have accepted that. All I need to know is how can I help find a cure or at least a temporary way to fight this disease with the time I have left? Amir was speechless and just kept on staring at Khushi who had not even shed a single tear. Now what?! Why are you both staring at me like I have something on my face or something? Hahaha' After seeing Khushi chuckle both Lavanya and Amir busted out laughing, they just couldn't believe that after everything Khushi said, she still had the ability to laugh. As you probably know already your condition has become a lot worse over the past few years, especially because you refused to take the medicine that Dr. Seghal gave you until last year when you switched over to Dr. Malani who had provided you with a different type of medicine. By the reports that I had read over in your file, it seems as if no one in your family knows about your condition? Khushi sighed Yes no one knows and I want to keep it that way, there is no point involving my family since this only concerns me. It is better if I don't involve anyone, I already feel bad about involving Lavanya'Khushi then turned to Lavanya and saw tears streaming down her face if only I hadn't met her' Khushi turned to look at Dr. Raizada again as he started saying okay Khushi, even though Dr. Malani had done some tests already I still want to do some tests of my own before I decide which process we should take to help you at least to know how bad your condition actually is. So if it is alright with you, please come by next Monday and we will start doing some tests.

I don't mind at all'then Khushi murmured rather to herself'there really hasn't been any test that I haven't gone through yet. Khushi and Lavanya stood up to leave and Khushi shook hands with Dr. Raizada again and thanked him. They were both walking to the door and Khushi took out a handkerchief from her purse to give to Lavanya, here you may need this, your make-up seems to be running'you little baby! Haha'.Khushi smirked at Lavanya. Argh. Shut up Khushi. Lavanya then smiled and laughed with Khushi as they exited Amir's office.

Once they exited, Amir looked back at Khushi's file and called a certain doctor. Come on Arjun, you should have warned me? When you gave me Khushi's file initially I didn't want to take it, but once I looked at it I was curious. For a girl to have THIS rare disease, I thought I would have my office flooded with tears and I bought boxes of tissues just in case too. She didn't even shed a tear the whole entire time; she really must be a tough nut. On the line was Dr. Arjun Malani who was chuckling at his friend and found out the very reason why his friend was suddenly calling. I had told you from the very beginning that Khushi is really extraordinary; she was the same for me as well. I was surprised at first, but after talking to her I knew she would be able to handle it. Before Arjun kept on talking, Amir cut him off so what's the deal with her parents?

***Please Like and/or Comment! I would love to hear your thoughts(:

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