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Originally posted by amus5

dear rose(i hope that is how u r referred to) Big smile
this is a lovely plot...enjoyed reading it in one eagerly awaiting the next update...pls continue soon...Embarrassed

Thanks SmileSmile Glad you have enjoyed the story so far. Smile 

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Originally posted by Trouble.

Awesome update!

Thanks SmileGlad you enjoyed it SmileSmile
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Originally posted by twix

omg its going so gud
hats off to u

Thanks yaar SmileSmile Glad you're enjoying the ff SmileSmile
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Originally posted by meniranjana00

remind me some serial at sony

lol thanks SmileSmile which one? 
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Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Chapter 7

This FF is originally started by Rosesphool. The first 9 chapters are by Rosesphool. The Chapters following after that are by both Rosesphool & Ermina

Important Note Alert!! Please read! 

This update took forever!!! So really need your comments on this one please!!! Silent readers please do drop in a comment. They really means a lot! Decided to give you guys a long update due to many amazing comments!! So you see your comments do make a huge difference!!! Also there hasn't been much of Arshi scenes so far. Rosesphool had to set up the base for the suspense in this FF. But promise you there will be lots of Arshi scenes. The story revolves heavily on Arshi, their love & the situations that fate has put them in. To get the story moving forward the next few updates longer than usual and then that's when the real fun will start!!! Hope you are enjoying this FF so far. SmileSmile

Important Note:

This is our work! Please do not copy or steal! The names of the characters do not belong to us but the stories do. If it comes to our knowledge that our work has been copied or stolen then the FFs will immediately be taken down and discontinued! Hope this is understand clearly. Thank You.

Banner Made By Appy Creations! Thanks Appy!! Smile

Long Lost Memories & Love By Rosesphool & Ermina

Ch 7

Khushi sipped the soup slowly as her thoughts drifted back to the incident earlier. His eyes were filled with pain and desperateness. Her heart was in dilemma, her mind tried to rule out a explanation to her tears for this stranger. An unknown feeling of pain struck her soul recalling his screams. Her thoughts were yet again interrupted when Garima entered.

"How are you beta? I brought you your favorite...Jalebis!!" exclaimed Garima trying to cover her concern towards her daughter. She plastered a huge bright smile.

"Mama please don't try to hide the pain. I can see it in your eyes."

Tears started flowing endlessly down Garima's cheeks as she accepted the defeat. They hugged each other close. Clinging onto each other.

"Mama...please help me. Please answer my question na. I asked that day but you didn't tell me. Where is NK?? Did he convince Papa????" asked a desperate Khushi.

Garima drew in a deep breath as she broke away from the hug. She cupped Khushi's face and replied,

"Beta he left a while back... he went back to Australia."

"What...when??" Khushi replied. To her it felt like it was just days ago when NK was here.

Garima: He's been gone for a few months now... to Australia. NK went to go see her.

Khushi sighed. Her memory loss had left numerous open gaps in her life. She felt like a huge chunk of her life was snatched away from her. What else had she not remembered she thought.

"Oh..but before leaving he did convince Papa na?"

Garima smiled weakly saying,

"Yes Beta. He did, you don't have to marry NK. Your Papa was just excited when Nk's family brought the proposal. You know na NK's family and Papa have been old family friends. Since NK didn't tell anyone about her the proposal was sent for you. But don't worry Papa understands now. He won't force you or NK."

Khushi smiled in relief. She felt a huge burden was lifted off her shoulders. Little did the poor soul realize or know that this matter had long been taken care of. And that more serious appending matters were surrounding her life.

She hugged her Mama again in happiness.

"I'm so happy Mama!!! You know I was so worried. I didn't want to lose my two best friends..."

Garima smiled softly at her innocent daughter as Khushi continued to chatter. Garima knew Khushi could never break her best friend's heart. The two had known each other since they were kids.

"Nk Jiju and her were always meant to be. I remember when she first told me about him. She would glow with happiness whenever she spoke about him. When Nk's proposal came for me she was shattered. She had to go through so much pain. She was even more broken when her Dad had fixed her marriage with some rich elite family. I didn't know what to do for her. But I'm so happy that Nk Jiju finally was able to clear up things with Papa." exclaimed Khushi with relief.

She dazed into her own little world happy for her best friends until a thought stuck her.

"Mama...have they called?? I miss them so much."

Garima: No beta they haven't. Ever since they left for Australia we haven't heard from them. But don't worry I'm sure they are just busy settling down.

Hearing this Khushi felt a bit down but quickly cheered herself up thinking at least they were happy. However at the same time the feeling of emptiness within her grew as Khushi's thoughts lingered on about her memory loss. If only she had been more careful while driving back home. After the doctors had broke the news of her memory loss Khushi's parents had told her she had met with an accident after coming back from her one of her friend's house.

She was lost dwelling on these thoughts. In fact she had often thought about this. Trying to remember it but all her efforts went in vain. Seeing her buried deep into thought Garima quickly changed the topic trying to cheer up her up.

"Anyways enough of all this... Beta tell me how was your day today?" asked Garima.

Khushi's mind again when to those memories of the stranger's painful screams. She was pulled out of her trance when Garima called her name for the third time.

"Khushi what happened?? Is everything ok??"

"I don't know Mama." Khushi shrugged as the restlessness came back gripping her heart tightly.

Garima: What do you mean Beta? Are you feeling ok? Should I call the doctor??

Khushi: No no Mama I'm fine. It's just that...that I was thinking about the incident that happened earlier today.

"Incident??" Garima exclaimed.

"Yeah...actually when the temporary intern took me out for my usual outing on the front lawn something unexpected happened."

"What...what happened??" Garima asked as her concern grew.

"Well while she took me out there was another patient out there. When I saw him from a distance he was staring at me. I just stared back. Then when I was brought closer up to the patient and his nurse he whispered my name. Then a few moments later he started screaming my name. His eyes were full of pain and desperation. Then the doctors gave him a shot which made him unconscious and he was rushed back inside." Khushi recalled, her voice filled with an pain and confusion.

Garima sat there to shocked to say anything, waiting for her daughter to continue.

"I don't know Mama...I mean I don't even know the person but feel horrible for him. Poor soul. Dr. Chopra told me he is going through some kind of trauma. I hope he is doing ok. But you know one thing that confuses me is that how does he know my name when I never met him before?? I even asked the doctor but he told me to ignore him." Khushi looked up towards her Mama as she finished.

Garima didn't know what to say. She was left speechless with her worries increasing. She knew by the detailed description which patient that was. Leaving Garima feeling helpless of the situation placed in front of her. She didn't know what to say or do. Before she could come up with a reply Shashi walked in. She mentally sighed thankfully for being rescued from another lie she would have to come up with to tell her daughter.

"How's my betiya doing?" Shashi announced as he came over to Khushi's bedside.

Khushi forgetting her thoughts engulfed her Papa into a deep hug.

"I'm doing good Papa. I feel much better now." she exclaimed brightly.

Shashi smiled seeing his daughter doing good. Right when he was about to reply his cell phone started buzzing.

Shashi: You two carry on I will be back in a few minutes.

The ladies nodded as Shashi walked out to receive the call.

Shashi: Hello...

Caller: Hello...Nasmate Uncle. It's me NK.


"Dad...I have been meaning to ask... where is she??"

The ground beneath him almost slipped before he gathered up his emotions and asked,

"Who beta?"

"Lav...where the hell is she??? Where did she disappeared to after the engagement? I won't let her ruin everything! She won't get away with this!!!" replied Arnav confidently assuring his Dad.

Yash: She left...

"Lav left because she had to Arnav. It wasn't her fault."

Yash turned around to face the person he was least expecting to show up.

"Don't hold her guilty for it. She had some things to take care of. "

Arnav looked up to find his best friend Aman standing at the door.

"Hey man whats up? Didn't expect you to be here." Arnav said with a pleasant smile.

"Come on yaar!! Of course I would come to see you. I didn't get the chance to earlier due to some things that came in the way." Aman replied giving Yash a brief glance.

"Oh Hi, Namaste Uncle how are you?" Aman said greeting him.

Yash clenched his teeth replying,

"Hi, I'm fine how are you?"

"Good Uncle...couldn't have been better!"

Aman turned back to Arnav when he spoke up.

"So Aman what were you saying about Lav?"

"Arnav I was just saying it wasn't her fault. You remember her condition she said before agreeing to this proposal." Aman said reminding him.

"Yeah but I also had a condition. I didn't have any problems with her conditions provided that she went along with the whole thing until I said so. If she wanted to get married to someone else that was fine with me. I wasn't interested in getting married any time soon anyways. It was cause of Dad and the family that I agreed in the first place." said Arnav.

Yash grew furious recalling this. The trouble they had to go through due to that Lav and the events following after that made his temper rise higher.

Aman: Arnav like I said she had a reason for leaving all of a sudden.

But Yash cut him off before Aman could say another word.

"Boys all that is in the past. It doesn't matter why she left. The point is she left so end of story. Right now Arnav's health is much more important to focus on rather than such useless discussions. Anyways Dr. Kapoor I think you should finish up checking on Arnav while Aman and I wait outside."

And with that Yash gestured Aman to move outside to have a word with him.

Arnav drew in a frustrated breath cursing his memory loss! He recalled asking his father the same question weeks ago and getting a reply. But due to his condition he would often forget random things in addition to his temporary memory loss. He felt a pathetic hopelessness overcome him remembering what his Dad told him about his accident. If only he didn't go for a speed drive after Lav had left all this never would have happened!! He punched the bed earning a look from the doctor.

Arnav muttered a sorry letting the doctor continue his examination in peace.

As soon as they left the room Yash walked up straight to Aman staring sternly at him.

"Aman I told you not to mention anything to Arnav. I don't want him knowing about the Guptas!! I told you that weeks ago!!"

"But Uncle I never said anything about the Guptas. I just wanted Arnav to take it easy. If Arnav takes stress for no reason that won't be good for his health either. I was just cooling him down. And since all this happened a while back I don't want Arnav to stress about it. Especially since you had already dealt with the situation and the media. Then Khushi..."

Yash: That's exactly why I told you to keep your mouth shut and stay away from my son! I can't take any risks when it comes to his health and well-being!! Am I clear??

Aman nodded to avoid Yash's increasing anger.

"Good. Now if you will excuse me I have a important call to make."

As Yash walked away Aman took out his cell phone and called her,

"Hey sis... thank you so much!!"

"No problem bro anything for you. You're my favorite cousin so its all good!" replied Sanjana.

Aman: Your the best!!

Sanjana: Come on bro!! It was no big deal. The nurse is good friends with Mom so all I had to do was come up with a volunteer excuse. But bro I couldn't get much done. Before Arnav and Khushi could spend any time together after I brought Khushi outside the doctors came out.

Aman: Don't worry sis. At least it was something. We'll think of something.

Sanjana: Sure bro ok I gotta go now. Catch up with you later. Bye

Aman placed his phone back in his pocket as he thought back to his conversation with Yash a few weeks back.


After coming back from the police station Aman headed to the hospital. As he hurried down the hall someone pulled him aside.

Aman: Uncle you almost scared me.

As he recovered from the sudden shock he registered in his surroundings. And spoke up.

Aman: Uncle don't worry Arnav will be fine. I brought him here just in time. The doctors are on it.

Yash: Yeah you sure did. And helped him get married to Gupta's daughter without our consent!

Aman gulped. He had forgotten all about that due to the unexpected events. He wondered how Uncle managed to figure out that he was involved in Arnav and Khushi's secret court marriage.

Yash: Aman what has been done is now done. Now listen to me very carefully!! I don't want a word out of your mouth about Khushi or the Gupta family!!

"But Uncle even if I don't it doesn't matter. Once Arnav regains conscious he will ask about Khushi." Aman replied defensively.

Yash: No he won't. He is suffering from short temporary memory loss.

Aman staggered back shocked.

Aman: What??? How...??

Yash: His doctor just told me. Now I need your word on this! I mean it I don't want you saying anything!!! You already went against us by helping Arnav. Now don't disappoint me again! The consequences won't be good otherwise.

Aman nodded quietly knowing that Yash meant what he said. He felt helpless as he couldn't put his family at stake. Despite him being a well-known fashion designer his family business still meant the world to his family. But he was also determined to help his friend in any way he could.

Flashback ends

Aman sighed as he drove back home. He knew he had to do something.


Arnav was finally discharged. Arnav and Yash stepped into the elevators taking them down to the first floor. He had apparently been shifted from his previous room on the first floor after Yash's strict orders to keep his son away from Gupta's daughter. As they made their way out of the elevators they passed by a room. Arnav paused for a few seconds as his heart started racing again.

Khushi lay back on the hospital bed waiting for her parents to come back from the cafeteria. Despite many refusals from Khushi, they still went to go get her something to eat. As Khushi shifted on her bed her eyes caught hold of someone standing right outside her door. Her door was kept slightly open so she was able to make out a manly figure.

Yash gestured Arnav forward when he saw him pause in his tracks. Arnav stared back at his Dad before he proceeded.

Khushi gasped as she recognized the figure. But when she saw him go away she quickly got down and staggered out.

"Hey you!!!"

He paused and slowly began to turn his head...

To Be Continued...

Please give us your feedback commenting and liking.

PMs Note:

Buddy me, Comment & Like 

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awsome update
loved it
yash and shashi just care for themself
and enemity neech mein infront of their children happiness
ohhh so sanjana is aman sis
thanks for the pm

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Oh so NK is Khushi's best friend since childhood. I was right before, but I was more towards brother, still I did predict that so SCORE. Whoa, I am gonna guess that Lav and NK were the ones in love. So he went to Aussie and Lav followed? That's why she walked out of Arnav's engagement with her. 

Now can I say I LOVE Aman. His personality, and the fact he is helping Arnav. So Sanjana and him are working on a plan to make Arhi meet. But...

Khushi already have done the deed. Lol The question is whether Arnav will react the same way he did before. 

I love that small detail in the end where you made Arnav's heartbeat as he was walking past her room. 

Overall I loved this chapter and now I am excited for the Arhi show down. 

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res Wink

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