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Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Chapter 12

This FF is originally started by Rosesphool. The first 9 chapters are by Rosesphool. The Chapters following after that are by both Rosesphool & Ermina.

Sorry for the late update!! Hope you enjoy this chapter!! Smile 


Important Note:

This is our work! Please do not copy or steal! The names of the characters do not belong to us but the stories do. If it comes to our knowledge that our work has been copied or stolen then the FFs will immediately be taken down and discontinued! Hope this is understand clearly. Thank You. 

Banner Made By Appy Creations! Thanks Appy Smile

Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina 

Ch 12

The next day Arnav arrived at Mr. Singhania's office 40 minutes early. He always preferred to be the first anywhere and everywhere. And so he decided to review his file before the meeting started. He looked through his briefcase and found the file missing. He groaned to himself, remembering he must have left it in his car. Making him get up and made his way out.

Fifteen minutes later he walked across the busy streets of Manhattan, with the file in his briefcase. Knowing that he still had plenty of time to pass, he stepped into Starbucks to grab some coffee. With a cup of coffee in one hand and his briefcase in the other, he walked back towards the building.

His phone beeped, assuming it was probably a message from his PA he decided to check the message. He held the coffee and briefcase in one hand and reached into his pocket for his phone. And suddenly, almost out of nowhere he felt the coffee splashing all over his Armani suit.

"WHAT THE...can't you freaking look where you are going??" Arnav screamed before looking up to find the biggest shock of his life standing right before him.

There in front of his very eyes stood the memorizing angel.

The angel stood there, frozen in her tracks, with widened eyes as memories of the enchanting night flooded back.

Short Flashback (Two hours earlier)

It had been a bad start of an important day for her. It seemed like luck was definitely not on her side today.

Her morning started with her alarm not ringing. Followed by her cook being sick which meant no time for breakfast. Then when she finally headed out she was met by one of the worst traffic jams in the history of Manhattan.

And to top it off her car broke down just a block away from her destination. Leaving her no choice but to sprint all the way to the building.

So with a foul mood and cursing her bad luck along the way, she quickly rushed through the crowds. While rushing she thought to double check her files to see if she had everything. She didn't want to risk anything today.

She sighed out in relief when she found everything in place before she came crashing into something or rather someone.

Flashback ends

Khushi crashed into something hard and before she knew it her white blouse was drenched with coffee.

Before she could open her mouth she heard a voice screaming out,

"WHAT THE...can't you freaking look where you are going??"

Khushi's temper sky rocketed hearing those words, and as furious as ever before, she decided to give the rude man a piece of her mind.


Just as her wide hazel eyes met his molten brown raging ones, Khushi's mouth was left hanging in midair and stood there with her famous "hawww" expressions.

The two stood there gaping at each other not knowing what to say or do.

At last curiosity took over and Arnav managed an attempt to speak up,

" night...I..." He stammered helplessly.

But no matter how hard he tried to form the right words nothing more than what sounded like gibberish came out of his mouth.

Khushi on the other hand continued to stare at him dumbfounded. Her facial expressions were quite amusing and very entertaining for anyone who happened to be passing by.

And the two helpless souls would have probably stood there for hours if it hadn't been for Arnav's PA.

His PA rushed up towards them panting, his eyes grew as big as saucers seeing the sight in front of him but he quickly regained his control.

"Sirrr... we're getting late for the meeting." He managed to squeak out as he nervously wiped the sweat off his face despite the slightly chilly weather.

The word 'meeting' seemed to do the trick as the two snapped out of their dream world.

And with that they both made their way towards the same building, heading to the elevators.

As they both stepped into the same elevator Khushi failed to notice the stranger enter the same elevator since she was too busy fishing something out of her purse.

Arnav glanced sideways at the angel. She was dressed in a formal white and black outfit making her glow just like she did at the party.

His thoughts were interrupted with an annoying tapping sound.

He turned towards the direction of the sound and saw his PA annoying the hell out of him with his constant tapping pen against the files he had in his hands.

ASR's one glare at him immediately put a stop to the tapping. Therefore making the PA look straight ahead with a ridiculous expression on his face.

Arnav rolled his eyes at his PA's clown-like expressions but his own behavior since last night seemed to be no less than a clown Arnav thought.

He wanted to whack himself across the head for acting like such a fool a few minutes ago.

"Since when did I start stammering??"

He thought annoyed with himself before stealing another quick glance at her.

Khushi stood at the opposite end of the elevator, just mere inches away from him. She was busy texting orders to her own PA to somehow arrange her a new set of clothes within the next 5 minutes.

As she finally pressed the send button she put her phone back into her purse. It was the slight shuffling towards her left side that brought to her attention that the same stranger was staring at her.

She looked back at him confusingly making Arnav quickly turn his head in the other direction.

Before either could ponder on that thought for even a second longer the elevator doors opened.

They both walked out slowly stealing glances at each other before heading off towards their own directions.


Arnav sat next to his PA as the meeting hall slowly started filling up with people. He was back to being the ruthless ASR, ready to tackle the meeting. However that only lasted for a few minutes when to his shock the angel entered the meeting hall.

Khushi came in with her PA by her side and sat at the round table right across Arnav and his PA. It was only when she settled down in her seat that she noticed him sitting there.

They looked at each other with bewilderment.

"What is he doing here?? Is he stalking me??" Khushi thought to herself as a slight frown formed on her face.

Right across the tables Arnav sat there staring at her before asking his PA,

"Who is she?"

His PA glanced up towards the direction of where Arnav was indicating but right then Mr. Singhania walked in.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. So shall we begin?" said Mr. Singhania.


The meeting progressed smoothly with each company briefly presenting their proposals.

When it came time for Khushi's company to present their proposal Arnav's phone vibrated.

He checked his phone to see a text from his Di,

"Chote call me right now, I needed to ask you something."

As much as he wanted to put it off till after the meeting he knew better than that. He wasn't in the mood for at least a 3 hour lecture from her therefore making him step out to receive her call.

After about a good 15 minutes of his Di's random questions about the latest fashion wear in New York, Arnav finally walked back into the room.

As he entered he noticed the angel sitting back down. He felt slightly disappointed at having to miss out on what she had to say. He made a mental note to find out more about her after the meeting.

He sat down next to his PA as the meeting continued to proceed.

A while later as the meeting still went on, Khushi's PA reached for the glass of water placed in front of her.

However as the PA was about to take a sip she saw the man smile at her sheepishly before winking at her. The glass almost slipped out of her hands causing the water to spill all over Khushi's dress.

Khushi glared at her PA,

The young PA looked at her boss nervously.

"I...I ...sorry mam...I..."

Khushi's gaze softened a bit seeing her PA almost scared for her life.

"Its ok...I'll be back in a bit."

Saying that Khushi quietly made her way out.

On her way out her eyes met with Arnav's for a brief moment before she stepped out.

Arnav's eyes followed her...he seemed to be lost in thought when Mr. Singhania called his name.

"Mr. Raizada..."

Arnav looked back confused for a second,


"Sir...our proposal..." His PA whispered to Arnav.

Arnav looked back towards him to see him indicating at the files laying on the table in front of them.

"Oh yes of course..." replied Arnav as he stood up to present their proposal.


Meanwhile Khushi finally managed to dry herself. She sighed to herself as she closed her eyes for a moment.

This was her first major deal she was offered ever since she had taken over their company. In the past six months after completing her studies she took over all the responsibilities that her father once used to look after.

So far she had done remarkably well and she couldn't let her father down especially since he had finally allowed her to study abroad. Studying abroad had been her dream for years and she was determined to make her father's dream come true too. And she definitely wasn't going to let this golden opportunity, that this deal offered, go to waste.

She thought back to her brief conservation with her Dad last night after she had returned from the party.

Brief Flashback:

Shashi: I know Khushi that we just had this conversation before the party but I'm still worried. You are sure that you can handle it? I can still fly over any time and assist you. We can delay our holiday trip. I know you've already had your PA book our tickets but we can still reschedule it.

Shashi said, as Garima was finalizing the last minute packing.

Apparently Khushi had their tickets booked to Dubai right away so there would be no time for her parents to object.

"No Papa I can handle it, everything's under control. Your Khushi is a big girl now. And no Papa there is no need to delay your holiday. It took my PA hours to get your tickets booked at the last minute."

Shashi: Ok but betiya I can also send NK over to help you. You're handling so much and everything on your own. I don't want you to be burdened with so much work and stress.

Khushi: Papa, no its not necessary for NK Jiju to come. He has his own life Papa and we shouldn't disturb him for everything.

Shashi closed his eyes in frustration before speaking up,

"Betiya how many times do I have to explain that he is not your Jiju anymore. Lavanya left him ages ago. NK needs our support, your support. He has gone through a lot of pain ever since Lavanya left. Also he might not like it when you call him must hurt him. Please think about what I said NK is a nice boy...he would make..."

"Papa its getting really late now and the meeting is fixed very early tomorrow. I will call you later. And don't worry I can handle everything just fine. Ok bye Papa love you."

And with the Khushi had ended the call.

End of Flashback

Khushi sighed and took one last look at herself before heading back to the meeting hall.

Just as she re-entered the meeting hall she noticed that Mr. Singhania was making his way to the front of hall. 

She sat down, waiting anxiously, hoping that their company had bagged the deal.

Mr. Singhania: Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I must say I'm quite impressed with all of your proposals. However there were two particular companies that really caught my attention. So therefore I announce Mr. Raizada and Ms. Gupta to handle this project together.

Khushi and Arnav froze as they heard the names and both sprang up.



But this new revelation seemed to have shocked them even more. The two stared at each other with shock and horror written all over their faces!!

ARNAV: Gupta????

KHUSHI: Raizada????

By this time Arnav's and Khushi's PAs stood up shaking fear while the people in the meeting hall could do nothing but sit there, too shocked to even breath.

Before things could get out of hand Mr. Singhania spoke up,

"Yes, I feel that both of your designs and work will be the most suitable for this project. As you may already know my nephew is no less than a son to me. His wedding should be the most grand event New York has ever seen! I want everything to be perfect and both of your companies work spell out perfection. Your past work and proposals has impressed me and now what I have decided is final. Mr. Raizada your company will be designing all of the bride groom's wardrobe for the wedding functions. And since you also own the best chain of Hotels here in New York I want my nephew's wedding to be held at your finest Hotel! And Ms. Gupta your company will be in charge of the bride's wardrobe for the wedding functions. And since you also happen to own the best event managing company here in New York I put your company in charge of this wedding. Now if you'll excuse me I need to speak to my nephew, my secretary will have the contracts ready within an hour. Thank you."

And saying that Mr. Singhania made his way towards the exit.

As he walked out he stared at Arnav's and Khushi's PAs and winked before making his way out with a smirk.

Within seconds after Mr. Singhania left both Arnav and Khushi stormed out of the meeting room with their PA's rushing behind them.

Adi rushed behind his fuming boss trying his best to calm him down.


ASR turned around glaring at him before he turned back to head towards the elevators.

On the other hand Pinky, Khushi's PA rushed out only to see her boss storm away towards the same elevators.

Adi and Pinky stared at each other frightened.

They trembled at the thought of being fired when Adi's phone buzzed.

Adi saw red as he answered the expected call,

"See I told he would get angry!!! What have you gotten me stuck into?? ASR will eat me up alive for hiding the fact that Gupta's company was also attending the meeting!!"

The man on the other end of the phone laughed at his cousin.

"Oh come on Adi chill, my best friend isn't that bad!! He's really a nice guy!! You know why we're doing this! And besides weren't you the one who told me you wanted to go on a adventure trip after finishing your studies? What can be more adventurous than working under ASR??"

"What??? You call this an adventure?? I call this a highway straight to hell!!!" Adi screamed out only to hear a riot of laughter coming through the phone in return.

Aman, Anjali, Payal, and Sanjana rolled over laughing at poor Adi's condition.

Finally after a good 5 more minutes spent in laughing till their stomachs ached, Sanjana grabbed the phone from Aman, to talk to her brother.

"Bhai chill na don't worry everything will be fine. We've got this all planned out. And the best part is Mr. Singhania is with us on this. It was very kind of him to agree to let Arnav and Khushi work together for his nephew's wedding. And Bhai don't forget in all this you're also getting the chance to spend time with Pinky, your crush since college so stop complaining!!"

Adi sighed inwardly before Anjali Di took the phone next to speak to him.

"Yes Adi don't worry we're also with you on this. Just use the excuse we came up with and you'll be fine. Arnav needs us Adi. You and Pinky are the only ones who can do this job. Since you were studying abroad Arnav never met you and after the accident he doesn't remember your name. And Khushi never knew about Pinky since Payal and Pinky were classmates in college. Adi, we have to do this for Arnav and Khushi. They need to spend time together and maybe then things will work out for the better."

Anjali said as tears rolled down her cheeks thinking of the all the pain Arnav and Khushi were going through.

Aman put an arm around her shoulders comforting her.

"Hey Anji don't worry everything will be fine. We'll work something out." He gave her a soft kiss on her forehead calming Anjali down within seconds.

Anjali smiled softly at him, thanking God for blessing her with a second chance at life with Aman.

Adi sighed surrendering,

"Ok I know don't worry I'll handle it. So what's the next step??"


Meanwhile Arnav and Khushi both ended up entering the same elevator at the same time.

Arnav: What the hell are you doing here Gupta??

Khushi: How dare you speak to me this way Raizada??

Arnav: You will never win this deal!! Raizada's are the best at everything and non of your families' stupid plans to try to ruin our position in the market will work!! Guptas did it once but it will never happen again!!

Khushi: What the hell!! You Raizadas tried to ruin us!! And the Guptas are known to be faithful to their work!! We are not cheap liars like you Raizadas...

As she spoke her eyes sparkled with determination, his gaze lower to her lips, that were trembling slightly in anger. His eyes darkened before he launched forward taking her into a wild and passionate kiss. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

To be continued...LOL

LOLLOL Guys the cliffhanger at the end is especially dedicated to one of my friends who hasn't updated her FF in a long time!! So please feel free to shower her your love on her FF thread!! 

Link to her FF:

Also Please make sure to comment and like. Smile

PMs Note:

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very interesting...:)

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superb !!! so now both gupta and raizada will work together.. its gonna be great.. 

thanks for pm Smile

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Wow interesting

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Thnx for the pm
Its really been long indeed.
Awesome updt
Totally loved their encounter.
The end part in the elevator ws wow!!
I mean really he kissed her.
I ws so pissed at Anjali bt  i guess it ws done deliberately to divert Arnav.
Bt seriously who calls during such imp meetings for trivilal thng other thn Anjali.
And who actually receives such calls during a busi meeting other then Arnav.

Lol you last line on the ciiffhanger ws awesome.
So you wnt us to wish your friend good morning n make her updt. hehe

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That was interesting. All are ganging up against A&K to work together!

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Interesting update.
Thanks for the pm.

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