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Arhi FF MMA Thd3 pt 17& Thd 4 -pg139 31/7 (Page 67)

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please update fast

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waiting plz update soon
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Warning : Intense, Dramatic from now on!



Totally abandoned in the middle of darkness not able to make out what could be the decision she should be taking whom side she had to come over this distressed state to make things clear for everyone. The hidden hint of her mother's anger would lead to breaking this relationship which she was clearly aware but she wouldn't let down her love that easily. Nevertheless Arnav was on his full rage which she tried to control can't be sidelined too. Whatever it is it was her own fate to streamline the equations between her family and love. As far as she is concerned she doesn't have an opinion which would matter anyone. She let him take his decisions as she felt that way it would prove his authority on her. He had it completely.. He utilized and squeezed that right for a greater extent. She dumped herself on the sack with all these emotions pervading her mind. She had to clear this mess.

Payal was totally disturbed to find her little sister lying on the bed watching the roof top deep in her thoughts. Khushi had never been able to find the deserved peace in her when Arnav's visits had been to this house. Not that he was the one to blame entirely but it's a high expectation from him to handle things calm and subtle even for the sake of his love. He is hot headed as her mother, both of them not ready to accept that her sister was the one squeezed in between. Payal could do nothing except praying to God to end this inner turmoil of her sister soon.

She clutched on to the mobile and tried him calling for the 10th time in the morning.. Still the call was never attended. Nothing new but some intuition of her ASR going away from her hurting her much more from the previous day's fight. Payal came near her caressing her temple in the process wiping off the almost dried tears near her eyes.

Khushi : Jiji. Didn't you go to office?

Payal : I took an off today.. Are you not feeling well? 

Khushi : No Jiji.. Im alright.. Where is amma and papa?

Payal : They have gone out together, no idea where they went. Khushi.. Shall I ask you something? Did you lose any hope?

Khushi : I haven't lost hope on my love. Dont worry. Even if I lose my life I wont lose my love.

Payal was aghast seeing a severe expression on her face. She is fighting with her lover, with her mother, with the whole world and within herself. She prayed to God again to give her more strength to come through all the odds which she is facing in her life.


Arnav and Aman was sitting across the table discussing the important meetings of the day while Arnav was still lost in thoughts.

Aman: ASR are you listening? 

Arnav : hmm. Oh yea.. Tell me.. What did you say about the  terms?

Aman  closed the file kept aside and looked at his face straight..

Aman : Nothing.. First clear your mind..

Arnav : Its not going to get cleared so soon.

Aman : Look ASR,we have already traced the reporter who had given such a false news in that paper.We have also demanded an apology column  to be published in the same paper the next day though its not a custom to make an apology note for gossips.It was a mistake from their end of misjudging your competitor who was dating that actress. To make more publicity they edited the photo which had that businessman standing beside the actress. That's too obvious for a major click and increase their subscription.

Arnav : I don't care about that Aman.. Im just perturbed on the reactions of people. How could they easily believe these stupid tabloids?

Aman : What matters is Khushi believes in you ASR..

Arnav : I don't care for the world Aman. Even if they don't give an apology note I just don't care about others talking behind my back. I was just worried for those tears which affect me.

Aman stared at the agony in his eyes which he has been witnessing for a long time.. Yes the agony which he conceals inside the layer of ferocity.


Sashi Gupta and Garima Gupta had put forth all their grievances in front of the Raizada family. Avinash could do nothing else than bend down his head in shame, neither he could talk in support of his brother's son who claims himself as not his son anymore. Anjum had tears in her eyes hearing about her chotte creating such a mess in his & Khushi's  life worser than expected. Anjali was the only one who had the guts to open out to Garima for her accusations about her little brother.

Anjali : Aunty.. Do you still believe in all these? Dont you know being a Business Tycoon Chotte had been taken into the centre of attraction in all the tabloids who make use of his name to gain popularity? I swear he can never think of any girl in life other than Khushi.

Garima : Anjali bitiya. Im not here to take your advice.. After hearing a earful from your little brother do you want us to agree for all this crap and be a slave to him ?

Anjali : I dont mean that aunty. Why do you need to be a slave for him ? He never imposes his decisions on you people..

Garima : He does it on my daughter.

Anjali : She accepts it with heart because she loves him. Do you think these many years they were just playing in the name of relationship? If you couldnt see through this before how come this type of opinion crop up against my chotte after these years? Was it anyone's influence ?

Sheetal who was watching all this with a victory smirk hiding inside suddenly jolted with Anjali's cross question. She gulped down her fear and looked down not to look into Garima's eyes.

Garima : Anjali.. I m not a kid to get influenced by anyone.. Get that into your head. And this was brewing up for a long time in me but was shutting up my mouth only for my daughter. The recent happenings really hell loosened my nerves. If this sort of dominance persists before marriage, how can I expect my daughter to live happily after marriage?

Avinash : Garima ji.. I understand your worries for your daughter but cant you give our chotte a chance.. He will prove to be the best husband for your daughter.

Garima : My daughter's life is not something to get tested and experimented. Just think of your daughter in her position. You would know the pain..

Anjum  : I dont know if I can tell u this.. Even if I dont believe in chotte, I believe in Khushi, She will change him. She only can change him.

That infuriated Garima more.. How can they expect her daughter to be a sacrifical lamb to treat their son? She put her foot down firmly not to take up any sort of excuses or requests from their side. Sashi who was a mere spectator could do nothing than listen to their speech as he knew ultimately he will stick on to what his daughter says, till then he cant do anything.Avinash on the other hand knew all these talks would be futile as Garima is really stern at the moment. Akash had no other go than blink at the people present there as he didnt have a say and he didnt like to have one..

Garima : I'm no longer interested in this relationship. Your son has already tortured my daughter so much that she herself wanted to move out of this. She even cried and pleaded me of her fear to let this know to your son. You don't know how much she is battling for her life. I think you both as his guardian can think about her situation more. She is not a puppet in his life. This has to be stopped by our intervention.

Avinash and Anjum with the whole family were shocked to hear this. They never expected this to happen anytime. When considering Sashi and Garima's arguments, they could feel it as justifiable as no parents would make their daughter a sacrificial lamb. They had been thinking of his betterment only leaving behind Khushi's happiness. Avinash was deep in thinking about this but the thought of Chotte's reaction made him scare the most.

Garima : I have decided to look out for a new proposal for my Khushi. You please take care of your son to stop involving in her life anymore. Hope you understand a mother's request.

Arnav : Did she agree to her mother's request so easily?

Shocked family turned back to see Arnav entering the house at this hour as they expected him to be at office. Anjum just gulped down all her fears about what would be happening now..

Anjum and Anjali already started to sweat seeing his red face with anger exploding spreading across his nostrils and eyes.

Avinash wanted to take control over the situation as it might get worsen at anytime.. He held Arnav's hand and pulled it to his side.

Avinash : Chotte.. calm down.. we are talking..

Arnav : No.. I have to talk here. I only have the right to talk here.

Garima : See what respect he holds for a person who is like his father?This is the main reason I detest this relationship.

Arnav : I dont care whether you love or hate me or my character. You didnt reply to my question yet.. Did your daughter say that she is ready to marry someone else?

Garima turned her face and nodded : Yes.. She did say so.. She wished to get removed her from your clutches.

Arnav turned his face to Sashi : Uncle you tell me the answer..

Sashi was all tongue tied. He didnt know what to reply.. When he was about to open his mouth Garima intervened..

Garima : No need to cross question my husband for that.He is not bound to answer your demands

Arnav : Of course as a father of my fiance he has that right.. the same right you behold to talk about breaking my relationship.

Garima :Enough. Im not here to take much more insults.. What I wanted to convey is done.. The rest is in your hands Avinash ji and Anjum ji. I dont want any more bonage from this family for my daughter..

Arnav : Its clear from you deviating the topic that Khushi would never say that.

Garima : How sure you are?  Im her mother.. I gave birth to her. How do you know her more than me?

Arnav : Whatever you say.. She wont give up me anytime for you people. Get that into your head..

Avinash : Chotte.. be respectful.. This is not the way to talk to them.. they are elders atleast for Khushi's sake dont lose your control.

Arnav : I didnt lose my control all these days for her. No more of encouraging such kind of a shit from them.

Garima: What do you want? Ask my daughter to prove that she is not interested in you ?

Arnav : No need. I dont need her written explanation for that..

Garima : I will make her say that on your face and you will see my daughter getting married to a good and respectable guy soon. Take my word.

Arnav:  Never.. not even in your dreams..

Garima: Lets see that too.. what confidence you have that my daughter wont agree to my wishes? I will do that by hook or crook..

Arnav was the summit of his anger.. He couldnt bear even hearing that his Khushi would be someone else's.The whole family witnessing this scene was plunged in shock hearing this verbal tug of war for Khushi.

Arnav:  YES.. you said it.. by hook or crook.. thats the only way possible .. You dont have any other option to make her fall into your trap! But you can never succeed in that plan.. Mind you.. She is mine and mine forever.

Garima:  What do you mean by mine? She is not a property to be acclaimed by you..

That was the saturation point.. he couldnt hold back.. He didnt know what he was uttering.. he shouted..


A moment of silence.. all the members present in the hall felt like their heart breaking into pieces.. What had he proclaimed now?  She belonged to him physically? She had submitted herself to him? Is he taking advantage of that situation? Was that the reason Khushi was docile to him? How disgusting he is ?  Anjali had her tears non stop thinking how low her chotte could stoop?  He did proclaim infront of this big family that too to her parents?  She felt so cheap for calling him a brother! Anjum was about to faint but  got the support of her husband and son who took her to the room for rest. Avinash just wished he could kill his brother's son then and there. The most affected souls Garima and Sashi.. They were thunderstruck by his words.. Something resonating her mind... Her daughter cheated them?  How is it possible? Her daughter can never do that! Physical relationship before marriage? What if the society comes to know about it?  How would they abuse their family? Garima was no less than a half dead soul walked in a robotic way towards the entrance and left for her home. Sashi was supporting her though he had lost all his senses too.

Arnav after his shout hit his forehead ran his hand through his hairs on the blunder he had committed.. He never had intended to say that but situations riled him up. He never thought he would be moved towards the edge to make such a statement.. He hit his forehead several times on the wall not able to take back the words.. He held his face in his palms thinking of why did he explode with such a statement.. He was cornered with the insecurity that his Khushi would be blackmailed for marriage which made him utter those words.. but he shouldnt have used such vile words atleast for his Khushi. The one disgusting look his family gave him was enough to understand the gravity of his mistake..He had to clear this up.. He just had one person to communicate on this.. His Khushi..


Lavanya and Aman was sitting inside the restaurant discussing about Arnav.

Lavanya: Offlate.. he has become so ruthless Aman.. How could he do this Khushi.. He literally dragged her from the office that day.. Poor girl she was really terrified to do the interview. Had he listened to her once, she could have got a better life.

Aman: I know he was wrong.. but you know him La... He is like that.. What he thinks he will do especially in Khushi's life. 

Lavanya: That's a sort of utter dominance.. I knew he was a bit weird in posessiveness but didn't expect him to shatter her dreams her career..Does he think that she should remain at his house as his slave in the context of a tag name House wife?

Aman : You are totally wrong.. You don't understand or rather none understands him. Im not sure I should tell you this or not.. but I have trust in my lady whom I love that she wont let this out until things fall in place.

Lavanya : Whats that Aman?

Aman : ASR has planned a big surprise for Khushi.. He had bought the majority of shares of a new upcoming channel named " The Public" as a deal with some of the conglomerates. He is going to make her the head of the channel soon. He had invested a huge profit of his company for this. Infact he had to sell some of his property to buy these shares. There is a major risk in this investement as you cant trust a channel to incur revenue at the early stages. It takes up big time in developing and establishing its name.. Till then it's a risk from our end. But he dares to take that risk for her.. He doesn't want her to work under anyone or publicize herself infront of camera for cheap comments. Now she would be popular as a head and he believes her talents so much.. We are working on some legal formalities and convincing our disributors as they involve much in these investments too. Wait for the day when we get the news that Khushi would be the Head of your rival channel.

Lavanya: Gosh.. Aman..Are you kidding me ? ASR has done so much for her?  I cant believe this.. Do you know how much she would be excited for this? Do you think I would work in that channel when my friend is the head of a new channel? OMG.. I am just overwhelmed with that feeling of seeing Khushi as the head.. I know she needs experience. ASR might have found some ways for that too.

Aman  : Yea.. he does..Now you don't start dreaming and concentrate on me too.


Garima and Sashi came in to meet Payal reading a book. Payal was a bit worried about their expression as they seem to look weird and blank as if searching for some answers. Khushi was inside the kitchen making her jalebi and hot chai just to freshen up. Her only ability to get adapted soon to normalcy was her asset. He wont be stressing herself too much dwelling over the past instead tries to find the solutions to move on. She came out with the tray of jalebis and chai to be served to her parents who were sitting in the hall with their concentration sticked to somewhere.

Khushi : Ma.. papa.. good that you came on time.. Hot jalebis and chai is ready..

Sashi looked at the bubbly daughter who was trying to console her but least she knew that her parents have already been shattered by her actions. Looking at the weary state of her mother Khushi kneeled down to address her.

Khushi : What happened amma?  Are you not feeling well? Shall I bring your medicines?

Garima (piercing her through the eyes) : Bring me some poison too.

Khushi : Amma.. what are you saying ?

Garima : What should I say then?  One worry of a daughter whose marriage was unnecessarily postponed has been fixed finally. At this juncture of happiness in the family another daughter tearing the whole family apart by her love!

Khushi : Ma.. please.. I don't understand anything..

Garima : Why would you want to? Havent you done enough for us ?

Khushi felt it futile to ask her mother about the situation. She turned towards her father who was watching apathetically towards his beloved daughter.

Khushi : Papa.. Whats amma referring to.. I ..

Garima turned her shoulders to face her.

Garima : Did we kind of treat you bad in any way?  Did nt we  give you all our life and love ? Didn't we teach you the morals and values? Didn't we give you education and all sort of facilites to the maximum extent we could provide?  What did you find less in our love?

Khushi : Ma' I don't find anything less. How can you feel that ma?  I never considered something like that.

Garima : Then what sort of obsession do you have for that man?  What love do you find in him more than us that you are ready to make him happy than us;infact torture us?

Khushi : Ma.. you are mistaken. True that  I love him. I wanted to make him feel that love for him. He is wounded at heart ma.. he is left out of compassion and care which he feels I can only give him.

Garima : Stop this bull shit Khushi.. Be practical.. You feel he is behind you for your love?  He is a leech and you are falling for the fantasies. He just wants to use you and throw you out. He just wants a slave that's all..

Khushi : Ma.. u underestimate him so much.. I don't whether someone has told you or something has gone into your mind thinking bad about him. He is not like what you think ma..He just loves me so much that'

Garima : Shut up.. I saw that today.. The love the proclamation of his love.. Infront of his family, he warned me, scared me and announced his claim on you in every way.. That you have already submitted to him physically! How cheap is your love?

Khushi felt as if her heart got bursted hearing those words' was she hearing it properly? Her mother's words echoed in her ears again.. No this cant be possible. ASR would never say that.. She knew him. She knew his anger his arrogance, but he will never use her virginity as a pawn  that too infront of his family.. Never. She had confidence..

Garima: What are you staring at Khushi ? Why don't words come out of your mouth?

Shocked Payal shook  Khushi when she saw her frozen on the spot..

Khushi : No ma.. He wouldn't have said that.He cant ma..

Garima got furious and shouted back

Garima : So you think Im lying ?  Why would I degrade my daughter's character?

Sashi understanding the situation clutched Garima who was keeping her palms near her heart..

Sashi  : Enough.. He said that Khushi.. He did say that! I really feel disgusting now.

Garima: Is this what we taught you ? You.. You cheated us.. You..

Garima started crying hardly' She by the time fainted due to pain clutching her heart. Payal, Sashi and Khushi lifted her patting on her cheeks.She was losing consciousness. A moment of panic which made Khushi numb. What shall she do?  She was broken inside hearing their accusations, the loss of trust in her ASR,the pain of her mother suffering- she felt like falling on her knees. But she had to be strong. Strong enough to confront the beast to question him, to support her parents, to give them hope.


Arnav was confined into the four walls of his room. He was considering himself fallen onto a deep mess.. Not an easy recovery.. What had muddled his mind. He felt like pulling his hair out thinking about it again. He ran his palm through his hairs finally lying down on his bed closing his eyes and temple with his palms.  

Soon like a sudden blow his bedroom door got opened making him stand up from the bed in shock. Khushi had barged in with utmost fury something which he had never seen in those calm and cute face, rage in her expression which he never expected.

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi stepped forward to face him eye to eye , he could clearly see the stains of tears on her cheeks. Her spectacle lens reflected the rage in her eyes which was really horrible than what he could perceive from far.

Khushi : Don't you dare take my name..

Arnav was stumped at the unexpected roar..

Arnav : Why ? Whats this ? Why are you like this?

Khushi : Im like this all because of you..

Arnav : Enough Khushi.. Tell me whats this ? What happened?

Khushi : How can you be so casual after creating such a big devastation in my family?

Arnav could notice the word MY family clearly.. She was hinting on the same point which had been the reason for his turmoil.

Arnav : Come here.. I guess. .

Arnav held her wrists to take her near the pool side but she immediately shrugged off her hands from his grip startling Arnav..

Khushi : Do you know my mother is admitted in the hospital ?

The shock was evident in his face. He never expected that.

Khushi : Do you know she got a heart attack and is in a very serious condition?  Do you have any idea that you were the only reason for her current situation ?

Arnav : Me ? Shut up Khushi ? What ?

Khushi reprimanded him..

Khushi : You shut up and listen.. Yes.. You were the cause of all this mishappenings in my life..

Arnav : Khushi.. just listen to me..

Khushi :  I said SHUT UP and listen..

Arnav gulped down his emotions and anger which was rising up within him.

Khushi couldn't control anymore. She held his collar pulling him near her face..

Khushi: How dare you Lie to my mother when nothing happened between us that night?

TO be continued..



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Dancing and jumping, finally i came first on my most most most favourite story...
I waited for whole week, even everyone did but it's in my mind 24*7...
Loved it...
This ASR did really wrong...
Garima got heartattack, now she can blackmail khushi Cry
Loved the khushi's anger... Here you go raizada LOL
Damm that sheetal, i want to slap her...
Haye, ab phir intazaar, waiting waiting waiting...
Can you please update a little early...
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please...
Fingers crossed!!!

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 all this causes because of sheetal. nobody knows that. when will all the family members knows that.that time asr shows his power on sheetal. 
please update soon.

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wat was thatShocked...ASR lied to garima about khushi...unexpected twist yaar i never expected this...ASR thoda khud pe khabo karlo yaar...but feel sad for him yaar he don't know how to express love but of that weakness he is creating a mess...loved the surprise he planned for khushi...hope everthing gets well soon... ur updates of this week  left us in cliff hanger yaar...really can't wait for next chappie continuee soonish pulezz

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