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Arhi FF MMA Thd3 pt 17& Thd 4 -pg139 31/7 (Page 90)

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Waiting eagerly yar! :/

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wen gonna update...?????Embarrassed
eagerly waitingEmbarrassed...
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 Be ready with tissues.. Cry
Making himself comfortable on top of her he started pecking her forehead all over her face, sending shivers through her spines. She was not able to find what had got into herself.. She was melting in all the touches and caress. His fingers had the magic which made her forget that she was out of the clothes. He saw her heaving underneath him, her eyes shut closed enjoying each and every moment in themselves. His hands which began to roam all over her body while his lips played along through her lips inviting her to involve in it. Soon she reciprocated his feelings with her actions..

It took much less time when both of them were advancing towards the next level, Khushi was fully ready for herself to submit to her ASR, her life, her posessed treasure for her love;now as a security for her love she is submitting for him but she didnt regret.. She never would.. She was expecting her ASR to mark as his.

Arnav broke his contact from her and stood up to take her clothes back.. He made her wear the dress and  put his shirt on him.. Khushi was shocked as she didnt expect him to break at this moment. She didnt knew what made him withdraw at the moment. Arnav sat on the cot straightening himself pulling her into his arms posessively as if he is not going to leave her at any cost.She neither questioned nor did he reply. Silenced for sometime, Arnav started to caress her hair which made  her lift her head up from his chest to look at the molten brown eyes trying to find out the answers to her questions.

Arnav : I have insecurities, a fear that you will fall for someone's prey but never distrust you or the love you have in me.

Khushi was shocked beyond words. She never expected Arnav too speak about feelings or emotions. She gave up her talks listened to what he had to say.

Arnav:  Just think of something... Doesnt this look like using as a sort of defence when in case any sort of plans are formulated to separate us ? Since I know you are mine,and you know that too this should not be an instrument to prove ourselves to the world. All the more what would be the difference in me and my so called father who used girls according to his pleasure and gave up the meaning of relationships?

Khushi saw the deepest emotion, his eyes moistening for the first time.She felt a tug to have a look at those eyes with that feeling.

Arnav : Making money enjoying till your physical pleasure and passion is fully satisfied; making a child's life worser than an orphan. History has made one Arnav Singh Raizada Khushi... Not that I meant to say I would leave you anytime but in case if your so called fate took me away from you.. I dont want you to be struggling with the tag of unmarried characterless woman or a child having no name precisely. Lets take this forward when you want to.. that is after we get married.. after your wish of official bonding happens before the society.. So that the name tag attached to my identity would vanish away for the future generations. And regarding your acceptance to everything I asked for the sake of my insecurity I respect you for that. Whatever this world call me or whatever this world try to do to separate me I wont give up until the last word   I hear from you that Im not fit for you... I promise.

Khushi couldnt agree more. She felt like there was a deep rooted human being buried under this image of a ruthless cold hearted man. She snuggled towards him more accepting the way he is and as a gesture of agreeing to each of his words. She felt such a pleasure on his chest for the first time as most of the time their confrontation would have led into sleeping in  such a position. Today it was his heartfelt emotion making her happy and proud of him. He did knew she wouldnt talk another word again as always she would accept whatever he says. He too did find the solace in her, the pain and hurt he had felt from his childhood vanishing away with this cute girl in his arms soothing his hard form with her soft touches.

The next coming seconds did pass slowly, taking its own sweet time, Keeping the SUN on Hold not wishing to Disturb the moments that this couple were spending together at the present..  They fell into  a deep slumber of completeness not thinking about the future or the past.


Khushi: How dare you Lie to my mother when nothing happened between us that night?

Arnav : Listen Khushi.. You are..

Khushi: Just stop.. You know when you gave me such an explanation I felt proud I felt like Im on the top of the world when you gave me statements on how you trust my love. Is this the trust you were talking about ? I think it wouldnt have hurt half the amount if you had really marked me as yours that day.. What was the need of using this as a defense when you yourself told me you didnt want to use me as a pawn to confront this world to get me?

Arnav : That was because your parents were trying to prove that you had no love towards me and you were suffering under my tortures.

Khushi : Did I tell anyone like that?  Then why did you believe their words?

Arnav : I dont care whether you tell me or prove anyone right or wrong. What I felt that time I blurted out.. If the only reason why you are mine would make them stop their attempts to seperate us I wont hesitate to proclaim that. Though it was an outcome of the fit of my anger I feel it was needed to give them a real check..

Arnav was trying to control the outpour of his words but it was out of control. He for once began to loose the string which was tightly bound with in him- the anger which he cares to show only when he felt right.. but he was wrong!  he knew his anger was bad but why did he utter those words again and again was out of question in his gray matter. Some madness was killing within him.

Khushi : Anger..dont use that excuse anymore. What if they didnt believe the words you had stated were not true and continued in looking out for more proposals? You would put the blame again on me and use me as a defence for your reasons right? 

Arnav : Yes.. I wouldn't mind to use you as my defense if they try to instigate me by getting your name dragged into marriage with some one else. I wouldnt even hesitate to make this public.

Khushi had no choice. She just pushed him by his chest making him fall on the bed by showing her anger. He stood up and moved near her holding her hands behind her back forecefully glaring with a red shot eyes.

Arnav : Dont you dare..


Khushi : Do you know how disgusting you are ?You are a sadist; a jerk.. You are playing with my family's name and more importantly my mother's life!


His grip did increase on her and he forcefully pinned her to the wall behind making sure she doesnt get a chance to move.


Arnav: (Looking in her eyes): Damm You Khushi ..!! Just take your words back before its too late..What does that mean ?is SHE  so important to you than me?

Khushi (pushing him back): Do you know who a mother is? Uh.. How can I expect someone like you to know what a mother's love is? You havent had that opportunity to even feel a mother's love.  A person who has never uttered such a pure word in his life time, you havent even tried to call Anjum aunty as " Amma" who loves you like her children..How can you understand when you don't bother to visit a soul whose heartbeats are waiting to have a glance at her son once in a lifetime? Still I wanted you to get that share of love which mother could give her son. I thougt it's the lack of a mother's love and care making your character worse. I wished I could give you and make you feel better, to change you for better and supported you confronting this whole world.. Im wrong.. Terribly wrong' At the end you proved its all about YOU and YOU only.. Selfish and Egoistic ASR' That's it.

Arnav was aghast seeing this side of her.. He never cared if anyone else had talked about his weakness but the only one person in his life whom he believed, whom he loved whom he cared as per his own basis talked about mother's love. She call it selfishness. Was that real selfishness, didnt he include her into his life ? She confessed that she was adjusting to his needs and wishes, so didnt she like any thing he did? Was he forcing her all these days?  Didnt she maintain a smile whenever he decides for her? Am I egoistic?  Was this ego invisible these days because she never showed any? Why didnt she open out this when it hurt her mother?  Does that mean her family is more important to her ?  Now was it real that her parents were right? Was she getting fed up of his torture and she got tormented by his ways that she couldnt even tell him the real reason.. Still those kisses, those touches, those hugs.. those were real.. what could be wrong then ? These thoughts started to kill him to the core.. Khushi was on the top of her voice that both of them unnoticed the whole family hearing their conversation from the room outside.. They hesitated to step in as they knew this had to be sorted out beteween them as their further intrusion would mess up their life..All of them had tears in their eyes looking at the lovely couple fighting for each other.

Khushi : Dont have words when the truth hits you?

She  really pushed him to the edge.. he had crossed all limits of sanity again..

Arnav :wah.. so you finally let out your anguish..  If Im selfish.. Im egoistic.. then why do you stick on to me still ? Six long years?  Why didnt you just get lost from my life when you didnt want to continue? Was there something really attracting with me I mean were you behind my financial background  by any chance..

That was the final nail on the coffin. Khushi least expected such a word from him.. Did he think she was behind him for his money? Her tears started to rush like a water gushing through a dam.. She was devastated beyond limits. Her parched tongue making her difficult to talk.

Khushi:  Thanks.. Thank you for that one word. Money was inner motive for considering me as your husband all these years, listening to your orders like a slave, fighting myself alone with the entire world thinking you would change for good.. Finally I have only one wish. Instead of taking this responsibility in my shoulders I should have accepted what others suggested.. To send you to a mental asylum.. Because thats what you are .. A real Psychopath and a sadist.. You deserved treatment from a pshychatrist rather than the love which I showered on you.. Thank you so much..

Khushi ran out of the room hurriedly not able to control her tears, she didnt wish to see him back.. She was broken down into pieces with just one word..She knew he has grown insane out of his anger, no one by his side but she too had limits.. A human being having all sorts of emotions and limited patience.. She didnt wish to think about it anymore.. Avinash , Anjum and Anjali ran behind her for consoling her and be supportive enough of her during the time in the hospital. One soul was left alone shattered surrounded by dark walls, creating darkness around him again and again. He has lost that one connection he had in this world his Khushi.. now its just Khushi Gupta.. The only one factor which affects him, pierce him burns him with guilt ----Her Tears!


The doctor came out of the ICU explained Garima's situation to the family. Her condition was getting improved but it in a slow progressive rate. He gave them permission to visit her inside one by one without troubling her. Sashi wanted his daughter to go  inside. He was watching her totally broken inside not giving herself much attention for the whole day.. She hadnt had a drop of water after her mother was admitted in the hospital. The guilt that she was the reason for her mother's illness would killing her on the top.. Looking at her puffy eyes and pale face he didn't think much as he knew she would be able to console herself seeing Garima is better at this stage.

Sashi : Go inside beta. Don't worry.. Just pray .. everything would be fine.. Go and see your ma.

Khushi was thankful enough to her father to allow her to meet her ma inspite of all those mishappenings caused by her.. She hugged him at the instant and left to meet her inside the ICU. Across the glass door she could find her mother lying down sleeping peacefully. The sight made her cry out in pain. Her reason for existence, her mother had just escaped from the death. Now its should be her duty to take her back into normalcy. She was weeping so badly that the nurse had asked to get inside the room with the surgical coat. Khushi thanked the nurse got into the ICU knelt down before her mother's bed.. She made sure her sob doesn't reach her ears though she was in semiconscious state due to the sedative effect..

Khushi : Ma.. Sorry ma.. sorry for everything.. I have not cheated you ma.. I swear.. I have not..

Saying she kissed her mother's forehead and rushed out of the room not able to control her tears.. All those cherished memories of her childhood with her mother flashed across her thoughts. Has her love for her mother ever subsided because of Arnav entering into her life she thought.  She wanted to make herself available for her family now. Enough of thinking about him anymore. Her first priority would be to take care of her mother and no one else.

Outside Arnav's family, Ashok and his parents with Sashi and Payal watched as she came out. Her tears were dried, looking as if she has taken some resolve not to get carried away.. Sashi assured Payal that Khushi would be alright in due course of time asked her to take Khushi to the caf to have something. After much insistence from Anjali and Anjum Khushi left the place with Payal and Ashok.

Avinash turned to face Sashi. He folded his hands as an apology..

Avinash: Sashiji.. we are really sorry.. I did a big mistake of spoiling your daughter's life. Please believe her.. Don't believe in what he had told you yesterday. He was lying.. we heard it from his own mouth.. Please believe your daughter.. she is a gem of a person.. She always does good for others.. Never ever she would think selfish.. Please forgive all of us for being one of the reasons to ruin your happiness.

Sashi : All said & done.. I believe in my daughter and my Garima does too. Sometimes she gets so vulnerable that situation arises where she would forget to think what she ought to. I was deeply shocked by the such a statement from Arnav. I have been watching him for the past 6 years.. Im afraid I have to tell you that he never deserved my daughter. I am ashamed of supporting such a person for all these years..

Avinash couldn't stop himself from agreeing much.. Sashi was right in his own perspective. As a father of two daughters he is having a hard time to cross this hurdles in life to give his daughters the best life they could give. He gestured Anjum to leave so that Sashi could be left alone to meet Garima


Anjali opened her Chote's room. She had lost every control. She wanted to give her piece of mind for creating such a miserable situation. He loved to turn around things as he wanted but in the process doesn't even bother to see how many hearts he trample for attaining his wishes.

To her surprise the room was dark and she couldn't find his trace anywhere. She moved around the house searched for him and even tried to call his office. He was not seen anywhere, his mobile was ringing for a long time but he wasn't attending even one.She got a bit tensed and informed Avinash and Anjum about this.

Avinash : Anju.. Don't talk to me about him.. I don't care where he goes and what he does. I better find a new house and we shall move there from this hell.

Anjali : Papa.. what are you talking about? Don't you know he is such a beast because of his anger.. now where shall we go and find him papa ?

Anjum : I feel we had done a sin in our last birth for having such a son in our household.

Anjali : Sins of his parents mama' Not his!

Avinash : Enough Anjali.. Forget about him.. Try to focus on your life rather than poking your nose into his life. We have to be  a support for Khushi's family now.. They have to come out of this slowly. I hope you understand this. I pray he doesn't come back and create more problems for Khushi.. Such a kind soul, she has never been spared of his mental onslaught.

The family dispersed. Akash saw his wife Sheetal playing with her kid as if nothing was happening at this house.
Akash : Are you not worried about what is happening in this house?

Sheetal : Excuse me.. why should I ? If it is my family I should get worried.. I think your father is right. Anjali di is unnecesarily worried about him. Does he care what happens around him ?  He would have flown to some other country for better prospectives.

Akash : What do you mean?

Sheetal : Don't act as dumb Akash.. No one is a saint.. he never can be..

Akash got irritated by her talks but he could not comprehend the inner meaning what she was referring to. He just left her as he was no more interested in getting into puzzles with her. Something still telling him that she was hiding something fatal.


It was most probably the 20th call Anjali was trying on his mobile. Finally a voice came over the other side of the call.

Anjali : Hello chotte'

Aman :Di. Aman here.. not ASR.

Anjali : Aman.. where is chotte?  He is not being seen anywhere.

Aman : what ? I mean.. wait.. Why is mobile lying on his office table?  I mean didn't he take it with him day before yesterday?

Anjali: Day before yesterday? Where is he now? He is not been seen from yesterday evening.

Aman : Di.. I thought he is at home.. he was a bit worried that day about some deals. He left the office saying he was not well. I thought he was taking rest yesterday.

Anjali : No Aman..many events happened after that.. Can you please find out where he is now? I feel he must have gone to his guest house or somewhere.

Aman : Don't worry di.. I will find out and let you know..


Two weeks passed..

Anjali and Aman tried to search the maximum they could. They couldn't find out.. Atlast they found out his booking for France from his secretary which he was supposed to travel the next day after he was missing. The brave side of Anjali was sure that he would have travelled to France since so much was happening uninviting. But why would he leave the mobile was the counter question by Aman.. The office work was handled by him as he had the acting power of CEO when Arnav was not at town. He informed Ashok who inturn was searching from his end with all their contacts across all the countries. Aman tried to catch the address of his prospective client in France and tried to reach up there.The final result being he has not even reached France.. With the maximum effort from the airport authorities using his sources Aman reached to find he has not even travelled anywhere.

Anjali was losing patience. She wanted to somehow inform the police authorities but Avinash resisted that he is sure of finding Arnav soon. Such missing case may drag all those who are connected to him even Khushi..

Avinash :Do you mean to trouble that family again and again?  I am seriously trying from my end Anju.. Don't worry.. Lets go and meet Garima ji.. She is getting discharged from the hospital.


Khushi packed all her things from the hospital room. Sashi and Payal was getting the bills paid at the counter. Ashok had informed them of reaching the hospital with his car to take Garima back to their house. Garima was fit and fine after the complete rest and care from her daughters. Khushi didn't leave her even for a second after she had been discharged. Talking about the good old time and cheering up motivating her to freshen up her mind, Khushi boost up Garima's confidence which really made a change in her health. She started talking normally to her daughters and Sashi. Often Anjum and Ashok's mother and her colleagues would visit her. Amongst all these something hurt her own conscience. Her guilty feeling of mistaking her daughter especially when her daughter broke down before her proving her innocence. She could see a different Khushi all the more. Not the one who used to be a very  much of a chirpy bubbly kind.. She is sad inside but she hides it.. She pretends to make others happy by her smile.. Her smile totally lacks that charm. She has lost her interest in dressing much though she looked simple she would do a minimal touch up which she totally ignores now. Tying her haid into a messy bun she is more into a resolve as if she has lost something. She has been noticing something else. Khushi seems to forget her ASR totally' not forget atleast pretending to forget him. Something had happened between them. She was wondering why he didn't create a mess for her stay in the hospital. He would never visit her in the hospital he knew but he was missing even to visit Khushi who was staying in the hospital all the time. She couldn't even see a phone call received by Khushi.. Was this happening in real she thought yet it was for good.. A very good sign.

Khushi finished her packing and came to Garima smiling. Avinash and his family entered with Sashi Payal.

Avinash : Garimaji. How are you feeling now?

Garima : Im okay now.. My daughters are my biggest strength. Why should I worry much?

Ashok : Hello everyone.. Shall we leave. I have parked the car right infront of the entrance. We have to leave now.

Avinash watched out Khushi's expressions. Totally blank. He was not sure if he should take out the topic of Arnav missing from that day but his mind was in a bigger battle. How she would take the news?  She is now recovering from a huge trauma, it would be disastrous if he spill out Arnav's news to her. But to his surprise not even for once did she talk or ask about him. Its difficult for her too. May be she must be suppressing herself as the main focus is on her mother now. He sighed in disbelief on what all this boy is going to create fuss on their lives.

Sashi and family left the hospital while Avinash was getting into the car with Anjum and Anjali. Suddenly his phone buzzed. Avinash anticipating a call from his source about Arnav hurriedly picked up.

Avinash : WHAT?  When was it ? oh.. Yea.. We  we.. are coming.. Did you inform ? We will be reaching there soon..

Anjum and Anjali got nervous seeing Avinash in a sad state. He closed his eyes for a while praying while Anjum shook him of his thoughts scared of what had he heard from the caller.

Anjum : Avinash ji.. What was that ? who was it ?

Anjali : Papa anything about chotte?

Avinash nodded no.He sighed and compiled himself.

Avinash: A call from Ashram...Manasi passed away this morning.

Anjum and Anjali were shocked like hell.

Anjum : What? 

Avinash : Yes.. She survived the maximum out of that treatment. This was expected anytime Anjum.. You know that..

Anjum : But I did have the hope of the treatment getting more influence on her progress.

All of them moved into tears prayed for her soul to rest in peace..


Avinash and Anjum reached the ashram at the maximum possible speed of the car. They stopped at the entrance to find the crowd. They moved near the hall where Manasi's corpse was kept for public wrapped in white clothes. Avinash and Anjum couldn't stop their tears seeing that still form. Though she wasn't a part of the family in real sense she was their relation, a bond she had shared with them leaving behind her blood let him alone suffer on this earth.

The ashram manager took them outside to talk to them. Avinash was trying to get the details about her death.

Manager:  The treatment was good but her chance of survival could only be extended. We couldn't give you the assurance before also.

Avinash : I know. Fate..what else I can call it ? Did you inform her son?

Manager:  Her son was here for the past two weeks. She was really happy the entire two weeks. Some sort of an peace attainment in her words. It was as if the light used to get brighter at the end.

Avinash : That's the power of a son's care and love. Where is he? 

Manager was trying to find him while he pointed his finger to the direction where someone was coming towards the entrance in white Kurta.. The dimnished image came clear as it neared them. All Avinash & Anjum  could do was getting hell shocked making their jaws drop.

Avinash : Chotte????????


To be continued..


 Authors note :

The first part was the flashback.. 

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I knew it that he would have been at aashra...with his mother... hope he may change now..
Di you seprated them... Cry
Hope he once again achive his love from every one...

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waiting for the update

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ShwethaaRaju Senior Member

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CryCry Feeling sad for ARSHI...  Hope this separation brings a great change and Arnav turns out to be a GOOD GUYTongue... And please don't let this kind of separation continue for many updates... It's sad to see them not even seeing each other...Cry CryAnd please update sooon...Wink

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monasha IF-Dazzler

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Omg!! Awesome Precap
But what will happen now??
Will they break up??
Please don't do this
Update soon

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..ashiya.. IF-Rockerz

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Awesome and very emotional updatte.
Feel bad for Arnav and Khushi.
But happy that finally Arnav did sth for his mother.

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