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Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Chapter 8

This FF is originally started by Rosesphool. The first 9 chapters are by Rosesphool. The Chapters following after that are by both Rosesphool & Ermina

Hey everyone!! Smile

Hope you guys enjoy Maha Update of Ch 8! It's long and took a lot of time to write! Please do give your feedback on it. Smile

Important Note:

This is our work! Please do not copy or steal! The names of the characters do not belong to us but the stories do. If it comes to our knowledge that our work has been copied or stolen then the FFs will immediately be taken down and discontinued! Hope this is understand clearly. Thank You.

Banner By Appy! Thank Appy! Smile

Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Ch 8 Maha Update

Arnav was finally discharged. Arnav and Yash stepped into the elevators taking them down to the first floor. He had apparently been shifted from his previous room on the first floor after Yash's strict orders to keep his son away from Gupta's daughter. 

As they made their way out of the elevators they passed by a room. Arnav paused for a few seconds as his heart started racing again.



Khushi lay back on the hospital bed waiting for her parents to come back from the cafeteria. Despite many refusals from Khushi, they still went to go get her something to eat. As Khushi shifted on her bed her eyes caught hold of someone standing right outside her door. Her door was kept slightly open so she was able to make out a manly figure.



Yash gestured Arnav forward when he saw him pause in his tracks. Arnav stared back at his Dad before he proceeded.



Khushi gasped as she recognized the figure. But when she saw him go away she quickly got down and staggered out.



"Hey you!!!"


He paused and slowly began to turn his head...


His heart rate increased by the second. Just as he was about to turn to the face behind that sweet voice, a rough voice startled him. 


"Arnav!!" called Yash. 


Arnav turned towards his Dad. The visible wrinkles that had formed on his forehead indicated his growing impatience, forcing Arnav to quickly exit to join his Dad towards their car.


Khushi tried rushing forward as she saw him exiting the building. But was held back from taking another step.


"Khushi betiya what happened? What are you doing here?" asked a concerned Garima.


Khushi flushed, quickly trying to come up with an excuse.




"Never mind that. Chalo! You should be resting right now." Garima said as she gently pulled Khushi back towards the room.


All Khushi could do was stare back towards the exit as she was lead back to her room. While her pounding heart showed her no mercy therefore increasing her restlessness. 


Khushi climbed back onto the bed while Garima went on talking about random things. But her mind was too busy somewhere else to pay much attention to her mother. 


"Uff why didn't he stop? And why am I so worked up over a stranger?? What's wrong with me??" She thought.


Annoyed with herself she dug herself deeper into the bed, trying to let sleep take over and hopefully calm her pounding heart down.




Meanwhile Shashi decided to stay back at the cafeteria. His mind was too preoccupied thinking about his conversation with Nk to go back to Khushi's room right away. He didn't want to stress his daughter. 




Shashi: Hello...


Caller: Hello...Nasmate Uncle. It's me NK.


"Nk?? How are you beta? Where did you disappear to?? You two completely forgot about us. How are you two doing??" Shashi said all a once, pleasantly surprised by Nk's unexpected call.


Nk: Uncle...she left. I...I don't know where she is. Lav left. 


Shashi: What?? What do you mean Lavanya left?? 


Nk: Uncle I'm back. I'm back in town. Can I come over?


Shashi: Sure beta. When are you coming?


Nk: Soon...very soon.


End of Flashback


His mind seemed to replay the conversation at least 10 times. But he just couldn't seem to figure out why Lavanya left. He had seen her grow up with Khushi and considered her like his own daughter. Her sudden disappearance seemed to both worry and disappoint him. He hadn't expected this from her. Nk too was like a son for him. Despite the fact that he hadn't seen much of Nk until he grew up, Shashi still held high regards for him and respected him. He would welcome Nk back with open arms. And he hoped maybe with Nk back in town Khushi's life could go back to normal. And things would once again be in control. 




As Arnav and Yash sat in the back of the car heading home, Arnav was still under the spell of that sweet voice. His heart warmed into a peaceful yet restless feeling. He regretted not looking back at least once to see who was the angel that possessed such a sweet voice. But the spell was broken as the noise of the busy streets of Mumbai hit his ears. Reality seeped in, reminding Arnav again about Lavanya. He groaned interally thinking back to their agreement.




Their families had decided to meet up at the mall, avoiding all the formal traditional ways of being stuck in a living room serving tea and snacks. 


After some small talk, their parents had left them to themselves to talk at a coffee shop. They watched their families disappear into the crowd of the mall. 


Not knowing exactly where to start, Arnav went ahead and ordered coffee for both of them. 


A couple of minutes passed when she finally attempted to break the awkward silence.


"Asr I'm going to be very honest. Please don't take this negatively." said Lavanya, her face clearly showing her nervousness.


Arnav nodded his head for her to go on.


"I can't marry you. I love somebody else. Dad doesn't know about this. I didn't get the chance to tell him. And before I could even mention anything he agreed to this proposal. Please for my sake say no to this proposal. " Lavanya begged.


Arnav took another sip of his coffee before he replied,


"Well frankly speaking even I am not ready to get married. In fact I think we hardly know each other to make such a major decision like marriage so hastily. I only agreed to this because of my family's constant nagging. So you don't have to worry about all this. I'll say no to this proposal." 


Lavanya smiled in relief as some life came back to her and replied,


"Thank y..."


Arnav: Before you thank me I have a condition. Look the fact is that rejecting this proposal won't be easy. For our parents this alliance would also be an important step for the joint business deal they are planning to make. If we deny right away we won't get anywhere. Let's just play along and agree to getting engaged. After some time we can come up with a valid reason to not get married. 


Lavanya felt a bit unsure but agreed seeing she had no other choice.


Lavanya: Ok...I guess that's fine with me. But only an engagement and soon after we will announce that we don't want to get married right? I don't to drag it futher than that. 


Arnav: Yeah that's it. Engagement then break up. And don't worry about our families I will handle everything. 


Lavanya: Thanks Asr. I'm so sorry about all this. You're a really nice guy. I hope one day you find an amazing girl. 


Arnav smiled saying,


"No problem. I wasn't ready to get married anyways so its a win-win situation for the both of us. Actually to be honest I'm not so interested in getting married at all. 


Lavanya smiled and said thoughtfully ,


"I used to share the same views until I met the right person. I'm sure when the right person comes along you'll change your mind. 


Arnav smirked and said confidently,

"Well all I can say is that day surely won't come any time soon."


"We'll see. Wish you all the best." she said. 


She thought for a moment before saying,


"I don't know if this would be appropriate or not but I really appreciate all your help. I was very worried. I can't thank you enough for this. And I was wondering if you would like to become friends?"


And saying that she extended her hand for a handshake. 


"So friends?"


Arnav smiled,


"Friends." Arnav said as he shook hands.


They smiled finishing their coffee in peace.


End of Flashback



Arnav mentally kicked himself thinking what an idiot he was to buy her stupid story. When they made a deal to announce their break up after the engagement why the hell did she decide to disappear on the engagement day? Leaving us to deal with the humiliation and the media! At the thought of the media he turned towards Yash. 


"Dad are you sure everything is taken care of after Lavanya left?? I won't stand anyone who tries to degrade the Raizadas!"


Yash: Yes Arnav, it was taken care of a while back. That girl is long gone and its a good thing the engagement didn't happen. She wasn't fit to become a part of the Raizada family anyways. So don't stress yourself over all that. 


Arnav nodded in agreement. Yes, he was glad that he never intended to get married to her in the first place. He sat back relaxed only to rise again when a question came to his mind,


"Dad...if all this was taken care of a while back then how did my accident happen after Lavanya left?"


Yash was left dumbfounded. He hadn't thought of that when he came up with a lie to tell his son weeks ago at the hospital. Therefore he tried to avoid the question temporarily so he could come up a believable excuse. 


Arnav: Dad?? 


Hearing Arnav question him again Yash blurted out the first excuse that came to his mind, 


"Uhh...actually Lavanya had came back after the engagement. Then she left again recently before your accident. You were frustrated so took the car out which led to your accident. Sorry I didn't explain that clearly before." 


He hoped that this time his lie wouldn't be caught. The truth was Lavanya had left after the engagement and never came back. He couldn't tell Arnav about the events that followed suit after the engagement party. It would only lead him on to the Gupta family and Khushi. 


Arnav nodded and went back to looking out the window. His mind trying to register in the new information. But for some odd reason his heart didn't seem to find peace. It felt like something was missing. As if he had lost something precious. He decided once he got back home he would meet Aman. Maybe he could find some peace after talking to him. 




As their car drove up the drive way, Arnav looked on with unknown mixed feelings. Although he was happy an unknown feeling lingered somewhere in his heart. He brushed aside the feeling, thinking that the few weeks spent away from home at the hospital was the reason behind his mixed feelings. It was probably just homesickness he ruled out. 


The Raizada Mansion was no less than a palace. The grand white marble exterior shined brightly as the sun rays hit the mansion. Giving it a rather heavenly look. Arnav stepped out onto the pavement. His eyes scanned every detail of RM as if memorizing it. He walked on ahead joining his Dad at the grand entrance. 


The doors were immediately opened releasing a familiar homely breeze. Arnav was welcomed home by the entire family. Including his Mama ji and their family who lived close by.


Everyone took turns hugging him. When he came up to his Maa and Di their eyes were filled with tears. Tears of joy, relief and guilt. 


Divya cupped his face,


"Arnav beta..."


"Shh...Maa. I'm okay." Arnav said as he held his mother in his embrace. Divya hugged him back letting her tears flow silently. Everything was far from being ok she thought helplessly. 


After breaking away from the hug he then saw his Di crying too.


"Oh come on Di! Not you too!! Please everyone relax I'm fine!" 


"Chote... we were all soo worried..." Anjali cried. 


Her sobs were muffled as Arnav engulfed her into a bear hug.


"Di enough now. Please stop crying. I'm seriously ok." Arnav said with a hint of rising anger.


"Hello Hi Arnav bitva!! Whys you so upsetva with Anjali betiya?? You forgets about the shockva you gives us? We no complains over big thing but you upsetva with us?? Tells me whys?? said an outraged Manorma Mami. 


Bewildered Arnav asked,


"What? What shock? What do mean Mami??"


Manorma opened her mouth to reply only to shut it quickly with just one look from Yash. 


To ease the tension Divya said,


"Chote you must be tired. Why don't you go rest in your room. Your dinner will be sent to your room." 


Although Arnav wanted to know what Mami ji meant he kept quiet and nodded silently. Exhaustion had taken over him and all he wanted right now was some sleep. He would ask Mami ji later and so without protesting he headed upstairs.




After trying to get some sleep for the past 4 hours Arnav sat up on his bed. He decided to call up Aman and further inquire about all that happened before the accident. It wasn't that he didn't believe his Dad but he just wanted reassurance from his best friend for his peace of mind.


He took his phone out when someone knocked. 


"Come in" 


Anjali entered his room with a try of food. Arnav got up immediately. 


Arnav: Di you didn't have to come up. You could have sent someone else. 


Di: Chote it's okay. Now stop fussing and eat your dinner.


Arnav smiled shaking his head at his Di as he sat down to eat. Anjali came and sat down right next to him.


Anjali looked far off at the visible dim moonlight by the pool. She was lost in thought.


Arnav: Di what happened? Why are you so quiet??


Anjali shook her head trying to convince him that it was nothing.


Arnav: Di...


"'s just that I can't get over your accident. What if we lost you? I... I could never bare that. I can't lose you too. After my divorce I'm scared of losing my loved ones." Anjali sobbed. 


Arnav: Di look at me. I'm perfectly ok. The doctors have said that I'm healing fast. Don't worry about me. And please don't hurt yourself because thinking about that worthless man! When he decided to cheat on you it was his loss not yours. It's been two years now Di. You have Anaya now. Be strong and be happy Di. 


Anjali smiled through her tears. 


"Chote please promise me that you will be more careful and will take care of yourself. Promise me that you won't let anything or anyone hurt you. And that you will listen to your heart no matter what." 


"I promise Di. You have my word."


Saying that they hugged each other.


Anjali: Chalo I should go now. Its getting late now. I have to get up early to get Anaya ready for school tomorrow. Make sure to finish your dinner and sleep on time.


Arnav nodded as Anjali left closing the door behind her. Arnav quickly finished up his dinner so that he could call Aman. 


After two rings Aman picked up,


Arnav: Hey man! What's up? I'm back home finally.


Aman: Hey!! How are you?? When did you come home?? 


Arnav: I'm doing fine. I came back a few hours ago. Btw what happened the other day? You just disappeared.


Aman: Yeah I'm sorry about that. I had an urgent meeting to attend. 


Aman felt a bit guilty lying but he just couldn't risk telling him anything over the phone. 


Arnav: No problem. Hey do you wanna meet up? Its been a while since we have hung out. 


Hearing this Aman felt his spirits lifting. 


Aman: Sure man!! I'll let you know when and where.


Arnav: Ok cool. Alright I think I'm gonna call it a night now. Catch up with you later.


Aman: Alright bye. Take care and see you soon.

Aman almost squealed in happiness as he called up two people. Now was his chance to put things right!! 



A week passed with Khushi finally getting discharged. Marking the start of an upcoming storm...

To be continued...

Hehehe...LOLLOLLOL  Hope you enjoyed it!! More of Arshi coming up soon!! Please do make sure comment and like!!

PMs Note:

Buddy me, Comment & Like 

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wow simply wonderful update!

uff another cliff hangerStern Smile

plx continue soon and thanks for the pm Smile 

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Hayee im I 1st?? Shocked
[:D/] LOL

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This chapter, BRILLIANT.

YOU'RE EVIL. I THOUGHT ARHI WOULD MEET. Alas you played the 'JK' card -_-

Now on to Lavanya. Dude what was her problem. I mean Arnav understood clearly and decided to help her get off the hook so why randomly leave? I am sure you will add some valid reason for it. She seems awesome so I hope she is not some negative character later on. Poor NK otherwise. 

Honestly Shashi isn't bad as Yash. I am angry at both for hiding Arhi away from each other, but I guess you need to have that since otherwise there won't be a story. How ever Yash is an a grade bas***d. NOw I am starting to dislike him. First he sets an alliance of marriage for his son, which is also a business deal. He claims to care for his son, but that sure doesn't look like someone that cares. 

I really hope Anjali spills some beans to Arnav. She seems like the type since she does love her brother. Lets see where she will go with this.

Seriously love Aman by the way. I hope he succeeds. Now I am really restless for the next update because it's going to be interesting to see how Arhi interact especially since their memories are a-wall. Excited, nervous and restless. You cannot be trusted -_-

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well my mind horses are working on some things..
La eloped on her engagement..and as shashi remembers..She left NK too...
and They are hiding this..
and there is some stranger too..
mujhe to Nk pe bh shak ho raha hai LOLLOL

its a MAZE..i must say..
awesome update..kept me glued till endEmbarrassed

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arnshi IF-Dazzler

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haye just read all the chaps...awesome its getting more n more interesting.

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Superb update.
I thought arnav and Khushi will finally meet but they missed.
There families are big hurdle between them.
Update soon.

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Can't wait for arhi to meet.

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