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Originally posted by YaSha0512

Wow what a cliffhanger
Wonder what Amans plan will be, he won't tell him straight out will he cause if Yash finds out it will be his Hyde
Oh god I wish he would have turned but I knew it wouldn't happen so soon
Wonder if Anjali will help Arnav to remember slowly without her father knowing
Can't wait for story to unfold
Thanks for pm plz keep em comin n continue

LOL thanks SmileSmile Glad you liked my cliffhanger and update SmileSmile Yeah lots happening Big smileBig smile Wait and read to find out what Aman's plans are. SmileSmile I'll try updating chapter 9 sometime this week Smile

foreversarun3 IF-Dazzler

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Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Chapter 9

This FF is originally started by Rosesphool. The first 9 chapters are by Rosesphool. The Chapters following after that are by both Rosesphool & Ermina

Hey Everyone!! Smile

Thx for reading my ff & being patient with me.Hug This Ch seriously took a lot of effort to write. Really need your inspiring comments and likes. 

Important Note:

This is our work! Please do not copy or steal! The names of the characters do not belong to us but the stories do. If it comes to our knowledge that our work has been copied or stolen then the FFs will immediately be taken down and discontinued! Hope this is understand clearly. Thank You.

Banner Made By Appy Creations! Thanks Appy Smile

Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Ch 9

As the week flew by Aman was busy trying to make arrangements to get the two lost lovebirds to meet. He very well knew that it wouldn't be an easy task. Getting through past Yash Uncle and Khushi's family would be quite challenging but Aman was determined to set things right.

 After he had spoken to Arnav last week he felt a wave of relief pass through him. The anxiousness in Arnav's voice had risen a ray of hope in him. 

He thought back to his conversation with him when they had met at a coffee shop last week. 


They sat at a table with each staring into space before Arnav finally let out all the frustration he had bottled up for weeks at the hospital. 

Arnav: Aman I just don't get it! Why?? Why do I feel so restless these days?? Ever since the accident and my memory loss I can't seem to brush off this weird feeling! I don't know I feels...feels like I lost something. Something important to me. But I can't figure out what and why the hell I'm feeling this way!!! I've tried so hard to remember what happened before the accident but...I...!! 

He slammed his palm against the table as he cursed his condition.

"Dammit! I wish I never would have went for that speed drive after that stupid girl Lavanya left!! This memory loss makes me feel so damn helpless!!!" 

Arnav drew in a deep breath to calm his frustrated nerves down. He was too busy in his own thoughts to notice Aman's troubled facial expressions. 

Aman felt a strong urge to spill out everything right there and then. He had never seen him like this before and couldn't stand seeing him in such a helpless state. But he knew the consequences of spilling the beans all of sudden.

The doctors strict orders were to not stress him in any way. Stressing him could worsen his situation. And in any case Aman surely didn't want to risk his best friend's health. 

He felt that taking things a bit slowly would be a wiser option. He mentally decided to somehow first get Arnav to meet Khushi. And based upon Arnav's reaction he would decide when would be the best time to reveal the truth to him.

Aman cleared his throat gaining Arnav's attention.

"Don't worry Arnav everything will be fine. Time will heal everything." Aman tried consoling him.

Arnav nodded hoping he was right. 

End of flashback 

Aman leaned back on his bed resting his head against the headboard. He hoped that things would work out accordingly to what he had planned. He just had to make things work out. He just had to he thought.


The bright sun rays seeped in through the windows shining brightly on Khushi's lean figure. 

She stared out looking at the chirping birds. She looked up when she heard the doorknob turn. Dr. Chopra walked in with her parents following behind. 

"So how are you feeling today Ms. Gupta?" asked Dr. Chopra as he reviewed over her chart.

"Doing much better Dr. Chopra." Khushi said.

She looked back at her parents and was surprised to see their faces adored with pleasant smiles. In all the time she had been in the hospital she hadn't even once seen them this happy. Their bright smiles warmed her heart but at the time increased her curiosity. 

"Maa...Papa..what happened? You two look very happy today." Khushi asked with a smile. 

Seeing their daughter smiling made Shashi's and Garima's smiles only grow wider. They came around to Khushi's bedside and waited for the doctor to speak. 

Dr. Chopra: So I have checked everything and all seems good. She is good to go. She'll be discharged in the evening. 

Khushi looked back at her parents with surprise that turned into huge toothy smile within seconds. She was so happy to finally be able to go home!! She was grinning like a little girl who was given a whole box of chocolates.

The weeks spent at the hospital made her feel homesick. Despite the hospital staff being very caring and gentle she still missed her home. Images of her cozy bed, large room and home flashed within her mind everyday of weeks. And now she was finally getting all that back!!

It took all the strength in her to refrain from dancing in happiness. She maintained a sober posture and tried to patiently wait till the doctor left. 

As soon as Dr. Chopra left the room Khushi finally let out a squeal of excitement. And hugged Garima.

Shashi smiled with content seeing his daughter so happy after such a long time. 

Shashi: Beta we have another good news. Nk's coming to visit soon!! 

Khushi: Haww!! OMG when Papa when?? Is Lavanya coming with him?? It feels like I haven't met them in ages!! I miss them so much!!! Omg by now they must be married! I didn't even get the chance to gift them anything!! Haww and they didn't invite me to their wedding?? Uff enough Khushi you should be happy for them not complaining!!!! You know we should throw a welcome back party for them!!! Yes that's perfect!!! La would love it!! OMG there is soo much to do!! Shopping, cake...

Khushi went on and on chattering happily thinking about finally being able to meet Lavanya and Nk Jiju. 

But Shashi and Garima's face fell when they heard Lavanya's name. They didn't know how to tell her that Lavanya had just disappeared. After debating mentally they decided that it would be best to not mention anything until Nk himself came over and told them what happened. Luckily enough Khushi didn't question them any further either since she was too excited.

Evening finally came as Khushi was discharged and finally heading back home. She popped her head out the window of their car to let the cool breeze hit against her soft skin. Although she still had felt stressed from all that occurred, Khushi still found some peace knowing she would be home again. 

As the Gupta mansion came into view and the car stopped Khushi jumped out and ran towards the front door excited to be home. Garima and Shashi shook their heads glad to see their crazy daughter back. 

After having dinner with her parents Khushi went upstairs to rest. She lay back in her bed feeling at home. Her phone rang and seeing the caller made her spring up as she answered.

Khushi: Oye!!! How are you yaar?? And where have you been all this time missy??? 

Caller: OMG Khushi I was soo worried about you. Thank God you're okay!!! I couldn't even come meet you since I was out of town. Are you okay na??? Are you back home?? How did all this happen??? 

Khushi: Whoa yaar breathe!! Yes baba I'm okay. In fact I'm great!! I just got back home today.

Caller: You sure na?? I was soo worried.

"Yaar really I'm okay. Don't worry. Okay now enough me!! Tell me when are you coming over?? It better be soon or else I won't spare you!!" Khushi giggled. 

Caller: You have changed one bit have you??

Khushi: Nope!!! Now stop avoiding the question and tell me already!!!

Caller: Soon yaar!!

Khushi: Awesome!!! We have soo much to catch up on!! I've missed you soo much yaar!!! You, me & La used to hang out all the time!

Caller: Yeah I miss our hang outs too. How about we meet up in a few days?? We can go shopping!!! Sounds good? 

Khushi: You're asking me if shopping sounds good?? OF COURSE yaar its GOOD!! It's a deal!! 

Caller: LOL Khushi!! Okay yaar now you rest I'll come over soon. And take care of yourself yaar!!! 

Khushi: Yes Mam!! Talk to ya later!!! 

Caller: Khushi!! I'll let you go for now but when I meet you then you are sooo in for it!! 

Khushi: Hehehe...bring it on!! I'll be waiting!! 

Payal smiled as she put her phone down shaking her head at Khushi's craziness. She then went up to her brother's room. 

Payal: Bhai I just spoke to Khushi. She's back home I'm meeting her up soon. Aman almost jumped doing a victory dance!!!

Seeing her brother almost squeal like a girl made Payal laugh out loud before she joined him. Finally settling down Aman spoke then spoke up.

"Payal that's great news!!!!! Step 1 of our mission is now done!!" Aman exclaimed.

The two siblings sat down and called Sanjana planning the next step. 


A few days passed by with Arnav and Khushi slowly getting back into their routine life.

It was a chilly dark night after a series of thunderstorms that passed through the last couple of days. The heavy winds blew through the night, silencing the city into a deep slumber when the doorbell rang at the Gupta Mansion, interrupting the night. 

Shashi called out from the living room, 

"Ramu kaka who is it?"

"Uncle, it's me." 

Shashi turned around swiftly hearing the familiar voice. He rose from his chair as the young man inched forward to take his blessings. 

Shashi hugged him. 

"How are you Nk beta?" Shashi asked with genuine concern.

He noticed Nk just standing there lost as they broke away from the hug. 

"I'm ok." Nk said in a low voice. 

Khushi and Garima soon came in not giving Shashi a chance to question Nk further. 

Khushi's smile died when Nk turned around and he greeted the ladies. 

Standing before her stood her Nk Jiju whose cheerful nature seemed to have disappeared. 

Instead there stood a man who looked much older and leaner than she remembered. His one smile that shined everywhere he went was now replaced with pale features that underlined the dark circles under his eyes. His dull voice that seemed almost lifeless shocked her even more. 

Khushi almost didn't recognize him due to all these drastic changes in him.

Khushi stood there as questions arose in her mind. 

"What happened to Nk Jiju??? Why is he looking so pale?? Did something happen in the months he was gone?? And where is Lavanya??" She thought to herself. 

When Khushi finally decided to break the silence that seemed to fill the room. 

Khushi: Nk Jiju...what happened?? How have you been? Where is La? Didn't she come back with you??

Nk closed his eyes as he heard her name. He blinked them back open and answered numbly,

"She's gone. She...she just left." 

Khushi's eyes widen as panic hit the core of her soul. 

Shashi gestured Nk to take a sit making the rest follow suit. 

Khushi sat down getting impatient. Nk sat there for a good 15 minutes in silence before he spoke up. 

"When...Lavanya and I left for Australia she was very worried. She had received a call saying that her Nani was in the hospital and was in a critical condition. Which is why we left without informing anyone. Once we arrived at the airport she excused herself to go to ladies room. And then she...she never came back." 

His voice cracked as the memories of that day came back. He paused to gather up his emotions before he spoke up again. 

"I spent all these months searching for her everywhere. But couldn't find her. I..I don't what happened...what went wrong. She just left all of a sudden. I almost lost all hopes of finding her. And then one day when I was coming back home to my apartment someone left a note outside my door. It was from Lavanya saying that she didn't want to get married and that she left me for good." 

He paused again before continuing. "I...I just don't understand why all this happened. Did I do something wrong? I love her soo much. How could she just leave like that??"

Nk sighed and continued.

"I felt miserable and lonely there. I just couldn't stand being in that empty apartment with broken hopes any longer. So I came back to India after a week."

Saying that he looked down at his feet miserably.

Shashi, Garima and Khushi were at loss of words as silent tears rolled down Khushi's and Garima's cheeks seeing Nk like this. 

Khushi's face was drenched with tears as questions filled her mind.

"How could Lavanya do this?? She wasn't like this! I've known her since we were kids. Maybe... there is some kind of misunderstanding. I have to find out what happened." Thought Khushi.

She was about to voice out her concerning thoughts when Shashi spoke. 

Shashi: Nk beta I'm sorry about all this. We...we didn't expect this from Lavanaya beta. 

Nk: Unlce please let's not talk about it. I...I want to forget all that happened. It's best if I don't think about it. 

Shashi silently nodded not wanting to hurt him. He gestured with his eyes to Khushi and Garima to not question him any further about this matter. 

Shashi: Beta you have came back after such a long time. Come have dinner with us. 

Nk nodded as they all headed towards the dining room to have dinner.

Shashi sat quietly through dinner as he thought about all that Nk had told him. He vowed to make things normal again for his daughter and Nk. 

Later that night after Nk left, Khushi lay in bed feeling uneasy. She was worried and angry at Lavanya for doing this to Nk Jiju. She decided to help Nk Jiju get out of this depression soon. He was also her best friend and like a brother for her. She would do everything she could to bring back his cheerful nature. 

At the thought Khushi yawned, exhaustion from all the stress finally took over. She turned off the side lamp and pulled the covers drifting to sleep. 


The next day Khushi got ready to meet Payal at the mall. 

Garima at first was concerned and apprehensive about allowing her to go out so soon. It had only been a few days since she was discharged but after the constant begging of Payal and Khushi she gave in. Khushi gave her mom a quick kiss on the cheek as she rushed out towards her car. 

Meanwhile Arnav parked his car and went inside the mall. He was supposed to meet up Aman at their usual spot in their favorite coffee shop.

After waiting for about 20 minutes Arnav stepped out of the shop to see if Aman was coming. He dialed his number as he walked across the mall towards the Men's clothing store to pass time. 

He took another sip of coffee before he stepping forward. Just as he was about to enter the store someone bumped into him. 

The steaming coffee drenched his t-shirt making him curse. 

"What the!!! Can't you look where you're going??" Arnav turned to look at the person only to suddenly be lost of words. 

A gush of wind passed through... 

Rabba Ve... 

Khushi looked up, her eyes widen as the ice cream cone slipped out of her hands and dropped to the floor. Unknowingly she shifted in her spot making her almost slip when the stranger reached out and caught her in his strong arms just in time. 

Khushi stared back at him shocked as her heart started racing.

Arnav stared right back into her innocent wide eyes in confusion.

Time seemed to have stopped for them before Khushi finally came back to her senses and noticed her current position. 

She quickly straightened up as Arnav too moved back a little to give her some space. 

Arnav: Have...have we met?? Do I know you from somewhere??

Khushi looked back at him with her mouth dropped. 

Khushi: I should be asking you that! Aren't you the same guy from the hospital?? I remember you screaming my name! How do you know my name?? I never even met you before!! And why are you screaming at me for? You should look where you are going!

Arnav: What the!! When?? What are you talking about?? 

But they were suddenly interrupted with a rough voice. 

"Chote!! What are you doing here? Come on, I have an important meeting to attend and need your help!!" 

Yash called out trying his best to suppress his anger. And before he had the chance to protest Yash came forward and nearly dragged him out of there. 

Yash was glad that his client had set up their meeting in the coffee shop. He had saw Arnav there and decided to question him when he suddenly saw him bumping into Gupta's daughter. And luckily was able to stop this disaster just in time. 

Khushi watched the stranger disappear in confusion, wondering what was all that about. She shrugged and walked on trying to find Payal. 

However she failed to notice Aman and Payal standing behind a wall watching them. 

Aman and Payal looked at each other disappointed and worried. Their mission was left incomplete. They now only hoped that Arnav and Khushi's families didn't suspect them after this.


Yash stormed into his study as soon as he came home and called up Shashi. 



ash: How dare you throw your stupid daughter at my son?? You were the one who arranged their meeting at the mall today didn't you?? Don't you dare lie to me!!! 

Shashi: WHAT?? You think I'm insane to throw my daughter into a hell hole?? And how dare you accuse my daughter!!! For your information my daughter was at the mall to meet her friend Payal!! Not to meet your lousy son!! 

Yash silenced as realization dawned upon him. He knew exactly who was behind this. And he wouldn't spare them! He then spoke up. 

Yash: Well if that's the case then I think I know who was behind this. 

After he briefed Shashi about what happened at the mall they reached a mutual decision. 

Yash: I don't want your daughter anywhere near my son. And I will make sure my son stays away from your daughter as well! 

Shashi: Deal!! I don't want to see you or your son's face anyone near me or my family!!

And with that they slammed the phones shut before they would end up screaming at each other again. 

Yash then called Aman. 

"I told you not to let Arnav know anything about Khushi and the Gupta family!!! Despite my strict orders you and your sister went against me!!!" Yash screamed.

Aman trembled and gulped in fear trying to quickly  come up with an excuse. 

Aman: Uncle I... 

Yash: SHUT UP and listen to me!! I've had it with you with!!! You try to mess with my son's life again and I'll make sure your sister doesn't marry my nephew Akash! 

And saying that he shut the phone on his face without giving Aman even a chance to speak. 

Aman sank down feeling helpless. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't risk Payal's or Arnav's future. They both meant the world to him. He decided to maybe let some time pass and let things settle down. He would then personally go to Yash Uncle and convince him. He couldn't just let things be like this. 


Meanwhile Yash booked Arnav's ticket for London. He felt apprehension sting his heart. 

"What if Arnav remembers who Khushi is?  What would I do then? What will I say to Arnav? I can't let anything happen to him." Yash thought to himself. 

But the doctors reassuring words then came to mind. 


"...Everything is still under control. You don't have to worry about your son. He won't recall anything regarding the Guptas or Khushi" said the doctor trying to reassure Mr. Raizada.

Flashback ends

He felt some relief but still didn't want to take any chances. He went ahead and finalized the booking. He would let Arnav handle their business outside of India. It would keep him busy and away from the Gupta's. 

Meanwhile at the Gupta Mansion Shashi too booked Khushi's ticket for New York. He would send her off for further studies there. 

"Besides she always wanted to go to New York and this  would be the best time to send her off." He thought to himself.

However little did anyone know that destiny had different plans!!


Two years later... 

To Be Continued...


...the lights focused on the angel

Watch video:

Note: The video doesn't belong to us. So credit goes to whoever uploaded it.


So that was Ch 9!! Please give  your feedback!!

A few questions for you guys:

1) How was the update and precap?? What do you think will happen next? Keep in mind that I (Rosephool) am a big time tease so won't give away anything so easily. Wink So the precap LOLLOL...wait & read to find out what happens LOL 

2) There are cliffhangers in every update. Which one your favorite so far? LOL 

Hope you enjoyed the update!!! Please give us your feedback commenting and liking.

PMs Note:

Buddy me, Comment & Like 

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Un res after billion years later..

NK and Lavanya's story is getting more and more interesting.. and complicated? Is that even the right word. I am not quite sure. Something is just a miss in their story. It seems odd. 

Ohmygod. Aman is seriously my favourite. The amount of work he is putting to get them to meet. It did some what succeed I guess, but of course that ass Yash has to ruin every thing. I think it's pretty my obvious my favorite scene was Arhi meeting. Their cute argument about who knocked who was just funny. Lol Typical them. But damn 2 years? I did not see that. What the hell. -_- But hey I am okay with that because years later meeting are always the best. Lol Loved, loved, loved this chapter Heenz! As usual it was brilliant. :) 

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am second here yayy!!!!PartyDancingParty

Superb one

flying kiss smiley for orkut, myspace, facebook

Aman was restless due to his memory and payal is aman's sister……………..they are planning to make arshi meet but their families

Khushi got excited over meeting nk but the nk she knew and the nk she met now don't resemble each other she even got confused seeing nk………….lavanya left nk and why??? I think raizadas or someone else who tried to kill arnav and khushi is behind this

Arshi met wow!!! But damn yash he stopped them and khushi still remembers arnav and arnav's sub conscious mind or heart remembers her ……….rabba ve……..yash threatens aman poor aman wants arshi to meet……….

Arnav is going to London and khushi New York

Precap sounds interesting dear

Two years leap and arshi gonna meet

Can't wait for next one

Update soon!!!

My fav cliff hanger was when khushi called  arnav and he was tilting his head I was waiting my heat was going dhak dhak but then you stopped I reloaded the page thinking I have skipped the other half but it was over and yash called arnav and they don't met Ouch

but still it's worth na am loving the pace of storyClapStarClap

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fabulous update dear  :)

superb :)

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chaitali12 Goldie

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What is their family dushmani about anyways. ? . .

Two years later? ?


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Poor arshi, interesting precap, update soon dear

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Fab update :)
Continue soon
Thanks for the pm

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