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Th 1 Long Lost Memories & Love Th 2 Link PG 1 Index (Page 70)

foreversarun3 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by AnupamaJY

waiting for the update

Will try my best to update soon 

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Thanks for the teasers
Looking forward to the update

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foreversarun3 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by YaSha0512

Thanks for the teasers
Looking forward to the update

Thx glad u liked the teasers. Will try updating soon Smile
foreversarun3 IF-Dazzler

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Hello Readers!! SmileSmile

Will be posting Ch 10 soon hopefully sometime this weekend!! SmileSmile 

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Originally posted by Dalmuthuya

Un res after billion years later..

NK and Lavanya's story is getting more and more interesting.. and complicated? Is that even the right word. I am not quite sure. Something is just a miss in their story. It seems odd. 

Ohmygod. Aman is seriously my favourite. The amount of work he is putting to get them to meet. It did some what succeed I guess, but of course that ass Yash has to ruin every thing. I think it's pretty my obvious my favorite scene was Arhi meeting. Their cute argument about who knocked who was just funny. Lol Typical them. But damn 2 years? I did not see that. What the hell. -_- But hey I am okay with that because years later meeting are always the best. Lol Loved, loved, loved this chapter Heenz! As usual it was brilliant. :) 

LOL yeah finally you unres!! SmileSmile Thanks for reading & liking it!! Yup Nk & Lav's story is complicated Wink How, Why, What, etc will all be answered in the course of this FF LOLLOL Yeah Aman is far Big smile LOLLOL Sorry won't give anything away regarding the characters LOLLOL 

Yup Arshi's scenes are my favorite parts too!! SmileSmile Two years gap was put there for a reason!! Find out by reading my future updates!! Big smileBig smile  Thanks yaar I'm sooo glad you enjoyed the update!! SmileSmile 
foreversarun3 IF-Dazzler

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Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Chapter 10

This FF is originally started by Rosesphool. The first 9 chapters are by Rosesphool. The Chapters following after that are by both Rosesphool & Ermina

Hey Everyone  Smile

Also I'd like to welcome my friend Ermina From now on both of us will be writing this FF!!  To buddy Ermina check the post below. Enjoy Smile

Important Note:

This is our work! Please do not copy or steal! The names of the characters do not belong to us but the stories do. If it comes to our knowledge that our work has been copied or stolen then the FFs will immediately be taken down and discontinued! Hope this is understand clearly. Thank You.

Banner Made By Appy Creations! Thanks Appy Smile

Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina 

Ch 10

2 years later...

A glaze of dark shadows encompassed the area. Droplets of a sticky liquidy substance dripped to the ground.
Two figures stood above a pool of blood.

A pair of masculine hands grazed the soft glowing cheek. Muffling the painful cries, the bodies united into a desperate passionate hug.

"Its ok...nothing will happen love..."

The sound of glass shattering came from within the near distance...


He woke up panting as the sweat dripped down his face making its way to the white sheets on the king-sized bed. He reached his trembling hands towards the glass of water standing on his night stand and gulped the water in one go.

He sat still for a few moments, catching his breath until his alarm rang bringing him back to senses. A reminder of his meeting blinked on his iphone. After a few more pondering moments spent in deep thought he slowly climbed out of bed and headed for a shower.

As he stood under the steaming water with his eyes closed, his mind went over the dream countless times. It was almost like a daily routine for him now yet he was left even more restless each time. Each morning he would wake up panting and sweating.

The dream was like a unknown painful tug at his heart with the pain increasing day by day. In frustration he slapped his hand against the wall chanting to himself,

"It doesn't mean anything...the dream doesn't mean anything Arnav!!"


They sat in the meeting that finally concluded after four long hours.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen that concludes our meeting. I expect results soon and the best."

ASR announced as the employees sat attentively not moving an inch. Finally with a single motion of his finger they quickly scattered out.

ASR marched out with his PA rushing behind him finalizing the upcoming important dates.

"Sir the meeting tomorrow will be held at 9 am sharp. Representatives from other competing companies will also be present there."

"Hmm...see to it that all the preparations are done and that we bag the deal by the end of the first hour. AR never fails to succeed in anything!" said a confident ASR.

"Definitely sir."

He struggled to keep up with ASR's speed as he quickly scanned his file for other important reminders. He mentally kicked himself for almost forgetting to tell him about the important evening event. He looked up just in time to see ASR marching away and almost sprinted towards him.

" more thing your father called just before today's meeting. Tonight is Mr. Singhania's 30th Wedding Anniversary celebration. He has sent a special invitation to the Raizadas. Mr. Raizada said its important to attend since Mr. Singhania happens to be one of his oldest clients. It would also prove to be beneficial to the meeting with Mr. Singhania tomorrow."

"Hmm...very well then see you in the evening."

Saying that he went into his office.


He sat at his desk with his head leaning back on the headrest of the chair. Closing his eyes he recalled his father's words.

"Son, as part of the Raizada Empire I expect the best and only the best. Your intellectual business sense and skills regarding our chains of Hotels and Resorts has left me quite impressed. Within just a matter of months you managed to bring Raizada Hotels and Resorts to India's top two position. However our foreign business empire is in a huge mess due to the economy. I'm putting you in charge there to get things running smoothly. I have complete faith in you. Make me proud by ensuring AR to be the world's number one fashion house."

Arnav opened his eyes, the conversation by the fireplace was still fresh in mind even after two years.

The young 27 year old rose up, walking towards the window. He looked down upon his employees, and thought to himself,

"I won't let you down Dad. We'll very soon be the number one."


She stepped out dripping wet and tied the bathrobe tighter around her body. Drying her hair she sat in front of her laptop reading over the annual reports.

Just as she finished reading her phone vibrated.

She smiled as she answered,

"Yes I remember, don't worry Papa I'll be there on time.

"Good but are you sure you don't need anything?" he asked.

"Papa don't worry I've got everything handled. And remember your promise? You need to rest now. Its been two years since you have retired but you still haven't enjoyed your time off. You and Mama should go for a holiday."

"But Beta..." he started.

"No excuses will work this time Papa! I'm booking yours and Mama's tickets to a one month trip to Dubai."

He smiled at his daughter orders giving up,

"Okay Khushi beta, you just take care of yourself. And please Beta learn to enjoy these years. You are only 22 and yet you have taken up so much responsibility...I..."

Khushi didn't let her father continue any further and said,

"Papa I'm doing absolutely fine and enjoying my work. You and Mama don't have to worry about anything."

Shashi sighed but let it go.

"Ok Beta. Let me know how everything goes."

Khushi smiled saying,

"I will call you tomorrow. Love you Papa good night."

Shashi: Love you too beta, good night.

As Khushi hung up she walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out her outfit. She untied the robe, letting it fall freely to the ground and changed into the elegant outfit for the evening. She tied the knots at the back one by one and walked over to her dresser. With minimal make-up yet an elegant touch she looked absolutely exquisite as she walked out towards her car.

Her driver greeted her as he held the door open for her to sit inside. Within minutes they were driving off towards the evening's event. Khushi sat there praying silently to herself,

"Hey Devi Maiya please let everything work. I don't want to let Papa down."

As Khushi finished the quick prayer she looked back to her files laying on the backseat of her BMW. She decided to go over the details once more.


Mr. Singhania's party was on full swing. The hall was beautifully decorated with a traditional Indian theme kept in mind. The colorful yet elegant surroundings filled with loud desi music gave the party an attractive feel to it. Despite the theme being traditional Mr. Singhania managed to convince his dear wife to allow at least business suits for the guests' convenience.

The party was filled with unique and impressive personalities. Most of the men dressed in either business suits or traditional Indian attire while the women mostly dressed in elegant saree's and salwar suits.

Arnav stood with a group of men discussing business topics. Upon his Dad's orders he was determined to maintain a good impression on Mr. Singhania. It was the matter of the Raizada's reputation and Arnav would make sure nothing would tarnish it. Due to the economy their foreign business empire had been down in the dumps for a while. Therefore making it difficult initially to sign on new clients.

After much struggle Arnav had managed to bring their company back up to their high standards. His aim now was to make it to the number one position. And finalizing the deal with Mr. Singhania would be a step closer to making his father's and his dream come true. Since Mr. Singhania was a very old client and a good family friend he wanted to maintain healthy business relations with him.

After a long group discussion over stock markets Arnav walked over towards the bar. The loud music was beginning to irritate him. He almost groaned to himself when Mahi Ve played again for almost the 10th time.

Just as he lifted his glass to take a sip of his drink the lights suddenly went off.

Puzzled, Arnav turned around only to freeze as his heart started racing.

It was dark everywhere except one corner of the hall where the lights focused on a beautiful angel. It was as if the world paused complimenting and celebrating the angel's arrival as the music sounded...

SubhanAllah SubhanAllah...

Chand Sifarish Song From Fanna YT Link:

Khushi... Wink (Haha...LOLLOL...sorry couldn't help myself)

Arnav's heart felt a sudden unknown feeling of khushi (happiness) and rather impatient excitement as the angel continued to stand there in glory.

Khushi looked around nervously feeling uneasy as every pair of eyes stared at her. Her gaze stopped on one particular pair of eyes.

It was as if she was hypnotized by his deep molten brown eyes.

Arnav slowly let his eyes travel down taking in her sight. She was dressed in a beautiful angelic blue sari. 

Chaand sifarish jo karta hamari deta woh tumko bata...

Khushi adjusted her sari as her heart started beating, feeling his intense gaze upon her.

Sharm-o-haya parde gira ke karni hain humko khata...

SubhanAllah SubhanAllah...

They were suddenly interrupted as Mr. Singhania's wife came towards the angel to greet her.

Mr. Singhania's wife: I'm so glad you could make it betiya. Thanks for coming. Please make sure yourself comfortable.

Khushi: It's my pleasure to be here.

Even as they spoke Khushi could still feel his gaze on her making her uneasy. 

Arnav just couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her. The rare beautiful and innocence that reflected from her seem take his breath away. He watched her as she was pulled towards a young group of girls chatting and laughing away. The sweet sound of her laughter played music to his ears. 

Khushi gazed back at him from the distance wondering to herself,

"Where do I remember him from?" 

The girls constant chattering made her forget everything and she was drawn into their cheerful conversation. 

Meanwhile Arnav was simply lost in her and had completely forgotten about his surroundings. Finally from the cornor of his eyes he saw someone approaching him.

He straighten himself up when he found his PA come around to join him at the bar.

His PA ordered himself a drink and said with a slightly drunk voice,

"She's simply beautiful isn't she?"

Arnav felt a unknown feeling of rage overcome him at the comment. He stared back into his PA's eyes, giving him almost a death glare.

When in return Arnav received nothing but a puzzled nervous look from the poor guy he turned back to his original position. And thought to himself,

"What's wrong with me? Why...?"

But his thoughts were interrupted as he saw a young man about to ask the angel for a dance.

Something snapped in him and without a second thought wasted he marched over towards them. 

Khushi saw the man from a distance get up and immediately felt her heart racing again. Her eyes almost popped out when she saw him heading towards her and before she knew it he was standing just mere inches away from her.

Arnav stared at her and the young man standing next to her.

With his one look the young man quickly excused himself saying he has an important call to make. The young man then quickly scattered away, he had heard lots about ASR and his famous anger. And had no plans of making a fool out of himself in front of everyone.

Arnav smirked as he turned back to look at the angel.

All Khushi could do was stare at him dumbfounded. She couldn't seem to form the right words for the situation. Therefore she just continued to stare at him with widen eyes and a mouth opened wide enough to fit a dozen laddos at once. 

After a few moments of admiring her rather cute expressions he spoke up in a husky voice,

"Hi, may I have this dance with you?"

To Be Continued...

Hope you guys enjoyed this update!! 

Note about Arnav's dream:

It may not necessarily be a scene from his past or future. Just a heads up. Smile

Please check the post below to buddy Ermina Smile 

Please give us your feedback commenting and liking.

PMs Note:

Buddy me, Comment & Like 

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Hello Readers!! SmileSmile

I'm Ermina!! Thanks for reading!! 

Please buddy me for pms! Smile

Also make sure to check out our Index! Smile

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Dalmuthuya IF-Dazzler

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Ohmygod, they met after 2 years!!! Seriously this chapter has to be my favourite because I felt like now the battle is about commence with Arhi. Arnav's confusing jealousy towards Khushi, his intense gaze never leaving her. Khushi's desires arising as well. I love the way their eyes just meet and it's magic. I literally felt the magic in your words describing that moment. You perfectly flowed the words in to the scene. It was absolutely brilliant! 

Now I am getting so excited because the story is about falling in love over again and remembering. Do you know what that means? We get a confused, angry, jealous Arnav, along with a confused, innocent, conflicted Khushi. And this only gives us more intense scenes with them, which I cannot wait for! 

Overall amazing chapter and I cannot wait any longer for the next! UPDATE! 

PS: I am awestruck with these lines.. Amazing imagery. 

'A glaze of dark shadows encompassed the area. Droplets of a sticky liquidy substance dripped to the ground.
Two figures stood above a pool of blood.' 

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