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UnbeleivablE- A TaaReY OS from EOT# PM'S LATER..

Sweet.Sarcastic Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 7:08am | IP Logged

debo diii...Embarrassed

dont kill me for being so so so freakin late..Cry

but i wasnt getting inspiration..

now m back..Big smile

and ur dare was mymy..Dead

i coulcnt write properly..Ouch

no problem Maggie, I am here at your service with Haatke dare Evil Smile

I, Deb (crazy2012), being a dare-devil ,

give a Dare to Maggie (mehek_luvD3nTBP) ,

on the Song "Zara Sa Ghum Loo Main" of "DDLJ"

which shall include Taani, Rey and others as per requirement
Situation: either of them is acting like a drunk as wants to make his/her confession of LOVE for another as the person can't confess the other directly..may be something different from D3

All The Best
Thumbs Up



rey:Aaj toh main taani ko apne dil ki baat bol ke rahunga..

Damn panch saalo se wait karraha hun..

Sw: and if she rejects.??

Rey: reject slap kick kill.. let her do whatever she wants.. but I cant keep it 2 myself anymore.. I'll go bonkers if I won't tell her now..

Sw: u already are..

Rey: hehehehe.. very funny..

Sw: then laugh na..

Rey: hehehehehehehehe.. happy.. ya aur hassu tere lame joke pe..

Sw: I dnt mind..


Sw: I don't need 2 go there.. I already am at ur place if u remember..

Rey: die bitch..

Sw: marne to tu wala hai..  taani ko propose karke..

Rey: tu meri fikar mat kar.. apni kar.. kyunki tu bhool gaya ki time kya hai..

Sw[looks at the clock]: oh f**k!!

Rey: u!!!

Sw: sharon will kill me..

Rey: I don't mind lending her a help..

Sw: paka mat kaminey.. jaldi chal.. chokriyo[girls] jitna time liya tayyar hone me..

Rey: obviously.. aaj propose karna hai mujhe..

Sw: chokri kahinka.. shakal dekhlena apli jab tereko sabh ke beech thappad mare wo..

Rey: haan.. tu to antaryami hai na..


Rey: abh aur mat paka jaldi chal.. I can't wait any longer..




Taani's room:


Taa: kshitij.. tujhe pata hai na kyan karna hai..??

Kshitij: yes girlfriend.. all set.. I mean me set!

Taani: aaj uss duffer ke samne tujhse chitkungi na tabh usse patachalenga that he loves me..five years.. f**kin 5 years and he hasn't yet proposed me..

He is such a loser..

Ks: then too u love him..

Ta: I cant help it..

Ks: sumbody blushing wlushing haan..


Ks: haaaye.. maar hi dalongi..thnks rey.. teri wajah atleast ek din ke liye iska bf ban sakta hun..

Ta: kuch ghante..some hours only!!

Ks: yes gabbar.. mera matlab  wahi tha babes..

Ta: u jerk.. stay away.. mauke ka fayda uthaya na to tereko bohot marungi..

Ks: mauka to andee'





Inside the club-


Rey: swayam ye taani kahan reh gayi..

Sw: mujhe kaise pata honga.

Rey: tut oh antaryami hai na..

Sw: paka mat bhikari..

Rey: tu bhikari' baal katane ke bhi paise nahi hai tere paas saale... Sharon aur taani se zyada to teri zulfe udti rehti hai..

Sw: haan aur tu chokri.. tu propose karle taani ko.. who tujhe thapped marlengi na tabh me usko bolunga ki 'bichara rey.. itna ready huwa tha tujhse thappad lene ke liye..'

Rey: boring'..

Sw: thnk u'

And they both continued with their tom&jerry fights..


People say VIP's come last'

And they are some1 observed by everyone..

Same was the case here..

Walking in with pride and showing all their glamour..

Kshitij and taani finally made theirvip entry with hand in hand'God they were radiant enough to embarace the sun..

Din't look like they are acting 2 be a couple'

Umm actually that is what acting means..

Yes.. couple.. the way they were walking was quite evident that they are a couple..

Forget them..

Somewhere in the ball room was a jaw hanging in shock with eyes ready to pop put the next minute..

Sw: rey.. rey.. REYY'

Rey: haan..

Sw: abbey yaar ye to kissi aur ki item hai yaar tu kyan karenga abh..

Rey had a thousand emotions running in his brains..

Anger jealousy envy and rejection..ya rejection without proposal' rey had always been weird..

It is like he can be called THE WEIRD or mr. weird..

However this time what he did was more weird..

Had some shots takuila..

Just went in the crowd  and grabbed a chick..

Bought her to dance floor..

While swayam kept staring him with an evil smile and Sharon also just kept looking at what was happening'

As taani saw this nonsense  her not tobe called brains also gave her a foolish idea..

Half drunk and full crazy this girl went and pulled kshitj by his collar on the dance floor' opposite to each other both of them just kept looking into one another eyes as though gonna eat them up the next minute..

It was not late when taani realized that kshitij was dancing farer than her..

So pulling him by his collar and crashing on his chest..

She simply took his hands and kept around her waist..

And danced like any normal ad hot couple would do..

Meanwhile kshitij kept staring her with  a W*F look..

Seeing taani pull that guy closer'

Rey also pulled his chick more close plastering her to his body'

Ghosh it was looking like both of them would initiate a World was 3 any moment..

But the point to observe or notice was din't these both idiots realize that they love each other..

I mean seriously they are weird.

After this long session of chipku dance..

It was taani  who realized that she needs 2 tell this dumb that she loves him'

" do I tell this idiot.."Confused

She thought..

"Umm music.. perfect music..

Which song.. and how..?" she asked herself

When suddenly kshitij appeared from somewhere and yelled..

"why were u behaving like a drunk bitch there..??"

"yes!! Yes I got it.. I will behave like a drunkard and get close to him..

Only if he can understand then..

Thnks kshitij' she said as she hurried away.

They disco was filled with a mess.. loud music..

Drunk people..

When suddenly the music went mute and people started hooting..

And saw the most sexiest girl there..

Doing some antic she proved herself to be drunk first..,


Then coming towards rey'

La..La..Laa' (Rururururu..)


Finally just pulling him closer with one hand.. and having an alcohol bottle in the other..

Taani -Zara sa jhoom loon
rey- Arey na re na re na..

Then with the first music line she did some antics with her hand and puted like babies' and just kept fluttering her eyes..

taani- Zaraa sa ghoom lu main
rey- Arey na re na re na

She just  swirled around with her wide arms and not t forget her Daru ki bottle..

And rey just tried to stop her and get that bottle..

She just made a no no no no no face when he tried to take the bottle..

And when rey was not ready to give up'
Aa tujhe choom lu main

She just made a pout indicating a kiss,,

Arey na re baba na


While rey just pulled away with a hell expression..

When tried to get away..

Main chali.. banke hawa..

She went with her wide arms and mad expressions in front of him make him stumble..

Rabba mere.. menu bacha..

While he simply made a god help me face'

Mausam yeh beimaan
Masti ka yeh sama..

She was there on the stage and he was down..

taking some mad steps..

she pushed herself down on him so as to fall in his arms..

Roko o logon zameen pe
Girne laga aasmaan

Rey tried to compose himself as this girl was falling on him and he was pretty scared for sure.

Thumak, thumak ke jhulungi
Mein udke gagan ko chhoo lungi

In his arms she tried to swing..


Main chali.. banke hawa..

Rabba mere.. menu bacha..

He just tried to keep her down..

Zara sa jhoom loon

But she opposed..

Arey na re na re na

And so her madness continued for a long while'

The song got over and she simply signaled him to come near..

With her still in his arms..

He bought his head closer..

She bit his ear and like a baby and said..

"loser.. abh to bolde u love me!!!!"

Whilehe was left with jaws hanged and eyes wide open..

And she laughed..

"my god.. look at ur face.. u luk as though I just told u that I have secretly done ur sex change operation.."

Rey:[shocked]: u knew I love u'

Taani: u r the dumbEST person alive..

Rey: but how???

Taani: urggghhh..i so wish u can once prove me wrong..

Rey: what:???

Taani: I know it because I love u'

Rey: Shocked


Taani:  die bitch,.. u r the biggest loser..


And she left..

Leaving behind a super shocked rey but for good..

He kept staring her from behind not knowing how to respond..


Rey:this girl is unpredictable..

Swayam: [coming from behind.]

Bhaaii.. she is right..u r the dumbest person alive'

Rey:[coming back]:huh'!!!!!!

Swayam: go to her  u idiot.. stop her' she f**kin told u I LOVE YOU..

Now u go n give her a treatment which girls want..

Rey: oh yes.. I forgot

Swayam: no.. go fast or else forget her..

Rey[running]: going re.. to her place..window se jaaunga..

Swayam: but tu door se bhi ja sakta hai..

Rey: pata hai' but mujhe nahi jaana..

And he flee'



While swayam gave him weird looks and wondered..  "these guys.. they are just.. UNPREDICTABLE..!!!"




Phhheewww done'.

Debo diii.. jute chhaku niche rakho..

Sorry kuch zyada hi late hun na..

But I cnt help it..

Mujhe inspiration ni milri thi..

Abh hogaya'



Now me bhaaging 2 write part 3 of my ss n complete my 7-8 incomplete os's..

So pls take the kasht to leave ur precious feedback..


 editing in a while...

P.S- I wanted 2 write something humorous but this is no way funny..


So don't kill me..Censored

I had written half weeks ago n then wrote the later half now after so long...Confused



PPS. Monkey rock but maine monkeys ki band baja diii'LOL

pms later..Smile

Edited by mehek_luvD3nTBP - 22 June 2013 at 7:20am

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Ayesha_Hasan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 7:19am | IP Logged


Yipeee!! Me first!!!Dancing

Hats off to your Outstanding writing skills...
It was so so Hilarious and was  full of cuteness too...
The only thing I could do after reading this was:

The ReYam conversation, The conversation of Kshitij and Taani..
The Tom and jerry fights...

And the most unique factor was the language...
This OS was so different and unique...

This is gonna be one of my Favourites now...
The Jealousy..I loved the way you portrayed it..
Amazingly done..

And the song sequence was superb..
Really loved each and every thing about it...
Cannot stop reading myself from reading this again now..

Edited by Ayesha_Hasan - 22 June 2013 at 5:43pm
-GoluGudiya- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Dii This was too Hilarious ! Pehla Toh I Loved the language !!!!!! Mujhe Shanti milti hai jab main Aise Shabd ka upyog karti Hun !!! Main Has has Ke pagal Ho rahi Hun ! Sach Mein Dino are unpredictably unbelievable !! Thank You For this ! It really made my day !
crazy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Such a sweetest and cutest OS in the entire worldClapClapStarStar

I mean it was funny, it was romantic, it was can easily bring a wide smile on any one's face for sure ..just like MeBig smile

The prefect Swayam Rey friendship equationThumbs Up
very good utilization of songSmile
And more over, for the last Five years they couldn't confess..what I wanted to readEmbarrassed

Simply SUPERB OS by you MaggieHug this is tight wala hug from me for doing it successfully and flawlessly

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ankita_95 Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 9:01am | IP Logged
hahahaha..reyam convo of tom n jerry fights hehehehe.. n at last rey shockd n tani was suprb tellin him dat hez d dumbest person alive hehehe nyc update...
Viji.Chandran IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 9:13am | IP Logged
unbelivable unpredictable cute awesome os...
praxeto Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 9:15am | IP Logged
res!!! jaldi kar!!!!!!!!!AngryAngryAngry
 i vil unres aftr receivin ur pm only!!CoolD'oh
cuppypie121 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Nice Os
Loved it

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