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Th 1 Long Lost Memories & Love Th 2 Link PG 1 Index (Page 86)

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Originally posted by momo121

Thanks for the clarification 

Your Welcome Smile Will be posting Ch 11 very soon Smile

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Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Chapter 11

This FF is originally started by Rosesphool. The first 9 chapters are by Rosesphool. The Chapters following after that are by both Rosesphool & Ermina

Hey Everyone  Smile

Thanks for the amazing response on Ch 10!! SmileSmile Hope you guys enjoy Ch 11!! And please everyone comment and like. We really need your feedback on this chapter. Took us a very long time to get it done. Smile

Important Note:

This is our work! Please do not copy or steal! The names of the characters do not belong to us but the stories do. If it comes to our knowledge that our work has been copied or stolen then the FFs will immediately be taken down and discontinued! Hope this is understand clearly. Thank You. 
Banner Made By Appy Creations! Thanks Appy Smile

Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina 

Ch 11

After a few moments of admiring her rather cute expressions he spoke up in a husky voice,

"Hi, may I have this dance with you?"

His husky voice sparked an unknown thrill throughout her body, shocking Khushi beyond what she could ever imagine. Her heart started drumming against her chest as the lights dimmed once again. The moonlight pooled in through the grand french windows and smiled down upon her.

Arnav stared right back at glowing angelic face, equally shocked at his own proposal as the music slowly sounded sending them both into a magical dream...

The twinkling stars danced in rhythm with the music...


We do not own this video just posting it. We found the lyrics and translations of the song on google.

Main Agar Kahoon Song from OSO YT Link:

Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon

(Having found you, I feel I've lost myself)

Kehna Chahoon Bhi To Tumse Kya Kahoon

(Even if I could, I wouldn't know what to say)

Arnav felt a slight pain rising within his soul as those words echoed throughout the hall. The mere words seem to have triggered a soft corner within his soul making him feel anxious.

Yet this painful tug was soon replaced with a sense of relief that rose within him seeing the angel gleaming just before his eyes.

Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon

(Having found you, I feel I've lost myself)

Kehna Chahoon Bhi To Tumse Kya Kahoon

(Even if I could, I wouldn't know what to say)

Unconsciously Khushi's eyes watered as the lyrics unknowingly hit her hard within her soul. A tear tickled down her cheeks making her reach up in time to catch the drop on the tip of her finger. She stared at it confusingly, before lifting her gaze towards him, unable to understand the sensations of the weird painful happiness she felt invading her heart.

Kisi Zabaan Mein Bhi Woh Lafeez Hi Nahi

(There are no words in any language)

Ki Jin Mein Tum Ho Kya Tumhein Mein Bata Sakoon

(That I can use to describe you)

Main Agar Kahoon Tumsa Haseen

(If I were to say that a beauty like you)

Kaynaat Mein Nahi Hai Kahin

(Cannot be found in the whole world)

Tareef Yeh Bhi To Sach Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi

(This compliment, in truth, would be nothing)

Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon

(Having found you, I feel I've lost myself)

Arnav stared helplessly at her troubled features, feeling too speechless to express in words what this innocent angel was doing to him. Having never seen such innocence in his life, all he could do was just simply stand, rooted to the ground and continue to silently admire her.

Shokhiyon Mein Doobi Yeh Aadayein

(Your michievious style and grace)

Chehre Se Jhalki Hui Hain

(Spills out from your face)

Zulf Ki Ghani Ghani Ghatayein

(Your thick cloud of hair)

Shaan Se Dhalki Hui Hai

(Rests on your shoulders with pride)

Lehrata Aachal Hai Jaise Badal

(Your scarf floats in the wind like a cloud)

Bhaahon Mein Bhari Hai Jaise Chandani

(Your arms are filled with moonlight)

Roop Ki Chandani

(moonlight of beauty)

A slight breeze passed through as her hair danced along with the music. The wind picked up its speed in chorus making her pallu slid slightly off her shoulder.

Khushi felt a silent gasp escape her throat as his eyes followed her every slight movement. She quickly fixed her pallu back into its spot and lowered her gaze, unable to look into his molten eyes.

Mein agar kahoon yeh dil kashi

(If I were to say this splendor)

Hai nahi kahin, na hogi kahin

(Cannot be found anywhere and never will be)

Taaref yeh bhi to, saach hai kuch bhi nahi

(This compliment, in truth, would be nothing)

Completely lost in her beauty, Arnav took a small step ahead and extended his hand for a dance.

Khushi stared at his hand's silent request. She was about turn away when she saw his eyes and as if hypnotized by them she unconsciously extended her own hand in acceptance.

Just as their hands were about to meet the spell was broken. Arnav felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned to see his PA standing there with concern. Feeling a bit irritated for being interrupted he glared at him.

Before hell broke out the PA quickly stepped forward and whispered,

"Sir...sir... I apologize for the interrupted but we have a issue with one of our clients. He wants to meet right now."

Although Arnav would have preferred to stay longer, he knew it was necessary to leave. He silently nodded and turned back towards her,


But was interrupted once again,

"Sir he wants to meet in the next 20 minutes"

Arnav stood there, staring at her almost apologetically. Finally after debating among various things to say he concluded that non of them were suitable enough. After spending a few more seconds just standing there he turned away to leave.

Khushi stared at his retreating back feeling a hint of pain as the stranger slowly disappeared.

He walked towards the exit with his PA and he glanced back at her once more. 

Their eyes met briefly before he headed out with the music echoing...

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hoon...

(Having found you, I feel I've lost myself)

Later that night , after changing into her night gown, Khushi lay in bed thinking back to the party.

The events of the night left her feeling perplexed as questions after questions shot through her mind. She thought back to when she first entered the party. Her mind was preoccupied with work until the moment she met the strangers' eyes.

The memories of his molten brown eyes and husky voice was still fresh in mind. She had felt unknown sensations spreading like wild fire in her heart, that had went on throughout the party.

"What was about him that made me feel this way??"

She thought, shifting in bed only to accidentally hit the play button on her iPod. Coincidentally, the magical song of the night sounded out once again...

"Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hoon..."

(Having found you, I feel I've lost myself)

She once again felt the same restlessness she felt at the party. The same painful happiness spread within her as a teardrop fell from her eyes. She sat up on bed and wiped away the tear stains off her cheek.

"It's just a song Khushi...why are you all of sudden so emotional??" She thought as the song proceeded. She couldn't help but ponder on further about the night.

His every move had seemed to have just left her surprisingly speechless. It was a very rare sight to see her speechless, yet this stranger had managed this rare possibility more than once. It was like she had suddenly became powerless against this stranger.

And above all this stranger felt so familiar. She couldn't figure out why or how but he just seemed familiar, like she has known him for years. Even when he had extended his hand for a dance a weird feeling of comfort seemed to have taken over her senses. Though her heart trembled initially she immediately relaxed when she saw those molten eyes.

"Why did I accept his proposal to dance??" She questioned herself.

Khushi felt helpless realizing that she couldn't come up with a single logical explanation to any of her questions.

Finally exhaustion took over, making her slowly shut her eyes, zoning out the world she went into a deep slumber.


After a meeting with the client Arnav drove back home. He entered his house with his butler greeting him.

"Send a coffee up, I'm heading for a shower." He said tiredly.

Thirty minutes later he came out and went straight to his laptop to his check emails. Finding nothing worth his immediate attention he took his coffee and went out towards his swimming pool.

He stood out in the night by the pool, sipping into the steaming cup of coffee, and thought back to Mr. Singhania's party.

He had arrived at the party all set to impress Mr. Singhania.

Never, even in his wildest dreams did he expect to encounter such a beautiful angel. And what puzzled him beyond words was his behavior throughout the evening.

The very moment he laid eyes on her, he was completely lost in her angelic face. The simple yet elegant saree she wore seemed to have had stolen his breath away. Her innocent eyes only added to the magical experience. This glowing angel had taken away all his senses the entire evening. And the helplessness feeling in him only increased, remembering how he just couldn't take his eyes off her.

"What the..." Lost in thought, he completely forgot about the steaming coffee in his hand and accidentally spilled some on one of his plants.

He was about to call out for someone to clean it up but decided against it since it was already too late. He would just tell someone in the morning. He put the coffee on a table and walked on ahead. He leaned against a wall, looking out towards the night, his thoughts about her continued lingering on, in his mind.

He felt frustrated thinking back to his possessive-like feeling for her. When his PA had simply complimented her looks, he felt a odd rage overcome him. If it weren't for the PA's confused stare he probably would have punched him. This thought almost scared him and he mentally thank his common sense for kicking in at the right time.

But that didn't help much either, he thought again, recalling the scene following right after when that young man asked her for a dance. He was just seconds away from not only punching but beating the crap outta the man. Thankfully, in time, the young man decided to back off without any questions. He felt so confused and sought for an answer to his questions in the sky.

Gazing up at the sky, he saw the stars twinkling. It reminded him of how weird he felt when he heard that song at the party.

Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon

(Having found you, I feel I've lost myself)

The words were like poking thorns in his heart. And the strange thing was even the angel seemed to be troubled.

"What's wrong with me? Why did I react like that?" He thought.

Since his college days Arnav was used to girls hitting on him but he never paid any attention to them. Although at times he would find some a little attractive he just wasn't interested in anyone nor in any kind of relationship.

Therefore he would always maintain a professional relationship with everyone. And this was all due to his work, family and physiology in life. These three factors were always his main priorities with which he would never compromise on.

Yet, despite his own set principles he had went as far as asking the girl for a dance. And not only did he ask her for a dance but kept staring at her like an idiot. Arnav wanted to kick himself hard for acting like a immature teenager.

"What was I thinking? She probably thinks I'm a pervert or something."

At the last thought Arnav almost did kick himself.

"What the...who cares what she thinks?? You don't even know her and if you did then you are Arnav Singh Raizada!! That girl means nothing to you!!" Arnav told himself.

He tried to reason with himself to stop thinking about her and blamed the reason for his behavior on the drinks. 

Glancing at his watch, he realized it getting late, and went back inside.

As he lay in bed, in deep slumber, the words, tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hoon, hummed in that mysterious dream of his.


The next day Arnav arrived at Mr. Singhania's office 40 minutes early. He always preferred to be the first anywhere and everywhere. And so he decided to review his file before the meeting started. He looked through his briefcase and found the file missing. He groaned to himself, remembering he must have left it in his car. Making him get up and made his way out.

Fifteen minutes later he walked across the busy streets of Manhattan, with the file in his briefcase. Knowing that he still had plenty of time to pass, he stepped into Starbucks to grab some coffee. With a cup of coffee in one hand and his briefcase in the other, he walked back towards the building.

His phone beeped, assuming it was probably a message from his PA he decided to check the message. He held the coffee and briefcase in one hand and reached into his pocket for his phone. And suddenly, almost out of nowhere he felt the coffee splashing all over his Armani suit.

"WHAT THE...can't you freaking look where you are going??" Arnav screamed before looking up to find the biggest shock of his life standing right before him.

To Be Continued...

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I was waiting for this update forever! Glad you gave us a long, fantastic, update!
Arhi's encounter was so well written that I almost teared up. You managed to bring out so many different emotions with such flow; I am impressed. Usually writing song sequences is hard but you did a good job with it. I loved the little touch you added with the tears coming down Khushi's eyes. She was confused to why she was feeling this way and the way Arnav was reacting; amazing. 

Loved the unknown jealousy Arnav felt as well. These are good points to the journey they are about to encounter with their memories. I felt like Arhi has this wall they are trapped inside of and they are scratching their way out of it for now. Soon enough they will break the walls and remember. 

Now that the thoughts have triggered in to their brains this will become more and more interesting. Hopefully more encounters in the future. 

Well done Heenz. Loved it. :) 

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superb updt

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Nice update.

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so they have met and instantly felt a connection

I wonder if the memories will start coming back?

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Awesome update loved it Continue soon

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Nice update

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