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Mending Relationship - os LAST PART (Page 5)

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There was pin drop silence in the car. Rishab was driving and stealing glances of his companion, thinking, why the hell did he follow Madhu? Why did he ring that stupid bell and Why on the Earth did he say that he was about to sell that house, when he had no such intensions, knowing that that house was very special to him.

Madhu was completely taken aback by that news. She had never thought that Rishab would sell that house, though she could not explain why. The house belonged to him and he had all the rights to do what he wanted with it. Sell it, destroy it ir worse, bring some other woman in it, right?

Absolutely not. She shivered at that offensive image and hurriedly supressed it. When so many important things had been lost, it would be ridiculous to cry over something built of bricks.

She was only accompanying Rishab because she wanted to see that place once before it was sold, not because she wanted to collect any stuff from there. It was a place where she had spent more than a year of her life, built memories, both good and bad.

The car stopped and the two entered the house. The exotic smell of lavender flared Madhu's nose and she was surprised to see the beautiful arrangement of flowers adoring a side table. The house was well maintained, as if being used daily.she gave a curious glance to Rishab, who only stood there, watching as Madhu made her way further inside.

There were more flowers in the lobby area leading to the drawing room. She spotted the couches and her heart lurched, for she remembered the day she was informed about her pregnancy.

That was the happiest day of her life. She had nagged Rishab into taking some rare time off and spending the day with her. They had laughed and talked at length over a leisurely lunch and dinner that followed. Madhu was mesmerized by the atmosphere that so strongly evoked the past. She shook her head as if to clear it.

She made her way upto the stairs and fell still outside a door. She had to breathe in deep before she could make herself to push the door wide open. She froze on surprise- the nursery, the walls, baby toys which Rishab and Madhu had furnished with such love and hope for future, stood there exact as she had left it. She was surprised. In the months after the still birth of her little boy, the room had haunted Madhu with dreams that were shattered. But it no more did, why?

She knew the answer pretty well . Whenever she'd visited this room then , she'd been alone. Rishab being an unashamed workaholic to whom money meant everything was busy in his business. So this was the first time, the two had entered the room together.

Madhu backend away from the room, unconsciously and collided with Rishab. He made her stand still. And she jerked away from his hold.

After the marriage she had fallen in love with him. She had loved him far too much. But then had discovered that he'd been blackmailed into marrying her because of the business ties between the two families. She had walked out then , but instead of letting her go he had persuaded her that he felt enough for her to give their marriage a chance. She still despised herself for being week enough to give him that chance. She had dragged out her own suffering because , for a brief months while on his very best behaviour, he had made her exceedingly happy.

The expectations for this marriage flourishing rose to its heights and she was looking forward to motherhood. But then she'd lost everything and he had not been there for her.

"Madhu, I want to give us another chance." Rishab pleaded. The house, the room, the entire atmosphere and specially being so close to Madhu were enough for Rishab to understand his feelings, which he'd been trying hard to bury deep down somewhere. But now they were yelling and fighting to be on surface.

Madhu stiffened and gritted her teeth. " I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why? Wouldn't Mukund like it?" Jealousy, frustration and anger clearly visible in his bright eyes.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Madhu responded flatly, uneasily aware of his sparks of anger in the atmosphere.

"How long did you wait before you welcomed him into your bed?" Rishab launched at her in burning rage. The thought of another man as her lover was like a knife in his chest. She was the only woman he'd ever loved and could not tolerate her with somebody.

"You've got no right to ask me that!" Madhu challenged him, her cheeks burning red.

"I'm still your husband and naturally I'm curious- you bared me from your bed for months before we broke up." He reminded her harshly, his hard jaw line grim. " And now you're not even ready to give us another chance. So why won't I be curious?"

"We've almost divorced. I'm not having their conversation with you.- I'm leaving." She hissed back at him in vexation and turned to leave.

"No." Rishab snapped furiously , his reflexes being much faster than her and held her wrist in a split of a second. "I wouldn't enable you to go back at this late hour."

"Oh , so caring all of a sudden." Madhu racked back at him furiously. "Where did that caring guy go when we lost our child?"

Rishab froze as though she had struck him. His dark eyes blazed with hostility and his cheekbones clenched into hard angular lines below his skin. "That's not something I'm willing to discuss."

"So are you the only one to accuse ?"  Madhu spat back with raw content. "And I know you wouldn't want to discuss this. Not with your track record of working non -stop , or being back at your desk the day after the funeral of our child. All you care about is making money... More money... You never seem to have enough money to be satisfied!"

Rishab looked at her with raged eyes directed as knives aimed at a target . " How dare you? You carried our son , so you're the only one allowed to be sensitive and have feelings, right ?"

Unprepared , Madhu just looked at him with confusion .

" We all cope with grief in different ways. I could have got drunk and slept with another women to express my wounded feelings. But I never did any of those because I loved you ." He grated . " I worked every goddamned hour I could because the same day i lost my son i list my wife as well and working was the only way i could handle it!" Sheer rawness dominated his voice. " And now you've just moved on with that asshole."

Madhu had fallen back several steps in shock. She was paralyzed to the spot, recognising in Rishab a depth of emotions she had not acknowledged he might possess. "There is nothing between us. Simply nothing." She spoke in a low voice, staring in his eyes, pleading him to believe her. The look on his face assured her that he did trust her. Her conscience was pricking her and she felt guilty for her ill-considered words. Now she was asking herself why she had so hugely underestimated what he might be feeling when their child was born dead.

"What do you lost your wife?" She prompted unevenly.

"You acted as if you were the only one in grief. You wouldn't talk to me or go out or do anything but cry. I knew you were suffering from depression and i tried to persuade you to see a therapist but you accused me for not understanding what you were going through!"

"I didn't think you did...i was screwed up inside out." She struggled to speak, her heart was beating so fast with all these revilations.

Rishab could see her panting so hard to breathe. But he was not finished yet. He wanted to revile all things our and sort the matter for once and all. In all this tension, he was happy to know that nothing existed or could ever between Madhu and Mukund.

Rishab swallowed hard and brought back those memories which still burned inside him deep and strong . " When i suggested we have another baby you reacted as if that is something bad and screamed that you didn't want another child. " Rishab bit out. And when i made the grave mistake of trying to get you back into bed you behaved you behaved as if it was an attempt to rape."

Pale as milk ,Madhu was trembling with disbelief. She knew she had done all that, but never once had she thought it would have hurt Rishab so hard. Yet he has always kept these thoughts to him and never and never pushed her for anything .

"I'm sorry ." She frowned shakily. This was all she could say.

Rishab loosed a harsh laugh. "Sorry is not enough . It doesn't fix anything ." He held her close through her waist . " Our baby dying didn't stop me wanting you ,it made me need you more..."

Shame filled Madhu in the instant . She realised she had let him down . None of them were ever at fault. It was only the misunderstandings that had followed the arrival of their still born son , which led to these things.

"And that feeling is still there. "

"Rishab..." And for the first time in longer than Madhu  could remember, her body lept with actual physical huger.

" I want you piya and this feeling is driving me crazy." Saying this Rishab found her mouth and kissed her, strong hands firm on her waist to hold her still...

That single kiss was enough to make them realize how much they had missed each other. Their relation was reborn at that moment.

"I love you Madhu." Tishab said, breaking the kiss. He looked into her eyes, which were filled with love and compassion.

" I love you too...Rishab." She spoke and a smile crossed her lips.

Rishab kissed her again, with more passion and hunger. Their impatient hands started doing the rest of the things. The feel if each other after a very long time was exhilarating.

Hunger was rising in them, erasing thoughts of the past, gnawing and desperate. Rishab's hands reached Madhu's back and on finding the zip of the gown, pulled it down as much as he could. Madhu sucked in a breath when she felt his hands on her back.

Slowly he peeled the dress down to expose one of her breast, his pupils dilating, remembering the up and down of her exquisite body. Without waiting any second more, he moved his hand caressing her breast. Madhu moaned with pleasure as his mouth came over it, licking, sucking and shaping it in the best way possible through the cloth of her bra. Her hands, in mean while were shaping his broad chest. She could feel his erection hard against her.

Rishab after exposing both the breast , provided it with the sane pleasure . Madhu could feel Rishab's hands simultaneously moving down to pull up her dress . Madhu lifted her hands to do the same to his shirt . Soon they were exposed far too much.

And then Rishab was kissing her , again , drugging her. He unfastened her bra , letting it fall on the floor. Then he was cupping both breast in his hands , massaing them , trapping her nipples in his fingers , making Madhu moan into his mouth.

He moved his mouth from hers and shifted it to one of her breast so that he could swirl his tongue around the hard tip. Madhu's hands were in Rishab's hair messing it up .

He then deposited her on bed and opened his jeans . And Madhu who was only covered by her panties , soon forced them disappeared. She was too hot , waiting impatiently for Rishab to do the same with his , revealing his impressible taut body.

Madhu breathed in deep pleasure when one of his hands pushed her thighs apart so that he could stroke with his fingers where she ached most and soon she found Rishab pushing into her hot moist core. In no time the two were one , once again.

1 year later

" Well, Rishab Kundra."  Madhu smiled at her husband. " Do you realize that this is our first anniversary?"

Rishab frowned and looked at her confused. "But we were married three years ago..."

Madhu smiled and squeezed his hand. "Not that anniversary. I mean this time last year we met again towards a new beginning."

He smiled and took her hand, lifting it to his moth to to kiss her inner palm. That night was the best night of his life. He had found his wife, his live back.

Rishab's eyes then went to his son- a healthy boy with no complications- he smiled wryly.

He pressed a kiss on his son's head and the on Madhu's neck. He had felt to helpless when Madhu was in pain during the delivery.

A playful smiled crossed his face as he gave voice to his thoughts. " Madhu, i was thinking about making the next time so pleasurable for you, so that you don't feel the pain, with my expert skills on your body."

Madhu laughed loudly. They had just brought their child in this world and he was thinking about the next delivery. "Not so soon Rishab, let him grow first." She felt genuinely happy, because this time the two were there for each other, and Rishab had stood like a support pillar to her. She knew their loved for each other was unconditional and hence was sure for a happy ever after.

. . . . . . . . THE END!

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yipee me firstSmile
awesome os dear...

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Originally posted by Clara20

yipee me firstSmile
awesome os dear...
Haha yup
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Originally posted by punam2712

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Originally posted by SHINYSHREYA

Awesome ending.

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its supperb
love the flow of story to the End
your gripe is very strong
i enjoy every bit of
and want more
love you 
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Great OS jack...fabulous it was! Clap
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Nyc OS!!!!Smile

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